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100% Win Rate! VS EVERY Tier 1 Deck! [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

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Text Comments (190)
Max Angelo (17 days ago)
Hmmm strong deck....i activate my trap card wall of distribution game over for u and ur 100%win rate deck Lol.
Joshua Edwards (19 days ago)
This guy lives in his room playing yugioh, a grown man playing a stupid kids game proves this guy is a virgin
Dennis Cabarles (1 month ago)
Whats his trap card btw? Thanks in advance :)
tyler chung (1 month ago)
Wdym pokemon isnt accessible, its literally free to play competitively. Its easier and obviously a lot cheaper than yugioh
Captain Tittus (2 months ago)
She kinda cute eh
Christian Rebolledo (2 months ago)
Battle my friend. Please
Eric Landser (3 months ago)
The pokemon card game is pretty accessible.
あああ あああ (3 months ago)
Samad Fatavat (3 months ago)
It's better than yu gi oh
Mission Impossible (4 months ago)
My deck shits on BLS Pm me for a duel
Michael Anzulavich (4 months ago)
Guess I'll build this deck now
The Phapper (4 months ago)
Bro try Pocketown
Donald J. Trump (4 months ago)
Fuck sylvans dude so sick of getting such broken chains against me when my deck is actually thought out and not just fucking copied
Incomplete Dragon (4 months ago)
I always lose PvP
OTAKU GAMER (5 months ago)
anthony coronado (5 months ago)
That girl is pretty
Blueboy Anims (5 months ago)
How get those cards?
Fernando Lopez (5 months ago)
You guys are fucking stupid asfk if u invested money in this worthless ass deck. This youtube fag probably has a deal with konami to have stupid Dumbass like You to throw money into the game. I bet this guy is playing his friends and recording it, and making it seems like its real competition. You guys are Straight Suckaz.
POPTART KID (5 months ago)
When Gia realized that BLS was only once.😂😂😂 Her reaction killed me.
JCW (5 months ago)
I'd rather play the fucking fidget spinner app on android than that Pokemon let's go pikachu/Eevee bullshit -_-. Sorry gia.
JCW (5 months ago)
Satan: "you're supposed to be summoning BLS!"... Gia with a shit eating grin: "this is the worst deck ever"
Skyhunter (5 months ago)
"Oh look we're both playing garbage decks" oOf
Ryan Nguyen (5 months ago)
Why not put 1 or 2 dark flare dragon in
Sinisa Lakic (5 months ago)
16:29 When you beat that ass real good...
Roman Bikski (5 months ago)
50.000 Abo!!!\^0^/
Thatius Stephenson (5 months ago)
Pokémon isn’t accessible? Don’t mean to toot my horn but I’m a top tier competitor in vgc and Pokémon is very accessible also its always going to be because that’s how Pokémon’s been.
Thatius Stephenson (5 months ago)
ang sleeper now let’s dive into yugioh’s accessibility! You need a phone for duel links, if you want to get a good deck you’ll be spending 30x longer waiting to get the cards than ev training or iv breeding, yugioh is more expensive in reality you’d be spending 100- 500 on a good deck which can be more than a switch and a game lmao and def more than a 3ds and a game, duel links still will bring you to 200 at least if you’re trying to get a good deck off the bat so how is this more accessible than Pokémon? It’s not by far and pokemon is actually probably one of the most accessible games out there
Thatius Stephenson (5 months ago)
ang sleeper also yeah but every player who plays any video game on console has to buy a new console when they make new ones what does that even mean
Thatius Stephenson (5 months ago)
ang sleeper you don’t need to beat the story. 2 yugioh is the least accessible game to exist
ang sleeper (5 months ago)
Thatius Stephenson 1. You need a console 2. Iv and ev training can take a while 3. You need to finish the story first 4. You need to invest in a new console once every 5 years and a new game once every year. How is it accesible?
THEWORLD116 (5 months ago)
This not real yugioh either. Real yugioh game was back years ago called duel accelerator. The meta was blackwing,ls,prisma gb,dragunity, brd otk and counter fairy back then. fun time fun time rofl.
Nyahahaha (5 months ago)
Noob spellbooks user.
Storm Cruzade (5 months ago)
DKayed, competitive Pokémon is accessible on Pokemonshowdown.com
Could your girlfriend make even more exciting decollete?
