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Dreamcast And Saturn Games Going To Nintendo Switch? SEGA Seems To Think So

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During the SEGA FES 2018 Event, SEGA Ages was unveiled for the Nintendo Switch. This is looking like a brand for a collection of games to release on the Switch starting this year possibly over the summer. During a panel for SEGA Ages producers and developers mentioned the possibility of bringing Dreamcast and Saturn games to the Switch through the service. Could portable Dreamcast and Saturn games be on the way? Kratos Figure Entry: https://gleam.io/8lwkT/god-of-war-kratos-figure Twitter: @SpawnWaveMedia Consider Supporting Us On Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SpawnWave Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SpawnWave Follow Us On Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/spawnwavemedia Listen To Our Weekly Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/spawn-wave Music: www.bensound.com Like Comment and Subscribe! Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (665)
Hazyj peepme (1 day ago)
Cool another resone to not buy this lame system since I got the dreamcast at launch an regretted every second with that amazing sonic game.
Mikhael Anderson (2 days ago)
Rival Schools/Project Justice
bobcharlotte (2 days ago)
Just gimme the ps3/360 Daytona
Z80 Player (2 days ago)
I have Crazy Taxi, Power Stone and Sega MD coll. on Vita.Not news for me.
Scrungo McDungo (2 days ago)
if phantasy star ver. 2 came out with revamped servers, id be happy, and id gladly pay for episode 2 and 4 DLC (since they werent on dremcast, im fine with paying extra to get them)
Roland Hazoto (3 days ago)
Sega Saturn: Shining Force 3, Dragonforce, Dragonball Z Legends, Gaurdian Heroes, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night Dreamcast: Obvious ones aside, Skies Of Arcadia, Ikaruga, MvC 1&2, Grandia 2, Soul Reaver
NessCF (3 days ago)
I would love to see a Game Gear collection, that would be pure nostalgia for me as it was my first console ever
Damir Os (3 days ago)
Astal (saturn) would be a perfect match for the switch.
I wanna play Shining force 3 again.
scottybaylo (4 days ago)
If panzer dragoon saga, and Albert odyssey released then I’m down. PDS should really be remade, but I doubt it will ever be done. AO is still a pixel art perfection! Oh, Magic knight Ray earth too, so good!!!!
Norlight (4 days ago)
I want Skies of Arcadia and I want it to be the GC Port.
Mark Allen (5 days ago)
Floigan Brothers!
Ben Mitchell (5 days ago)
pretty much all the games from the dreamcast generator disc would be amazing
Master Chris 86 (5 days ago)
James Murray (5 days ago)
We need fantasy star online for the switch WITH online features obviously
Juan Garcia (5 days ago)
Was playing my Sega Saturn before I seen this. To get some Saturn and Dreamcast games that I don't have, or that are just to expensive. And to have them on my Switch would be amazing.
juan alvarado (6 days ago)
Homebrew game GunLord!
superbroly64DS (6 days ago)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 plz pleeeeeeeease
Jinxzork (6 days ago)
If they are going to be physical I'm in If digital I'm out
Patrick Lange (6 days ago)
Does that mean Shenmue 1 and 2 are coming out for Switch after all? They are Dreamcast games.
Daniel Evans (6 days ago)
Watch as Dreamcast games make it to the Switch before GameCube games do. :P
michael tuckey (6 days ago)
Hah just realised AGES is Sega spelt backwards
FreeRPGer (6 days ago)
...or a wishful thinker's dream, Panzer Dragoon Saga on the Switch.
ferdinand gonzalez (6 days ago)
Resident evil CV would be sweet.
theheebs100 (6 days ago)
I want to see streets of rage 2 and 3. I think they would work perfectly with the multi-player aspect of the switch
Andre Gon (6 days ago)
If I ever see Sega Saturn and DC games on the Switch I swear I'm going to shit my fuck (whatever that means).
John Smith (6 days ago)
Sega Saturn Top picks Soukyugurentai Radiant Silvergun Deep Fear Policenauts Sega Rally Netlink Edition Alien Trilogy Duke Nukem 3d Drift King Astal Croc Burning rangers Darius Gaiden Earthworm Jim 2 Enemy Zero Game Paradise Gex Gunbird 2 Hyper Duel Lupin the 3rd Metal Black Mr Bones Panzer Dragoon Saga Sexy Parodius Phantasm Quake Rayman Scud Segata sanshiro Shinobi X Skeleton Warriors Sol Divide Swagman 3 Dirty Dwarves Thunder force V Whizz Willy Wombat Wonder 3
Ceraii (7 days ago)
I wouldn't see disc swapping being a problem. Sony pulled it off for PS1 games on PS3, Vita, and even PSP. So they can work around that I have no doubt. This Sega thing is interesting to me. If the Panzer Dragoons come it would give me a chance to play them. I've only played Orta and Ive wanted more. But Ive also wanted PSO2 so you know how that goes.
Michael Koltz (7 days ago)
There's only one Sega Saturn game I wish to see on the Switch: Three Dirty Dwarves.
