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We Rented A Girlfriend In China | ASIAN BOSS

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Text Comments (13146)
421Cookies (14 minutes ago)
The ones in KanoKari are way more professional than this… Is it because this is chinese?
Darkizer (19 minutes ago)
Ben Haynes (28 minutes ago)
This is one of the saddest videos I've watched. I feel sad for the people who feel that they need to use her "services" (whatever they are?) I feel sad for the girl that she thinks this is a legitimate way to make an income. I don't want to live in the present anymore.....
Lili days (35 minutes ago)
Why do i ship these two???
Ajal Chakma (1 hour ago)
Jesus christ this is just cringe on a different level
goofyfoot2001 (1 hour ago)
daaaammmnnnnn she's hot
Dhawal Pawar (2 hours ago)
Damn her entire motivation is just cash and nothing more so sad
Moving On............. (3 hours ago)
Similar to a pretty lady I shagged in Shanghai.😵
kenneth areola (3 hours ago)
Really thought almost all things are fake in china like their products and a relationship with this girl
Dan0101010101010 (3 hours ago)
what is the illegal  sexual requests she turned down?
Eisa (4 hours ago)
I don't know why are some guys in the comment section getting so offended with the way she say "Because men have all the same goal". For majority sake, isn't it true? And all these guys below commenting as if they don't seek the same kind of goal LOL. But anyways, no one can deny that it does not matter whether if a man or a women is rich. If you see a rich man, he has a flock of women behind him. If you see a rich woman, she too will have a flock of man behind her. Being materialistic does not only apply to women but man as well. Man wants more money cause they know they can attract many woman (of which are materialistic). While woman, they just want the money to have a lavish life for themselves. What i feel is that, this woman did nothing wrong by exposing and portraying her true self to the media world. At least she is protecting herself from trash man who want more than just a friendly companion. So do you all expect news of woman being assaulted to be seen going viral? And then she will get blamed for being on such app and etc. As explained in the interview, the list of things Do's and Don'ts are listed according to individual comfortability. She had said her own criteria clearly so that nasty things won't happen to her and if it does, she could still protect herself. All in all, i think what she is doing is very decent, morally decent too. I respect her for being so transparent about how this Rent A Girlfriend works in China and her working ethics. You employ her = you pay her a salary. As simple as that.
Delicious DeBlair (5 hours ago)
Any Jewish lesbian girls over there willing to marry a fat old white American hag? ~( 'w')/
XZhaos Su (5 hours ago)
shes pretty : 3
郭耀华 (6 hours ago)
Very realistic... So many Chinese girl loves money ONLY in their life. Pathetic. But this has to do with the dark side of Chinese culture, it's true that only money makes Chinese feel safer.
cha thao (6 hours ago)
Why rent a girlfriend haha this girlfriend is lame
andrew T (6 hours ago)
damn the amount of plastic surgery on this chick is high!@
Michael Miljour (7 hours ago)
Rosey palm is a better date and a lot cheaper!!
Adan Ochoa (7 hours ago)
This type of job is meant to loosen up shy girls to get them ready into their future jobs as strippers...then porn actresses.
Daily Spot (7 hours ago)
thats a quite interesting. but i hate the part that when that girl said , she dont care about the fellings of the man who rented her as a girldfriend.(I think this kind of situation, kinda good to create a movie. hehe.)
fuhjrvr (8 hours ago)
This is low key sad if you need to pay for a gf. And could be dangerous
fuhjrvr (8 hours ago)
subash bist (8 hours ago)
she is very pretty
What a sad existance. I can't wait until she gets old and no client wants her and she is a skill-less/moneyless 40 year old. Literally a leech on society and is contributing nothing to the future of this planet. She will live and die nameless and without true purpose.
icutyouheadof (9 hours ago)
so you paying bunch of cash for less then being just friends? interesting services... interesting clients...
