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Legitimate Reasons For Cautious Optimism

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Text Comments (1045)
Amsterdamaged (11 days ago)
An Irishman complaining about immigration. Have you forgot your history Paddy??
Martin Bajsić (2 months ago)
jesus christ i love your channel, man....
Carlos E R Pimentel (2 months ago)
Lauren Southern sunk the entire Lybian surviving navy. It was a massacre. Incredible what a woman can do with a Flare gun.
There is no Peace without Jesus this world is on a downward spiral God bless you may God be with us all Amen Peace
Mälli Fair (3 months ago)
Niech zyje Polska!
Zvonko Dimitrioski (3 months ago)
Positivity! I caught myself so often wanting my opponents , enemies (in intellectual sense), to fail miserably. That's understandable ("human", if you like the wide use of the term), but is wrong. If we (I) use the same energy we use in opposing THEIR'S concepts, to promote OUR ideas, we'll have much better results. By the way, I liked Your video, hope it helps a little. Keep the good work!
Bren Dickenson (3 months ago)
That Last Clip Should Go Viral ...HA GOTCHYA!! I Love That Last Bit Her Face It Was Priceless.
Tom Haddon (3 months ago)
Well said. But I get cognitive dissonance when hearing that the Irish, of all peoples, do not have strong populism and the will for self determination. That just seems wrong.
AWalkingHat (3 months ago)
Great content. I was fascinated to discover you are Irish. I thought you were Canadian for some reason. I have heard the English-Canadian accent being compared to the Irish accent, and I can see why here.
ryan wiseman (3 months ago)
Wait what? They said she killed people? Wtf
Daniel Read (3 months ago)
I'm not being hostile or anything but the definition of human trafficking revolves around coercion or deception at the point of origin and the capacity or intent to ensnare, coerce or otherwise exploit at the point or following point of destination. Merely facilitating the crossing of borders without legal grounds to do so is better classed as human smuggling. This isn't a massive f*ck off to anyone because the left also often fails to make this distinction.
scott left (3 months ago)
Merkle is like the archtype volkswagan beetle driving crazy girlfreind of Christopher Waltz's character, Dorfman, in The Gravy Train (1990)
Jason Kelly (3 months ago)
Well said sir. Countries like poland are right on the money. Their governments are doing what their PEOPLE want, and thats what a government is elected to do.
pieter fischer (3 months ago)
Well.. at least she admitted he had cornered her.
Terry Rodbourn (3 months ago)
Dave you still don’t get it, people are trying to stop the very Institutes of Nationalism! So they want no borders and a one world government!
terminalcommand (4 months ago)
LoL at this bullshit. Talk about an echo chamber of nonsense. Do you people actually buy into this fear-mongering, motive-driven, rubbish?Tomi Lah...I mean Lauren Southern (same idiot?) is a joke, but she fits the bill of being useless 'fap fantasy' for 'racially woke' and scientfically inept Alt-right, Peterson, Sargon, Richard "Closeted" Spencer, insert any talentless moron who posts echo-chamber videos online. This was 11 minutes and 37 seconds are triggered, snowflake ,delusional whining.....
Ryoda (4 months ago)
Dave I like you and I agree with you, but you've done the exact same video over a thousand times already. Come one, do something original. Yeah I know there's a bit of a spin on this one about optimism and whatnot, but ultimately it boils down to the same type of video you always do. It's like listening to an actual preacher just repeating the same stuff every week.
Rich William (4 months ago)
Christ! the daft bat on Channel 4 at the end! Somebody spoke the truth to her loud and clear - it's a totally novel experience for her and she just hadn't got a clue how to deal with it.
Tony Randall (4 months ago)
Merkel knew this would happen, she gleefully took one for the 'team' and that team isn't German nationals.
Franz Danzi (4 months ago)
Hey Dave, don't fear the right. The right is all right.
