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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch - What Took Capcom so Long? w/ Arekkz

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Text Comments (469)
MemeMaster (2 months ago)
Would you recommend this game to someone that have never played a mh title??
mini craft (9 hours ago)
No, it's not the best to start with, either play world or 4 ultimate first
Charliezard (2 months ago)
Can multiplayer? Oh not again. After what happen in Steam nowadays. MHW 60 dollar with connection issue.
Sergey Ko (2 months ago)
what about local co-op? I can play on one console with a friend?
CJ P. (2 months ago)
This better be $30 max
Javan Bowen (2 months ago)
CJ P. Lol you right but Monster Hunter 3 on Wii U was $60 when it first came out Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on PS3 $60 when it first came out to import it...I guess it’s a console thing
CJ P. (2 months ago)
Javan Bowen that’s a complete joke. This is an old 3DS port. I preferred the portability but I can just buy Monster Hunter WORLD for Xbox for less than that. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ridiculous.
Javan Bowen (2 months ago)
CJ P. Nope it’s 64,000¥ in Japanese E-shop, $54 to Import it, $60 to buy it
V IE (2 months ago)
If World is easier than wtf is this? lol I can’t with the difficulty... the only game that lost my interest do to hardcore mode on tutorial... bringing down monsters nowadays is impossible. I got 10 minutes not an hour!
Brandon Andres (2 months ago)
I hope that this transition isn't completely permanent. The main series will probably continue with the New MH introduced in World, but it would be amazing to have the second MH team roll out games within the Classic MH formula (sort of like how Frontier branched out of the 2nd Gen into what it is now). :)
Velkin (3 months ago)
I know its a port from 3ds but this I'll give this a miss and continue playing world although I would have considered this for the portability of the switch I just can't get past those textures.. it looks poor for what the switch is actually capable of.
Gimpler Da Happenin (3 months ago)
Is this XX?? I need more than one source to confirm this.
Gimpler Da Happenin (3 months ago)
Oh, okay. I wish Capcom would name their games for what they are. Thanks!
Funky_3000 (3 months ago)
Gimpler Da Happenin it's litterally MHXX with an official patch lol
SinLikeSnow (3 months ago)
oh great, another Nintendo MonHun. So, what did they remove the tutorial and inject more dead memes into this one too?
Miguel Ramirez (3 months ago)
Just give us the game
Link TheOrdonianHero (3 months ago)
I'm glad I got to see how the hunt turned out before the video ended
XxSAVAGE GAMERxX (3 months ago)
Pled reply
XxSAVAGE GAMERxX (3 months ago)
Is Der monsters from monster hunter world
Venkat Nitish Chitturi (3 months ago)
Deshra Dine (3 months ago)
We've never got the base versions..... WHAT?!? Explain MH3 which released on the wii? We then got 3u.
Kai Kai (3 months ago)
Monster Hunter was being faithful to Nintendo by stalling the Western release date of MHGU in order to steal fans from the XBox One and PS4 consoles.
mini craft (9 hours ago)
haha, this guy kai kai, am I right?
xxxbeastxxx (3 months ago)
Wolf Lykaios (3 months ago)
"Is not suitable for long gameplay" Oh, this people with big hands, they are so cute.
Heroman (2 months ago)
these* not this people
Ethan (4 months ago)
MHWorld was a big disappointment for me, I’m so glad that this is coming out, I love generations.
Joseph Yaden (4 months ago)
What’s the name of this monster?
Justin F (4 months ago)
After finishing World I loved it so much that I went back and started/finished 3, 4 and now playing through Gen :D
I started my first mh series on 3ds in 2014 and i had alot of fun playing it.... Highlight it or love the comment if ur there ^^
Gearless Joker (2 months ago)
I started mh tri for Wii in 2017 on got mh4u when I finally got a new 2ds xl in 2018 october
And i subscribed
Mick (4 months ago)
As someone who has never played a MH game is this a good starting point or is there a better? I've played and enjoyed both DQMJ and DQMJ2 (learning Japanese specifically so I can play 3Pro since it doesn't seem likely to come over) and I've read that they are similar.
