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Best Cheap Steam Games 2018! Steam Games Under $20 Ep. 2

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Hey everyone! It's time for episode 2 of best cheap steam games 2018. This video will feature steam games under $20 but over $10. In episode 2, we look at the algorithm rankings that I made for steam games under $20 and feature the games ranked from 6 to 15. If you want to see the best cheap steam games under $20 top 5 on the list, then watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8kfvkzcU4o One of the best cheap steam games that were mentioned was Skyrim. If you want the original skyrim that is actually under $20, find it here http://store.steampowered.com/app/72850/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim/ If games over $10 are still over your budget, you can follow my best steam games under $10 series here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkpT7Alvwh0&t=32s Let me know what you guys think are the best steam games under $20! I'm curious how many best cheap steam games you can guess that made the list! __ Twitter - https://twitter.com/Jechmate Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jechmate/?h... Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (141)
Skyrim costs 39.99 $ nice there
Pluryl Beats (1 hour ago)
Vilmer Zetterberg Music it’s sometimes on sale I got it for 20€
Vearon (3 days ago)
dude CSGO is full of cheaters and hackers every game i play someone gets overwatched and banned.
AMKB (9 days ago)
Under $20 Shows games that cost $19.99
GarethBaleClub (8 days ago)
AMKB hes not lying tho lol
kaleb vandenbussche (11 days ago)
if you want to sees a really toxic comunity check out rust. Great game though
Gpichu121117 (16 days ago)
cs:go is free on steam
Matthew Alkas (24 days ago)
wandje mandje (26 days ago)
skyrim is 40 dumb ass
Ak47 (30 days ago)
what about games at this time any more cheap goodies?
raul ignatius (1 month ago)
counter strike go is ruled by hackers so it is pretty pointless
Zane Leadbetter (1 month ago)
this guy's mouth is big as fuck
Sam Orlowski (1 month ago)
they say the rocket leauge community is bad because there is alot of scammers on the game... resolting in a bda community, not the toxic tryhards...
Jacksen Cooper (1 month ago)
Nice, algorithim
Rem kanji (1 month ago)
Skyrim is 30$ now because they replaced it with special edition
Traitor (1 month ago)
I feel like Binding of Isaac should be replaced by Enter the Gungeon. It's way better fast pace, and fun.
Pinstripe's Girlfriend (1 month ago)
123 Slaughter Me Street 2!!!
randomgoogle acc (1 month ago)
hey dude, prolly wont see this comment because its an old vid but its quite apparent you put in a lot of effort to your videos, keep it up your doing great
triccshot (1 month ago)
Stumbled across this. You get a like and sub for simply providing useful info. Put the Skyrim on my wish list. There's always a sale coming, so I can wait. Any more like this?
Chase Dizzie (1 month ago)
Kinguin... G2A?
owo (2 months ago)
why cant i just search skyrim and find it and does the skyrim in the link if i buy it?
Boldisar Oszar (2 months ago)
And if you have a non gaming laptop that is 4 years old? How to play then
Maths With Sonic (1 month ago)
you don't
Jacob Too two (1 month ago)
Boldisar Oszar get a pc idiot
Likeful DBD Videos (2 months ago)
but where dead by daylight DWO
Stealth Y (2 months ago)
Super Nova he’s us dollas dummy
Blackfoot Gaming (2 months ago)
Mount & Blade? "One of the best open world rpgs of all time" .....The Witcher 3 is one of the best. Skyrim is one of the best. AC Origins is one of the best. God of War, although its not to as open as the rest I listed, it can still be called open world. You CANNOT list Mount & Blade... as "One of the best open world rpgs" idek how you formed that sentence without crackin a laugh. Mount & Blade aint bad but is definitely not close to the top of the Open World, RPG, Action, etc genre of game. And from when I played it I dont even remember it being open world so I was either on drugs or just dont remember everything. Only played for a week or two cause it got old quick.
