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This NEEDS to change... Why is the most popular game right now on the Ipad/Iphone and not the Nintendo Switch... I really don't get it. Epic Games fix this. Remember to leave a like and subscribe if your new!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/TTUAPkH -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/DuckHuntGamer My Website: http://www.duckhunter44.com/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/duckhuntgamer44 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duck_hunter44/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: duckhunter4433@gmail.com
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DuckHunter44 (12 days ago)
Joe Evans (9 days ago)
Going to be honest, I HATE Fortnite. Infact, I DESPISE it! It's all my friends play now even though we all have PUBG! It really annoys me but I will help you get on the Switch because I respect you and other people's opinions. :)
NindoPlayz (11 days ago)
Definitely, and for me personally, I notice that Epic Games STILL has time until they think about putting it on the Nintendo Switch. I’m all about Nintendo. I’ve been a fan of Nintendo and their extreme hard work and talent for a long while now and I just want popular and decent games like that to put a strong feeling into me.
the big hotshot 1243 (11 days ago)
DuckHunter44 yaaaaaassssss
DuckHunter44 yep the good thing is when someone asked epic games if they will ever put fornite on Nintendo switch epic games said “ yes we are hoping to do that at one point” so cross your fingers
Gareth Sanders (12 days ago)
Preach duck!!!
Ahmed Aldabash (5 days ago)
nice one man
Big BoiChung (8 days ago)
Please do more splatoon 2 streams!! Like if u agree
typically awesome (8 days ago)
Please fortnite come to my switch
Michael Swait (9 days ago)
I have an idea of a way to have even you want to pay for it Fortnite switch edition having more stages like one inspired by Mario Odyssey and Zelda obviously the game for the switch would have to only play with other switch users I know i would pay for that a version of Fortnite with Nintendo like stages and the original Fortnite stage what would you think about that as an option of paying for it for the switch #fortniteforswitch btw the tag wouldn't work if you just put it on Twitter without the reason why it's a very good idea mine is in favor of it being paid for with more stages on the switch side only which would make it more fun and dynamic where skins is concerned a Zelda skin and a Mario with Cappy skin there's to many ways in favor of this game being paid for and if you use it on Twitter can have your own opinion but have an opinion it's how we get stuff done
Winter Blaze (9 days ago)
Brian Nagle (9 days ago)
Michael Swait (3 days ago)
Brian Nagle what do you think about Fortnite with Nintendo styled maps at that point I'd think paying for it would be OK but also having the free map
Aryl The Barrel (11 days ago)
Giraffe (11 days ago)
Fortnite Switch!!!!
the big hotshot 1243 (11 days ago)
That I have been waiting for this video for a long time
NindoPlayz (11 days ago)
I tried out Fortnite for my first time on iPad the other day, but EXACTLY. Epic Games has to STOP forgetting about the Switch since it is sure is one of the BEST SELLING CONSOLES (Like you said in this video) out there in this year and I personally feel like this is an obvious GREAT SELECTION for the Nintendo Switch. Like FOR REAL rn! Just put it on Switch so I can play it more because I’m all about Nintendo! I’ve legit been a Nintendo fan for a while now, and I want Epic Games to just do me this ONE favor that I’ve been wanting for SO LONG now. That’s why my name is like this! So if they confirm it for the Switch soon, I will be SO happy and excited, but I’ll have no words if they still don’t.
Origami With Rami (11 days ago)
Just go to Nintendo and sue them
FaZe Dab360 (11 days ago)
in the background, you have a skateboard. You skateboard duck?
sonictonic (11 days ago)
Agree 100%! Great to see you as always, Duck :)
The good thing Is someone did ask epic games if fortnite will ever be on switch and epic games said “yes we are going to do that at one point”
If fortnite gets on switch HOPEFULLY it’s free and I say this because the Nintendo switch doesn’t have any free games
Oisín Murray (11 days ago)
200th like mah boi ;)
AhmedPlays (12 days ago)
MarioCraft156 Gaming (12 days ago)
WE NEED THIS GAME ALREADY worst part about that, is that they did an april foul that they are releasing Fortnite on Switch... And I seriously got mad by this crap...
SNOOPS (12 days ago)
Yeah you're right, I only have a switch.
mikeisright 3 (12 days ago)
Gareth Sanders (12 days ago)
Yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A new duck vid!!!!!!!
