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10 Must-Play Anime Games on Steam's Summer Sale

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It's that time of year again! Time for Valve to siphon all the money out of our pockets under the guise of giving us great deals. Here are 10 Anime Games on Steam that are worth playing. Get these games on steam! https://store.steampowered.com/curator/9029535-Mother%27s-Basement/list/35897 Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mothersbasement Subscribe to Mother's Basement for anime and gaming videos every week: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCBs2Y3i14e1NWQxOGliatmg Validate me! Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/G0ffThew Also on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mothersbasementofficial check out my Steam Curator page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/mothers_basement/curation and the new Mother's Basement Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/mothersbasement In the depths of his Mother's Basement, Geoff Thew creates videos analyzing the storytelling techniques of anime and video games. He has been named the number one Worst YouTube Anime Reviewer by The Top Tens.
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Alejandro Rodríguez (3 days ago)
Man wheres Muv Luv and Muv Luv alternative there???? You just missed the Best VN of all times???? Man you should read them and do a video about them, you will like them
Edlix (11 days ago)
Lets be honest, we all want the hentai games
Pradeep22 (16 days ago)
PrivateCritter (18 days ago)
I like most of these recommendations :D. I really hope they port VC 2 at some point. One of my fave games of all time. Edit: And yeah, love all Nihon Falcom games. Haven't touched cold steel yet, but I grew up with Ys and found Trails games later on, Good Stuff!
RoyalTee (21 days ago)
Tales of Berseria OST at the beginning
Emma (24 days ago)
Hustle Cat?
bennyjacob999 (26 days ago)
i LOVED the trails series
Lance Lindle Lee (27 days ago)
Trails of Cold Steell. I like your taste.
One One (28 days ago)
isnt´t like pussy saga the same game ?
dragonball13gnawd (1 month ago)
Can anyone tell me what are visual novel games?
dragonball13gnawd (18 days ago)
Ah ok, thank you.
aneonfoxtribute (18 days ago)
Visual novels are exactly how they sound. They have minimal gameplay in exchange for having more story
SHADOW (1 month ago)
hope there is a video about free online RPG
Galliao (1 month ago)
Hey, my grandma is really into those match 3+ phone games. And she was always one for a good date. Got her Huniepop. She hasn't spoken to me since then, but I assume she's just really into it. Best $10 ever
Krešimir Koržinek (1 month ago)
Hah, just randomly found Valkyria Chronicles in my Steam library. Seeing this recommendation, I think I'll give it a go.
Sile Mayfly (1 month ago)
no nep nep memes? how bad is disgaea?
Kaze Vongola (1 month ago)
I'm actually surprised that you have good taste in video games. Good list. Also, Ys 8 is a fucking masterpiece, then again I got it for the PS4 so I have no idea what issues PC players had.
jim jam (1 month ago)
Damn schera
。 。 (1 month ago)
Corpse Party series really will give you chills... Still, it is one of the best video game series.
Cupcake KatAstrophe (1 month ago)
But...i clicked to see Senran Kagura onnthe list...
cutepoiisonn (1 month ago)
Thanks for the PTSD with corpse party! def watched all the videos at night and lights off. ALL OF WHICH WAS A BAD IDEA!!! i lost the story though.
D1V15OR (1 month ago)
I realize that is free so it can't really go on sale but not even an honorable mention to DDLC? Nani?
Spencer Bobbett (1 month ago)
Why no deep space waifu??
Neptuna (1 month ago)
I really, really liked 999, but VLR was kind of disappointing because I felt like its shift to the "larger than life" type of story wasn't good for this particular series - in my opinion it worked best as the smaller scale sci-fi story. On the other hand, I binge played all 4 Danganronpa games in a span of 3 weeks and was amazed that any franchise could be so exciting for me to explore, so... at the end, maybe Zero Escape franchise was just not for me while Danganronpa was. (but seriously if you like 999 play Danganronpa, and if you like Danganronpa play 999, you won't regret it)
Jacob Garcia (1 month ago)
Nah the best visual novel is Fate/Stay Night.... But that's not on steam :(
Nikolai Burchell (1 month ago)
that subnautica pun though
Steam Punk (1 month ago)
Damn it, Beseria's ending had me in tears
Herp Derpingson (1 month ago)
otaku boy (1 month ago)
Dude I can't believe you didn't recommend any touhou games, they are on steam now if you didn't know at least you should have recommended the fighting games
Carol Belle (1 month ago)
Just a quick comment about the premise of the first game mentioned. There's a Japanese CG animated movie called Oblivion Island that has a similar story - specifically about the place where lost and forgotten things go. I haven't figured out if this is a traditional legend or myth that Japanese parents tell their kids or not.
Ka Ho (1 month ago)
What about King Exit? What are your view on it? It is a very well done game to me.
Valentine is not best girl it's her titties
Suijin (2 months ago)
Is it just me, or does Jet Set Radio look a lot like Splatoon?