Barcilina Das (9 hours ago)
but this is not a gf :/
MA ROC (9 hours ago)
she looks like a plastique human
[ELC] Offensive (9 hours ago)
She seemed too modest and hamble
Barcilina Das (9 hours ago)
she is boring. but kinda shy and sweet. seems like a nice person though
Luo Rosella (9 hours ago)
the whole video is full of eurocentric points of view such as hugging is just normal since we are gf/bf and built this familiraty. not saying it's not normal but there are different stages in different cultures before certain level of physical contact would happen and be deemed as natural. It's nothing werid with her point of view or actions in regarding to spooning or hugging. Just cause it doesn't fall under the norms and values of a 'Eurocentric/America-centric' way, doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it. People need to learn to respect different cultures and values.
antonio030562 (9 hours ago)
You forgot to select optional extra; enthusiasm
Amy Williams (9 hours ago)
I think you should get a goodbye hug, I don’t see the harm in that. I think this is a good business and it is not about sex just going on dates in public places. It can also teach men to respect woman and know not to more to fast. If a guy doesn’t have dating experience it would be a good way to stat.
Athena Zhou (10 hours ago)
Why are ppl so miserable about this? I mean it's business, based on an understanding. It's not like she's deceiving anyone with faked love.
Twinsen (10 hours ago)
Im not sure, but I believe I feel sadder after watching this. I'll probably be renting a girlfriend in about 10 years. But it'll definitely have to be one with hugging included.
Eisham Manulon (11 hours ago)
Can you have sex with them? What if you rent 3 person
Jherdam Rhoi Magallanes (12 hours ago)
Can you spoon me hahaha. Nice one man hahaha
馮米伯 (12 hours ago)
rubbish woman
Lorenz Map (12 hours ago)
She must be living a happy life 😑
Elijah Anthony (13 hours ago)
Gold digger is devil
The Creeping Jay (13 hours ago)
Anyone else think this could turn into low key prostitution. Because it’s not like all women in this business have the same rules as she does.
Matteo Desimio (14 hours ago)
These are the differences between communism and democracy. In China, the girls that serve you as a companion even can't be rugged or having a face kiss. In the USA democracy, you get a skort to be a companion and the first thing to do is go to bed and have a good sexual relation for make you calm, then you go for entertainment. Did you see the- difference?
crazy indian (14 hours ago)
Girlfriend??...She's barely a human body in front of u....You can't touch her not make love not even talk private matters....I rather get a pizza then her
Shahriar Hossain Rakib (14 hours ago)
making money by being girlfriend of a men u don't know ....!! whats next prosti**tion...?? isn't a normal relationship good enough....?? i wound rather throw my money in water....!!
Golden Surfer (15 hours ago)
No wonder. Brah you cheating lol your date likes me for no money I see her fantasies. Ayy
tome blue (15 hours ago)
When she said I don’t care and laughed I was mad 😠 ..then think to myself because I care I get in trouble and get myself in miss understood relationship I should try be like her
M Satrio (16 hours ago)
now bring those americans feminist to china
Lavalambtron (16 hours ago)
Everything in china is a scam, they only care about money, it's what happens when you have no religion and thus no morality.
Hutz (16 hours ago)
K R 1 N G 3
Bobby Dazzler (16 hours ago)
Get a room she wants some action its what she does.
Mike Merrill (17 hours ago)
rewopbew ravela (17 hours ago)
Holding Hands only? CAMMMONNNN!!! hahahaha,, I remembered I paid 10$ only for blow job in china, by Petite babe. This girl is on drugs and have an fantasy disorder...
Sukanta Dutta (18 hours ago)
Fake video.. No girl will talk that openly unless its a legal documentary
Hengly Sem (18 hours ago)
People need to keep in mind that, she is there only for the money hence why she's working as a fake girlfriend on an app in the first place. I mean hey, gotta make your money one way or another. To her, he's just like any other normal customer. So ease up, everyone is acting like some nun or saint in the comments.
MrMentalz2 (18 hours ago)
When I feel lonely I just get an escort. It's way cheaper and way more fun!
slaywee (18 hours ago)
so he speak english and she respond in chinese....what
Epicscore Eu (19 hours ago)
This is our society in 2018, girls make money for just existing. Doubt a guy could do this and be profitable.