Adil Akhtar (12 days ago)
How to make a duck hunter vid: Step 1) Set camera down in front of you. Step 2) Jump and scream into camera view for intro. Step 3) Do lots of hand movement. Step 4) While editing, add in wii music Step 5) Add outro Step 6) Upload and add lots of exclamation marks into video title Step 7) Add arrows into video thumbnail.
Danda (12 days ago)
unknown ARMY (12 days ago)
I agree.... The Nintendo switch is 100% more powerful than any smartphone . So it don't make sense to release fornite and PUBG on mobile before the switch
Deragon (12 days ago)
Even though I already have a Ps4 I would love fortnite to come to the switch
P P (12 days ago)
Nintendo's Switch is selling very good now, however it still doesn't have the install base as Xbox or even the vast mobile market. Soooo.. If I was the publisher I would ensure my "faddish" game was released to the largest market possible because tomorrow the next bigger and better battle royal type game will be out.
lachlan hayes (12 days ago)
knowing nintendo, they'll do what they do with other big games - wait 5yrs then release it as an "enhanced port"
It's not on android aswell
My Gamez (12 days ago)
This is killing the Switch, I'm going to buy a PS4 because of fortnite. I'm sure that I'm not the only one to do this.
GameForGta 5 (12 days ago)
- NintenDude - (12 days ago)
I h8 fortnite
Get rekt (12 days ago)
Duckhunter44 do u mind checking out my channel
Get rekt (12 days ago)
The Marvel Master (12 days ago)
actually idk if it is a troll but it said fortnite and Nintendo switch so idk if it's confirmed but it said it on twitter
Don'tJinxIt (12 days ago)
I still don’t have a switch😭
devan joppa (12 days ago)
If fornite is going be on the Nintendo switch I'm going be hype
Xxluis_YT 086 (12 days ago)
I agree boss
Skarnikz #1 (12 days ago)
The greatest reasoning ever
JPazer0 (12 days ago)
I hope fortnite never makes it to the switch
man slug (12 days ago)
Where is fortnite switch
Rebel Ranger Harv (12 days ago)
They have no need to but it would make them lots of money. It could very well be Nintendo, especially where they are worried that it could outsell their own game. And one big factor.... PUBG IS BETTER THAN FORTNITE
E&E Channel (12 days ago)
If nintendo dosent put fortnite on switch im gonna sell my switch and get a xbox
Gavin Barker (12 days ago)
It's Nintendo's fault. My wife literally *only* plays Splatoon 2. And when I was watching this video I asked her, "if they bring this game over would you play it?". Her response, "probably". That's surprising. I don't personally play it, but would probably be downloading on both of our switches if it does release. Might even go as far as, buying 2 copies if I had to. I'm sure Epic is trying.
DGamingNUB (12 days ago)
Add me on switch my friend code is 4662-0713-1131
Mark9117 0 (12 days ago)
Well my switch was stolen in Dallas Marriott so
AM Outdoors (12 days ago)
Hey duck I’m back!!! You’re videos are still QUALITY my dude!!👌🏻they have gotten sooo good!!!
DGamingNUB (12 days ago)
Ace Condor (12 days ago)
I am starting to think epic hates Nintendo lol no reason
Justin Alvarado (12 days ago)
I'm kinda worried that fortnite will come when smash comes out. If that's going to happen fortnite will be no more and smash bros is going to kill it.
LTE paradise (12 days ago)
Fortnite is coming out on switch April 24
XGameformer 21 (5 days ago)
LTE paradise what's ig?
Super Merio (12 days ago)
LTE paradise don't remember that??? Do you have a link?
LTE paradise (12 days ago)
They an announced it last week on ig
LTE paradise how do you know?? Evidence plz
Super Merio (12 days ago)
How do you know?
Blaziken 7567 (12 days ago)
Hey duck I was really happy playing with you the other day can you send me an invite whenever you stream Fortnite again?
Jojo Myrie (12 days ago)
Duke (12 days ago)
Tango Wizard (12 days ago)
It is coming but Epic games are working hard on android at the moment. The reason they are making fortnite for the mobile first is because people were being annoying with them and asking them for fortnite mobile. Not many people wanted it on switch but it's coming anyways on the switch
Therealtechie (12 days ago)
There’s a reason why it’s on iOS. There are tens of millions of iOS devices and nothing close to the Nintendo Switch. iOS is a lot more developed then the Nintendo Switch. In fact I owned a Nintendo switch and sold it for an iPad.