Ollie Spooks (1 month ago)
AC origins sucked
Amir Smith (2 months ago)
I played castle crashers for about 9 hrs and It got old pretty quick
Raymond Shen (2 months ago)
lmao, all these games are 21.99 now (CAD)
Raymond Shen (11 days ago)
+AJANEE THA MEMELORD o shit i am stupid
are u stupid? canadian money is has less value, i really hope u were joking
Parmo Playz (3 months ago)
19,99 Fuck off
Christian Fall (3 months ago)
intro made me dislike
Rakesh Oo (3 months ago)
$20 cheap?
Isaac Tam (2 months ago)
Many games cost $60
Isaac Tam (2 months ago)
Igzilee (3 months ago)
um why did you stop early at the sixth??? TF?
Shooty Dude (1 day ago)
Matthew Sobke (3 months ago)
5:39 Life is Strange... did no one else see the giant frank'n'beans on the wall?
nobleteamsea (3 months ago)
no terraria? one of my favorite games ever!
Gamer_ Tag (4 months ago)
Tbh rocket league doesnt really count as a racing game in my eyes
BowTieGuy (4 months ago)
rocket league I bet is awesome I have it in my library but what I didnt realize before buying it is how my computer is so shit to be able to run it so it just sits
Sc0rpsss (4 months ago)
I thought you had 1 million subs because u have such good quality content... you deserve 1000000 more subs
Pygmo (8 days ago)
Lists aren't quality content, 80 percent of YouTube channels make shitty lists
Threnn (4 months ago)
The Elder Scrolls Skyrim costs more than 20 $.
equilibrium 814 (4 months ago)
Joona Molander (4 months ago)
im just thinking if skyrim is an open world game and big can an average pc run it?
Arrgg jeez i only have 20 bucks to spend and i want life is strange and borderlands 2
JechMate Gaming (4 months ago)
Spencers Horrible Content is your money in steam or just in general? Humble has borderlands 2 for $5 right now https://www.humblebundle.com/store/borderlands-2?partner=inexpensivegamer And life is strange is 16.79 on gamebillet https://www.gamebillet.com/life-is-strange-complete-season-episodes-1-5?affiliate=25d1c8e9-dbfe-460a-9891-99d76b7af2e5 Still not under $20 tho 😞
Duarte (5 months ago)
is there no more skyrim normal edition?
JechMate Gaming (5 months ago)
Duarte glad you didn't! Unless you really wanted the updated version but I have heard from others that it isn't worth it 😞
Duarte (5 months ago)
wow thank you! just on time i was about to spend my money
JechMate Gaming (5 months ago)
Duarte it's dumb but they hide it. I'll link you here so you can get to it still! https://store.steampowered.com/app/72850/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim/
Silas Anderson (5 months ago)
you should take a look at ravenfield its under $20
JechMate Gaming (5 months ago)
I looked at it when it first came out, have they updated it much since then? What do you like about ravenfield so much? 😁
Huggleston (5 months ago)
Skyrim is 40 dollars..
Huggleston (5 months ago)
I'm not into games like World of Warcraft or Runescape but I really enjoyed how much of Skyrim there was and how it could stay detailed without breaking your PC.
JechMate Gaming (5 months ago)
Huggleston nice! Are you typically an rpg fan then?
Huggleston (5 months ago)
Yeah I love it. I decided to get it again because I had it once but now it's lost somewhere.
JechMate Gaming (5 months ago)
Huggleston yup! Have you played skyrim before?
Huggleston (5 months ago)
It's alright, thanks for the link. :)
GamingGrizzly (5 months ago)
You said UNDER 20$ there are games that are 20$ PLUS TAX
JechMate Gaming (5 months ago)
That is true and I apolgize! It's difficult to do though because not every person has to pay tax depending on where they live so it's hard to decide to take those games out or not.
sages10 (5 months ago)
Lol again own and play all of these already
sages10 (5 months ago)
JechMate Gaming haha mostly I was just looking for some oldies but goodies I might have missed. I’ll definitely take a look at some of your new release videos
JechMate Gaming (5 months ago)
Lol you're too good at this! Have you checked out my new release videos? Or do you like buying older and more reliable games?