Killbonilla4life (4 months ago)
30 or 60 fps?
Killbonilla4life (2 months ago)
Nvm lol, posted this back when i had shit internet and couldnt even load the video. I have my answer now though
Gearless Joker (2 months ago)
Yeah just watch the video.
Heroman (2 months ago)
If you watch the video then you will know. I am not answering this question :)
Connor Mccleary (4 months ago)
Who's the guy getting beat up in the back? Arekkz is usually better right?
Markopolo V (4 months ago)
I think they want to sell WORLD first without any Strong Competition.
Bri Guy (4 months ago)
Hand cramps on 3ds, they literally made a MH attachment for that reason.. it's amazing
dj pope (4 months ago)
I honestly didn’t like world as much as the older ones i much prefer generations and 4u and 3u etc i didn’t feel like world was a monster hunter idk maybe that is just me its a fun game but it just feels like its missing something
John (4 months ago)
This video is very informative and entertaining. Thank you for the upload!
Blake the Snake (4 months ago)
so wait, is monster hunter world coming to the switch?
Katrina Payne (4 months ago)
Also on the whole "niche game" thing... the thing is Capcom not understanding gamers kind of makes sense. I mean... the really popular franchises from Capcom are not ones that you can logically predict as making sense. I mean... yes, Street Fighter makes sense... though they did try to make some logical variations and growths to that series that did not do at all well... then they tried doing some crazy nonsense and now Marvel Vs. Capcom is one of the biggest sellers in their catalog... and sure, that seems logical today... but go back, and look at it--and logically that really weird Street Fighter generation that takes place ten years later would make logical sense to be the successor. This is without going back to when they were trying to figure out how the first sequel in that series should work out (good times on the Speccy... good times). Then we have the Mega Man games... which--let's be honest, those being successful and fun to play throws logic out the window. Dr. Wily puts on a stupid disguise (I'm hoping for Dr. Wily in Skag Drag for one of the sequels!), takes an obvious pseudonym--or just outright claims somebody else is to blame for this stuff (sometimes, not even a robot he built and programmed to pretend to be the true evil source... he stopped that after Bass rebelled a couple of times, though)... then has eight Robot Masters that the player character can choose which one to defeat. Capcom tried taking that series in a few directions that made logical sense... and the more logical sense the game was--the less well it did. Resident Evil is a series where you deal with bad voice acting, a questionable plot, fetching keys strewn all over the map, hoarding typewriter ribbons and tank controls. Or at least the games in the series everybody really really loves. When they tried to make the game work better as an action game (as the game kind of always tried to do that)--people got upset about that. They literally prefer a clunky mess of a game that uses tank controls. Which does not make sense. Then of course we have Viewtiful Joe being loved when it was a really hard cheese fest, based upon weird cultural jokes that next to nobody playing it outside of Japan really understood--and just through it was really weird... and people liked that. With them really having no idea what to do further with that--or even comprehend how people liked it. Then there is the Ace Attorney series... which again--that being popular and enjoyable makes no logical sense at all. Steel Battalion as a game series was them giving the Middle Finger to Microsoft. With the first entries being all, "yeah... we will help with your console... help it fail"--with it requiring an expensive periferal that was tied to the disc it came with... which somehow--defying standard logic--became a really well loved game that is something most recommend looking into. They made an entry for the Kinnect, which again was, "We heard you were having a lot of issues with Shovelware on the Kinnect... we would be more than happy to help you with that shovelware problem"... to which Microsoft Execs failed to double check if they meant help with adding more shovelware, or help by having something not shovelware... and even then, most people were upset with how slow interaction with the Kinect was, and that they could not control their verticle tanks quick enough. I mean... we literally have a game series that came about from them trying to bomb out on a console--and that one did well. Capcom pretty much would do better if they just threw darts at a list of suggestions while blindfolded, than if they tried to come up with the next steps logically. Which is not something any company should ever admit as being how to do things. So yeah... Capcom is TRYING to do things logically... because they'd have their stock options completely destroyed if they ever were just all, "uh... guys... WTF? Just... WTF? You make no sense"...because, just to be honest... fans of Capcom games do not make any sense. Not being all, "you are bad for not making sense"... just observing something here.
