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It's fairly simple. Gameflip: https://goo.gl/B82HBn Notes on the crates: https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791457492425/announcements/detail/1651012883668150641 Want to find people to play Battlegrounds with? Join my discord server with over 50,000 members. It's focused on connecting people for duo's, squads, or to discuss strategy in any game mode with. Also available is a trading section if you prefer more direct trading. Find A Team on PUBG Discord: https://discord.gg/bsWn3us Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thevaultdude Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheVaultDude Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vaultdude/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/vaultdudelive
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Text Comments (243)
John Garcia (1 month ago)
i want both
Ghost Scope (1 month ago)
Basically just a donate for the guys nd you get free skins
Joca Car (2 months ago)
Pls can you tell me how to buy ghosted crate on steam.Pls i sub.
thecodgamerGt gt (2 months ago)
Anioł Stróż (2 months ago)
fck i didnt know abuot those skins... somene know maybe they will be avalible in future?
Laguerremondiale (3 months ago)
How to buy the skin
sulsty (3 months ago)
I might get doc’s since the m4 is more common than the AKM even though I slightly prefer it more
AmazingShots (3 months ago)
how can i purchase the skins by twitch?
BigDusty89 (3 months ago)
I bought them but they don't show up in my game?
Jurkit Turkit (4 months ago)
I guess you could “invest” in it if they do make it so that you are able to sell them
Gonçalo Peixoto (4 months ago)
cabrao de merda dislike palhaço nao COMPRASTE MERDA NENHUMA SEU CAGALHAO DE BALEIA!!!!!!!!!!!
The fcking Joker (4 months ago)
filho da puta n compras merda nenhuma caralho eu quero é saber como se compra pelo paypal crl
PitoHui (4 months ago)
Shroud, I love you and all, bur the doc M4 is too sexy
william 19 (4 months ago)
If i buy a crate do i get a shroud skin for kar98 and ak??
Teodor Zmajkovič (4 months ago)
Can I buy these crates psc? Or only with credit card
MEDUSAGG (4 months ago)
No need key to open the crate ?
DarkShadow GR (4 months ago)
No need
InFact (4 months ago)
get both or just 1???
ALAB (4 months ago)
do we need keys to open the crates?
Saferetias (4 months ago)
Did i miss the part where you were meant to show us how to get the actual skins
Blutshooter (4 months ago)
can i buy the crates via amazon ? i dont have an credit card. is there any other way to purchase these?
succ (4 months ago)
transparent skins
TMSKILZ (4 months ago)
Is this only for PC? can it be used on Xbox?
Kamran Kazemi-Far (4 months ago)
Depending on the skin prices on Steam, Ill purchase it if its stays above $20 for atleast one skin per crate
Teejay Parker (4 months ago)
And this just goes to show you that Twitch livestreamers have WAY too much influence on both the gaming community and the gaming development community. They're just livestreamers folks... they're doing nothing different than what you're doing when you play video games except livestreaming it on twitch and commenting on what they're doing. YOU could do this yourself, do it long enough and you'll get popular and probably have your own skins in a game somewhere. LOL
ZJApkarian99 (4 months ago)
Where do you get these crates?
Wahyu Tri Ananda (4 months ago)
What is the price m4 doc?
Lion Boi (4 months ago)
Can we buy it with steam money?
kevin bryle fernandez (4 months ago)
How long does it takes to receive the skin after purchase?
Asher Dempster (4 months ago)
im having a problem i tried to look at docs skin and i cant see it
Taltanic_ (4 months ago)
"How to get Shroud and DrDisRespect skins", then doesn't get Shroud and DrDisRespect skins *CLICKBAIT*
Hinflash Osmuel (4 months ago)
So, how do we get the crate?
Michael Rasta Reese (4 months ago)
I'd day 3.99 is a decent price don't all of YOU??!!!!
Michael Rasta Reese (4 months ago)
Michael Rasta Reese (4 months ago)
OMG!!! When for Xbox???
Alfred Rueda (4 months ago)
Are these skins available for Xbox one PUBG ?
