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10 Streamers Who Accidentally Went Live

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StreamElements is the ultimate tools platform for streamers, 100% Free. https://strms.net/livefails Overlay Manager, ChatBot, Tipping, Loyalty, HypeCup, Stream Reports and much more! 5 Streamers Who Accidentally Went Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwXaFCS9bf4 Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IPNFlr7rNA SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/livestreamfails Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiveStreamFails Live Streamers in this video from first to last: ONLYUSEmeBLADE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ONLYUSEmeBLADE Ice Poseidon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv9Edl_WbtbPeURPtFDo-uA https://twitch.tv/fuslie Ice Poseidon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv9Edl_WbtbPeURPtFDo-uA https://twitch.tv/caster_butters Ice Poseidon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv9Edl_WbtbPeURPtFDo-uA https://twitch.tv/Cryaotic https://twitch.tv/RuneScape Ice Poseidon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv9Edl_WbtbPeURPtFDo-uA https://twitch.tv/uccleague2 https://twitch.tv/MitchJones https://twitch.tv/RuneScape https://twitch.tv/darksydephil https://twitch.tv/MitchJones https://twitch.tv/KBubblez
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Text Comments (8296)
Tilt Factor (3 months ago)
why not listet ?
P A N D A (3 months ago)
i don't no
Max Xiao (3 months ago)
1. I have a dig bick 2. You read wrong that 4. You read that wrong two 5. You noticed I the used the wrong too 7. Did you notice you read that wrong 8. Did I just skip 6? YUP 9. You checked 9. Did you notice that I did 9 twice 10. Did You notice I capitilized the y in you 11. I spelled capitilize wrong (I don't how know to spell it) 14. Did I just skip 12, and 13? 15. Why are you still reading this 16. Last thing, do you know da way 17. .It's wae right 18. Notice I put a random period 20. We reaching number 21 22. Or are we 23.Stop this reading 24. If you don't I'll you eat 25. get out of here I spent soo much time writing this I bet one of ya'll will just ctrl-c this Integrity Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Fortnite forevar i spelled something wrong didn't I?
TheNoobster (3 months ago)
Gary Winthorp (3 months ago)
14 million views, and was on my homepage. "Unlisted" How did you hack the system?
Bằng Nguyễn (1 month ago)
Joker Poker (3 months ago)
BTS are awful Bitches (3 months ago)
1:28 who is she?
Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch (3 months ago)
or the top left... or the twitter link... youtube link... ig link....
BTS are awful Bitches (3 months ago)
Lennart_MF oh haha didn't notice I think I need glasses
Lennart_MF (3 months ago)
Look at the bottom of the screen bro...
Big Man Kotzer36 (3 months ago)
#1 literally fucking all of them
L. tekkers (3 months ago)
Big Man Kotzer36 lol
BTH Gaming (3 months ago)
Pickle Snickelfritz (3 months ago)
why are so many people commenting now when this was posted a year ago
Jacob Gene (3 months ago)
Why r u copying my comment?
Pipz (3 months ago)
8 months ago
Emm Pedno (3 months ago)
North American Mapper (3 months ago)
And that's why 7 don't livestream!
Scooty Puff Sr (3 months ago)
Put your dildo away when you're done using it or use it live
zombie pokemon (3 months ago)
why are people commeting this was made like 1 year ago
-Niels. (3 months ago)
13 minutes ago
And you?
CrimsonYT (3 months ago)
Valhoon Smit (3 months ago)
says the guy commenting here.
Aqualish (3 months ago)
I think the channel bought views
THIS WAS POSTED ON MY 12TH BIRTHDAY! (Just letting people know hahahah)
Jim Bob.219 dude what did i do wrong ? 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Kk
Mr.WWEFan 48 (3 months ago)
Jim bob 219 HAHAHAHA
Jim Bob.219 (3 months ago)
Honey Williams fuck off
Sasul Ramurica (3 months ago)
At 1:28 she is very very SCREWED 😁😁😁
huub de louw (3 months ago)
“Whats under the bed” -the asian girl 😳
zombie pokemon (3 months ago)
i think a dildo
Kuro Ninja (3 months ago)
Ice Poseidon is a fucking asshole.
Callum Griffin (3 months ago)
Nah, your a fucking normie
Oki3 Doki3 (3 months ago)
Kuro Ninja yes, yes he is.
