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PlayStation Backlash Heats Up [#CrossPlayNow]

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PlayStation Backlash is heating up. How do you play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch It's going mainstream https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-44477524 Fortnite is blocked on Nintendo Switch: https://www.polygon.com/2018/6/13/17459340/sony-ps4-fortnite-cross-play-switch Sony's Fornite cross-play nightmare isn't going away anytime soon, and sony is remaining silent on the issue, it's a tone deft and will relate it back to how Sony has handled this in the past. #crossplaynow #truecrossplay #creatorsforchange I hope you join the movement. :) Update on Sony that could help them change their outlook. - https://youtu.be/YSNJJNAuNA0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comment Policy: https://youtu.be/CXaJ7OExOQo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like what we do here, and what to see more of it? Here are ways you can support the channel: Like & Share These Videos! :) Tips are welcome but not required :) https://streamlabs.com/work2game Work To Game Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/WorkToGame Work To Game Merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/work-to-game --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come Join Us On our Live Stream and be apart of the conversation: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/work2game - 8pm CST (Monday - Friday) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or Feel free to support the channel with the following affiliate links. these are based on what we are currently spending our time on: Stormblood: http://amzn.to/2nYxW4K Final Fantasy XIV: http://amzn.to/2nVXZJ8 FFXIV Timecard: http://amzn.to/2nDzekq Xbox Live: http://amzn.to/2oEs50B Nintendo Switch: http://amzn.to/2nYpv9n Zelda: http://amzn.to/2nDFbht Zelda expansion: http://amzn.to/2oEFcyC Capture card we both use (Elgato): http://amzn.to/2omWtNu Brian's Equipment Mic: http://amzn.to/2nVOjP3 Surface Studio: http://amzn.to/2obmHCN Web Cam: http://amzn.to/2nB4XR9 Chris' Equipment Mic: http://amzn.to/2nYJR2v Mac: http://amzn.to/2nYB4xb We both do all editing with Adobe CC : http://amzn.to/2nYyZBs For more Info about Work2Game and The Amazon Program check out this video: https://youtu.be/xsQ7YgUrXYY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Licensed Via MonsterCat https://www.monstercat.com/ Follow Us On Twitter: https://twitter.com/delmontyb https://twitter.com/worktogame Subscribe to Brian's Cartoon Posts on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComicEarthCartoons Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Monstercat Inc. does hereby grant WorkToGame the right to use and modify all music available on the Monstercat licensing platform solely in connection with, and in timed relation with, video content created by WorkToGame This non-exclusive, synchronization license grants WorkToGame the license to use Monstercat music solely in connection with, and in timed relation with, their personal video content on the YouTube, Twitch channel(s)
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Ryan Rockett (5 months ago)
The thing I don't understand about why Sony is doing this is because they already had cross play with final fantasy 11 back on the ps2, so why be taken steps backwards now
Work To Game (5 months ago)
According to an article just released by IGN A former Sony executive is quoted as saying it’s all about the money... I’ll post on this soon :)
Sayf Aofy (5 months ago)
Fuck Sony they gone to fucking Far am done with them.
9 A N G E L 9 (5 months ago)
I waited for fortnite on NS but now I cant play it I really hope they fix this
Work To Game (5 months ago)
Be sure to voice your thoughts @PlayStation with #crossplaynow to help spread the word. :)
jim w (5 months ago)
Guessing you saw this, but just in case https://youtu.be/YSNJJNAuNA0
Work To Game (5 months ago)
I hadn’t, this is amazing news! Falling stock is one way to get #crossplaynow thanks for posting this :)
Wellzy Gaming (5 months ago)
I’m never buying a new ps console again if this is how I’m treated
Work To Game (5 months ago)
I hope that Sony does right by gamers in the long run. This gives me the feeling that they are reverting back to their PS2 era days.
Dan Oades (5 months ago)
BGL PROS (5 months ago)
YES!!! We love it!
Alexis ayala (5 months ago)
Like Michael Jackson said Sony is greedy lol
Work To Game (5 months ago)
Michael Jackson said that? LOL #crossplaynow :)
Seppi HD (5 months ago)
F1ex (5 months ago)
I'm really hoping PlayStation steps up and realizes and admits their mistake and fixes it. Thank you so much man for the info. Subbed and liked for sure
Work To Game (5 months ago)
Welcome F1ex to the Workforce. (Something we say around here) I hope so too. I really hope Sony does what’s best for gamers.
Harry Tran (5 months ago)
I think all companies needing to sign an agreement for crossplay for another consoles.