LesleyWitkamp1 (4 months ago)
How do i but these in the EU? Amazon only support buying them with a credit card. Credit cards aren't really a standard over here...
Harry Noob (4 months ago)
what ways of payment are there through steam? can sb answer me?
Letix (4 months ago)
Where do you buy them?
TheShanster1000 (4 months ago)
10 dollars really isn't that bad, compared to the other skins on the market atleast.
Shock 44- (4 months ago)
Come on dude, im saving up money for steam summer sale...
Trí Trí (4 months ago)
How i buy it?
Xiao Dre (4 months ago)
How to buy in steam?
Beer Expert 420 (4 months ago)
It would be funny if Doc's crate was $7.99 instead.
Andreas Thiel (4 months ago)
Any chance we'll get the skins on console?
k4ppah (4 months ago)
DrDisrespect begged for the skin lol
Hatti Wattti69 (4 months ago)
Oh yea SHROUDIEEE!!!!!
The Average Churro (4 months ago)
I love watching Shroud’s stream and play, but holy hell the Doc’s kar98 is so slick looking.
DJ Jinxy (4 months ago)
VSS skin would be cooll tho...
DJ Jinxy (4 months ago)
When you put attechment on one of thos skins, thas attachment change skin or not, i just think it would be cool than any attachment would change its skin when it would be put on the prmium skin! =D
Jay Kal (4 months ago)
Hmmmm should of been like 10 dollars for 5 skins... Like why only two guns... Is it there like best guns for each streamer? Probably should make them marketable... Or! Bundle them with twitch subscriptions... I dunno Wateva
Roman Henry (4 months ago)
Docs skins are pretty cool but shroud is daddy so what you gonna do
Lalo (4 months ago)
Whoooo 50k finallyyy! :D
Blue Kraken86 (4 months ago)
JoshOG skin would be sick.
MJ chio (4 months ago)
battlepoints to buy doc skins or real money to buy doc skins
villen (4 months ago)
The better question is, why would you even want them?
Riley Mudford (4 months ago)
Any info on OC FPP Solo servers being closed?
Opi Waran (4 months ago)
1:48 What do you mean the devs don't like you? Had some beef in the past?
Schimml0rd (4 months ago)
Ahahahahahah 20$ for painting some shit and ctrlc-ctrlv their logos xD
crime (4 months ago)
10 $ is way too much, but atleast they look pretty good.. greedy Blueballs Inc.
Versa (4 months ago)
"Purchasable directly on Twitch or on Steam for te- nine ninety nine"
Bad Horse (4 months ago)
just goes to prove what I've been saying all along. over hyped streamers playing pubg with dev perks! smfh when will any of you idiots start to realize whats really going on here, and stop being scammed by the two biggest scammers on twitch! 10$ a box. lol i bet the "re-sellers" are pissed that they can't buy them up and try to re-sell for hundreds. smh online gaming is a fucking joke! this Youtube channel is a fucking joke, streamers thinking they "work" is a fucking joke! can't wait till all this comes to a crashing stop! man this world is fucked!
Dobido52 (4 months ago)
i fucking hate the doc but i fucking love the skins they did for him
The Vegan Bear (4 months ago)
Here I am thinking they would go in circulation and at worst would have a lock and key. $10 for 2 skins nah fam thats Bullshit. Cant wait until loot crates are made illegal and these shady practices are buried. Cant wait for BF5 tired of supporting a shady game with terrible practices.
Shepherd W (4 months ago)
HEY skin tracker uses a website called Sketchfab to show the 3D model. The model viewer is based on 3D modeling software like Maya and Blender, you can move the model side to side without getting super zoomed in on if you hit Command(or ALT on Windows) and left click you to use the Track tool (one i think would be nice for videos like this).
Konstah (4 months ago)
How do I actually get it though?
SnaggingDeer (4 months ago)
Fully sick?