Freddie2004.13 (3 months ago)
damn why does this have over 40k dislikes
Chad Kase (3 months ago)
Freddie2004.13 Damn now its 46 likes and 42 dislikes
lionhead123 (3 months ago)
boy that Ice Poseidon is a moron.
Chris Ec (3 months ago)
Hi *;v*
Pablo Rodríguez (3 months ago)
Recomendations Thais Weygand was?
Oren Wilkins (3 months ago)
Why is this in my recommended?
Mogdäns (3 months ago)
I dont get it why is it a thing with these sex toys wich probally arent ones. Who cares or is it for the 12 year old kids?
Eric C (3 months ago)
That face of regret😂 probably.. probably a aerr a guitar
Lulu Edits (3 months ago)
Really when the girl at Pokémon go said she was the highest Player? LOOK AROUND THE WORD WOMAN IM LEVEL 34!!!!
Nathan Cordrey (3 months ago)
GreenFireStudios the upload date of this video does not correlate the the clips in the video. Her exp bar is maxed, I'd assume she's capped lol
GreenFireStudios (3 months ago)
Look at the upload date
Nathan Cordrey (3 months ago)
That was when it launched. They've increased level cap since then.
DA BOSS (3 months ago)
Lulu Edits WHO the fuck still Play this shit?
AguStudios (3 months ago)
Sooooo.... Did he actually lose his job?
Eric C (3 months ago)
Why in the hell is this in my recommendations all of a sudden... top Ten videos that went live in people's reccomendations..
Tasty (3 months ago)
Probably a eer a guitar. Why the hell is this old god damn video in my recommendations
wh at (3 months ago)
Properly a er... a guitar
Blood Moon (3 months ago)
Why this in recomdetion
Judith Z (3 months ago)
Blood Moon I’m same
What is this doing in my recommendations?
Ender P. (3 months ago)
why was this on my recommended?
Harito (3 months ago)
Ender P. Idkkk me too
【maya】 (3 months ago)
Why is this recommended now? Lmao
Meli 1726 (3 months ago)
Why is this in everyone's recommend?????? THIS IS FROM 7 MONTHS AGO
An Airplane (3 months ago)
lmaoo idk it was in my recommendations too
xxx tentacion (3 months ago)
damn even a malaysian like me get here from 7 month ago
Tilak Butiya (3 months ago)
Why all comments on 7 months old video?
COOL FOR LIFE (3 months ago)
Tilak Butiya look at the video upload
Tekxz (3 months ago)
no fucking way
Faris Rafi (3 months ago)
what is the name of the song in the first seconds?
Djjd313 (3 months ago)
Faris Rafi Baby please don’t go - mike posner
DanielDoesGaming (3 months ago)
Faris Rafi keep it mellow by marshmallow
Big Boy 1 (3 months ago)
number 15: burger king foot lettuce
ItsMonikaWithA_K (3 months ago)
This was made like 7 months ago. Well, the recommended section of YouTube is broken for everyone, huh?
Mondre Muller (3 months ago)
ItsMonikaWithA_K yeah same!
IHATE RED (3 months ago)
ItsMonikaWithA_K yep.
Pixel Vangaurd (3 months ago)
ItsMonikaWithA_K same
Shiny Night Stars (3 months ago)
8:17 the guy was jerking off
what a shame. LOL
TKVisme (3 months ago)
Was that really keem tho
Sam & Cells (3 months ago)
Idk why fusley got so shy abot her vibrator 😂
no name (3 months ago)
WhimsyGamer she likes it dirty.
WhimsyGamer (3 months ago)
Sam & Cells right? Im more concerned as to why its on the floor and not somewhere cleaner xD
Flippy the dragon (3 months ago)
Why is everyone type on a video from like 7 months ago
karlluigi1987 (3 months ago)
that's a weird looking Guitar..
Oli A (3 months ago)
INfiNITyXp101 (3 months ago)
2nd 1 was just a microphone srsly people
Cake (3 months ago)
it was a vibrator
The Octoling Channel (3 months ago)
The Octoling Channel (3 months ago)
Mincraft Roblox its spelled channel
Loves Dogs (3 months ago)
The Inkling Channel plz sub to my chanle
I want to SUCCEED (3 months ago)
Loves Dogs (3 months ago)
I want to SUCCEED pls sub plz o my chanle
Fin Apex (3 months ago)
1:29 its a vibrator lol
Rovic Trajano Visto (3 months ago)
hahahaha i thought it was a mic hahahaha
Dorje Gyaltsen (3 months ago)
Really?, I thought it was a Hotdog
Rovic Trajano Visto (3 months ago)
Fin Apex lol bro hahahhaahahahhahaha
dafuqx33pf (3 months ago)
Weired section of youtube again ^_^
Sunt (3 months ago)
That's quite the guitar there lmao.