Tristan Leslie (5 months ago)
And yet if i played this exact deck, i would get demolished.
manuel diaz (5 months ago)
My favorite video from you guys.
fantacer (5 months ago)
btw competitive pokemon is SUPER acessible.
Massie (5 months ago)
I was expecting her to drag him to the bedroom and gave him the best excitement cause it was so lit
ShindigFreak (5 months ago)
I'm a f2p but i can make that deck haha
fantacer (5 months ago)
Clickbait, i lost 15 out of 7 games
fantacer (5 months ago)
Alex Dike im kidding
FlamingAK 7 (5 months ago)
fantacer Like are you serious? 😂😂😂Why are they hyping the deck then....
Lamia G (5 months ago)
LOL i just faced this deck in WCQ and guss what ? I lost 😂😂😂
Ahmed Shahat (4 months ago)
Lamia G and what was your deck
antonio romo (5 months ago)
I wrecked this deck with nobles today lol this deck sucks
FlamingAK 7 (5 months ago)
antonio romo 😭😭😭😭I'm sleep
omgwtfrofltomato (5 months ago)
come for the deck, stay for the gia. sorry dkay gotta keep it real.
zaz zeze (5 months ago)
I agree with what you said about the tier list. Like yeah geargias and archfiends are shit but they should not be in the same level as aromages and gustos.
fun (5 months ago)
Dkayed competitive pokemon is actually way more evolved (and accessible!) through the Smogon tournament scene. Most Smogon tournament players are pretty well and beyond VGC players, it's something you could get into like immediately if you wanted
Pr0fridge (5 months ago)
Lowkey, Samurai Skull is VERY GOOD right now.
Joshua P. (5 months ago)
3sd bls and now bls envoy? Black luster soldier = gia's stand confirmed.
I'm not getting this new Pokemon game.
Wypsotor Nyloff (5 months ago)
Next video: 99% Winrate - Boyfriend kills the stream
Wrest Life (5 months ago)
Love you Gia the Divine. My lord and savior Dkayed God of Pegging... And by your scared words of creation: *“You Fool!”*
Last Utopia (5 months ago)
New mega ?
Krusader Kris (5 months ago)
I threw together a rag tag BLS deck and got to duel lvl 16 but now i'm stuck. I'm thinking a few changes and new cards maybe I should try to copy this.
Pokemon Red (5 months ago)
I'd love to see some Pokemon vgc content from you Dkayed.
Tom v.d. Elzen 99 (5 months ago)
hi dkayed, i did invest all my gems into this deck but i am not winning with it! I feel baited atm. #metamanipulation
sulaiman alsharhan (5 months ago)
Tom v.d. Elzen 99 oh oh WHY DID YOU JOKE *triggerd*
Tom v.d. Elzen 99 (5 months ago)
sulaiman alsharhan i am joking wtf lol
sulaiman alsharhan (5 months ago)
Tom v.d. Elzen 99 it’s cuase he was way 2 lucky and he is skilled
Apache Helicopter (5 months ago)
Gia tier 0 confirmed
Francisco Galan (5 months ago)
Best videos are Gia videos
jad yazbeck (5 months ago)
@Duel Links Meta. Try pokemon showdown for competitive pokemon, all tiers and generations without that shitty ev/iv training
Kylo RFC (5 months ago)
Pokemon Showdown is accessible. Free and sets are very easy to make. You can choose what meta you want to play as well
PawOfEvil Evil (5 months ago)
I want a ‚Pokemon-Counter‘ at the beginning on this video!
putra mirwandi (5 months ago)
Most powerful Gia is here
jim kotefas (5 months ago)
Brent A-T (5 months ago)
can someone remind me why duel links meta hates gunsblazing?
Brent A-T (5 months ago)
oh i see
Chaos (5 months ago)
They dont hate eachother, they just joke around.
Linosturvaldis (5 months ago)
wooow. ..
Wakandan Spy (5 months ago)
Decayd had Gia play for that future play, stay woke.
Attila Gyarmati (5 months ago)
is it a joke?
Lipe Ablon (5 months ago)
I love this deck !
Rhythmless (5 months ago)
I got to dlv 25 (and a 3 winstreak) with this deck, only difference is i also used snipe hunters and thunder dragon. Love this deck!
