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The ULTIMATE Nintendo Switch Game Collection!!

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Here is my Nintendo Switch collection as of November!! I am trying to collect all of the physical copy games! Hope you guys enjoyed! Remember to leave a like and share if you enjoyed! Subscribe if your new! ENTER HERE: https://gleam.io/dqQth/10000-subs-nin... GFUEL: https://gfuel.com/ (Promo code "DUCK") FAN MAIL!!! PO Box #232 218 Malletts Bay AVE Colchester, VT, 05446 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/TTUAPkH -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/DuckHuntGamer My Website: http://www.duckhunter44.com/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/duckhuntgamer44 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duck_hunter44/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4577009 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: duckhunter4433@gmail.com
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Text Comments (2115)
DuckHunter44 (5 months ago)
Enjoy!! What games do you have? Remember to leave a like :)
MR. Spinach gaming (11 days ago)
Ha ha ha ha ha, sure he is...
Toad (1 month ago)
I heard the lego ninjago movie game for switch was pretty good
Whizzbottlepop Gaming (1 month ago)
I have cripling depressions
Naail Khan (1 month ago)
DuckHunter44 You don't have fifa 18 and 2k18
Hannah Beals (1 month ago)
DuckHunter44 I love this video I also really like the name of this channel! Keep up the good work! 👍🏽
Jonathan Awesome (18 hours ago)
Can you get Monopoly for Nintendo switch you will love it
super smn (1 day ago)
Pokemon DX is totally not the same as the wii u
Gaming bros 2 (3 days ago)
Somebody please get that kid some help
Algis Crack (4 days ago)
Man, i don't know why people hate sonic forces, i don't criticate the games, i only enjoy it, why not everyone can be like me
SUNG ZI PAR (4 days ago)
Do a giveaway
Feelings 4ever (5 days ago)
Hopefully will get a switch soon !
Feelings 4ever (5 days ago)
Ur cool 😁
ben31uk (5 days ago)
You have to play retro city rampage
ben31uk (6 days ago)
Sorry dude but you look like an idiot with that hat
eva bernal (6 days ago)
can i have some of them
OmarDiego Dominguez (6 days ago)
He says arms us bad but 1 2 switch is good
Cláudio ruas Cau (7 days ago)
Eu sou fã da entendo suite
Justin Tang (10 days ago)
I hate sonic
Kirby master 9517 (13 days ago)
Kirby master 9517 (13 days ago)
BTW Lego city Undercover is an Port From Wii U to Switch.
Kirby master 9517 (13 days ago)
Don't get me started with Ninjago.
gregory mg (15 days ago)
ScarecroW awx (16 days ago)
Wow no bayonette! ? ! ?
Kthornton2006 YT (16 days ago)
Wheressssssss fifaaaaaaaaaaaa
NYGiants 4x (17 days ago)
Love the black ops 3 chair man! Keep up the great work
Chuck Boy36 (17 days ago)
NBA 2k18?
Ilyas mouna (17 days ago)
The Player (20 days ago)
All I have to say is OMG
gracio taco (21 days ago)
12switch sucks
Samantha Taylor (21 days ago)
Ansreas Spasov (21 days ago)
I love rayman of legends, my friend has it its multiplayer game
King Gamer (22 days ago)
I only have 2 games😂
yousef alg (23 days ago)
My favorite games are splatoon2 and 12switch
noel sante (23 days ago)
i want the dlc for zelda but there is no eshop in my country
Sonny Fong (24 days ago)
Sonic sucks
Mariana Miller (25 days ago)
Games I got For Nintendo switch Minecraft story mode I'm gonna get maybe today LEGO NINJAGO $-$ ^-^
Mariana Miller (25 days ago)
1/27 about to get another one so 2/27
ᎶRᏆ8 BLᎯZEᎽ (26 days ago)
You have to get ready for smash
JOSE AK (27 days ago)
Can you give a free Nintendo switch to me
JOSE AK (27 days ago)
My gmail janthikkad@gmail.com .Iam an Indian but I love you so much
Cindy Roman (28 days ago)
You have Jeffry cat peano
lim jerome (29 days ago)
It's a waste of money if you buy games that isn't your style.
GeekEnglish (29 days ago)
Buying 2 of the same game just for the sake of cover art feels foolish. You should of just printed off the other art style and had that as the inlay when you open it.
bk cw (30 days ago)
Looks like you went crazy about the switch lol
Ale Perez (30 days ago)
Afán un vídeo de lucha libre de verdad
Vids About stuff (30 days ago)
Wow u rich man I really wanted a Zelda:breath of the wild and splatoon2 for my Nintendo switch but we can afford it so I’m sad I hope I’ll get at least one game Zelda or splatoon but were poor 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
Vids About stuff (30 days ago)
I don’t have any game on my Nintendo switch I thought that there would be a free game once you buy the Nintendo switch but there was no free game and I live on the Philippines there’s no Nintendo eshop on my Nintendo switch
Dead Pool (30 days ago)
i really love mario oddysse i have not play it
Tureluur (30 days ago)
I have Mario kart 8 deluxe, Zelda breath of the wild, splatoon 2, Kirby star allies DEMO, rocket league, death squared demo, and Mario odyssey
Stupid Luigi Jack (1 month ago)
I don’t like Zelda
Talha The Shadow (1 month ago)
My favorite game is Minecraft!