Lum (4 months ago)
When are they coming
Arkady (4 months ago)
Bluehole is just trying to milk money from this since they can't see any future for the game
DunnoKnowles (4 months ago)
I hope those fuckers will give you the same respect for promoting their game. Because you deserve it . Those ungrateful bastards
Mayanak Bansal (4 months ago)
The price is correct
Cela Lare (4 months ago)
10 dollars?... I guess I won't be eating dinner for a week
1Faker (4 months ago)
Cela Lare eat chicken dinner sponsored by the new skins
CRAIGMACMANE (4 months ago)
I think they should get money off them especially since it has there logo,, like Cmon
Paul 151 (4 months ago)
Why do you people always complain about stuff without watching the video????
MaggioreDrake (4 months ago)
jukebox40000 watch The vid twat
MrFunRacing (4 months ago)
Doc or Shroud? like for shroud comment for doc xD
Green Fedora (4 months ago)
markerking - (4 months ago)
MrFunRacing dralways
Bari Carr (4 months ago)
MrFunRacing both
Shock 44- (4 months ago)
Andres Martinez i already made $20 out of pubg but i spent $10 for a battle pass on dota 2 and $10 for pleb skins in dota 2 and pubg
Andres Martinez (4 months ago)
ooooh i see you are a man of culture as well xDDD
Blizzardz (4 months ago)
I feel 10$ is perfect since it’s a premium skin
Królgier PL (4 months ago)
"transparent skin" XD
matt19271 (4 months ago)
Idk I think they are charging too much for skins and crates seeing as they charged for the game. I think they are trying to hop on the fortnite skin game which is wierd to me... But hey people are buying em so I guess they get the last laugh ha
Unicorn Workhorse (4 months ago)
Skins that are actually worth buying? Interesting.
Schimml0rd (4 months ago)
What happened to the 5k bp-buys? I honestly expected this to be ingame-buyable, not real money o.O
Bad Horse (4 months ago)
no skins are worth buying! it just made to cover your eyes to the real shit going on behind the game! btw lets not forget pubg is still broken. smh but yeah new skins yay !
Abdel Aziz Menouar (4 months ago)
Oh ffs! they are paid skins, of course, why did i even bothered
Abdel Aziz Menouar (4 months ago)
You said they are premium skins. i replied that no, they aren't in that if it was any other game they would have been basic skins and definitely not paid skins. Like litterally free-to-play games have way better skins than these which are free and easilly obtained.
Abdel Aziz Menouar (4 months ago)
wow, you really are that slow huh?
MaggioreDrake (4 months ago)
Abdel Aziz Menouar They skins is only in pupg? The fuck you talking about
Abdel Aziz Menouar (4 months ago)
they are literally basic skins in any other game other than Pubg
MaggioreDrake (4 months ago)
Abdel Aziz Menouar No shit They are primium
burnt f1ames (4 months ago)
johnny b (4 months ago)
Doc's needs more tears on it. ;-)
Jacob Palmer (4 months ago)
Please don't give the greedy Bluehole asshats any more money. They don't deserve it and they're not going to improve the game with it
fantasy (4 months ago)
bluehole is doing a shit job with improving the game but i reaaaaaaaally need that shroud skins
Crucial (4 months ago)
You are in no place to decide if blue hole deserves a profit or not.
MaggioreDrake (4 months ago)
Jacob Palmer The game dosent need to much improvement and Im still gonna buy cause it looks cool
lokito poera (4 months ago)
Can you sell the skins on Steam?
lokito poera (4 months ago)
No hablar inca sorry dude
Oscar Orozco (4 months ago)
lokito poera I mean if you can't understand that you're just proving my point :)
lokito poera (4 months ago)
What did you say? sorry i dont speak inca
Oscar Orozco (4 months ago)
lokito poera did your daddy not love you lil guy is that why you're so salty :( poor little fella
Oscar Orozco (4 months ago)
lokito poera lmao how old are you? Your username shows that your Hispanic moron be smart don't be a retard 🤣
905 (4 months ago)
also u think $10 is fair , thats $5 per skin, basically 2 keys each skin.. ALOT cheaper than opening crates
905 (4 months ago)
yesss you can just buy them. :D keep this up pubg and ill never stop playing
FlyingTurtle (4 months ago)
Teun Roetman (4 months ago)
MaggioreDrake woooooosh
Riptonize (4 months ago)
FlyingTurtle tf
MaggioreDrake (4 months ago)
FlyingTurtle and Why that? There is nothing pay2win They Do Not make it unfair
Leon Profita (4 months ago)
Why don't they like you? :(
HaDe (4 months ago)
Vault Dude (4 months ago)
Idk /:
ELI The Janitor (4 months ago)
shrouds skin is ugly af, wth was he thinking.
