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Does Dark Souls Remastered SUCK? Beta Review! (PS4/Xbox One)

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Today they launched the Dark Souls Remastered BETA which was called the Network Test. After running around in it for a few hours I had to review some of my thoughts on the gameplay changes and great new graphics! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Dark Souls Remastered finally launches later this month on PC and consoles, and if you have downloaded the network test client, you can start trying out the game right now. Players in all regions can join the test right now on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as confirmed by a variety of reports. The available area is limited, as expected, but it should be more than enough to get a taste of the experience if you never played the original before. Last month, it’s been confirmed that all those who purchased the original Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition on Steam will be able to get Dark Souls Remastered for a reduced price. The original release is now no longer available for purchase. Owners of the PC version of “Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition” will be able to upgrade to “DARK SOULS REMASTERED” at a discounted price. Please feel free to take advantage of this campaign. Dark Souls Remastered launches on May 24th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will be released sometime this Summer.
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Young monaco (4 months ago)
This game is insanely addicting. And the graphics actually look nice. Player models and lighting are perfect. And honestly you get used to it. A great game.
Recht_voor_zijn_raap (4 months ago)
○ \[T]/
Pantsu God (4 months ago)
The backstabs are literally just like from ds1... They're not just for new players.
ForNoHonor (4 months ago)
If you think chain back stab isn't OP you clearly don't play PvP often.
shted224 (4 months ago)
You really need to stop giving reviews, they're shit and don't touch many points in which we came here for
Lakota Coberly (4 months ago)
Dark Souls 1 has always had the easiest backstabs in the souls series. You clearly haven’t played this game pre-remaster.
Tactics117 (4 months ago)
DreamcastGuy has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. If you just do a side-by-side comparison it is difficult to tell a difference between the so-called "Remastered" version and the original--save for the mist doors, souls, and flickering foliage. The really only thing that is going to be improved for the consoles is the frame rate (supposedly) and the increase in player count from 4 to 6. This is a poor excuse for a "Remaster;" it's more of a port.
Corey Campbell (4 months ago)
You’ve never played Dark Souls before have you? There are no zombie soldiers, Dark Knights and those weren’t chain backstabs. Cashgrab for sure
Pedro Goitia (4 months ago)
Lol are you kidding me? xD
M Gr (4 months ago)
It does indeed suck!
Talos The Bronze Giant (4 months ago)
I would have loved a proper remake with all the original cut content put back in. So long as Blighttown is fixed in this remaster I'm good though.
That boar is a straight savage ,it takes about 27 inches of cold hard steal up the ass,and didn't even back down,what a beast!This game looks absolutely, awesome!Can't wait to get a copy.
Westwen (4 months ago)
You'd have a lot less dislikes if you were honest and didn't try to insult people's intelligence. It's very apparent you aren't familiar with the game so why lie to your audience?
EvolvingFetus (4 months ago)
I wonder if you were the annoying prick who kept killing me xD I played as solair with no armor, I remember a person with that helmet and no armor lol
Hayley (4 months ago)
Looks like dsfix :(
yotam braunshtein (4 months ago)
So many people told me it sucks on pc
LotsOfDiabetes (4 months ago)
6:18 Doesn't look like you've ever playing DS1 before either, and are winning simply because of the black knight class.
CometCourse (4 months ago)
It sucks because it's Dark Souls.
NarcolepticHound (4 months ago)
"Doesn't seem overpowered" Famous last words.
SaiyanPride (4 months ago)
"Gameplay changes" Ya mean the litany of bugs, backstab chaining and just being able to literally run behind people and backstab? They slapped new paint on the game and that's about it. It's pretty shit, but still shit. You can feel the difference in the games, and it still feels dated af.
Ducktor Thrax (4 months ago)
Keeps saying "added stuff" but we all know you haven't played the original
snow drifter (4 months ago)
You being paid mate. This remaster is a joke.