Isabella Martinez (1 month ago)
I love Mario kart deluxe
Alan Funderburk (1 month ago)
hey their was a g ta game that was a ds exsclusive
Messiawesome Messi (1 month ago)
I like arms
kreizar BUL (1 month ago)
Шш бате тука немало пари ве от каде
Delia Reyes (1 month ago)
If you have super Mario odyssey I Wil like the video and subscribe!!!!
SirMcSheriff (1 month ago)
You should get rocket league
Miguel Mikey (1 month ago)
My favorite is arms and 1 2 swich
Angel Maldonado (1 month ago)
Angel Maldonado (1 month ago)
Natalie Chrysostomou (1 month ago)
can you get fortnite
Justin Hernandez (1 month ago)
Tyler Robbins (1 month ago)
The way you threw the games made my heart hurt a little bit each time :*(
Guava juices fan H (1 month ago)
Ok then
Fabian Banda (1 month ago)
I am getting the oddy mario
Mario Mifsud (1 month ago)
Is there a pokemon star game?
Harrison Taylor (1 month ago)
how much money does duckhunter44 make?
Gena placino (1 month ago)
Give away nintendo games
alistair hunter (1 month ago)
omg wow xd
Jie Peng (1 month ago)
Sexy guy.
Justin Alvarado (1 month ago)
The switch is going to be a bigger hit in the future
Zubaer Islam (1 month ago)
Give away me mario oddessy game
Peyton Kelley (1 month ago)
SW-6935-4597-8383 is my switch FC
de One De Way (1 month ago)
de One De Way (1 month ago)
Jk im sorry you have so much
Rishi Rout (1 month ago)
Fuck yourself! You are in poverty. Your house isn't looking good. You don't have Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Resident Evil Revelations and Revelations 2 and snipper clips. I think i will contact your family that have you given him the games or has he stolen from your parents credit card. I will ban this copyright right now. Suck yourself. Suck and Bloody fuck you dick. I will dislike this video. Make supe that you pin it at the top so that everyone could see this message. Also love this comment from your side as it is compulsory or $200 dollars will be cut from your youtube account or credit card balance.
That Emoji Guy (1 month ago)
I have the Lego ninjago game on my PS4
AntonioTDM Garcia (1 month ago)
Whoa seriously Lego city is Gita? Why?
Tenzin Choesang (1 month ago)
Please can you give me Nintendo switch . I will like your video and sub
fnaf foxy jr (1 month ago)
I have a switch and breath of the wild
fnaf foxy jr (1 month ago)
I have a switch and breath of the wild
mkoip monik (1 month ago)
nucleair playz 1 (1 month ago)
King Noah1023 Jake (1 month ago)
I have lego NINJAGO and 1 2 switch
King Noah1023 Jake (1 month ago)
I have lego Ninjago
Shafeeq Zahera (1 month ago)
Why did you just throw them?????
ELTEYNARDE (2 months ago)
if somebody Robs this guy they get a jackpot
giantube Eli (2 months ago)
LOGAN Rodz (2 months ago)
Can I have sonic forces
LOGAN Rodz (2 months ago)
I have Rayman and dragon ball z
LOGAN Rodz (2 months ago)
I only have two games
pomegranate (2 months ago)
it kind of hurts me that he was just throwing all his games to the side
Immanuel Njunge (2 months ago)
I subscribed and hit the notification and gave a like
Scarlett Wong (2 months ago)
no overcook?
ZK 24 (2 months ago)
No offense, but your taste of games is odd. In a good way doe
Blaze -4K- (2 months ago)
Greedy people and there advertising shit every minute
Jana Tweedy (2 months ago)
All i see is ads
Eduardo Cruz (2 months ago)
Your throwing the games like if they were trash
I dont even have that thing lol 😭😭😭
Roblox Roman (2 months ago)
The sonic hater guy dude I know he can’t be talking with his little bad words talking crap about sonic haters
Sonic the Hedgehog (2 months ago)
For my recordnition
Sonic the Hedgehog (2 months ago)
Iam so exited for my nintendo switch sonic skin,sonic mania,and sonic forces.
Iulia Cresiun (2 months ago)
big nintendo fan (2 months ago)
Do you have more games tham my friend,my friend has 42 games on da switch
Oswaldo Munoz (2 months ago)
If you have an extra Rocket league could you give it to me I really want it so badly 😍😣😰😠😤😞😞😞😞
Irineo Rosas (2 months ago)
Irineo Rosas (2 months ago)
Can i have arms and splattoon w
Andres Santiago (2 months ago)
Whast's your favorite game from nintendo switch

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