John Wick (5 months ago)
Even if you don’t like fortnite we should argue to get cross play on all games
Kalan Darkclaw (5 months ago)
Why are people so surprised about a fornite profile cant be moved to a switch ? To me it's common sense that if Sony isn't doing cross play why would you think that profile on you psn would transfer to any other platform ? That to me is like moving to Florida and being surprised there are hurricanes.
Joshue Rivera (5 months ago)
Haha lol Sony for the Win!!! Keep them away 😂👏
pal sung (5 months ago)
I guess they are not #ForThePlayers anymore
Azure Arcade (5 months ago)
I've already stated this in our community Discord, but if Sony does not get their act together on this soon I'll be forced to add them to my boycott list. I have 14 and WoW to keep myself busy with, along with my Switch. Just because you are top dog does not mean you should turn your back on your consumers. That is what EA does and we all know how everyone feels about EA. I love Sony and have been with them for years, but if they keep running their business as such I will not hesitate going with Microsoft for my next Gen choice!
Zoeila (5 months ago)
i don't give a shit about crossplay. i don't keep friends that own different console's. simply because typically the people that own x-box don't jive with me. i get that people are mad but be rational. what incentive does sony have to add crossplay so people can go away from playstation and play on another system. regardless of what happens ill never own an xbox because they dont have the type of games i like.
Patrick Calnan (5 months ago)
I was thinking about switching to playstation, but this nonsense has gone to far. Im not going to spend money on a console that doesn't listen to their consumers.
Fairy Tail Luna (5 months ago)
Work To Game (5 months ago)
Well Switch, PC, and Xbox all are playing nice together so far, so you have your pick :)
Danny Lopez (5 months ago)
Yea they gonna add cross play with their biggest rival ms for one shitty game ? Fuck no sony dont budge
Work To Game (4 months ago)
I think it’s really up to Sony and it’s player base to decide (ultimately) and I know it’s not a big deal for some people, but for others it is a big deal. It all just depends on what is important to you. Personally I think cross play will help developers and their games in the long run. Especially small and Indy devs who can have a larger connected community over their game rather then three+ separate ones.
Danny Lopez (4 months ago)
Work To Game if they do then thats cool i honestly dont care what does piss me off is everyone crying about it like its a big deal when its not they dont need to add it for fortnite that game is a fad my 12 year old loves it lol i cant stand it
Work To Game (4 months ago)
And if they do?
Danny Lopez (5 months ago)
Who gives a shit about cross play u wanna play with sony players buy a ps4 simple
Work To Game (4 months ago)
A lot of PS4 players do, I'm one of them... it's not so simple as not everyone can afford all consoles to play all games. CrossPlay is good for developers and gamers, and shouldn't this be the choice of the developer rather then the platform holder? #crossplaynow :)
tical2399 (5 months ago)
Brian, as a follow up to my post yesterday, its not so much that some of us don't want cross play its that we are not willing to give up buying from sony (we like their games and services more than we like cross play) to move them in that direction. Its like the Monique issue from a few months back. If you don't know she's a black comedian who feld she got a low ball offer from netflix. She asked the black community (card carrying member here) to boycott netflix on her behalf. Shes asked us to give up a service we like to fight her battle. Your movement feels like that, Seems like you want general playstation players to boycott their console / service of choice to aid in your fight to get cross play. Not a fan of that.
Mad King (5 months ago)
Holy shit i didnt expect for it to happen this fast. If it was any other game it would have taken time but since its fortnite which i hate to admit is the most played game. Its happening very fast and aggressively. And with the ps5 on the horizon reportedly not having backwards compatibility for ps4. It will definitely hit sony hard. Sony has grown complacent at the top. They feel as if exclusives will keep carrying the ps and because of that they will crash and fall harder than any other console. That ofcourse is the worse case scenario where sony refuses crossplay. If it allows crossplay it will still hurt them but to a lesser degree. Sony makes profit from isolationism and if you take that and exclusives away from sony you dont have much to be an incentive to get a ps. Their hardware isnt anything special to look at unlike some pc and the one x and isnt portable like a switch. Their multiplayer servers arent special either compared to pc and xbox. So it leaves nothing that can help the ps stand by itself. Sony already puts to much weight on the ps to carry the company since they rely on it compared to other products they have. So if sony doubles down on isolationism and just throws more money on exclusives eventually people will see the ps as a burden. Not to say people wont have a ps but it will only be used for exclusives. Xbox already is the best place for multiplats and more bang for your buck, the switch offers a portable console with some of the best couch co-op features and pc dominates vr already. And all of those will have crossplay(along with mac, android, and ios) which just leaves sony by itself. Its a dam shame tbh for sony to be this petty and misguided to keep the gaming community from truly being united. But sony is way too deep into isolationism for them to change their minds now. Because if fortnite gets crossplay other games will want it to. Like final fantasy xix or whatever the mmo is called. In which sony single handedly ruined crossplay on it along with keeping nintendo and xbox from having it.
