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Making of the NFS Most Wanted M3 GTR V.1 (Timelapse)

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If you would like to support my build, check out the patreon below! https://www.patreon.com/TheM3GTR/overview This is a video from roughly 20 different videos of me building my project. This project lasted from September 2017 to March 2018. I am now taking apart the car in order to prep it for the next kit which is exactly like the GTR kit from NFS. I will be re doing paint and everything I have learned a lot between the time I did this and now and know I can make this car a lot better and way more accurate. Hope you guys enjoy all my progress and work and look forward to my future videos. If any of you would like to support my build I have a patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheM3GTR/overview My instagram is @M3babe_ if you would like to see more frequent posts!
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Andre Klebleyev (1 month ago)
GO VOTE DAILY FOR ME TO TAKE MY CAR TO SEMA! http://tunerbattlegrounds.com/competitors-list/1892-andre-klebleyev
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_kotVsahore_ Pro (10 days ago)
In go play NFS most wandet
_kotVsahore_ Pro (10 days ago)
You monster you god is perfict
Seba203PL (26 days ago)
I wonder how will you feel when the diferential will fall out while you will be driving. You should better check how much rust is on the little metal strip that's holding diferential and drive shaft I have no idea who thinked its a greate idea to mount the dif like this to a very heavy car that waves about 2 tons and has a very powerfull engine. Well they also make the most rusting cars in the world. And if you wont loose the dif you will end on the tree because does cars dont handle well, there just to heavy. But still for some reason E46 owners claim they handle well. All tho, well done, need for speed most wonted will always be the best nfs ever (im talking about the old one not the new one that crashed at the first mission). And dont forget to check the dif mountment and the hole on the back where the diferential comes out ;)
JERI 14 (1 month ago)
Mustang Razor need for speed
Mirbs (6 hours ago)
У мальчугана руки вырастают откуда нужно.
BruxXz (8 hours ago)
A fukin dream get this car men
Sudo Anonymous (10 hours ago)
any link for the body kit?
tensor34 (18 hours ago)
Fucking sick car!
Matix Tutoriales y mas (23 hours ago)
Lo mas hermoso que habia visto en mi vida
Rodny Roig (1 day ago)
for my opinion body kit they just distroit the real disaine of the car , and most the time they luck bad and ship , and the pain is terrible
NFS Gamer267 (1 day ago)
Such a beautiful M3😻
Johnson Mick (1 day ago)
Just make sure the oil tank doesnt leak ; )
Petr Obst (1 day ago)
very nice job
Abhishek Dodrai (2 days ago)
1.2 K dislikes are from newer NFS fanboys
Nairton Bened (2 days ago)
Oh my god!!!
Vegas (3 days ago)
Howe to unlock Need For Speed DLC for BMW
Erwin Matic (3 days ago)
Did you go to Burger King in order to purchase Junkman parts?
Erwin Matic (3 days ago)
To be game accurate the BMW needs a NFSMW plate.
Michael Chen (2 days ago)
He's already has it, look at his new video
Simon Gotthardsen (3 days ago)
The bmw e46 m3 is my dream car
дексай (3 days ago)
Риспект чуваку. Старался это будто бы не попросту!
Paul Hazel (2 days ago)
Can’t wait to see version two! And it’s almost completely assembled 😁
Slaughter Evil (3 days ago)
Hey what’s that material you wrapped with the mufflers ?
George Daniel (3 days ago)
My respect
Hamka DZ (3 days ago)
I hope Cross did not watch this video..
Gordon's workshop (4 days ago)
Gordon's workshop (4 days ago)
Шучу естественно, классная тачка
AGISTAR (4 days ago)
ChemiiOneLegacy (4 days ago)
Looks cool but the rear bumper is not the same color blue as the rest of the vehicle. Seems a bit shit to go to all that effort and to mess up that detail.
Alex shotU (4 days ago)
NFSMW the original one was the best racing game that I can remember :)
Penguin0 (4 days ago)
I rarely drove the car after beating the game when I was a kid, but seeing it now gives u that good nostalgic feeling. thank u for making this classic ride
Abi Raissakha (5 days ago)
Wow Amazing...
Adybert Chynret (5 days ago)
Bring back memories👍👍✌
Ananda Febriyana (5 days ago)
Francisco Caldeira (5 days ago)
that exhaust..omg you kill the car.. :/
Tom Dahlqvist (5 days ago)
hey man! what are they for bodykit? but i think that are Flossman Widebody (GTR) Kit, but idont now. have done a wonderful car! good work !! Sorry for my english. i am from sweden so not so good in english.
kalyan azmeera (6 days ago)
kaniscc (6 days ago)
If I get chance I'll drive it... Its my dream car ....... Too,.
kaniscc (6 days ago)
Don't think.. Like , Subscribe ,Share ..