PinnySkenis (4 months ago)
Its not an extra touch they left chain backstabs in like a bitch
David Brooks (4 months ago)
DS is my personal favorite game of all time, and this beta and the remaster itself lived up to all of my expectations. i was ready for slightly improved graphics, better lighting, and 1080p/60fps. people seem to forget that graphics arent everything in a game, its the way its made, the way its played and the amount of enjoyment you get from it. Ive been more angry and had the most amount of fun from DS than any other game ive ever played, so THIS is gonna be a day one purchase without a doubt and when the Switch version comes out ill be picking it up for that as well.
So Forlorn (4 months ago)
They changed the gameplay... are you serious...
Lord Demious (4 months ago)
You should make sure you know what your talking about before you post a video. Souls vets will chew you up and spit ya out. Know your shit bruh
Jeremiah .A (4 months ago)
I really liked it. It's my favorite game ever but better looking. Sure Dark Souls isn't perfect. The PvP can be clunky and God knows the lag is a part of the game. But this game left a unique taste in my heart and mind. What it made me feel was like nothing else. It will always be a blueprint for an incredible game for me. It is one of a kind and started a whole sub genre in video gaming. (Expecting some Demon Souls hipsters to come down on me LOL)
Jøhn Wade (4 months ago)
I wish you showed examples of the specific improvements because I believe you are misinformed. The vines by the sun bro statue were there in dark souls 1 originally and i doubt they've added much new textures. I feel like you're getting people's hopes up by telling them new stuff is in the game, when that's not true. They already released a full breakdown of all the additions and "new vines" was not in the list. Great video but this could cause people to buy the game with higher expectations
Joshua Jensen (4 months ago)
It looks exactly the same as on my PC with DSfix...
Jacob Manchester (4 months ago)
You sound like you are talking out of you ass m8. Commentary is very boring and honestly overly descriptive. Filthy casual... smh
Josh Martell (4 months ago)
I wish if you had a shield on your back.. aka 2 handing a weapon you couldn't be back stabbed
shut down heart (4 months ago)
WorldsGreatest Detective (4 months ago)
Short answer: yes it does
Bradley Hurley (4 months ago)
As far as asking if it's an adequate remaster or a cash grab, i'd say it's a little bit of both. I like how they haven't changed much but still i feel like they could have done a better job with it. It's a mixed reaction for me but i'm still going to get it because it's in my top 5 games of all time.
The Resistance (4 months ago)
nintendo players are not used into this game type of difficulty zelda breath of the wild difficulty is nothing compared to soul games its a good start to up their gameplay.
Mike Johnson (4 months ago)
Does it have a easy mode? If not then I'll pass again
Bradley Hurley (5 months ago)
I played ds1 when it first came out and i haven't played it in years. It was and still is my most memorable game. I can't wait to get my hands on it again, especially with 60 fps in blight town!
Chunz Bunz (5 months ago)
Good lad! I'm sick of people bitching about this game! I mean at least now the game runs great on console. I'm going to be getting this on ps4 and switch I love the series! Nice to see someone who appreciates the remaster.
Napalmburns (5 months ago)
Why so many thumbs down? You did a really good job on this video.
c W (5 months ago)
IMHO this remaster is garbage and just a crap-ditch effort to cash grab more money before the souls series officially dies off, the souls-borne community is dwindling everyday, updates slowly coming to an end, the remaster looks worse than some modded versions I've seen and the fact they didn't polish the game much with so many areas that need improvement, hell even DS2 made improvements and changes to SOTFS and its widely disliked amongst the fans. I'll just say its not worth the money at release and no one should buy this crap at release, I'll wait till it drops off if even then, buying a halfheartedly put together game only encourages these companies to keep doing the crap gamers get mad at so don't be surprised when yo get to Blighttown and the FPS till sucks sure it might be slightly improved but don't count on it
D WG (5 months ago)
Yes! But we will all still buy it. #FML
Darth Woody (5 months ago)
I can't tell if this guy is being sarcastic or he's never played DS1.