ShariaFree UK (4 months ago)
Great Video
Suicide Booth (4 months ago)
Ask the question what is the primary responsibility of any government. Unless their answer is somewhere along the line of "protecting the safety, well being and freedoms of its citizens from foreign and domestic threats" then assume that person is socialist and stop speaking to them.
Shiirow (4 months ago)
I loved that interview, he got her brain working so hard to try to twist his word to make him look like the asshole she thinks he is, that you can almost see the smoke coming out her ears from the exercise.
vince pie (4 months ago)
If you don't live your entire life online you're probably not so gloomy, ignorant rude, reactive, and impulsive.
Paul Lavoie (4 months ago)
So support ukip ... Got it.
Noam Ahituv (4 months ago)
Your country, Ireland, plans to import 2 mil muslims within 20 years. Sadly, you have another ~10 years of strong leftism, until half to a milliom muslims come over, and people come to their senses
James_Julians (4 months ago)
I disagree. If all countries in the EU (including Hungary, Poland and so on) would have taken an acceptable number of refugees, we would've been able to differentiate between the people who really needed help and the ones who just came to europe because of the money...AND SEND THEM BACK! But since most countries just said "yeah well FUCK YOU...we take all the money from the EU but don't do shit for it" countries like Germany or Sweden were forced to take ALL refugees to ensure no innocent person would die. But now these countries have the problem, that they don't have the structurs to controll all the asylum seekers and check if they are real refugees or just going for the social system/are criminals/... . So just sayin "Look how bad it is in germany or sweden" is not an argument. If we had a REAL European Union this wouldn't have happened.
Mike Vasquez (4 months ago)
WAY TO GO, POLAND!!! A nation's first responsibility is to its own people and it's nice to see a Nation embracing that principle. I believe if France and Italy leave the EU, that would be the ultimate end of it.
Media On Display (4 months ago)
So a bunch of white guys like YOU are racist AF... why should I be optimistic about that? cuz you guys will eventually raise hilter from the dead and have the Nazi utopia you preach about? … uh I guess that is optimism for you fat white male bitching youtubers. This video is hate speech.
James Vennes (4 months ago)
But Lauren Southern is pro Israel which is as bad as being pro Islam
Tæüręn Čømprēssòr (4 months ago)
How ironic would it be if the nations that leave the EU form a power bloc. (One that actually works perhaps).
blkctthwt (4 months ago)
POLAND, Hip hip hooray!
Se7eN (4 months ago)
Hefty Alan (4 months ago)
Dave I would agree but just watched your latest vid on Brexit and do you know what not feeling so optimistic
Gareth (4 months ago)
I'm glad I live in a southern hemisphere backwater
Funny Valentine 2020 (4 months ago)
Honestly thought it said "Italy's Salvini wants 'League of Legends' to unite EU govts aiming to 'defend their borders' "
Tarek Chamas (4 months ago)
Poland gave u the witcher softened the Ukrainian crisis and pretty much saved the EU, sadly no one in the EU have the balls to stand up for the EU
Tarek Chamas (4 months ago)
time to destroy the far left, politically and socially and if needed physically
Caleb Morrow (4 months ago)
Okay, epiphany. How to kill the EU, multiple European countries need to form an alliance. These countries must leave the EU. Trade issues won't have to be a problem, because the alliance can guarantee trade deals. EU has to be replaced, the best way is to have a council of ambassadors that can talk to each other and find out what options are, though the governments of the countries in the alliance have to be the ones making the formal agreements, no confederation, what the league of leagues implies is an eventual confederation like the EU, which would be of a different ideology and would inevitably lead to war because of us vs them. The alliance needs to be something every country would feel comfortable leaving the EU for, joining the alliance does not mean you are nationalist or populist, that depends only on your country. Let me emphasize, no new central government.
toorimakun (4 months ago)
Even if a far right party exists.... I don't think it would be a problem. kicking all the non-white people out of western countries wont ruin the west. The far right believes in capitalism and borders. Pretty much... the enemy of your enemy is your friend..... even if you aren't far right... you are still called nazi white supremacist sexist bigots any way. Not to mention if these "refugees" stay in the EU in 20 years they will have had enough babies to be the majority of the population... and many countries are giving them voting rights......... as I think about this more I think far right might be the only way to save the west.......