Katrina Payne (4 months ago)
People talking about how easy Monster Hunter World is... Monster Hunter Generation and MHGenU makes fighting super easy with the various Hunter Styles. Aerial Style and Adapt Style makes the game just insanity. I recently purchased a copy of MH3U... and I was introduced via MH4U (and picked that up again to play)... and well, after playing MHGen for a bit, I kind of ended up being terrible at MH4U. MH3U isn't too bad--the swimming is something to get use to (I kind of prefer the swimming parts)--but there is a difference between the difficulty in MHGen/MHGenU and the other games... with the MHGen/MHGenU games being MUCH easier than the other ones. Being stuck in the Guild Style adds a difficulty to a game--when compared to a game where people pull out Dual Blades and start humming the opening theme song for Attack on Titan. Everybody wants to use the Omnidirectional Momentum Gear (3DMG, SDMG or OMG)... even people who understand that Anime was a mistake. But yeah...
Bridget Cru (2 months ago)
I LOVED MH4U and 3U such good memories. I had trouble getting into Gen so I'm gonna try again with GenXX. I didn't feel like understanding the new ARTS system and kind of just wanted to just play the weapons to their regular strengths. Maybe this time I'll take the time to learn them but I'll probably just stick to the basic way to play hammer or great sword, etc.
Javier Navarro Fornés (2 months ago)
MHW is very easy and poor content
Little Big (3 months ago)
My first game was MH3U and after playing other MH games, I have to say that it's difficulty was the best
the Otaku Cyclist (4 months ago)
It’s region free so you could have played the game ages ago! ✨🤔✨
Carlos André Reis (4 months ago)
August 28 never felt so far away...
Captain.Snowman (4 months ago)
World and 4u are the best
Daniel Despres (4 months ago)
Now give us Phantasy star!
Daniel Despres (4 months ago)
I often feel like the Japanese game developers not releasing something an English release is because they hate the U.S. I mean, why the hell else would you NOT want to open up another market in a country with an economy capable of purchasing your product? It has to be something personal over there. translating games takes time, yes, but it's a straight forward process and is relatively inexpensive.
Mister Dream (4 months ago)
MH is now Capcom's new Streefighter and Resident Evil...They'll be running for a while...
Mister Dream (4 months ago)
Arekkz deserves to take over your show because he knows what he is talking about...
Jason Juarez (4 months ago)
Never herd of it ?? Americans...
Heroman (2 months ago)
I am a United States citizen and I have been playing Monster Hunter since Freedom Unite on PSP.
Austin Anderson (4 months ago)
I very much agree with arekkz, I had MH4U for years but never played it because i tried it and didn't like it, then I played world and loved it, tried going back to 4U and now I'm 60+ hours into it with no signs of stopping
Coffie star (4 months ago)
Can't wait to see a monster hunter game build from the ground up just for the switch.
Neil McDonald (4 months ago)
I have been a monster hunter fan since tri on the wii and really sunk my teeth in when mh3u came out for wii u and 3ds, playing mostly multiplayer locally on the 3ds. I was so hoping that world was getting a surprise switch announcement before launching but alas my hopes of having in in my hands(on a handheld) were dashed and I ended up not even buying world after playing a few hours of a friends copy. For my money the quality of life stuff does not make up for the lack of content and especially the huge simplification of many things to do with armour and armour skills that no one seems to even mention.
Banana Child (4 months ago)
Why is Capcom so insecure about releasing their games worldwide? Seriously, don't they know that the Monster Hunter franchise also has a huge fan base around the world besides Japan? It's not like a cult favorite or anything
TheFabulousRBK (4 months ago)
I've been playing around with the JP XX demo, but it's difficult when you don't know the language.