Therealtechie (12 days ago)
Not very nice. Just stating facts.
Therealtechie (12 days ago)
Also I don’t see Fortnite coming to the Nintendo Switch until it releases on android
GraveKEYBLADER (12 days ago)
It’s not going to come to switch I guess because they look towards games you can take on the go, but I don’t believe fortnite would be on there because you need a constant internet connection. I don’t wanna play fortnite at McDonalds or pay for moblie internet.
Da screaming Goose (12 days ago)
Love your vids so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christian Flores (12 days ago)
If fortnite came on the switch I will be playing it 24\7 and buy 100,000,000,000,000,000 v-bucks
Ultra Nova (12 days ago)
Omg you are so right Nintendo switch are selling like crazy but they put fornite on iPhone before Nintendo switch. 100% agree with duck honestly kinda mad cause I don’t have a ps4 so I can’t play it I only have a switch
Robert Garcia (12 days ago)
THANK YOU! You said everything I was feeling
Junior Fofana (12 days ago)
No worries like ultra said we got crazy Justice
AustenArts (12 days ago)
Mobile games and ports are garbage. This only adds to the fire. If you wanna play a video game or want to play Fortnite, get a PS4 or wait until this comes to Switch. Trust me, you will not regret it
MOIST (12 days ago)
Man fortnite really need to come to switch fast
Jbarker1983 (12 days ago)
It plays like absolute trash on mobile. PUBG has WAY better controls on mobile, because it actually includes motion aiming!
Hunter Marino (12 days ago)
Origami With Rami (11 days ago)
Hunter Marino l
Julius De La Rosa (12 days ago)
Your awsome duckhunter44!
Gogo Zapper (12 days ago)
Epic Games wants to, Nintendo isn't allowing it, don't blame Epic
MarioCraft156 Gaming Nintendo wouldn’t ban it they literally have doom on switch
MarioCraft156 Gaming (12 days ago)
And why would they do that? Like I know Nintendo would ban a game that have some kind of naughty stuff, but Fortnite don’t have such things... Actually, Fortnite is the style of Nintendo, it’s a kid friendly and for everyone version of Battle Royale games...
SNOOPS (12 days ago)
And how do you know, epic games expert? 😂
Someone (12 days ago)
"Nintendo isn't allowing it". Bull! This is completely false.
Gogo Zapper opposite bro, Nintendo is waiting for Epic Games to accept
Joshua Salvador (12 days ago)
Can I have your nintendo switch
Ugandanknukle Gaming (12 days ago)
Ugandanknukle Gaming (12 days ago)
Jo I subscribed!
Ugandanknukle Gaming (12 days ago)
Jo so that kind of link is dead now!
Jo (12 days ago)
It's April. The memes DEAD, Ok?
Francisco P (12 days ago)
YES!!!!! PLEASE!!!
Chad Middleton (12 days ago)
Same with PUBG, it can play on my mid range android phone. Bring it to the Switch/PS Vita.
Jo (12 days ago)
This game dosent deserve the switch.
Jo true. I don't like fortinite, I don't understand why it's so popular. I've played it like 3 times round my friend's house and literally it is just a mediocre battle royal game. Probably the most overrated game of the decade. SERIOUSLY!
Herexpro 1558 (12 days ago)
Kind of to late for this
guitarlord 212 (12 days ago)
Maybe if the mobile app is successful it can be on the switch
Dav1d9 (12 days ago)
I would love for this to be on the switch I have never felt I have missed out on something so much like fortnite. EVERYONE plays the game and talks about except for me cause I dont have xbox ps pc or ios :(
Dav1d9 (12 days ago)
RapidRhino G nice hopefully you get your account if it comes to the switch
RapidRhino G (12 days ago)
Dav1d9 I play it on Xbox I just hope you can transfer account like on the other platforms cuz I have spent a lot of money on fortnite
GhostBlade _15 (12 days ago)
John Guaillas (12 days ago)
John Guaillas (12 days ago)
Love video
Emma Wije (12 days ago)
Minecraft Swagger (12 days ago)
RyTheGuy 206 (12 days ago)
Dav1d9 (12 days ago)
RyTheGuy 206 da real first guy

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