Marbeloo. (6 months ago)
Mount and blade warband on the list? YES! Game doesn't get enough credit for how amazingly fun it is.
Marbeloo. (6 months ago)
Great! Definitely one of my favorite games.
JechMate Gaming (6 months ago)
That's a well written review! Thanks for that! I need to definitely play some more of it as I've only gotten a little taste. You've inspired me to jump back in when I can 😁
Marbeloo. (6 months ago)
It hits a very fine balance for me. I like the idea of colony/empire building games, but usually they are way too complicated or else wise you feel unattached because you are just watching fights and such, but in warband it is just simple enough and you get to take place in all the battles and are always firsthand managing your kingdom. Starting off it was really fun being a mercenary, taking on jobs like destroying caravans or plundering villages for loot. Just got better as I became a lord, started getting cities of my own, building my army, and finally when the nord king didn't give me a city I conquered myself revolting and having over half of his lords and cities become mine. Beating it once took me 217 hours! Just wonderful game with tons of replay ability, you can do anything, be anyone. Very fun game, love it. Also, combat system is great in my opinion.
JechMate Gaming (6 months ago)
It sure is! What do you like specifically so much about it?
007Motion Gaming (6 months ago)
Quan Nguyen (16 days ago)
JechMate Gaming probably Australia just a guess
gurgled (1 month ago)
yeah and skyrim is 39.99 in us :P
JechMate Gaming (6 months ago)
Haha it's okay man! What region are you from?
007Motion Gaming (6 months ago)
i am sorry for being aggresive
007Motion Gaming (6 months ago)
i meant lieing sack of shit but i didnt realise u were in a different region my bad
GeekyNerd54 (6 months ago)
How could you have a playerbase worse than lol? Overwatch
GeekyNerd54 (6 months ago)
yeah probobly true
JechMate Gaming (6 months ago)
GeekyNerd54 ❤️
JechMate Gaming (6 months ago)
GeekyNerd54 actually they sound like very similar communities haha. I think perhaps it's just the nature of competitive gaming in general? Most people in gaming have never learned good sportsmanship and it also makes it worse when you don't have to visibly see someone. You can just hurl insults without seeing the consequence
GeekyNerd54 (6 months ago)
oh and thanks for the heart
GeekyNerd54 (6 months ago)
the 5 year olds who think they are better than everyone, the people who are actually decent but command everyone to do as they say and cuss and make bad insults at you if you dont, low elo players saying they single handedly beat a team of grandmasters, people who say they carried even though they spent the majority of the game dead and scream at you if you tell them otherwise. These are just a few examples, I havent played much LoL but from what ive played they mostly seem like decent people.
Gaming with error sans (7 months ago)
u forgot gta 4
Gaming with error sans (4 months ago)
its more realistic and its food for 20$ also wat about far cry 3 did u think of that :D or skyrim
Justin Wijaya Gaming (5 months ago)
JechMate Gaming for me is the graphic
JechMate Gaming (7 months ago)
It will perhaps make the list. I can't remember off the top of my head. What do you like about gta4 so much?
White Nigger77 (7 months ago)
Litterally Tomb raider 2013 game and warband are the best game ive every played and i have all the games except rocket league from this list.
White Nigger77 (7 months ago)
Warband is just a game that u have thousands of mods u can do what u want to. U can be a roman ceasar or an ww2 general. Theres no limit what u can do. And Tomb raider is just good i like acient japan and chinese times. And its Lara croft. Nice booty nice tiities nice graphics. And there will be a new game from both of these game developers. Bannerlord and Shadow of the tomb raider.
JechMate Gaming (7 months ago)
Abadiats Ajuripats thanks for your thoughts! What do you like so much about those two games?
Paraph (8 months ago)
hi dad
Team Endeavor (3 months ago)
when you said for csgo that whats the first thing you blame "cheaters" its because IT IS ALL CHEATERS in non prime than in prime theres less but still cheaters every like 1 in 5 games
Ratsothegreat (4 months ago)
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
Paraph oh... Well that's probably too far for me to get to. Looks like you'll have to survive on your own for now!
Paraph (8 months ago)
The middle east.