Dezclorithyll Jackson (5 months ago)
Blatant sponsor, fucks sake
Mr. Blunt (5 months ago)
This remaster looks solid. People bitching about it is annoying. There's barely anything to complain about! But I only play solo so any online changes are not my problem.
nameless0711 (5 months ago)
U r trippin... Gushing over a texture pack/lighting mod... smh...
Jay Are (5 months ago)
You can bait the bore into the fire. It wrecks him FAST.
Rob Uchiha (5 months ago)
Bruh did dude doesn’t know shit.. real fans know we were hoping for them to fix spam backstab abuse
rpgfan007 (5 months ago)
K so it doesn’t suck period
KT46 KK (5 months ago)
this guy is so full of it
Keegan Crosley (5 months ago)
I don't like the easier backstabbing 1. I like how challenging it is to get a backstab and is to easymode and 2. PvP is going to be hell with constant CHAIN backstabing
Rift Dancer (5 months ago)
6:20 *Sip*
Wdf1987 (5 months ago)
This looks great! People whining about it can suck a dick. It's not a remake, it's a remaster.
Soma Gai (5 months ago)
Beta Review(er) is right.
elusive mg (5 months ago)
i touched ds2 a little but fuck me im playing this first then the second and the third afterwards
Amilcar Fernandez (5 months ago)
I hope that the Switch version looks similar to this one, I know that will be not the same because is a weaker machine, but I hope similar.
honorbound12 (5 months ago)
Chainback stab is a bug and is annoying asf in pvp
Elijah Smith-Antonides (5 months ago)
I honestly thought he was being sarcastic for the first half of the video.
mAcroFaze (5 months ago)
I don't know what it is about your commentary that's so good but so cringe-inducing at the same time! XD It's a conflicting set of emotions! Things like your phrasing so that, "You have it where" you're talking about specific things before making overly exaggerated claims about how these, "Ancient castles are almost an ageless thing that's existed for possibly millions of years." I don't know what it is! It's terrible, but I keep coming back..! Keep doing what you're doing! Haha! And can't wait for your review nor for the release of this game!
Details (5 months ago)
Ok, you can remove From softwares dick from your mouth
Lone Star (5 months ago)
It's a cash-in. If not an outright scam. This happens every time. Console players getting exploited. Look at The Last of Us remaster? Update the resolution and charge 40 bucks for it. PC players fixed this game for free years ago. And now console players get to pay for it. Unbelievable.
raymund usi (5 months ago)
Apparently people still dont know the difference between a remake and a remaster...
Dino MiNi (5 months ago)
yes i play it and it so suck that save my 40$
Austin White (5 months ago)
Glad more people get to experience DS1. Even if it’s not the same DS1 experience a lot of us had back in the day, it’s good to keep the BONFIRE LIT.
Rikuto Kuronaga (5 months ago)
Anyone ever told you that you hyperbole a lot? Cause you hyperbole a lot.
Samuel Orth (5 months ago)
Dark Knight...
Royce Taylor (5 months ago)
lol @ saying that you were steamrolling while invading but your estus chugging like a little bit
M.A.W. (5 months ago)
You make it sound as though core mechanics were changed in Remastered to accommodate DS3 noobs. This IS Dark Souls 1. Nothing is new about backstabs in this iteration. This is how it's always been.
ForkKnifeSux (5 months ago)
I could give 2 shits about the online with dark souls.
Joshua Minix (5 months ago)
When you never played the game originally, but you need dem views
Korey Loney (5 months ago)
From the video title I thought you didn't like the beta, but I guess not. I didn't really think it was all that worth it, especially with e3 around the corner I'll stick to the original game. Not enough changes, really most people wanted a scholar of the first sin treatment for this remaster.
Ethan Price (5 months ago)
I wish they reworked it like they did for dark souls 2 scholar of the sin.
kttsflips (5 months ago)
Do you even darksouls bro?
Saiyan 2356 (5 months ago)
The fact that he talked about Chain backstabs as if they were an added feature of the remaster. LUL
Peter Taylor (5 months ago)
the biggest question is what they did with the demon ruins and lost izalith....
