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STHDX(Next Gen Sonic IN Wave Ocean)

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Next Gen Sonic BY Soniggu WO Texture BY ME SET0100S BY Aran Have Fun STHDX~
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Text Comments (41)
RussianWalkthrough (7 years ago)
This is Sh*t! Go and watch this! wix.com/trwebs/s360dx
SonicundMario (8 years ago)
The Wave Ozean is very bad
NinjaNaruto81 (8 years ago)
Epic fail quality. o.e
NinjaNaruto81 (8 years ago)
@shadowmaster285 He IS saying it.Lol. xD
rabid (9 years ago)
"lets get dem!" HES SOUND SO REATARD when an japan guy is voiceing him in english..
Holoșpin Gabriel (9 years ago)
can you pls send me all your soundata?
Ozcrash (10 years ago)
where i can download this hack
doybyun (10 years ago)
Yay~ someone recognizes Korean XD
Mephi (10 years ago)
LOL where you find the voices? Ex: Caos.............Control! LOL, I like it
Sawtje2 (10 years ago)
O.k, that's your opinion then.
kaihedgie (10 years ago)
Do you know how stupid you sound? XD
The Insane Neko, Mark IV (10 years ago)
I've never seen either. :P
SonitoUzuhegehog (10 years ago)
no ive seen Korean, most of the written words have ovals in them (or circles).
The Insane Neko, Mark IV (10 years ago)
Japanese, I think. And he probably seaks that language(no offense). (God, that was a good comeback.) Any way, he's probably busy, so you might not get the answer.
Sawtje2 (10 years ago)
I don't like this video.. 1/5 stars, no offence.
SonitoUzuhegehog (10 years ago)
why the hell is the text korean
The Insane Neko, Mark IV (10 years ago)
plz finish the mod
RobotwarsKing (10 years ago)
Yay, you kept Splashy the Orca! He's the best Sonic character ever =D
Redblur (10 years ago)
where can i get this plz
josemanuel134 (10 years ago)
hey STHDX how do you change the textures?
NastCF (10 years ago)
just get an mp3 file and change the extension manually (yes, it works), then name it like the song you wanna replace and voilá
igorseabra4 (10 years ago)
cool rings.
Rock (10 years ago)
OMG You changed Light Dash move to Chaos Control. Thats so cool.
SamVision (10 years ago)
Hey are you going to add very DIFFERENT style of levels? Like what SonicGLMod did?
SamVision (10 years ago)
This hack is so nice!!!!
TrueHyperSon (10 years ago)
well IDK anything about it so I guess I'll just go with what you say
Noisy Pink Bubble (10 years ago)
I guess that could be possible through some serious re-programming.
TrueHyperSon (10 years ago)
We all know that, he's talking about instant light dash like in SA2:B
Noisy Pink Bubble (10 years ago)
Light dash is already in the game.Not a mod.
TrueHyperSon (10 years ago)
are you serious? I've been trying to find something lake that for months! Do you know where it is and is it anailible for download?
SamVision (10 years ago)
No I am talking about SADX
TrueHyperSon (10 years ago)
really? which one...was it for the genisis games? because this is more complex
SamVision (10 years ago)
It was possible in another hack.
TrueHyperSon (10 years ago)
I think that would be impossible to do
SamVision (10 years ago)
Can you make instant light dash like on later Sonic games. (eg. SA2)
shuxuan92 (11 years ago)
Where can I get this hack?Tell me please.
sheepytina (11 years ago)
This level looks rather nice, but it is a mix between breakneck speeds and painful slow platforming. I suggest you remove some obstacles in the level, and give the level more flow. Sonic is all about flow. Also, is this a Beta?
Chris Chocobo (11 years ago)
Incredible! Sonic is faster here than the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 game!! (sorry, i want to be sarcastic) Sonic DX--->THE BEST! Sonic 2006--->A CRAP...
Renoth Dex (11 years ago)
Thanks Graxer^.^
Graxer (11 years ago)
Good job! I like the way you have started actually adding things such as platforms to the levels. This project is getting better and better!
Renoth Dex (11 years ago)
Thanks Guys^.^ And Jeztac3, You can Join Our team ^.^

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