James Oldfield (4 months ago)
"Things can easily get awfully black-pilled and bleak." That's because things are terrible. Things are going really badly. "If you focus on pessimism and existential dread..." That's because that's all there is. There is no hope. We are losing and have no way of winning. All is lost. This is the end of Europe and Canada. We are all doomed...
Joe Somebody (4 months ago)
That last clip was pretty funny, thanks for some good news mixed with the usual this time.
Clear sky Over the lake (4 months ago)
Ha. Gotcha.
Smoothbluehero (4 months ago)
Salvini is ridiculously based, he might be on par with Trump! Sharia May has been a bigly disappointment.
varanid9 (4 months ago)
As long as those who finance and motivate the Left are allowed to continue, this problem will continue. It has been going on since the late 1800s and has been allowed to fester and multiply in our universities. From there, they have spread out into every facet of media and government.
Ginger Ed (4 months ago)
Don’t think I’ve ever laughed at the word “zero” before.
Inisfad (4 months ago)
Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t really find Ireland ‘progressive’ and ‘left leaning’, unless you are only talking about Dublin. Surely, Ireland attempted to exercise its rights with the Lisbon Treaty - but was roundly trounced by its government, who forced the population to vote again (and continue doing so) until the government got the result it wanted. Ireland’s history of victimization continues to be somewhat of an undercurrent nationally. It would appear that much of the population is somewhat apathetic - or at least more interested in their personal lives, rather than the activities of the government. The government, on the other hand, will be one of the last supporters of the EU. Sadly.
Bruce Maximus (4 months ago)
That Newman edit at the end! Oh, my sides!
Xbox/PC Gaming Co. (4 months ago)
1:30 just look at The entire west coast. I can’t even find a semblance of what used to be American culture, what’s in its place now is just horrible. If I wanted to experience Mexico/Mexican culture, I would go to f***ing Mexico. I don’t want this in my own backyard, I can’t even leave my home without being forced to see the effects on my entire state
EU has free movement in inner borders. There is no free movement on outer borders. Never has never will.
MackenDeez (4 months ago)
You can see the cognitive dissonance in Cathy Newman's face that someone doesn't feel the same pity nor doesn't care about being called racist when it comes to muslim migrants.
Blasterbolt (4 months ago)
Dominik Tarczyski kicks ass!
Johannes Liechtenauer (4 months ago)
That ending is a thing of sheer magnificent, stultifying beauty, so much so, it's ineffable. That fucking whore cunt tried to shame him by blurting out the "racist" and then gets a verbal smash across the nose. Dumb fucking Lefty split.
Rick B (4 months ago)
Left the girl speechless. Winning
Sarah Lunafire (4 months ago)
I think any NGO caught in the act will have their ships confiscated and sold to recuperate operating costs. Their crew thrown in prison or straight up deported. If their ship is unseaworthy, it is stripped of its useful parts and scuttled at sea, in public on the Internet Live-streaming. This is what happens when you try to import those people... a shot over the ships bow. You don’t want to see what happens next if you persist.
Bob Senior (4 months ago)
So you're saying you won't take any lobsters hahahaha.
Lumpi Lumpinski (4 months ago)
Ey shithead, i thougt the evil murxist guvermint had closed your shitty chan? So sad you are still here.
mrwhippy101 (4 months ago)
Is there any kind of Irish type of ukip party Or some kind of political party in Ireland that isn't full of shit
ArkhamKnight (4 months ago)
Kilravok (4 months ago)
You only have to ask the American natives, how awesome it is to welcome millions of unregistered migrants. What is the worst that can happen?