Lord Gamer (4 months ago)
Why are people arguing about whether World or GenU is better? They both help progress the series
FlipzMCL (4 months ago)
Was anyone else viscerally upset that he didn't carve the tail or pick up the shiny drop?
icy veil (4 months ago)
The earlier release MH on the Switch was just a “test market”.
stefan kureljusic (4 months ago)
I would Rather have world
G-Spot Gabe (4 months ago)
6:45 ...yes you are 😏
Surfer669 (4 months ago)
Monster Hunter World divided the MH community as much as Fire Emblem Awakening divided the Fire Emblem community. Gameplay-wise, difficulty-wise, graphics, etc. Being a veteran player of both sides, it's weird seeing where the games evolve. It's evolution is not as natural as the Super Mario series and the Legend of Zelda series.
Katrina Payne (4 months ago)
Usually Fire Emblem fans say it was Fates/If that divided the community... mostly to make a reference to the hook that was used to get people into it. Though the true fans know it is in fact Tracia 776 that caused the big divide in the community. (Dammit Katrina! Nobody is going to get those in-jokes at all!)
Uncle Zen (4 months ago)
Surfer669 this is so true, exactly what happened. And with fire emblem I enjoy both... they are jsut more games to play
Will Bryant (4 months ago)
I liked generations far more than world this is exciting
H H (4 months ago)
I'm just excited to see how a new monster hunter would look on switch. Gen U graphics are dated and we know the switch is very capable of a better looking game. And who knows if they'll carry over the World changes to the new game.
Eduardo Luna (4 months ago)
30 FPS capped is disappointing though..
Leonard (4 months ago)
I think they had to sit on getting it translated because of World's sheer popularity. If they had released it around when World was released, a little under a year after XX in Japan, then it would've been drowned out by new and old fans alike since they've already played Generations and would want something new rather than an expansion so to speak.
Arcanus Zenbrk (4 months ago)
Unpopular opinion )that's I've been sharing everywhere) but I really hope that the 3DS version of Gen Ultimate also comes to the west (since it was released on 3DS first, but was then ported to Switch later one since it came out shortly after the Switch).
Xellos Metallium (4 months ago)
its to boost switch sale, not gonna work tho
Colonel Cider (4 months ago)
half and hour hand cramp... I used to play for like 7 hours straight a day. Barely any cramps
HOHE (4 months ago)
The rumble in the pro-controller felt significantly less than when I was using the joycons in hand-held mode for XX — I will let you know playing laid back in hand-held and tv mode are both a satisfying experience but funny enough when playing in hand-held I was intranced than when I played in tv however this will not be the case for most as I really do enjoy playing in hand-held mode.
Monster Kunther (4 months ago)
Favourite MH game. Can't wait!
jokatech (4 months ago)
Wassup with the footage? Is it hacked, because they're toying with a monster solo.
hiro0500 (4 months ago)
why are the graphics looks like 3ds ?
Jose Fernandez (4 months ago)
Nintendo riding the monhun hype train to sell their console. this is just business as usual guys.
Sabastian Murphy (4 months ago)
So we get a remake of the DS game and the graphics don't even get a retouch?
Kuma Wilson (4 months ago)
god i love Arekkz. he and Gaijin are the best MH related youtubers.
Leonardo Berrios (4 months ago)
Monster Hunter World doesn't have enough monster. Also not enough elder dragons. We need stuff like Nargacuga and Magala.
Rathtwin_Los 026 (4 months ago)
I love the fight against barrioth in the background, i haven't fought one for so long, and the complete lack of ANY monsters of that style in world is what made me slightly irritated with the new console game
idonotmakevidsyet (4 months ago)
At least put this on the 3DS since it was developed for the 3ds in japan.