Lipe Ablon (5 months ago)
Kog ???? Man
TigerJ j (5 months ago)
DK Pokemon let go evee and pichu is a remake not a sequel
Darth Calanil (5 months ago)
Jesus christ! Gia is UNDEFEATED!!!
soheil salemi (5 months ago)
My Problem is just two shet paladin for this deck
Miraclist (5 months ago)
Interesting deck... Thank you for a good video :)
shockwave (5 months ago)
well my main deck is bls... I'm currently at 21 dlv I don't have time to play but I love it
Ricky L. (5 months ago)
I'm assuming you're saying Pokemon isn't accessible because building a team is annoying as fuck. And in that case Pokemon Showdown is what most of us need and use
Nicholas Cho (5 months ago)
I just qualified for the worlds qualifier without putting any money into the game. Is the qualifier online also? Or what the format is?
Nicholas Cho (5 months ago)
shockwave ok boi.. was just stating the game is all free 2 play when I saw people complaint how it cost money. No need to be salty BOI
shockwave (5 months ago)
+Nicholas Cho well that's the 3 decks that's are the most meta and f2p.. the 4th meta deck is heroes which is expensive... so yeah Boi 90% reached max dlv without wasting money
Nicholas Cho (5 months ago)
shockwave spellbooks with 2 secrets
shockwave (5 months ago)
did you use sylvans or amazones?
Reynoso 345 (5 months ago)
That Guy (5 months ago)
I jus got wcs qualifiers, idk what the means now lol, what do I do?
Extreme Lunatix (5 months ago)
Ok whoever used that spellbook deck made some stupid decisions or else they’d win smh
⍟ RelaxXx ⍟ (5 months ago)
Hey, Im kinda new to the game and just found this channel, it has pretty good content but it´s for a more advanced level and I couldnt find any "guide" for new players. From what i have seen everyone recommends that you should just lvl up your characters and get gems but i have already spent around 5/6k gems on ultimate rising, should I restart ? Also could anyone link me some kind of guide ?
Peter Pan (5 months ago)
Sylvans are probably your best bet. It's cheap in comparison and fairly straightforward in terms of how it's played. I haven't played ranked in like 2-3 months so I just farm gems to complete decks I feel like playing. Like now I'm wasting them on Visions of Ice because I'm looking to get a certain SR spell x3 so I can make a BLS deck. Ultimately play for fun or play to win. You can do both but then you might need to pay to win and have fun. Either is fine. Good luck on your grind.
⍟ RelaxXx ⍟ (5 months ago)
So now what should I do with the deck that I built ? Just lvl up characters and get more and more gems so when I have a ton of them I can start making my first solid deck ? btw is sylvan better than amazoness ?
Peter Pan (5 months ago)
Ult Rising is a good starter box.
⍟ RelaxXx ⍟ (5 months ago)
I wanted to do a dark magician deck but i noticed that it as not meta for a long time, because of that i spent all gems on ultimate rising because i wanted to do a budget deck with fiend/speelcasters because of yugi´s skill. Do you think i should start from zero since i wasted so much ?
Extreme Lunatix (5 months ago)
⍟ RelaxXx ⍟ idk any guides but basically try to work towards building a deck that can be used multiple ways and can cycle through the deck also. Complete quests and level up characters for gems and decent cards from them. As for buying packs... you buy the ones which cards you want. I’d recommend doing the guides in the game that gives you gems for completing challenges it shows you a lot how to play certain cards/ deck properly.
Demonhead223 (5 months ago)
TIER 0?!?!?!?!?!??
Redstick 123 (5 months ago)
Could he black luster my a hole?
Xatu Nightcore (5 months ago)
Play competitive pokemon on play.pokemonshowdown.com - accessable as you can get
Max Cooper (5 months ago)
Guys sub my channel if u play dragon ball legends
grove4mylife (5 months ago)
Yuto Ygopro (5 months ago)
Do monarchs
ChristianPerry69 (5 months ago)
They used this deck against my amazons, he didnt had a chance XD
Justin Reynolds (4 months ago)
ChristianPerry69 lol your Amazon’s and Sylvia deck make you feel good ? Nub
Neodreth (5 months ago)
Amazons and Sylvans are only for retard kids that have no skill and just copy what's top tier and broken thinking they are good at this game.
Joelus Maximus (5 months ago)
ChristianPerry69 your Amazon's? Amazon's are for trashy people just like Sylvan's
DomiPlayer15 (5 months ago)
Awesome video 😂😂
Machiavellian Dandelion (5 months ago)
First it was Wat007 with the BUSTED petite moth deck and now this, the meta is really getting shaken up this week.