nicolas Williams (5 months ago)
ÆREX _ (5 months ago)
If Sony doesn’t fix this I will switch BACK to Xbox next gen idc.
nicolas Williams (5 months ago)
ÆREX _ bye betty, 👋
The MLG TrashCompactor (5 months ago)
They definitely are thinking backwards. Gunna hurt em in the long run 100% and if theyd be coolwith it then theyd retain sales and have the community on their side
jalil scott (5 months ago)
why would any sony fan support this, take it from someone that has all 3 consoles i wish i bought all my 3rd party games on xbox now and if sony thinks they can be consumer friendly in the begging to get sells, just to make us kiss there ass when there so far a head now they got another thing coming people will not forget this bull shit and you sony will be the next EA
Captain Ivan Danko (5 months ago)
This is Sony's "Deal with it" moment. Back when Xbox One was originally announced to have the always online component, that was their response and the damage to their brand was massive. Sony are being just as stubborn and it will come back to haunt them at some point.
Maxidp7 (5 months ago)
#FUCKSONY #crossplaynow
daniel jenkin (5 months ago)
I really am thinking Sony is being fearful of the switches potential to tap into multiple markets and if Sony don't change then the switch will gain more popularity
cosmosofinfinity (5 months ago)
This is a game as high profile as Star Wars Battlefront 2, so hopefully we can stir up attention to a similar mainstream level as that game, so Sony will actually feel the pressure and maybe, just maybe, change their policy.
Kingcletis (5 months ago)
With Sony not enabling cross play just makes them look weak and greedy , I started with an original xbox and stayed with microsoft for years until these last 2-3 years when Microsoft had placed all the needless rules. So i hopped over to Playstation, I do enjoy my playstation but i bought a xbox s to play with my friends. Hopefully Sony will make this right and enable cross play. I don't play Fortnite much but i'm hoping this will open some doors for FFXIV to be available on the Xbox so i'm all for the cross play keep up the pressure fellow gamers!
redd sun (5 months ago)
i. use. to. be. on ps. for. 4 years, butbthe. lousy. connection. made me. switch. to.xbox. i. have. gottdn. best. service, sales, gamepass. and. finnally. the 1x. if. you. switch. i. recommend. getting. the. 1x. games. even. ifvnot. enhanced, perform. and. look better, also. getting. gamepass. sorry. hard. for. me to. type. with. controler.
redd sun (5 months ago)
this. could. pavepath. for. ff14 coming. to.xbox. ans. switch...it. be. nicecto. finnally. have. ff14. ln. xbox❤🎮
Marz Angel (5 months ago)
Yeah Sony is pretty much the only one hold back alot of cross-play on ALOT of game that would be realy nice and realy good to have for the multiplayer games community.
Jacob Capeles (5 months ago)
Fleepz (5 months ago)
Sooooo sony says that they can't protect their player base if they allowed cross-play with the other consoles but they allow it with ios and PC which is legit probably the most hostile platform with hackers and generally older players???!? *BIG THOMP*🤔🤔🤔 #crossplaynow
2:09 Yeah, like people are dying because of this... People are bitching about this whole cross play shit and payed little to no attention on Net Neutrality.
crimsondemonx (5 months ago)
I think you meant heating up and not heading up in the description.
crimsondemonx (5 months ago)
Work To Game no problem figured had to let you know before the grammar police came out the woodworks and have a hissy fit lol
Work To Game (5 months ago)
Thanks and you are correct... fixed. :)
Noctis Gaming (5 months ago)
I don't want cross play nor I think it makes sense tbh. But that's me.
Noctis Gaming (5 months ago)
I don't see it as anti consumer , since Sony consoles and sometimes Nintendo are my main choices for gaming I want Sony to do as good as it possibly can and I don't see how this helps in that at all , if people can play online together regardless of console of choice many people could skip buying a Sony system since they can team up with their friends in it regardless of their choice of system , I want PlayStation brand to be as successful as it can be so it keeps delivering exclusives and what not , you get my point?