Andelu (4 months ago)
PUBG is so money thirsty
vauhtimurju (4 months ago)
Shroud and doc get the money...
vauhtimurju (4 months ago)
Therrmal -_- no fortnute is
WarpedParadox (4 months ago)
Jeaigh Walker kid, both games r they’re own games. Yes they are both battle royale but they are they’re own games. I personally love both games, and just bc u don’t like a game that has the same concept doesn’t mean u have to go around and be a jerk abt it on the internet.
markerking - (4 months ago)
Andrew ww how
grrrindz (4 months ago)
@tom p thats my whole point. just because they charge u 30 for game. doesnt make them money thirsty for charging same to equal amount of money for skin.. matter of fact they are charging less then league ultimate skin. plus they are giving u your 30 back with them crates ya sold in the market. so basically pubg gave back more then free to play games.. obviously if u guys know how to use your dam brain,, ya would of already figured out free to play games basically charge you more. then pubg ever had. you guys think those server upgrades, man hours, and new development comes out of a goats ass ?? jesus.
InFiddle _ (4 months ago)
Lol shroud gets 2 bucks pubg Corp gets 8..the community? They get a nice letter from pubg Corp telling us to fuck off and keep giving them money.
0tus (4 months ago)
I would buy both of them but I myself dont want 2 skins for the kar98k. If it was difrent guns then I would buy both
0tus (4 months ago)
ktrocknerd (4 months ago)
First streamer to put his skin on the m24 will become rich
Grantarg (4 months ago)
I think they don't like you because you have the sponsorship with Game flip which goes around the steam market place. These sites are why you can't send skins to your friends on steam!
Llean Vallejos (4 months ago)
Are skins coming to pubg mobile? Since there are micro transactions
Remigius Polański (4 months ago)
Cash whoring at it's best , you can buy them but you can't sell ... and yeah we gona charge you 10 dollars for a skin rofl . Yes they are gorgeous but this practice is exacly why pepole are quiting this game .
Remigius Polański (4 months ago)
Well sure , but if you could trade the skin you are buying , send it as a gift etc , not chargin 10 $ and denying it as your accuired item . It's cash whoring plain and simple those devs are greedy as fuck .
Vault Dude (4 months ago)
Nah. This is actually much better than releasing another crate. If they continue doing direct buy, people would be less mad.
Dizzee (4 months ago)
Funny how DrDis constantly calls Pubg devs idiots but they still make him his own skins
LastFatmanStanding (4 months ago)
Dudeee i really want a VSS skin... i'll pay even 100 € for it .
1Faker (4 months ago)
Midoriya Gaming (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that Doc's skins look more sick..
Maynard Kenmuir (4 months ago)
Dammm doc now im gona have to start using the m4 again!!
markerking - (4 months ago)
Maynard Kenmuir yep same.. havent used m4 after the nerf.
TheUrsaeEffect (4 months ago)
Pubg got balls scared when doc said he’d quit Pubg in a week if they didn’t add a skin for him lmfaooo
Paul 151 (4 months ago)
He was just joking he wouldn’t quit PUBG over a skin
TheUrsaeEffect (4 months ago)
Aidan Spencer oh ok gotcha that makes way more since than what I thought
Aidan Spencer (4 months ago)
HEEP they were already designing it with doc then doc said that on stream because it is his character...to make him look powerful
Mark Hill (4 months ago)
MY thoughts exactly but I think it was already on the plans when doc called it.
ToxemicNebula39 (4 months ago)
Why does PUBG Corp not like you??

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