Charles Okonkwo (4 months ago)
Wow. I congratulate you on standing on the right side of the Article 13 issue, but I must say that you've got every other political issue you talk about completely wrong. Yes, there are many dangers to our society, but they don't primarily stem from immigrants or men hating feminists. Don't get me wrong: there certainly are religious nuts with backward ideas about society among immigrants and there are "feminists" who use the term as a guise for their hatred of men. But those are not the reason why everything seems to go to shits. The reason why everything is shit is because neoliberalism is dominating and dismantling our morals and the achievements they brought in society. Your life is not shit because of some immigrants who are supposedly leeching off the wellfare system, but because wages have long been stagnant and our governments are bought by big business to perform austerity and censor any meaningful debate. And yes, the family is under attack, but not by gays who want to shag each other in the butt and also rais a kid (let them. What do I care? I know enough about pedagogics to tell you that healthy bonding can happen with any empathic person). It's being attacked by employers who want to see both parents working more and more hours to create their profits for them and by bought conservatives who would immediately dismantle every last pillar of the welfare system, education system and healthcare system to give tax cuts to the rich. You seem to be a guy who wants to stand up for the common man. But to do that you need to realize who your enemy is. Don't kick down. Punch up.
Quantum Emman (4 months ago)
The edit at the end was savage.
frank tomeo (4 months ago)
Canada is following Ireland's lead. I wish they wouldn't.
jakub pawlowski (4 months ago)
Not surprised to hear Dzień dobry in the background :) 5:34
i7fan (4 months ago)
LOL @ the end! :D Something the lying socialist radical leftists dont seem to understand: *THE PEOPLE WANTED IT! THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR IT! THE PEOPLE SHOULD BE RESPECTED!*
blackphoenix63 O (4 months ago)
poland sounds pretty awesome.
j.kenneth fraac (4 months ago)
When can we just come out as Nazis and start genociding cunts? So bored.
ghostmanriding (4 months ago)
Cathy Newman goes into tilt mode yet again.
5th Columnist (4 months ago)
how to give Leftist conniptions & end Merkel's career, simply point out that these "Transit centers" are nothing more than veiled "concentration camps".
Kevin Elliott (4 months ago)
Cathy Newman - the gift that keeps on giving.
RUINATION media (4 months ago)
The Polish man should have said "Poland works in the interests of its people, you work against the interests of your people"
Ultra Man (4 months ago)
This is just too little too late. We did nothing when all the polish came to Ireland because of Europe. We allowed polish gangs into Ireland.
Driver (4 months ago)
Articles 11 and 13 were voted down in the EU on Thursday, July 5, 2018.
Driver (4 months ago)
You want to protect borders? We have the blue print (see history) on how to effectively block and protect any border from illegals entering. It requires men with guns guarding it and shooting at anyone trying to illegally cross into a country. Sink a few of these boats and these people will get the picture. Other countries have no problem doing it but for some reason it's just "wrong" when Europe or the U.S. does it (enforces our laws).
andrew carroll (4 months ago)
I really enjoyed this, Please make them as regularly as possible.
Chrissy Mccauley (4 months ago)
The #walkaway campaign movement is taking off here in America... gives me hope
A. Dwoker (4 months ago)
The last few minutes of this video were pure gold.
Drew (4 months ago)
Great video, especially loved the ending. Go Poland! Smartest country in the EU.
mr. mr. (4 months ago)
Ain't that the BBC reporter which tried to call shit on Hungary and instead got shit on?
Tears in rain (4 months ago)
Wow! I've just found out that I've been 'unsubscribed' to your channel! This has happened before on other people I follow. Same thing when I've liked a video, only to find it unlike later. Watch out for this!!!