Jesse J (7 days ago)
General Chaos!
Nick (7 days ago)
Angel Blkraptor (7 days ago)
Give me JGR and JSRF (with updated controls) and I'll be soooo happy
I want everyone pre adventure 2 game on switch including knuckles and tail spin off games I'd want adventure 2 to be the battle version because as we've seen they are not just using the original version for them Alex kid is the ps? Version maybe we could get some GameCube sonic game like heros and shadow unlikely but I can dream
TheGameCreator13 (7 days ago)
splitframe (7 days ago)
Nintendo Switch the console that plays every old game except old Nintendo ones. How ironic.
Patrick Lange (6 days ago)
Nintendo release some of their old arcade titles on the Switch, but not any of their old console games yet.
psionx1 (7 days ago)
panzer dragoon saga would be hard to port given that saga supposedly lost the source code long ago.
Henry Jones Jr. (7 days ago)
Toy Commander please.
Pedro Morataya (7 days ago)
As long Sonic Adventure 1 And 2 are on it, IM fine
clibby (7 days ago)
Sonic Adventure 2. I need portible Chaos to waise my life on.
A.J. Tedeschi (7 days ago)
Nice video Spawn Wave! Thank you for all of the work that you do to help us stay informed on topics involving video games! Also, I hope your finger gets better!
Mighty Ryan (7 days ago)
So Sega is bringing more games to the Switch than Nintendo is, makes sense
Tom Greene (7 days ago)
Power Stone 1 and 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joe b (7 days ago)
I want Shenmue on Switch...
malrinko (7 days ago)
I just really want House of The Dead to come back. The 2nd and 3rd game were made available on the Wii, and the 4th game on PS3, but I really want a re-release of the original game. Plus the 2nd was on Dreamcast, along with Typing of the Dead. These games would all work really well on the Switch with gyro controls or even using the touch screen to shoot. I just miss these games and want them to return, or at least be available on modern consoles.
cody thompson (7 days ago)
I love when people talk about phantasy star online 1&2 I still play on GameCube. We need to new one or a good hd remake for the old one with online play
Lord Immortallix (7 days ago)
So switch could get Shenmue, minus the improved controls... damnit sega
Curtis Stewart (7 days ago)
Damn it, I just want a port of Boogerman!
Flash Hobbies (7 days ago)
Power stone, marvel vs capcom, crazy taxi, so many more!
Ryuko Chan! (7 days ago)
I'd love to see Panzer Dragoon get some love and since Xbox love to give away all their games these days, perhaps a Panzer Dragoon Orta port would be likely aswell.
dezzy123rt (7 days ago)
Hope they bring some classic master system games like Ninja.
Panzer Dragoon Saga.
Team GT (7 days ago)
It's going to be very hard to emulate the Saturn it had dual cpu and dual VDP chips along with a dsp that also was used for more than just sound the memory is all split up small chunks of memory all over the system and it uses Quads, not triangles so it will take some work to get Saturn games on switch unless they use games that were already ported to the original Xbox when it was like dreamcast 2
undone14 (7 days ago)
Guardian Heroes and the Shining Force Saturn games damnit! I never played those but have been dying to for like 20 years!
ZomBee (7 days ago)
Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur , Soul Calibur !!!!
Derrick La Saga (7 days ago)
Lunar series Phantasy Star Online 1 & 2 Grandia series Skies of Arcadia Sonic Adventure 1 & 2
Patrick Martin (7 days ago)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 1 and 2! Airforce Delta
Jardeson Barbosa (7 days ago)
Panzer Dragoon Saga, finally? The guys who are making that are the same who made the 3DS Genesis emulator. Nintendo couldn't make a SNES emulator for the old 3DS, but they made a very good one for the Genesis. I want to believe.
Chris Thompson (7 days ago)
Yes!! I would love to see some of my fav DC games on the Switch. Tokyo Xtreme Racer and Blue Stinger plz!!!
Stefan Brattlöf (7 days ago)
Sega could just contact Mednafen and they have their amazing Saturn emulator right there .).
Michael Daniel (7 days ago)
waiting for game cube on the switch
BLOODY__FATALITY (7 days ago)
Cool, pretty cool.
Nehemiah Cornelius (7 days ago)
If they are bringing Dreamcast games, I hope they bring powerstone 1 and 2
CardinalGhast (7 days ago)
Sega Ages spelled backwards is Sega Ages. Very clever, Sega
J J (7 days ago)
Skies of arcadia.
Queen Spoopy (7 days ago)
Not one person mentioned Space Channel 5! I need my Ulala fix! Sonic adventures 1 & 2 as well! Hell, any rpg would be nice too!
Brudny Nurek (7 days ago)
Can't wait for Phantasy Star!
Phantom Kirin (7 days ago)
I think that, in order to overcome the issues of the Saturn games in terms of emulation, they will have to remake said games, which is easier said than done. That being said, the Switch is obviously the console to go to for most ports from previous console generations, so it wouldn't be surprising if Sega was willing to go that far to get said Sega Saturn games onto the Switch.