FreeMode - Godz (3 months ago)
1:30 What Is It Under Her Bed??
Hershel Bosch (3 months ago)
A dildo shaped Ps4 stick
FreeMode - Godz (3 months ago)
BLACKGAMER 165 loving the guitar then 😂😂
FreeMode - Godz (3 months ago)
UdiPenguinUse well that's a sick guitar😂😂
Oct Ogos its what women have that men dont
Oct Ogos (3 months ago)
UdiPenguinUse vigina?
minds (3 months ago)
Very one commenting today lol
Papple Fag (3 months ago)
Recommended sections fucked up again
Noodle Dude (3 months ago)
I was on it
Noodle Dude (3 months ago)
Guys this happened on another video yesterday XD
Gurpratap Sangha (3 months ago)
1:29 its a mic lol @LiveStreamFails
Tyler Saltmarsh (3 months ago)
It’s a vibrator dude. Cord is for power. Welcome to the real world hahaha
Supreme Tyee (3 months ago)
You must be too young, it’s not a mic buddy
Dark Fellow (3 months ago)
Gurpratap Sangha Yeah...hum..because its an special type sex toy ..buddy 😂😂
Gurpratap Sangha (3 months ago)
Dark Fellow u can check 1:43
Gurpratap Sangha (3 months ago)
Dark Fellow u can see that this thing have wire on his end 😂
Darth vader (3 months ago)
This is so dumb.
Francisco Rivera (3 months ago)
Me dan like sin razón? :V
Jacob Gene (3 months ago)
Why are so many people commenting now when this was posted 7 or 8 months ago
naughty cal (3 months ago)
GMD Basic (3 months ago)
Ryan Pym me too
Ryan Pym (3 months ago)
just saw this like right now on my recommends
KaiDaGuy YT (3 months ago)
Jacob Gene fake comments I think
sals (3 months ago)
Khronic X (3 months ago)
A uh a uh *guitar*
Jojo Stark (3 months ago)
INTENSA EMOZIONE (3 months ago)
Jojo Stark No it was a vibrator
Jojo Stark (3 months ago)
Imperfect Titan dildo
Imperfect Titan (3 months ago)
Khronic X wht was it?
Science Narixel (3 months ago)
humans,sometimes they are such disgusting piece of garbage,wish less people we're like that..
Science Narixel (3 months ago)
this proves so hard how fake those popuiar idiots are and the idiots buy their crap,lol
Science Narixel (3 months ago)
lol you so stupid
Far go (3 months ago)
Science Narixel i think your the idiot for not knowing how to spell popular
Elvis Sanchez (3 months ago)
Mixed likes to a similar amount. I wonder why. Hmmmm
Roberto roxas (3 months ago)
Why are y'all complaining about the thumbnail? It's right over here 1:27
Roberto roxas (3 months ago)
Holy crap almost the same amount of likes and dislikes why?
Pulience Salsa (3 months ago)
1:30 waht is that?
Donkey (3 months ago)
Pulience Salsa its a drum set. DUHHHH? You guys are stoupeed.
AvoneJ (3 months ago)
probably a...a guitar?
Banks Banks (3 months ago)
Anh Nguyen (3 months ago)
Pulience Salsa sex toy??
Dally Percedal (3 months ago)
8:02 he’s wacking it
Matt Coffee (3 months ago)
thx sherlock
Roberto roxas (3 months ago)
2018? Did I really have to say that?
akune -Chan YT (3 months ago)
JonyKee (3 months ago)
MonteKong (3 months ago)
Shiri Chandra (3 months ago)
Stupid video
Anime Weaboo (3 months ago)
Shiri Chandra Its stupid like the whole point of your life
Patrick Conti (3 months ago)
"Oooops i totally accidentaly opened OBS, pasted my stream key and started stream, i absolutely didn't meant to do that..."