InTheNameOfJustice (4 months ago)
Question: What is "far right"? We hear the term all over the place but what does it mean? Where does it come from? What are its origins? When I think of far right I think of conservatives getting together in huge groups and chanting: "What do we want?" "More shops!" "When do we want them?" "Now!" I am being serious here (Mostly). I have a suspicion that the very term far right was invented and propagated by the far left to duck responsibility for the National Socialist atrocities in WW2. Fascism was invented by a roaring Commie also but the left love calling anyone who is not them, fascists. The KKK have been called, "far right" in America but they were started by the left wing Democrats and they are very people I heard calling the KKK, far right. I would love to know your views on this.
Un0r1g1n4l (4 months ago)
Too bad Sein Feinne is run by a woman now.
Dennis King (4 months ago)
Dear lord again?That's the second time Cathy was left speechless...Do you need to insert a coin or something to get her going?
Tony Kennedy (4 months ago)
How's about some good news: http://www.theweek.co.uk/94831/eu-rejects-controversial-copyright-law
We need to start judging political movements on their merit, instead of being paranoid as to how similar they are to defeated dictators (no matter how well-loved they may have been).
TheDarkstranger101 (4 months ago)
Poland, Fuck yeah!
Girl Buu (4 months ago)
At this point? I am far right. Not fascist necessarily, that requires a level of authoritarianism I am uncomfortable with. Besides, I consider fascists left of center. But I have become jaded enough that I am alarmingly comfortable with using their own tactics against them. It is still kind of a joke when I talk about throwing them out of helicopters, but it becomes less of one with every passing day.
Lying Press (4 months ago)
(((Cathy Newman)))
zoompt 1975 (4 months ago)
Things are also changing in US entertainment. Check the campaigns at Indiegogo. Comicsgate is at full speed and will change pop culture. Entertainment and pop culture are a form of culture and as we know culture is upstream from politics. Cautious optimism indeed but a beginning nevertheless An International alliance of nationalist parties is vital because the resistance to the soviet EU can only be successfully fought with an European alternative. European nationalism is the only way the several nation-states can survive. We cannot do it alone as the globalist governments of other European countries will try to destroy any alternative that emerges in just one country.
CrashBandicootFan100 (4 months ago)
"So you're saying..._" The ultimate argument winner. Step1. Since you're losing/don't have an argument: Ignore everything the oposing person said. Step2. Put up a dumb and misleading question, that will paint them negatively. Start with "So you're saying..." Step3. Hope the person doesn't know english well enough to ingore/anwser the question with "no".
VC Donovan (4 months ago)
8:15 I doubt it. If the news media has taught us anything, it's to not believe what you're being told. Believe what you hear and see. If legitimately dangerous extremist political movements do start cropping up, people will know. All you have to do is listen to what they're saying. Sane people know the difference between "Build the wall" and "Gas the Jews." I mean, people are wise to the left's insistence that they're the party of "tolerance" and "diversity" knowing full well that they are anything but. So I don't think anyone has to worry about anyone unintentionally falling for an extremist movement This idea that people are duped by political extremists is a faulty one anyway. The oft cited Nazis knew full well what they were doing and exactly what Hitler intended. They went with it because they *wanted* to. Just like how today's leftist extremist go about their censorship and harassment and violence and everything knowing full well what they're doing because they *want* to.
random69ism (4 months ago)
Islam is NOT a race.
random69ism (4 months ago)
So racism is more important than the ability to do the job...gotcha.
servantofzardoz (4 months ago)
The best people from Ireland left it years ago.
JediDanD (4 months ago)
Poland won't let in illegal referees. Thank you Poland :D **High Five** "That's because the last time they were invaded, that no longer had a country until the end of the war . . ."
Terry Madipuddy (4 months ago)
God do I love the lobster clip! "Hah! Gotcha"
Peda Strianc (4 months ago)
We should organize our society along the lines of lobsters.
MegaPain Quest (4 months ago)
Hey, Limbecker Platz, i live there
Jack Flexington (4 months ago)
Well, time to move to Poland.
battlemode (4 months ago)
Great video, thank you

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