The Guy (5 months ago)
Peter Taylor Nothing, because it's a remaster. A remaster, by definition, consist of (typically minor) technical upgrades, like higher resolution textures and improved audio quality. Why were so many people expecting them to completely overhaul the game? It's a remaster. It's not like they lied about what it was going to be.
Hydra Jamm (5 months ago)
Its good if you are going from ps3 or 360 but it looks no better than thr pc version with dsfix
tearinox (5 months ago)
dark souls ps4 edition
The Great Unknown (5 months ago)
Dream cast guy let me know if you're at gun point right now
Who's King Now (5 months ago)
Is this game the darksouls of the darksouls?
Aidan King (5 months ago)
It's not a Beta you tit
RoyalxJeff / (5 months ago)
this dude never played the og dark souls
HELLO WABBIT (5 months ago)
DreamcastGuy, ive played videogames since my days of Atari 2600 and nowadays i love my ps4 and my huge library of games but, i am starting to feel that i am not enjoying myself anymore and i feel like it has become a chore. Any advice?
Jack Buchan (5 months ago)
Please don't review a game if you never played the original or even understand the game.
Durzo86 (5 months ago)
This is the only positive review I've seen
Ben Smith (5 months ago)
Lmao says he played the original didn't know about backstab?? Yeah i don't think you played the original.
TRIGG3RHAPPY82 (5 months ago)
Throw an alluring skull into the fire to roast that hog.
ploob man (5 months ago)
Why talk as though you are comparing this to the original version of the game, when it’s clear you haven’t even played the original game? That wasn’t a chain backstab, and even then, that’s how backstabs have always worked in this game. It isn’t a new mechanic. Idk man. Research up or actually play the base game before trying to critique or review something like this.
Mike Cranston (5 months ago)
This game will be huge but PASSWORD MATCHMAKING will truly ruin the experience and make this a Twinks and GANK Squad arm race that we can't possibly begin to imagine. Prepare to die again!
Berninman (5 months ago)
This guy has clearly never played Dark Souls 1. I can't tell if he's being sarcastic or not in this review
Mett .Beck (5 months ago)
Beta at 20 days to release ? Sure
OPTIC_ASSASSIN46 Yes (5 months ago)
Well seeing as you haven't played the full version and only a demo to test for bugs and network stability the obvious answer is we don't know.Case closed lmfao
leo iturrey (5 months ago)
He is promoting ganking at launch of DS 9:00
Emad Ali (5 months ago)
Yeah the big fun of this game is when getting invaded, right? What's better than getting backstab chained for eternity with a fist that does 5 damage!
Babrukus (5 months ago)
Here's a 60 FPS patch you've had as a mod since launch for 20 bucks please five us your money goy look we made DARK souls all fucking bright and shiny. Oh you preferred the old one? fuck you, we're removing it from the steam store, buy our new trash. fuck off.
Adam (5 months ago)
This guy is so wrong chain backstabs are horrible because in PvP it will be overpowered
Dialask Isel (5 months ago)
Hmm, some of this doesn't line up with what I've heard thus far. I haven't had a chance to get my hands on it myself, but I haven't heard other people talking about changes to enemy hitboxes and the like... I'd be genuinely interested to see a deeper comparison if there are, indeed, bigger changes to the PVE than have currently been discussed.
zellatron (5 months ago)
I’ve never played DS1, only bloodborne and ds3. All I wanted was ds1 on the ps4 so I could play so I’m pretty happy about this release. I’m also glad they didn’t price it at $59.99
Jacob Hoffman (5 months ago)
dude you get hit by every attack don't you 😂
Fightinglove (5 months ago)
of course they want your money, they are a business after all? Should be demons souls and I'd be really happy (dark souls was the latest I just played :_(! )
theDiReW0lf (5 months ago)
Wait, have you even played the original?
Terrors Wrath (5 months ago)
Can we get someone who played the original to work on a video about the remaster? This guy just found out about backstabs, and thinks "steamrolling" and "skin of my teeth luck" are exactly the same. Doesntevenknowwhatdemonsoulswas

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