Patrick Conti (3 months ago)
Cuz it's free, and it's the most used
Ly2015 (3 months ago)
Why obs?
Big (3 months ago)
Bored by this streaming shite put something interesting on
Just Dimenter (3 months ago)
i dont under stand wat under fulie bed? tell me plz
Constantinople, 1054 (3 months ago)
Just Dimenter ask your mum if you can use her dildo
Damiz (3 months ago)
its something your mother uses... ask her this : mom can i see your dildo? and she will show you
Gavin Fox (3 months ago)
Amazing video!!🔥
iiomqitzvixhereii xox (3 months ago)
Pain (3 months ago)
This is entertainment for this generation!! 😒
Donkey (3 months ago)
Nameless he's actually Pain.
lucy uyuyu (3 months ago)
Nameless Triggered naruto fan
Nameless (3 months ago)
Sexy Llama Toes, frying pans are gay
Sexy Llama Toes (3 months ago)
Nameless im actually a frying pan get it right
Nameless (3 months ago)
Sexy Llama Toes, your gay
Hichigo Shirosaki (3 months ago)
I didn't know what was going on at first with the Darksydephil fellow. Thought he was having a fuckin seizure right on stream, thought he was gonna get dragged out on a gurney. Nope, he indeed jerked the Mcguirk.
Joe Masello (3 months ago)
I'm planning my accidental streaming vid right now
shadowghost tracker (3 months ago)
That was not a gutair
shadowghost tracker (3 months ago)
Supboi King that's what cardi b says.
Supboi King (3 months ago)
shadowghost tracker you make no sense
shadowghost tracker (3 months ago)
Supboi King no what
Supboi King (3 months ago)
shadowghost tracker no
shadowghost tracker (3 months ago)
Waterb0y 77 as cardi b would say "Ian know"
Gareth Davies (3 months ago)
Oh wow, end of world. Pointless video just for views. Glad my client doesnt register as a view to this shit.
sethogrady32 (3 months ago)
what did ice poseidon do to get banned
Okuzzyy (3 months ago)
How do people ACCIDENTALLY stream when I cant even get my stream up
ChIbBYra (3 months ago)
once you setup your stream and have a hot key configured to start streaming, it's pretty easy to stream by accident
J Hodges (3 months ago)
What meaningless rubbish are these sheep herders supposed to be streaming. How about they live stream the truth, that they’re 40, single & still living with Mum.
ジョーPB (3 months ago)
How tf do u accidentally stream
Donkey (3 months ago)
Dark Modz OOOPS! I accidentally typed this stupid comment. I'm so sorry.
ChIbBYra (3 months ago)
once you've setup your stream the first time it's pretty easy to just press the "Start Streaming" button if you've got a hotkey set up. I know I've done it lol
Jessica H (3 months ago)
Why is this recommended to me? I don’t give a crap about this
Clashking (3 months ago)
when you comment pointless shit they keep doing it to see how many times you comment.
Maxi Mayhem (3 months ago)
Same here.
Cabdalla Cammaari (3 months ago)
2:55 she was ready to suck my d**k
Mr. E (3 months ago)
I just stick cuz, you know, I want to see people fail.
Just a Random Person (3 months ago)
Sneek AK (3 months ago)
Why is this in my reccomended. I dont search this shit
Dan (3 months ago)
But you clicked on it ☝️ and that's just as bad.
Dan and Phil fan (3 months ago)
Me too
MGH GrootCuboneGames (3 months ago)
Lord 47 same
Will Morrow (3 months ago)
What was the song to that intro?
ian lee (3 months ago)
zulppa (3 months ago)
that girl stream wasnt accidental, and where is sodapoppins accidental live? Cant even make video right
The Ohio Gambler (3 months ago)
10:00 why was her dad sitting next to her when she had no shirt on and her tits were out.........😱😱
H2o S Fuck (3 months ago)
The Ohio Gambler Siblings and parents are used to seeing that
aryan a (3 months ago)
in my recommendations too wtf is goin on man
nightwing (3 months ago)
Who's the girl in the thumbnail??
H2o S Fuck (3 months ago)
nightwing A picture
Cat (3 months ago)
twitch thot
Shannon Gibson (3 months ago)
I took excellent guide from Avasva. Just google it.
Clashking (3 months ago)
did that runescape guy lose his job? what did he reveal?
TortoiseBlaster (3 months ago)

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