HellMinion88 (2 months ago)
velvet's theme background music at start = 1 like
Joseph Pascua (2 months ago)
Its fekin pink bich
Spartincook Halo4tw (2 months ago)
I HAVE JET SET RADIO FUTURE!! It came with SEGA GT 2002 which is my favorite game of all time
I'm Oki Doki (2 months ago)
Can you guys tell me from which game that girl on the thumbnail is? She is hot
82phoenix (2 months ago)
Trails of cold steel and trail in the sky are a must play
extremelyhappysimmer (2 months ago)
Yesss huniepop!!!! I love that game!! Tiffany n momo is my fav! Kyu is my spirit animal <3
Rimey (2 months ago)
Why did you have to remind me that Hunie Pop is a thing?
Cubemagnet Comix (2 months ago)
Wheres ddlc
Martin Dickerson (2 months ago)
Berseria was... Wow. Just wow. A contrast from its predecessor zesteria
McDsFreeWiFi (2 months ago)
where is Danganronpa on this list!! :(
DeadBoneJones (2 months ago)
comedim (2 months ago)
You have no idea how happy it makes me to see Trails of Cold Steel (all the Nihon Falcom games really) get the justly due respect it deserves. It's my favorite JRPG, the entire Trails series from Sky, Crossbell, and of course Cold Steel. If anyone hasn't played it or thought about it but still have reservations, trust me, everything about it is amazing and you'll get sucked in with 100+ hrs before you know it. Please play it if you love JRPGs, definitely worth the number one spot.
Moopy Master (2 months ago)
no Danganronpa?
Alexandre Monteiro (2 months ago)
Do you know when they gonna release trails of cold steel 3 english version?
A The Ape (2 months ago)
yo i remember jetset radio on the original xbox
Dwarf Show (2 months ago)
Did you seriously just call a WW2 aesthetic for "steampunky?" A line must be drawn here! Here and no further!
Javert Boudreau (2 months ago)
Zero escape is the shit. Also a royal pain if you don't know what clues you're looking for. But still, one of my favorite games when I got it for ds.
Imperiom (2 months ago)
The time lapser (2 months ago)
Ok ok... I’m going to say it... Kyanna is best girl BRING IT BITCHS!
Nik Naython (2 months ago)
Danganronpa should have been at the top instead of getting a quirky side joke...although thats just my opinion...and it was a funny joke XD
Pablo (2 months ago)
Not sure if this would count as anime but the style is pretty similar, Va-11 Hall-a is a pretty neat cyberpunk VN with some pretty fun “bartending mechanics” and AN AMAZING SOUNDTRACK HOLY SHIT.
Tom Maverick (2 months ago)
Trails in the sky trilogy is even better than cold steel.
Ruri Rotaru (2 months ago)
Good list I can't argue with really any of it the tales game blew me away though I have to admit the # 1 slot is well deserved for the trails games.
no VR Kanojo ? fuck you
André (2 months ago)
is there any Anime-game with an similiar combat system like FF12?
Klaidas B-vas (2 months ago)
Huniepop is honestly the best match three game I have ever played.
David H (2 months ago)
Can't agree enough on your number one choice. SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't watched the video. I recently played both Cold Steel 1 and Cold Steel 2 once it was released on Steam and although I had my problems with the way CS2 handled it's plot armor boss encounters, I enjoyed the hell out its story and world. I literally spoke to every single NPC in the first game every single time I had an update and was thoroughly enthralled in their antics and stories. The excessively amorous couple in Trista, Vivi and Linde 's funny pranks, and the Laura fan club from Legram. Also Towa is best Waifu, fucking fight me!
OblivionZone - (2 months ago)
fake horror
AnotherTroll (2 months ago)
Knittely (2 months ago)
ACE Academy is a really fun VN imo too. It's combat system (if you can even call it that), well let's say the game would lose absolutely nothing if it didn't had it, but it has great humor and lovely characters. Also Shadowverse is a card game (somewhat similar to hearthstone), which I can recommend too. Especially because it gives more free packs than any other f2p title i know of.
Andy Aubs (2 months ago)
Subbed at “Hagarashi.” Gods that anime surprised the hell outa me.
aneonfoxtribute (18 days ago)
>Anime Play the VN. Do it. It's so much better
Draco the shadowphoenix (2 months ago)
had to laugh about higurashi being cute xD ok...it is cute sometimes but also dark v.v
Stancu Remus (2 months ago)
Where is Hyper Dimension Neptunia?
CrazyMautty (2 months ago)
Ni No Kuni II - FALSE. The animator who worked on Ni No Kuni II is a FORMER employee of Studio Ghibli. To my knowledge, Studio Ghibli itself didn't have anything to do with the second title.
misterX s (2 months ago)
brown nosing bla bla bla brown nosing bla bla bla brown nosing
Crim Rui (2 months ago)
Corpse Party is great, it really fucked me up for a few days. Great recommendations I just bought Nonary games, will play it soon. And also, props for the Trails in the Cold Steel, it's awesome.
shinigami smith (2 months ago)
You forgot Nep
Dear YouTube, who is this heretical bitch who does not recognise Ms Fortune as our Best Girl and Waifu and why are you recommending his video to me?