Noctis Gaming (5 months ago)
G-Theorem Tell me how this makes sense from a business stand point? Cause I can perfectly see why they don't want to do it , but that's me.
Marty V (5 months ago)
I can stand by this much more. social media and sharing your oppinion is perfect. I just felt like boycotting is like bullying a bully. it doesn't make things better it's just turns it into a battle of who can hold their breath longer. and sony has a bigger wallet than I do ...
Azure Arcade (5 months ago)
Boycotting is easy. Been doing it for years. But that's because I'm not okay with being treated like crap by companies who think they reserve the right to restrict or extort me. To each their own. I enjoy having the control over companies through purchases and aim to utilize that if need be. It also seems Sony's stock did end up taking a hit from this one. So chin up and remember that you if you have a community behind you you can do big things. Even against big corps.
Work To Game (5 months ago)
That's why I gave two options, you can choose to not spend $$$ with Sony, or you can raise your voice. :) The point is to take action. :)
Azazura Azura (5 months ago)
hpe they fix it, if ff11 in 2004 can be on ps2, 360 pc. Other games can do cross play.
Work To Game (5 months ago)
I hope so too Azura :)
Class FF-101 (5 months ago)
For the first time ever I'm actually considering getting an Xbox, at least an S. There are a few niche titles I've wanted that didn't really justify it but for third party, they are starting to seem a bit more appealing if Sony doesn't fix this moving forward. This isn't just about Fortnite but other games moving forward. Many forget that they've done this with Warframe and other multi plat games already, but they just didn't have the massive vocal fanbase that Fortnite does.
BoLoYu (5 months ago)
Class FF-101 Good luck paying for Live too when you don't need Plus to play Fortnite.
luis garcia (5 months ago)
Class FF-101 I agree with you. Although it’s too late for some of my games. Injustice basically I really hope it comes to the switch and if it ever did I would love my cross progression available but Sony shot that hope in the head.
Work To Game (5 months ago)
With pressure building, I hope Sony changes. Players shouldn't be forced to own all platforms if they don't want them. The S is nice, but the X is really awesome. If you don't have a PS4 Pro, and are looking for a real upgrade, that's what I recommend, if you can afford it.
Abdul Rahman Setarah (5 months ago)
Guess who's back, back again in the comments XD but for real tho sony is ganna lose this war if they keep it up like that #crossplaynow
Danny Lopez (4 months ago)
Abdul Rahman Setarah what followers ? All the 12 year old fortnite players ? They can stay gone fortnite is a fad will die soon and after nobody will care
Abdul Rahman Setarah (5 months ago)
Work To Game agreed!!
Abdul Rahman Setarah (5 months ago)
Nep Gamer I understand but I'm talking about the long run, sure that they have the best gear and great games and graphics and ect. But im saying if they keep doing it like this their ganna Lose their followers u know, what's the point of great gear if no one use's it
Nep Gamer (5 months ago)
Abdul Rahman Setarah they are so ahead of the game they could probably careless.
Work To Game (5 months ago)
If pressure keeps mounting, yes, I hope more news sources cover this and the market reacts to this.
Heddgy Emtix (5 months ago)
Progress in how u chose a closed ecosystem and surprised it doesn't do what we all knew it doesn't do omg but keep pushing they will cave eventually best of luck
Heddgy Emtix (5 months ago)
Work To Game np crossplay doesn't mean much to me but I'm jaded cuz it always seem to infer with my updates the account thing Sony is doing is a much of bull tho didn't know till a few hours ago so keep it up #crossplaynow
Work To Game (5 months ago)
Thanks Heddgy! #crossplaynow for all! :)
Alvin Peterson (5 months ago)
It's good to see that others feel the same way #TrueCrossplay #CrossplayNow #TilAllAreOne! #BoycottPlaystation! Cause what they doing is BS. Many Rocket League, Minecraft, Warframe and FFXIV allwant to let Crossplay happen but Sony being a big baby. And Xbox I know FFXIV is you guys . Get with the times. Let SquareEnix on your Console cause im waiting to BUY it for XBox even tho I have it on my PS4. But We need to keep this going strong. #CROSSPLAYNOW
Devon Morgenstern (4 months ago)
Work To Game Sony's first party line up sells their console, looking at sales for each of their first party games and the indie devs THEY support is what has proven that over and over they are pushing out the better games. Sony doesn't focus heavy on multi-player like Xbox and honestly doesn't need to with the games they have. Also the people complaining about not having their fortnite "account" on the switch is quite laughable as anyone who is any least bit knowledgeable about the way console accounts work knows it's not ever going to happen because they are "fortnite accounts" they are PlayStation network accounts used to play fortnite. So people can either become educated and learn before throwing fits or make themselves look entitled and little kids.