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
Paraph where did you run off to? I’ve been worried sick!
Victor Barreto (8 months ago)
Hey I just found your channel the quality is amazing! you got a sub! I do a lot of video editing I was wondering if you have a editor or you do all by yourself
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
Victor Barreto well thanks again man! I love that you have a passion for editing, that's super cool! I haven't really thought about hiring an editor, especially now that I'm no longer a YouTube partner so I make $0 from it. It's more of a hobby for fun right now so I don't want to be losing money on it ya know?
Victor Barreto (8 months ago)
hahah yeah man you deserve it I can see the work you put in! keep it up! and i do normally short films but I wanna do edit for youtube too did you ever thought about getting an editor?
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
Thanks Victor! I appreciate the sub and encouragement! Everything in my videos is done by me. Well I guess I didn't create the background music but who does?😜 What kinds of videos do you edit?
Ryan TheIrishMan (8 months ago)
ROCKET LEAGUE YAYYY! It is an amazing game! CSGO is also amazing!!! I used to be a "try hard" and I owned so many expensive skins and knives until I stopped, now I'm terrible... LOL.... I've watched youtubers play life is strange, such a good series <3. I used to play skyrim on the xbox 360 :P such a good game, way better with mods on pc :) . EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 WOO! There is a multiplayer mod, there are thousands of people online! Its mostly fun with friends, but my average play time for the game is up to an hour before bailing :P . I'm terrible at mount and blade, but heyyy haha, I love how there's old and new games on the list :) thanks for another list! Hope all is well! See ya in the next video! :D
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
Ryan TheIrishMan haha gotcha. I’ll have to check it out sometime... if I ever feel like it that is.
Ryan TheIrishMan (8 months ago)
JechMate Gaming both? Haha not too sure. Seems that you just cruise around with a trailer
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
Ryan TheIrishMan haha awesome! Is it more competitive or cooperative?
Ryan TheIrishMan (8 months ago)
JechMate Gaming on multiplayer mode, you just drive with other people 😂, not tooooo exciting, but if you like that stuff, then it's fun
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
Ryan TheIrishMan, dang you really went all out on your comment 😁👍 it's cool to hear your thoughts on them! You did like euro truck Simulator eh? What's the multiplayer mode like? Thanks again for your support my friend, you're amazing and I hope you are doing well!
Paniq Gaming (8 months ago)
I prefer 10 minute videos because it shows he cares his content, and won’t submit crappy videos #hatersgonnahate
JechMate Gaming (7 months ago)
Wild Beast that's actually a YouTube myth. I guess you can put more ads in a 10 minute video though. Although my channel doesn't even qualify for ads so I can't even run ads period 😂
Paniq Gaming (7 months ago)
Wild Beast pretty sure he doesn’t do it for the money.
Wild Beast (7 months ago)
he does it for the ads because he wants the money. Your video needs to be over 10 mins to get ads
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
Paniq Gaming lol thanks. #loversgonnalove Just go out there and love!
StaidArcher 2198 (8 months ago)
Gg on 864 subs woop woop next stop 864!
fox beckstrand (8 months ago)
If they say its worse than league than they haven't played league
THICKASS 35 (3 months ago)
Modded Tom that sounds terrible
Modded Tom (3 months ago)
have you ever seen the salty parents when their sons loose in a kid's football match? that people but in a nutshell
THICKASS 35 (3 months ago)
Modded Tom i haven't how is it
Modded Tom (3 months ago)
MAJESTIC TV you never played league
THICKASS 35 (4 months ago)
Rust has a worse communith kos as soon as ypu spawn
BlackHearts194 (8 months ago)
Couple of games looks fun
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
BlackHearts194 gotcha. Well I hope that you still have a good week 😁
BlackHearts194 (8 months ago)
JechMate Gaming nothing lately
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
Awesome! Anything new with you lately?
BlackHearts194 (8 months ago)
JechMate Gaming pretty good rocket league, tomb raider, and life is strange
JechMate Gaming (8 months ago)
Hey how's it going BlackHearts? Which games looked good to you?

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