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LFL 2017 Denver Dream vs Chicago Bliss

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bengyam lobert (5 hours ago)
I encounter this sport!very beautiful and powerful! this sport will be spreading:D
menice (10 hours ago)
Why am I just finding out about this? Tryna hide the good shit huh
Ron Lockhart (15 hours ago)
Wtf is this?
Raven Königswinter (1 day ago)
Fuck that shit! I dont support this prostitution of really good athletes
REDEEMED K H (1 day ago)
What's this crap? Why do they have to be half naked? That takes away the power of the sport. Sad!
JR 2000 (2 days ago)
Imagine all that cheese on those thongs they’re wearing! Wow.... all that build up and pusse cheese!!!
carlos zerbinatti (2 days ago)
i could not be a coach with those STICKING OUT ASSES....
Eddie S (3 days ago)
the illseen (4 days ago)
all that fantastic butt to slam meaty fat cock into buddy!
supadupadutty (4 days ago)
Da Rising (5 days ago)
Cheap sluts
Muhammad Abu (6 days ago)
Love to be quarterback and on huck 3 put it in
Muhammad Abu (6 days ago)
First time I have ever seen this Fan because what they wear
Nikki Lazy (6 days ago)
is it because they want more viewers is that why their dressed like that
Rudy C (6 days ago)
Yup. Its the only way they can be profitable and maintain the league.
Been waiting in the pocket for years, and no defensiveness yet....
SheenIsKeen[LqZ] * (7 days ago)
Who was number 12 on black
Frank Graham (7 days ago)
Id love to tackle some of these players.
Frank Graham (7 days ago)
Thompson looked Like OBJ on one play.
Frank Graham (7 days ago)
I am scouting for a new LT for the Giants. I think some of these girls can protect Eli better because no DE is going to run past them ..wink wink.
ngs5150 (8 days ago)
NFL? what's that? my new favorite sport.
RustRabbit (8 days ago)
Paul Mall (8 days ago)
1:13 No 3. Yessirreee
LastName First (8 days ago)
All I want for Christmas is to be an LFL Quarterback
2:17 blue cap guy. Control yourself mate.
reichert112 (8 days ago)
why don' they require them to wear high heels
MrMus TangMan (8 days ago)
T and A and football..... If there is beer in the Gatorade coolers, sign me up.!!!!!!
Nate Guy (1 day ago)
Am I the only one that noticed Denver got DESTROYED by Chicago
Scott Clarke (7 days ago)
You know i never thought about it until you brought it up. Hahahahahaha....
oma15 (8 days ago)
This is why women were created
Kurt S (9 days ago)
8:40 I wish we saw that in the nfl. Odell going into the stands and chugging a beer with a fan
Kurt S (9 days ago)
2:51 titties. Why it gotta be the worst one lol
Kurt S (9 days ago)
2:04 smasheddd
jahn overstreet (9 days ago)
Horrible editing
Jack Epstein (9 days ago)
I. Keep. Hitting. Replay.
davisx2002 (10 days ago)
all those pads and uniforms just cause too many chafing injuries. for player safety they really need to be outlawed.
Paradise Paradise (10 days ago)
I wonder if the coaches have to be gay............ can't risk the coaches suggesting for the players to sit on his face for more explosive sprints.........😂
teller12 (10 days ago)
I wonder do dads bring Jr to things game and then mom asks them how the game went when they get home?
David Walker (10 days ago)
Fresh baked buns everywhere you look.
deez nutz (11 days ago)
why do i feel so aroused all of a suuden??:-)
Big John (11 days ago)
oh to be a towel boy ,, a job i never thought i wanted til now
Imagine all these girls in the bathroom ,farting and shiting ,they can kill any tough guy.
Nintendo Pilot (15 days ago)
Lol omg how is this a thing!? I'm Loving it hahahahah!
Ricardo Ferreira Lopes (18 days ago)
Ernest Brawley (23 days ago)
I'm going to start watching ladies football they look so healthy and they are beautiful they work out a lot too
Chris DaSilva (24 days ago)
I don’t even know how you can commentate this without slipping up ha
Thomas Bäcker (25 days ago)
Einfach eine Geile Sportart.Schade das es so eine Sportart nicht im Tv Zu Sehen ist.
Willie Kasudluak (26 days ago)
I’m not here for the game I’m here for the boobies and assess lol
del dickens (28 days ago)
CLEARLY all Trannies in the LFL...yall Men CLEARLY haven't seen a Real Womans Anatomy in person before smh. PS only lames would come online and make sexual comments on MF's they would never even verified to be who they "Claim" they are anyhow. Y'all Nasty....and CANAL N is trying to tell y'all that all you "C" is "ANAL" "Now" aka there is no UTERUS to be found amongst them.
Ayman kas (30 days ago)
hashtag feminism,,hashtag tits and butts league..
Francisco Cedano (1 month ago)
So many screen shots lol
MO Rebel (1 month ago)
I'll just go ahead and admit now that I'd probably make the worst LFL referee EVER.
James Halleluyah (1 month ago)
Please God let this succeed!
metimoteo (1 month ago)
I'm really just here for the comments.
heaven White (1 month ago)
They shouldn’t do this to women why can’t women play football without being half naked just discussing
John Doe (1 month ago)
If their asses aren't bouncing around then they are either too skinny or not running hard enough!
Golden Haze (1 month ago)
Bad ass chix
Holyhallie (1 month ago)
block bitches, BLOCK! :)
blakris (1 month ago)
pause at 1:43
River Phoenix (1 month ago)
of course they have the women wearing skimpy outfits
Cody (1 month ago)
this entire thing is cringy it dosnt look anything like foot ball it just looks like a bunch of girls running around
Splitting Atoms (1 month ago)
This game and league is obviously created by men - FOR MEN! Look at dem bikini gurls! XD
DarkCode (1 month ago)
Ass cam
Matthias Schulze (1 month ago)
holy shit is this real?