Work To Game (4 months ago)
Sony has done an amazing job supporting their first party, amen to that. But do you feel their first party lineup is strong enough to carry them on that alone? I look at Nintendo, sure Nintendo makes great games, but without third party support it’s a system that gathers dust while waiting for game releases. Would love to know your thoughts here. :) loving the discussing by the way :)
Danny Lopez (4 months ago)
Work To Game honestly im enjoying all the amazing games that sony is producing for me and most sony fans would agree i honestly could care less for this crap im glad sony is focoused on whats importand THE GAMES and not some fad and ppl thowing tantrums crossplay is absolutely not needed but like i said if it happens i really dont care
Work To Game (4 months ago)
I’m not a fan of Loot boxes and micro transactions. But there was no heads up, no warning, it just feel on players. This is a betrayal of trust and respect for the customer. Which makes Sony look like the Sony that launched the PS3 at $600 and told players to work more to afford it, rather then the Sony that launched the PS4 and told the world that they are gamer focused over microsoft.
Danny Lopez (4 months ago)
The baby here is you crying over your precious micro transaction save data account what makes you think you own any of the crap you buy in fortnite ? See ppl thats why lootboxes and microtransactions in games are bad
Michael Rivers (5 months ago)
Don't get too comfortable. They could change their mind at any time. Nintendoes what Sony don't...
Work To Game (5 months ago)
Roger that.
Heddgy Emtix (5 months ago)
Crossplay is the reason I don't have my update on xbox
Work To Game (5 months ago)
#crossplaynow and for all devs who want it. :)
Heddgy Emtix (5 months ago)
But it's good I'll get worked out in a bit just have to be patient
Heddgy Emtix (5 months ago)
Can't remember the other game off the top of head but another where I have to wait cuz of cross play
Heddgy Emtix (5 months ago)
Azura Moonstar o i play paladins
Azazura Azura (5 months ago)
what you mean?
ROSA_LES88 (5 months ago)
Love you Sony! ;) do u guys play psvr? Or any vr stuff like for pc? I'm really looking forward to Beat Saber!! Ps5 and Psvr2 is gona be topknotch tho!
Azazura Azura (5 months ago)
ROSA_LES88 the star trek mmo?
ROSA_LES88 (5 months ago)
Work To Game yes! Star trek and rec room are super neat to meet people and have a great time.
Work To Game (5 months ago)
Dude, beat saber looks awesome... I don't have VR yet, been letting the market mature a bit more... Do you have VR? :)
Elijah5556 (5 months ago)
I dont play fortnite but what sony is doing is completely BS and they need to fix that everyone keep the yess movement going strong
bab bomb (5 months ago)
Work To Game (5 months ago)
You got it... #crossplaynow :)
ItaChu 787 (5 months ago)
He wants to move to xbox for fortnite lmfao well go ahead then Greg... Lol you still cant use your account that doesnt do anything talking like that doesnt do nothing 😂😂😂😂😂 but yeah i guess epic should just let you unlink your accout from psn... People dont have to crap so much on Sony lol
nicolas Williams (5 months ago)
daylen blacklotion I love this! #notabigdealbruh
daylen blacklotion (5 months ago)
ItaChu 787 wow so fortnite players complain or crying again this happens on most games on Playstation or Xbox so just because they have a lot of players that played fortnite they crying but they have other games they know that they can't change the account to Xbox or PlayStation this is a dead issue think about it there's a bunch of you got over $400 on your fortnite account on PS4 you could have use that and got another system you chose to spend that money #dealwithit
Vahlon- 9 arts dragon (5 months ago)
ItaChu 787 Theyve done it in most if not all deals with companies that have an external account system basically locking you into playstation cause you womt want to start over
Lunar Templar (5 months ago)
ItaChu 787 epic has no say in this, for some reason..... Sony is the one hijacking accounts, and preventing people from transferring platforms.
Vahlon- 9 arts dragon (5 months ago)
Happens on warframe for years but fortnite breaks the news xD...ok
cosmosofinfinity (5 months ago)
Warframe didn't explicitly hijack your account and make it unchangeable which device it can be played on. In other words, Warframe is a game that was never cross-platform multiplayer in the first place, and so that game didn't even have any fuckery like this.
Work To Game (5 months ago)
It's just a size thing, Fortnite is a household name, and over 2Million downloads on Switch in 24 hours is insane.

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