Gearless Joker (2 months ago)
Same nintendo switch is too expensive for me
IgnarTrankhis (4 months ago)
same here, I really don't want to have to switch to a Switch just to play MHGU
NYCJoeBlack (4 months ago)
idonotmakevidsyet - I agree! I want that US version.
Flynn Hatton (4 months ago)
The only thing I miss from world is the ability to roll backwards
Roen (4 months ago)
ooh so it is XX... i was just wondering why we get a different title
DomBallingHard (4 months ago)
How about bringing 4u and maybe 3u as well so there’s an actual reason to buy a Switch?
Steven ZJ (4 months ago)
well. doesnt GU have all the monsters from 3U & 4U ??
Proto Razor (5 months ago)
i want MHGU on my 3ds im aint planing buying a switch for a 3ds game... bring MHGU to 3ds to the west capcom dont be an asshole it have cross play with the switch version anyway!
Radicool21 (5 months ago)
Wish we got the 3DS version of MHGU too :(
BUMBLEBEEZ Playzz (1 month ago)
Patch double cross
Gearless Joker (2 months ago)
Abyssal Rayz (3 months ago)
Radicool21 same
ArgonPSO (5 months ago)
I dont really think quality of life is gonna play to big a role in the world rookies trying this one tbh; The ones that are missing are pretty easy to get a handle on. I think they're just going to struggle most with the games difficulty. MH world did 4 things to make the overall experience much easier: They made hitboxes more precise with the monster animations, they made hunter movements more fluid and weapons got new options (some of which were ported from mhxx styles), they removed some monster attacks (like barroth's tail whip in the middle of his charge), and they've made monsters easier to read (I'm thinking specifically of rathalos and diablos' tail whip. it used to be almost instant to the point where you had to build muscle memory to avoid it where as in world anyone can see rathalos shaking his ass and they know it's coming.) The first point could be debated as artificial difficulty, sure, but world didn't eliminate ALL of the jank hitboxes and they still have to contend with the other stuff. Anybody who recalls correctly knows that one of the biggest reasons why mh was so niche pre-world is because the average player found the series to be too hard, and I reckon that will be a much bigger factor than qol when it comes to people getting into the game.
mini craft (9 hours ago)
Hahaha, this game is difficult, where do I find the hard setting?
Strungar (5 months ago)
Obviously it would have to be postponed because they were trying to push MHWorld in the west, and didn't want it to interfere with the sales. The issue is they stated they had no plans to bring MHXX to the west. So I bought MHXX a few months ago. Remember when they said ''there are no plans to bring monster hunter portable 3 in the west''? We never got it.(Even tho it would have sold well.)
FriedMoosePops (5 months ago)
Well, I guess with this, then that thing with Iron Galaxy wanting to port World definitely isn't happening
Random Dude777 (5 months ago)
I think they were waiting to see the success of world to decide if they should bring it to the west. Even more fans=even more sales for the people who have switch and ps4 or xbox
Kev EX (5 months ago)
I just love MH. Don't care what it's on. I've played every version. People just need to be grateful we get these games. Not bitch about if it's on a console of your preference. I'm not a handheld fan, but I bought a 3DS just for MH. I had to bite the bullet for my all time favorite series.
Zack P (5 months ago)
I own a NS and a PS4, n i played MH series before...But seriesly, i really like theh way they make MHW, the semi open world, the ecosystem the interaction with environment and all the game mechanics, it is pretty good. But why after they release MHW so well and yet they choose to downgrade it back to the previous MH style...I know nintendo switch might have lower hardware spec compare to PS4, but still, other than the graphic, they could still make another MH game tat can compare to MHW...
ImpendingGhost (5 months ago)
Zack P Honestly I'm fine and glad its the older style. It's not really a downgrade in my opinion just a differen design style that different people will like.
Barry McCockinner (5 months ago)
I look forward to transferring my MH Generation file and continuing in Ultimate. I picked up XX and love it, but translating everything is tedious work which has led me to not put as much time into it. Here's hoping that Capcom builds a new Monster Hunter for Switch in the future.