Brianna W. (6 days ago)
Awesome 😍
CounterStrike Lordu (6 days ago)
can i buy this car ? pls :D how much costs ? i can give u 50.000$
Dylan Olson (6 days ago)
Bolts on or not, that car is HOT
jimmy rinaldo (6 days ago)
nice car bro
someone else (6 days ago)
Alexale (6 days ago)
Cross still has to see if it's street legal.
agung jailani (7 days ago)
DRobertG (7 days ago)
Ce faina e sa mor eu !
luisxd70 (7 days ago)
THIS is the most wanted car in the world <3
Kyle Gibbs (7 days ago)
loooks fuckinnnn AMAZING BROO
Manoel Junior (7 days ago)
So many job! Congrats from Brazil!
Danila venom (7 days ago)
Машина бота пять ты молодчина новоиспеченный гони машина разор 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Wango (7 days ago)
1.2k people who disliked this thinks it’s razors car
Tom Thwaites (8 days ago)
I can’t imagine how gratifying this was for the owner of this beautiful bmw. Seriously impressive for DIY. Amazing work.
ZIOMEK_2001 (8 days ago)
Ricky Moore (8 days ago)
Don't let anyone under your car might pull a plug
Can Besli (8 days ago)
1.2k diss like razor
MAHSUM ÇAKMAK (8 days ago)
this is crazy, amazing and verrrrryyyy beatiful job
Vernox TM (9 days ago)
Steanford (9 days ago)
How much did this cost in total to do??? I WANT 0_0
Ильдарик (9 days ago)
Selim Pulat (9 days ago)
2:20 your bottom?:D????
WTCAT500 (10 days ago)
*sheads a tear*
Откуда заказать такие детали на машины ответьте кто-нибудь изволь
Dodge This (5 days ago)
Едешь в США,и покупаешь.
Shoele Masroor (10 days ago)
Shoele Masroor (10 days ago)
well done bro just tune it up a lil bit and we are done
Dimidos Beatbox (10 days ago)
Arsas Gaming (10 days ago)
Wowww car RAZOR
zEr0_LiGhT (10 days ago)
you are awsome ! :D you need a big garage my friend !!! you have a lot of talent
Matias Iriarte (10 days ago)
be careful with Cross, if you see him RUN AWAY !
ilman edo (10 days ago)
Abu Daus (11 days ago)
Where is NFS MW sountrack?
У нас бы на российском ютубе этот проект растянули на серий 30 :D Ради рекламы и средств, а здесь человек практически год снимал, чтоб выложить всё одним роликом, респект, видать что у него на видео и лето прошло, осень, зима, уже и весна началась. Лайк
Pawel Kobiela (11 days ago)
Ulep w chuj
Djek Jonny (11 days ago)
Music Trac 12:32
Amirul Abid (11 days ago)
That's a one big ass spoiler
pablo fernandez (11 days ago)
legendary !
aesthetic 17 xronos (11 days ago)
thats an ea46
Levi Dillon (11 days ago)
I'm so jealous this is legit my dream car dude I'm saving up for this exact car and build 😂😂
Stefan Marchsteiner (11 days ago)
The best car 😏
TECH (11 days ago)
Bash (11 days ago)
brings back so many memories :)
Vice (11 days ago)
*Wanted level: 5*
Александр x (11 days ago)
Ебаааа, у нас на таковой прокатиться у многих сходу настольгия будет
Samuel Santos (11 days ago)
n3s4r1 (11 days ago)
good job!✌
Halen 19 (11 days ago)
Wtf he actually made it himself paint and all Damn bro!!!
ItsXeanz 3326 (11 days ago)
who else is jealous here?
Ars 1 (12 days ago)
Stunning great work!
byan kogutsu (12 days ago)
I'm really approach you...Amazing 👏
M Nasr (12 days ago)
Mandruvá (12 days ago)
Antonio Martinez (12 days ago)
Robert O (12 days ago)
Forget all the hate.GREAT JOB!!!!!
Almighty Legit (12 days ago)
Legend car from the legend game
Boma Ma (12 days ago)
223 wtf😂
ADRIEL alvarez (12 days ago)
Kaan Özdemir (13 days ago)
Why 😤
Diptanu Goswami (13 days ago)
Biggest NFS MW fan
Hasanga Imesh (13 days ago)
Nice work man. Really enjoyed the video. It needs the steel meshes in grills in front and behind the tires
Raga Kurniawan (13 days ago)
2:23 WTF wkwkwk
Some hand (13 days ago)
My childhood best racing game! Time to download it again i guess i wish they make a remake of nfsmw! Want to drive that smooth handle fast af m3 again
Hairul Hafizi (13 days ago)
great effort, great song. love this!
Windi Sopiyan91 (13 days ago)
awesome prosses ...
Roma Artsegov (13 days ago)
Выхлопные трубы по бокам были.

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