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Making of the NFS Most Wanted M3 GTR V.1 (Timelapse)

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If you would like to support my build, check out the patreon below! https://www.patreon.com/TheM3GTR/overview This is a video from roughly 20 different videos of me building my project. This project lasted from September 2017 to March 2018. I am now taking apart the car in order to prep it for the next kit which is exactly like the GTR kit from NFS. I will be re doing paint and everything I have learned a lot between the time I did this and now and know I can make this car a lot better and way more accurate. Hope you guys enjoy all my progress and work and look forward to my future videos. If any of you would like to support my build I have a patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheM3GTR/overview My instagram is @M3babe_ if you would like to see more frequent posts!
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Andre Klebleyev (3 months ago)
A lot of you are asking about how much this build cost , click the link below to find out ! https://youtu.be/CfpzBPoPyp0
ghost carcamo 117 (1 day ago)
Andre Klebleyev I get really existing for that car
Trev D (7 days ago)
Love the car but dude you need to start wearing a respirator safety first bro
Hi! Prompt where it is possible to order such kit?
mukazuki agust (15 days ago)
my dream car fore life nfs mw 2005 is the best
Jayden Martin (17 days ago)
Andre Klebleyev where in NJ do u live I'm in Jersey City I live here
Emmanuel A (4 hours ago)
Watching this made my day :)
XxxNervousVideosxxX (5 hours ago)
E V E R Y O N E ! ! ! ! !
Vova Lovaredツ (12 hours ago)
*За м3 жирный лайк*
Jake Kidd (12 hours ago)
You did it all yourself in your garage!!! Wow, I thought it had been by some company or something. I didn't think for one second it'd been done by "Some guy" looks so good.
Wallace Azevedo (16 hours ago)
perfect work 😍
Noe Lopez (18 hours ago)
Llore cuando vi el video un sueño que no podre alcanzar
0:01 song ?
Islam Hamtani (20 hours ago)
cool but he didn't change the exhaust
Подари бро!
Very Good Car. BMW M3 GTR (RAZOR)
Стас Безл (1 day ago)
естественно молодчина и я бы даже этак не сделал, однако хуйня хуйней вышла...
Can BEY (1 day ago)
Ne kadar tuttu
Crazy super cool great job
Sincurex (1 day ago)
Childhood dream *-*
Nikita Bro (1 day ago)
перекрасил бмв а где нашол спойлер
TEMAFeeD (1 day ago)
My dream...
berad187 (1 day ago)
Dont let that detective guy from most wanted catch you he will rip it appart and see if it's street legal
ShadouS (1 day ago)
Mitko Mitkov (1 day ago)
A lot of work but worth :)
Nice brother.
ダン砦陳 (2 days ago)
Max ChiangraiTV (2 days ago)
Dzul Imraan Ab Rahman (2 days ago)
I wonder if the engine is same as Razor's car 🤔🤔🤔
British Legender (2 days ago)
02:23 :O
Giftson Kuruvila (2 days ago)
Absolutely gorgeous
Reza Khavari (2 days ago)
Milton Balderas (2 days ago)
Simplemente increíble !
Awiczek (3 days ago)
*"Let me drive this thing Like an old times"*
KadmayUA (3 days ago)
ну-ка такое...
Jay Eborde (3 days ago)
Wowwww! Great job!
Kevin Teschner (3 days ago)
That’s amazing!!!
CALI007 GAMING (3 days ago)
this is my dream car!!!!!!
Z3RØ xXMODZxx (3 days ago)
What mod is that hahahahah is super realistic
Ihza f (3 days ago)
I'm proud of your passion,youre great humans
kosteg555 (3 days ago)
Это весьма круто, чувак! Молодец что заморочился
Jayjay Girault (3 days ago)
What's the music?
PlaylistMaker (3 days ago)
12:47 - 13:01 is awesome
Piotr R (3 days ago)
How much did you spend for this?
Rydog5392 (3 days ago)
should've kept the stock rims. other than that, chrome paint/wrap and it would be perfect.
Razor like this video
Boy Racer (3 days ago)
nice work dude. #Respect 🏁👍👍
Deep Honey (4 days ago)
Fuck you Razor now this car is mine 😍👌
abbÀd BøùZiàNe (4 days ago)
It's Legendary Car 💜 just watch out from razor 😎
auroraboreal1s (4 days ago)
you are a genius
Hassan Munir (4 days ago)
Where to buy the car body kit?