Guillem Rovira (2 months ago)
Everlasting summer is a very good visual novel. I played all the paths and i love it. And extra points: its free.
ArlanKels (2 months ago)
I'm still pissed that Valkyria Chronicles on the PC basically outsold all of the consoles combined... And they aren't releasing Valkyria Chronicles 4 to the PC. Because they're stupid. Japanese businessmen are stupid.
SyntecTK (2 months ago)
I saw the gag but why didnt Danganronpa make it to the list? It was on sale as well :(
Tucher97 (3 months ago)
i always wonder why steam attacks games with nudity and not shit games, shovel games
Miyakami (3 months ago)
I'm must say I'm disappointed you recomended Higurashi over the Umineko series since it doesn't have as much love as Rika and the girls have (Because of the shit anime adaptation) but I'm nitpicking. All love for the When They Cry series get all the love from me.
Duc Huy Ly (3 months ago)
I recommend To the moon and its sequel Finding Paradise 10/10
Zehao (3 months ago)
So top must play 20 VN video when?
Android 19 (3 months ago)
so I picked up Trails of Cold Steel and it's something that I never thought was possible: a JRPG with a really good English dub. That's just not something that happens.
Andy Weir (3 months ago)
lost it when she said, "its fucking pink bitch" SMH
gamingongamingEJ (3 months ago)
How about Doki Doki 😆 Jk ya'll must know about the dang game
gaiden danmachi (3 months ago)
please recommend me anime game that have good looking characters and not a visual novel
Draycko (3 months ago)
Holy shit! I didn't know Jetset Radio had a PC release!
Kotori rip (3 months ago)
Sickness is also great VN
Ala Insyirah (3 months ago)
Too bad, there's no YS 8 Lacrimosa of DANA in this video
Ala Insyirah (3 months ago)
i think it because of crash issue become unplayable, I have a tip for crash issue by using YS 8 to single core, Tested and it work perfectly zero crash.
ALJustice0 (3 months ago)
Because the PC port was hot garbage
Nashkill (3 months ago)
>don't let yourself spoil at any cost >they all die probably rly ni*ga?
Yugioh Lover (3 months ago)
jet set radio reminds me of the anime air gear
AfWhite (3 months ago)
Lets be honest, we all went to HuniePop with a "I am never speaking to anyone about this" and finished the game with a "Holy Shit, that was great". Also, Hunie Pop 2 was confirmed so thats even more glory to this "series" (I mean, its the third Hunie game so its kinda becoming a series). Also, I agree, Kyu will always be best girl.
moldpiss (3 months ago)
Recommends Higurashi. No mention of Umineko (ie the greatest VN of all time). I mean the steam sprites are dogshit, but it still deserves a mention since you can mod them out. Umineko turned me from an atheist into a semi-christian like 2 years ago, and that still hasn't changed to this day. Basically just go read Umineko.
Hikikomori Gaming (3 months ago)
Ys VIII, Atelier Lydie & Suelle, Ni no Kuni II, Neptunia 4 Goddesesses Online, Trails of Cold Steel 2, Lost Sphear, Nier:Automata, World of Final Fantasy, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, Neptunia VII, Trails of Cold Steel (only 2 of your list is on my list), Tales of Bersaria, Blue Reflection, Accel world vs Sword Art Online, Trails in the sky 3rd, Trails in the Sky FC, Trails in the Sky SC, This is My list
lookabomba32 (3 months ago)
Oh...and here I thought Snow Sakura was a anime game...with Hentai...
Rade Despotovic (3 months ago)
huniepop is a MUST PLAY
lazer tag (3 months ago)
hunnie pop looks like a badly drawn western art thats trying to copy anime
NoName NN (3 months ago)
Where is Everlasting Summer&&77???7
Azem Cancarevic (3 months ago)
Where is 4 goddess online :(
orestesdd (3 months ago)
Trails of Cold Steel is too expensive at this time, $40 for this game.
ArtificialDjDAGX (3 months ago)
ps. don't do like me, and play tales of symphonia on the hardest difficulty. Why? Because I hate that game now, since I can't even beat the tutorial XD
Im amazed that there was no Neptune series in there somewhere How can you not include a game that keeps itself alive only because of its not-even-that-fanservicy fanservice and because it attracts a lot of grinders
TheWildVortex (3 months ago)
Due Decimal (3 months ago)
shudve watched this before the sale ended >.<
billy bob (3 months ago)
God hates japan
Kyudo Kun (3 months ago)
I don't think you're the worst Anime Youtube channel. I subscribe btw.

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