Vanlop 826 (5 months ago)
Holly cow that deck !!! Also , one has to know the meta to play around it . Also also , everything about the gameplay was bad ass!
Feisty RayQuayZa (5 months ago)
The hell is this dkayed
Nicola Inchingolo (5 months ago)
Tier 0!
Kevin Alcántar (5 months ago)
Gia is way funnier than dkayed
Dr_Thugnasty (5 months ago)
You could just play on pokemonshowdown, dk
Feisty RayQuayZa (5 months ago)
Dr_Thugnasty how's the meta nowadays lol
Mohammed Alseraidy (5 months ago)
today from Dlv.10 to Dlv.16 , using masked hero deck with only one masked hero
HSK (5 months ago)
Mohammed Alseraidy yea man don’t lose hope i got my qualifier ticket using MHeroes. Masked heroes are only tier 2 fr tournaments where sidings are allowed. Masked heroes are pretty good(tier1) in ladder till now. As the answers to Masked heroes like SphereEbolas and Econs were available even before amazoness. It is just the siding which results in our heroes loss.
Code:; ERROR (5 months ago)
How did you get all the cards in the game ? Does konami give them for free to you ?
That1guyLouis213 (5 months ago)
I used to be a competitive pokemon vgc player and I have to say it was really fun, btw Gia is bae
Storm Swampert (5 months ago)
"BLS is tier nothing" Nothing = 0 So, BLS is Tier 0?
Attila Gyarmati (5 months ago)
tier 0 means TOP
MoneyMaker (5 months ago)
Storm Swampert YouTube deck
Bogdan Bogdan (5 months ago)
Aliens are tier 15
Bogdan Bogdan (5 months ago)
rommel alvarado I didn't said Its a bad deck,I wanna say Its not a fun deck,Its booring,safe to play and like You said can be goid bot not brings fun and joy
rommel alvarado (5 months ago)
Bogdan Bogdan I got to the qualifiers with just alien I might have the best luck then😂😂😂
xSHxbigmike356 (5 months ago)
Edwin Arango Ospina (5 months ago)
i got disturbed in some point of the video for pple talking about body fluids =_=
Cancerino (5 months ago)
Meta manipulation confirmed
Daniel Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Sees bls gets happy for a f2p feck and then sees the actual deck 😢
Anthony T (5 months ago)
Pokemon Showdown is pretty accessible Upvote so we can see some Pokemon Showdown Content from Duel Links Meta. We can get some variety on the channel since he deals with serious, competitive players.
Lvl 5 Charmander (5 months ago)
Cecil Drakan delete this immediately
would love to see someone new trying out the VGC showdown ladder on stream
Austin Terry (5 months ago)
Anthony T (5 months ago)
Juso Ygopro is free. But original format, not duel links format. I for one, love the convenience of mobile Duel Links, even if it hurts the wallet sometimes.
Juso (5 months ago)
Anthony T imagine having a duel links simulator with everything accesible
Dusky 54 (5 months ago)
geargia tier 3?!!!! bro i think they're so underrated
NTSCollector-J (5 months ago)
Coco Spike12 it’s just their standard for tier 1-3 isn’t what tcg players have traditionally considered tier 1-3. Tier 3 to tcg players are decks that kinda suck with little to no potential. We have a tier 1 which is all good decks. Tier 2 which are potentially good decks. Tier 3 are barely good decks and everything below is garbage. But that isn’t how the site tiers decks. They tier more similarly to how tempo storm tiers decks in hearthstone. Tier 3 on the DLM tier list is actually pretty damn decent.
Dusky 54 (5 months ago)
thehaxfactory well i respect your opinion and you have your points, but still i think it's tier 2 at most Sylvans and Spellbooks destroy Geargias but amazoness if you pop the backrow it's not as good so. But yeah i understand what you mean
Tey Cheng Yang (5 months ago)
NTSCollector-J (5 months ago)
Your standards for what tier 3 is clearly differ from the standards given on the DLM website. It's not better than Masked Heroes, it's not better than Amazons, it's not better than Sylvans or Books. It's not even better than Aliens. So compared to what is on the list yeah, it's below tier 3.
Dusky 54 (5 months ago)
thehaxfactory well true but still its better than tier 3 deck imo

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