Antonius Gilang (4 days ago)
Meu deus essa cara gosto do need for speed que carro lindoooo omg
Carlos Moura (1 hour ago)
HASSAN ALI (4 days ago)
Nice effort and finnaly accomplished
Edgar Kevin Juarez (5 days ago)
Andre Klebleyev bro I think i speak for everyone who'd ever played NFS MW that we really appreciate the work you put into making the M3 I'm from Belize located in central America and i showed my boys this and we were all amazed because we use to spend our summer playing the game trying to get that car Thanks
Andre Klebleyev (5 days ago)
Edgar Kevin Juarez thanks bro
igor grilo (5 days ago)
Need for speed most wanted in real life
С Глушительом перебор
Я уже желаю её
EN games (5 days ago)
voltei a minha infância <3
Ivo Monte (5 days ago)
Чувак ты КРУТ!
SVRGoshaSRT D (6 days ago)
me like :3
v M (6 days ago)
Fucking awesome!
John-Daniel Martin (6 days ago)
My childhood right there
Shourya Sparkars (6 days ago)
Hey man be careful razor and Darius can steal the ride.
Ahmed Razak (6 days ago)
wow that’s great work !
Lezden Valdeo (6 days ago)
Wow Cool It Looks The Same On NFS Game!!😉 I Thumbs Up 👍
Ignacio Aires (6 days ago)
un trabajo muy bueno pero una autentico malgasto de dinero
Daniel Scasso (6 days ago)
So fucking awesome!
Alex Moldovan (6 days ago)
You destroyed a perfectly beautiful M3...
Orax (6 days ago)
This is Amazing !
StudioRageTV (6 days ago)
Andre good job nice car wow.
Kevin Garzon (7 days ago)
Wow nice car
Diky Andoko Diky (7 days ago)
The stock rims where the actual ones from the game the new ones look good tho
Isnt the actual m3 gtr cars not road legal i can imagine someone explaining this is just a body kit to the cops😂 love the car
Sultan 22 (7 days ago)
и ради чего растрачивать столько времени сил?!
Admin Team (7 days ago)
손호성 (7 days ago)
wow good!!!!!
The building is amazing man but there is alittle mistake that if you GI to 4:11 in the video you will know it
Gruby Olsen (7 days ago)
Faizal Rakhman (7 days ago)
Home industri..hahaha
One Crypto Space (7 days ago)
респект! смотрится весьма круто и достойно!!
TheNielsAlmelo (7 days ago)
is that spoiler legal?
Manas Choudhary (8 days ago)
This is unbelievable. I'm seriously shook. It's so beautiful. It's like my childhood coming back to me. 💖
Kok-Kin Njo (8 days ago)
paint the wing silver
SUB-ZERO SERTÃ (8 days ago)
Semental Corp (8 days ago)
Dum Calm (9 days ago)
one man show,,, masterpiece.... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Yoshimitsu (9 days ago)
Man, that's just awesome, it's like, NFS Most Wanted in real life.
Raju Varadaraj C (9 days ago)
Man, somebody might need to call The Hoonigans on this. This guy deserves to be on a Hoonigan episode.
A.L.E.X365 _Y_T (9 days ago)
Felipe martins (9 days ago)
wtf show Man.
denharo francis (9 days ago)
must be cool being an engineer
Clyde*S (9 days ago)
You my dude are a freakin, LEGEND!
Sebastian M. (10 days ago)
Childhood dream
Myuzek 1 (10 days ago)
Thats some good graphics
Ryan Samson (10 days ago)
DRAGONLXRD (10 days ago)
2:23 oh :D
valeria zapata (10 days ago)
Wooooow simplemente
Holy crap. She’s damn Beautiful man. Good job
ACE DOG EMINƎM (10 days ago)
That BMW M3 GTR is actually my Dad’s car he has a contract for his car to be in NFS most wanted he won it at a car show please give my Dad “Anthony Cono Shockwave” credit for having his car in this video thank you. And please check out SHOCKWAVE CUSTOMS if u want ur car to look like his and if u like bass then check out ACShockwave audio at www.acshockwave.com other than that great video
Furkan Nemli (11 days ago)
jantları yanlış

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