Falco Peregrinus (5 months ago)
Sales won't light the charts on fire here only because this is just a G-Rank of the 3DS game.  The HD remixes don't ever light the charts on fire.
El Comanche (5 months ago)
How do you do combos like this in the video? I tried using the exact character in the demo and I couldn’t do stuff like that....
Angani (4 months ago)
Apparently there's no easy way to message on youtube aside from replies. Could you possibly toss a message my way via reddit instead? I go by Angani_Giza there. Don't exactly want to publicly post contact info, but sharing my reddit name doesn't hurt.
El Comanche (4 months ago)
Angani nope. Can’t do that on mobile app either. Ok. I’ll await your message
Angani (4 months ago)
I'll get back to you on that after work (6 hours or so), as well as another form of contact as you can't send messages on switch (dunno about the mobile app though)
El Comanche (4 months ago)
Angani thanks brother! What is your switch friend code? Thanks!
Angani (4 months ago)
It takes a bit to get into it, especially if you're playing in Japanese for your first one ^^ Gaijin Hunter's or Arekzz's channels have great weapon tutorials and lots of info for MHGen (which will cover the movesets just fine except for alchemy and valor style) If you do end up getting it in August, feel free to toss a message my way if you want someone to show the ropes and help out in multiplayer ^^
Jazza Wazza (5 months ago)
The question is will the Japanese xx version get a english patch?
qwertimus (5 months ago)
I'm really happy that we're getting MHGU because this will likely be the last 'Old World' MonHun game. Generations is a celebration of the series to this point, and now we'll be getting its definitive release :D
Thevons (5 months ago)
This game is MHXX port for outside of Asia, and this game is old school monster hunter. Which means it will be hard for people who start out MHW to play this, since old system monster hunter is pretty new player unfriendly. It will be interesting to see how this game will do outside of Asia, and if people really like this game then I think it's time for capcom put in some advance system and bump up the difficultly a few notches for G rank Monster Hunter World.
darthdodge (5 months ago)
barioth most evilmonster ever, i still have nightmares from tri cause of him
Elvijs Krūmiņš (5 months ago)
If you even dare tell me to download part of it digitally, I'm done with you capcom. F*ck your megaman collection.
Psylent Productions (5 months ago)
Monster Hunter’s biggest enemy is Crapcom. Wanna know why it doesn’t sell well in the West? Too many iterations of itself. The fragmentation of the series is crazy. There’s World, XX and others. So to anyone like myself who hasn’t really played the games (outside of a Japanese demo here and there) has no idea where to start or even which game is the current one. With World and XX it’s even worse because they’re running in parallel. It’s a hot mess that Crapcom needs to get under control. Then there’s the localization woes...
Psylent Productions (5 months ago)
akaimizu1 ...but to an outsider like me, that’s a confusing cluster to sort out if I were to walk into a game store and be hit with all of that if I’m trying to find a good entry point into the franchise. It’s simply poor marketing. Fortunately, I am well versed enough in Google Fu to figure it out. But not everyone is willing to do that.
akaimizu1 (5 months ago)
Psylent Productions actually, they kind of just made it easier. World is the start of a new Generation of Monster Hunter. It is also the current one (Gen 5, by Capcom's numbering standards). Generations Ultimate is a good single game to enjoy a collection of everything Monster Hunter was before World. It's akin to the idea of a Monster Hunter Anniversary collection remastered. So if you want just one game to enjoy classic MH, I would say Gen U is the best opportunity to sample much of the series (by Capcom's numbering system, that's 4 Gens in one). If you dare to want two games to enjoy classic MH, I'd add 4U to it.
Lex Ryan (5 months ago)
Maybe GU will be the best version of XX, with some of the World quality of life changes/tweaks, the ones they can anyway. If we're lucky anyway.
Lex Ryan (5 months ago)
Long? Seems fast to me. They had no plans to localize it cuz it's a niche series, world comes out, is a big success, I'm sure shortly after they decided to localize, which is no small task, then paper work, behind the scenes boring stuff, once it's certain and coming, reveal it a few months out. And boom, caught up to today. I honestly expected it, but not until end of year.