Torrie Starfrost (7 days ago)
I'd LOVE Panser Dragoon Saga to be released this way. The price of that game on the second hand market needs to be ripped in half because it's a hell of a good game. If they do DC I definitely want the orginal Sonic Adventure. DX ruined a lot of what was good in the orginal version, and the OC ports made it even worse.
Boothtube (7 days ago)
retrogamerfan (7 days ago)
Let’s hope skies of Arcadia comes to the switch it’s one of the best rpgs ever
Edmo Suassuna (7 days ago)
I really love DC games, but Saturn games would be the real cherry atop the cake... They're the holy grail of sega exclusives.
Reyoso (7 days ago)
i'd shit bricks if we get the phantasy star online i bug sega and pso twitter accounts once a month for it
GamingVegabond (7 days ago)
Panzer Dragoon would definitely be number one. I also would love to see Burning Rangers. So many others but those would be the top two. Saturn is a great console.
Golden Grenadier (7 days ago)
Those mobile sonic 1&2 remakes made on the mania engine had better come to a platform other than freaking phones. The Sega Forever program as a whole needs to move to console and PC anyway since mobile is a dumpster fire of a gaming platform.
NightWave (7 days ago)
All I need is Power stone 👌😎
Chris James (7 days ago)
Burning Rangers, and hell maybe we'll actually get all of Shining Force 3. Maybe. Probably not, but damn I hope
Taco Dude (7 days ago)
But didn't sega say something about a conference they had with Microsoft? I remember something like that 2 or 3 weeks ago.
scatlink sean (7 days ago)
Sega Ages = newer versions of Mega Drive/Genesis, Saturn & Dreamcast games Arcade Archives = newer versions of Nintendo Arcade games ACA NeoGeo = newer versions of NeoGeo games *Is this our new Virtual Console, instead of traditional ports?*
NoNsToPxs (7 days ago)
I want Capcom vs. SNK 2 with netplay please
Maybe we could at least get the dc versions of shenmue 1&2 ; _ ;
Nicholas Schoepfer (7 days ago)
I would play the hell out of PSO...I probably have years of my life logged on that game.
VogtTD (7 days ago)
It seems dumb too huge potential success of Saturn and Dreamcast based on Genesis interest. They're not necessarily appealing to the same audience, though obviously there's some crossover.
MaxxSkywalker (7 days ago)
Your lack of drive shift boosting in Crazy Taxi is depressing. For serious though, I would love to play the Saturn Shining Force titles. Except for the Zelda clone. The Zelda clone was mediocre, and was the only one I could get to work on emulation.
PrinzessinRamode (7 days ago)
2018年夏、装いも新たに始動する「SEGA AGES」にどうぞご期待ください。 ※ニンテンドーeショップからのダウンロード販売 It looks like a bunch of download games from the e-shop starting summer 2018. I hope they bring their arcade games like maimai and Chuunithm to Switch. With Nintendo Labo, it seems like that would be possible. Maimai would be difficult, but Chuunithm is doable. I mean there is Taiko Tatsujin.
Deontae Harris (7 days ago)
Powerstone grandia2 shinmue all disc lol pso sonic adventure 1n2 crazy taxi soul caliber jetset radio future sega sports virtual tennis snk 2001 and marvel v capcom are the games i had that I'd pay for.. Didn't have a Saturn but I'd like knights and streetfighter alpha3
Mark Henderson (7 days ago)
I’d like to see House of the Dead and that one police game that played the same come over.
akira tachibana (7 days ago)
if i can get my chao garden back i will spend my money so fast
Bruce K (7 days ago)
Crazy Taxi.
Thibault Longuet (7 days ago)
Samba de Amigo with joycons ?
tiptoptonic (7 days ago)
Saturn: Grandia , Dragon Force and shining force 3 series! Dreamcast: Space channel 5 and Skies of Arcadia.
JAYSON (7 days ago)
Nights into dreams, jet set radio, clockwork knight, panzer dragon, space channel 5, Daytona USA, samba de amigo, & Chu chu rocket.
NinjaSyao (7 days ago)
Skies of Arcadia HD with widescreen, Gamecube content and Dreamcast audio? ...shut up and take my rupees!
Mike Cain (7 days ago)
id shit myself if phantasy star online came to the switch
Roark 88 (7 days ago)
I want the fighting game BREAKERS on the Nintendo Switch !!
Grayx7 (7 days ago)
Andy Orto (7 days ago)
SEGA just put so much pressure on Nintendo to release their Virtual Console
Nathan Allcock (7 days ago)
lets hope for sonic adventures 1 and 2 but with multiplayer to include multiple switches or online :)
Joanna Borge (7 days ago)
Laurent de backer (7 days ago)
Wait, did they say Alex Kid was coming to the Switch too? Man that game... I loved it so much :P Specially the boss fight with the rock paper scissor, oh man, such nostalgia :-D I hope they throw in a Mickey Mouse as well :-P
Dizzy Dee (7 days ago)
I never touched these systems, so would like to see what games they have on Switch.

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