Stylez Oo (19 hours ago)
Waste of money
Bryan Olan (20 hours ago)
I want to rent her my date attending friends wedding. lol
Howard The Alien (20 hours ago)
And they Say Money Cant Buy You Love
American change their mind when they find opportunities.
Tanunoy Gaming (20 hours ago)
She's gorgeous.
Basit Adam (22 hours ago)
Ngeue tiap menit cuy
Cliff Lee (23 hours ago)
Plastic girl
aiel (23 hours ago)
If u pay for a girl or a boy it's prostitution
TS (23 hours ago)
"Never ever ever ever get involved with a Chinese woman. All they want is money, and all they cause is trouble." - Confucius
Gerard Guittat (1 day ago)
A lot of money for so small, no sheishei. Really disappointed !!!!!!!!!
Joseph Leonidas (1 day ago)
If she speak English, why is she answering in Chinese and why is the interpreter there? Well, thanks anyways.
漢仔 (20 hours ago)
Joseph Leonidas Maybe she is not fluent to converse in English.
Uning Motovlog (1 day ago)
why did you spend some money just for GF. This girl just need ur money. Also all made in china are not heavy duty
iiibjlll (1 day ago)
I wouldn't even pay a dollar this girl's socially so awkward you'd have to pay most normal guys to suffer like this. Kei was constantly making banter and trying
LycanArmament (1 day ago)
you should cut your ridiculous bangs off. I mean bang.
MeyeND (1 day ago)
what the hell?! This is Kanokari in real life!
Richard Howe (1 day ago)
Emmanuelle Catubig (1 day ago)
They only care for the money you dumbass! 😂
night skye (1 day ago)
lmao blue balls in the end
harshit kumar (1 day ago)
Just to be clear this does not happen in India......
mike smith (1 day ago)
"This boyfriend asks TOO MANY QUESTIONS" *SCREAMS*
ko kyo (1 day ago)
One Eye (1 day ago)
Just when you think nothing can be more weird.....
Mark Garcia (1 day ago)
Wasting money for that Chinese Flat Chested girl - that's insane ..
XxmiraclexX (1 day ago)
I know what you feel when she left you.
This young Chinese lady is so shallow and materialised, and she seem like robot doesn't have a soul. Dam fake plastic face,really awful,Anyway, I rather rent a dog than someone like her if i needed company
LavaToken (1 day ago)
Xiao gege is more like little older brother... cause xiao is small and gege is older brother
Ziyang Xu (1 day ago)
Welcome to China..
fux yews (1 day ago)
She seemed to be really disinterested, boring and wasn't particularly attractive, didn't dress up and the service paid for didn't include much... I just don't see how this is worth anything. Penpals, pets, prostitutes, sex dolls, Google Alexa.... Literally any other option seems more financially reasonable with better contentment than this...
Lee Butler (1 day ago)
??? Really???
Noel (1 day ago)
She seemed very uninterested.
Jovic Soo (1 day ago)
David Liu (1 day ago)
dame the plastic surgery tho
Neville Lusimba (1 day ago)
This is a tutorial on how to waste money. Wierdos
che kub (1 day ago)
Lol good comment dude.
Honey John (1 day ago)
But this guy looked like half asian
Steven Kyle De Juan (1 day ago)
I'm the one who think she is beautiful?
Evan Yaj (1 day ago)
The real question is... will she give service to another women? You shouldve asked her that. I think that would be a fair question to have asked
Evan Yaj (1 day ago)
I thought I heard her say Shao Ji ji
Ali Al-Shehri (1 day ago)
insurance ?
tigerbalm (1 day ago)
I want to be called Bruce Lee! She is hawt! But I rather walk a dog...
Different Things (1 day ago)
This girl is amazing good , Even not give a hug , she is very good . We Pakistani like these girls who take care of herself.
shree wolf (1 day ago)
She is like she is not interested
Jk Jr (1 day ago)
Nice fake eyes
Irfaan Irfaan (1 day ago)
Me so horny......Me love you long time!
Beef Stroganoff (1 day ago)
As the old saying goes... If she breathes..
killafocker (1 day ago)
i rather rent hookers for a lot less

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