Lex Ryan (4 months ago)
Like I said, they had no plans to localize it. I don't think you can say something is "taking too long", when it's not even being done, and an official statement says there no plan to do so. I could say it's taking Keanu Reeves too long to long to build that pool in my backyard, but it's not something he's even started, and I'm sure he has no plans to do so, thus saying it's taking too long makes no sense really. ;) That said, when do you think they decided to localize it? What could make them change their minds? They're a business, if they can see profit it, they make changes. So with the success of World, and a big Monster Hunter shaped hole on the hot selling Switch, this was inevitable. But World is only a couple months old, so yes, fast, I didn't expect this until early next year. The only reason it probably can be this fast is because they can recycle localization from the 3DS' Generations game.
Chase Coe (4 months ago)
Lex Ryan fast? It’s been almost a year and a half since it dropped on the 3ds in Japan and by the time it does come out it will have been out in Japan for a year on the switch.
Hector Lopez (5 months ago)
I see this simple. Nintendo wanted to sell the sistem first. Nintendo releases a version on ps4 xbox and posibly on pc for the west so its accesible to most playes. They get a taste of the game then nintendo, then releases it on switch after all the sales XP. Nintendo master plan
Laxus Poldish (5 months ago)
Not Nintendo, it was Capcom.
Ganondorf Dragmire (5 months ago)
8:01 it's worth mentioning that only about 9 of GenU's monsters are in World. Rathian, Rathalos, Diablos, Kushala, Teostra, Kirin, Deviljho, Barroth, Uragaan.
Ganondorf Dragmire (5 months ago)
They wanted to wait for people to buy World. I guess it worked, because World is now CAPCOM's best selling game ever...
ferndogg310 (5 months ago)
I'm hoping for all the free DLC from MH Generations on 3DS
Link200767 (5 months ago)
We know it won't sell well but I will buy.
Forill (5 months ago)
I am not sure if a fully agree with what he is saying. Here is why, if Capcom had every intention of localising the game then why not localise it with 3DS as well? Though 3DS is starting to phase out with the Switchs popularity there are still millions of people that own a 3DS and not a Switch. Also the cross play between 3DS and Switch is an amazing feature which also means that the online lobby will be strong. It is only beneficial and yet they are only releasing the Switch version. I do not think Capcom had any intention of localising this game until the they saw that the Switch was selling like crazy and I think that MH Worlds sales just added to the logic of localising the game. I think it is only because of this that we are seeing the game coming to EU and Americas. Also if this was the game then they might wait for the PC release first before releasing the Switch version. Just my theory anyways.
SLOPP_12 (5 months ago)
But will they develop more Monster hunter Games like Generations Ultimate, or is this our last MONSTER HUNTER Game in this 'old' style? Because I really love this 'old' style.
dj pope (4 months ago)
Jose Fernandez because i personally dont enjoy monster hunter world at all in comparison to 3u 4u or gen it just feels off
kharil hasan (4 months ago)
Jose Fernandez Imo the only thing that I want for switch version from world is the improved quality of life and seamless open world map. I don't mind sacrificing the graphic for me to be able play it portable.
Jose Fernandez (4 months ago)
we already have so many games in the old style, why would we need more? if you want to play the old style then just play the old games.
SLOPP_12 (4 months ago)
kharil hasan Maybe it could happen like this. I am Very excited what the future of MH Looks like.
Dequan Milete (5 months ago)
Stuff like increasing the frame rate would help make up for them taking an entire year to make this happen
Uncle Zen (4 months ago)
Dequan Milete no one has said anything about this, but I have mhxx, and I'm sure that after a random update they did the frame goes up to 60
Takedaサン (5 months ago)
Bow I have to sell my XX for this GenU for more understanding
spectrumbots42 (5 months ago)
Nice! Gonna pick this, and World up!

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