The Beyonder (1 month ago)
lol if this was mixed the men wouldn't move and if they did they be u running with a limp
al will (1 month ago)
the women who play in this league are so serious. It's HILARIOUS!
Curtis Shand (1 month ago)
What a wonderfully world 😋😋
Sidi Sanso (1 month ago)
I think we should be allow to marry more one wife. imagine having six of these hotties as wives with a triple queen size bed three on the left and three on the right and me in the middle.
The3rdeyedontdie (1 month ago)
God bless this sport... damn I wish they had a team in Toronto :(
Dons Lemon Twat (1 month ago)
When you go to one of these games they dont give you a game program they give you a pocket size lotion and a handful of kleenex
MrSidney9 (14 days ago)
Relax. After a while you forget the women are naked and get lost in the game
chris jimenez (23 days ago)
LMAO. wtf!!!???.
Max Verstappen . (1 month ago)
Americans are professionals when it comes to making up new sport categories
Yaroslav Vasin (1 month ago)
Если арбитр носит бандаж, то уж точно не лишь для защиты.
Kent_LitBoy (1 month ago)
i like those girl ;)
Two Fresh Sound System (1 month ago)
First time I want to be the water-boy... Seeking new employment....
Don't forget gloves....
wopjohn (4 days ago)
Two Fresh Sound System i wanna be official wedgie picker outer
Richard Andrew Crosby (1 month ago)
Chi-town ballin'
Richard Andrew Crosby (1 month ago)
Never a boring game, when it comes to lingerie football.
Emeka Duru (1 month ago)
This is not a sport anymore. Its something else. What a F
reggiprr (1 month ago)
No respect for women's again this American
T Davenport (1 day ago)
Just mean women will not need us soon NWO
Catfish John (8 days ago)
Nintendo Pilot (15 days ago)
This is comedic gold. I respect this.
Catfish John (1 month ago)
reggiprr respect yourself, don't type until you can make an intelligible full sentence.
cokdezl cokdezl (1 month ago)
I don’t see how this is not mainstream football. Neck and neck with nfl action!
ngs5150 (8 days ago)
I hope vince mcmahon does something like this with XFL in 2020! have XFL, and LXFL!
Richard Ascensio (1 month ago)
Probably not very popular with the Me Too movement. Or.......maybe they're OK with it since they're not being forced to play in thongs. Yes, yes I know.........not technically thongs. But, from where I'm sitting, they may as well be. I saw one comment saying: "Terrible football. Can't run or pass". I'm like, let's see you play in butt-floss buddy. LOL.
Maymunah Kelly (2 days ago)
Richard Ascensio technically they’re all forced. The catch is they don’t think the audience would be there unless the woman are partially clothed. If they cared they’d wear proper clothing, equipment and gear. They’re wearing a hockey mask for crying out loud
Jeremy Bear (2 months ago)
I'm officially done with the NFL. I'm all in on the LFL!
Frank Graham (7 days ago)
I hope that kneel for the National Athem.
TheRawfishking (8 days ago)
ahhhumm???what are we talking about here???...anyone??? Okay...I'll just hang out here then.
Holyhallie (1 month ago)
julius Pf (1 month ago)
Jeremy Bear wtf why
Abo Aljoj (2 months ago)
6:51 n20 😍
John A. (2 months ago)
Poor Denver.
soap addict (2 months ago)
holybatfcuk some hit 2:04
vittukyrpae (21 days ago)
..W H A T *is* THIS..??!(on Youtube) - a *'BUTTfetishe'..* Channel? ..Voyagers'Paradise'.. ouMyLord.. *HAVE* Mercy;)
Kid Salami (3 months ago)
Please tackle me 🙏
Frank Graham (7 days ago)
Like the numbers on the rear end.
Keybleu (13 days ago)
It's strong ! 😂
Marky Marco (4 months ago)
Do Kim Chase, pls!
SportMB (1 month ago)
Dyke Clincher (5 months ago)
Fantasy foot ball took another meaning
Unknown Gamer (5 months ago)
How come they're helmets don't have face masks
Declan Hegarty (5 months ago)
Chrisdell Harris is soooooooo my kinda gal
Reggie Russell (5 months ago)
Nicholas Finigan (6 months ago)
I'm conflicted cos this is hella hot, yet i'm still kinda embarrased for them in a "look what they make us do" sorta way.
luiz antonio (6 months ago)
elas aproveitam na hora de pegar a bola para passar a mao no rabo umas das outras
luiz antonio (6 months ago)
nesses jogos deve de ter muitas lesbicas e sapatonas
SportMB (1 month ago)
luiz antonio (6 months ago)
sao muito gostozas rabudas
luiz antonio (6 months ago)
curto d+esses jogos mas ficaria melhor se as vencedoras fudessem sa derrotadas
victor adrian romero (6 months ago)
who is 12?
Lael Destan (24 days ago)
No 15.
The Man with No Name (6 months ago)
I wish they would move the graphics to the top of the screen.
Bob Low (6 months ago)
how come no one knows of this stuff.???
Bob Low (6 months ago)
fuck nfl...this is it!! Where can ya hook up with these babes!!??
Joshua J (6 months ago)
I tell my wife im scouting.
teller12 (10 days ago)
Chief Ass Scout. I love women.
del dickens (28 days ago)
CLEARLY ALL DUDES IN DRAG....yall Nasty as fuck smh. I bet you are DL smh
Lil Onion (6 months ago)
They allow harder hits in the lfl then NFL ol girl got tattooed!!
Eddie Brock (6 months ago)
God bless the USA.

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