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Buffalo Grand Slot Super Jackpot Handpay -Biggest Buffalo Win on YouTube -

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WOW!!! what a surprise handpay! wasn't expecting that. This machine is very volatile. Please subscribe
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elias Chahine (6 days ago)
How many times did that fuken Indian repeat himself what an annoying cunt
aarons slot channel (4 days ago)
tank u tank u
tbone (13 days ago)
I sat down at the same game last week and 2 chairs were open. I debated on which 1 to sit at, of course I picked the wrong 1. Guy sits down next to me betting max ($3.75) like me. Hits the Super Jackpot in the bonus with multiplier just like this guy. $1,195 x 5 times multiplier. Never any luck.
aarons slot channel (7 days ago)
wow nice
JEROME KENDRICK (15 days ago)
Sweet WIN 🤑
aarons slot channel (13 days ago)
TifoScene (15 days ago)
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oscar lobaton (16 days ago)
Is this the classic buffalo slot machine but with touch panel? Never saw that roulette bonus.
Chris ray (18 days ago)
Not the biggest win on YouTube with buffalo!
Chris ray (18 days ago)
Not the biggest win on YouTube with buffalo!
Super congrats...wow.... 5 K... niceeeeee Jim in NY
aarons slot channel (21 days ago)
Thanks Jim
Black HAMMER (25 days ago)
Great viedo awesome job..check me out on my channelhttps://youtu.be/bA7AziN-I98
aarons slot channel (21 days ago)
Thanks I will
Popcorn TV (25 days ago)
...GREAT VIDEO . Greets from Germany
aarons slot channel (21 days ago)
vh04863 (29 days ago)
Buffalo is BEST
Alex Bjorn (1 month ago)
Who is the Asian fella in the backround... LOL!!!! Hysterical
aarons slot channel (21 days ago)
henry sudigdo (1 month ago)
big win!!!!!!!!!!
Lokstah_ C (1 month ago)
In what casino can i find this machine???
Biggest buffalo shit name on video best win on This machine hes brain dead and says insane so often i think he was close to broke lots of hits 2 mill dissapointed viewers
Julio (1 month ago)
How you play that someone please explain me
Yo_Its_ Tyler (1 month ago)
Omg I never get ads for slot machines and when I watched this I got one
Toy Bus Productions (1 month ago)
Nice, I just played this last weekend got 10x but it was on mini lol.
JT SCHALLACK (1 month ago)
Well I found free $6521a money making system that is really working for me>>>getpplcash.win/?OsGnz6 Woow amazing....thanks.
Scratch Life (1 month ago)
Nice!!!new sub here😎👍🍀
Lil Nemo (1 month ago)
That Indian guy going to rob you when you leave. That's why he's more excited than you with how much you won 😢
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
Now that's a bonus!!!
Cottington's Lawn Care (1 month ago)
No one mentions his 40k credits?.??.?.?.?
Jim Halpert (2 months ago)
iwatchsomevideos (2 months ago)
Mega fake
aarons slot channel (2 months ago)
yes !!! the video is fake news
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens (2 months ago)
How could know it is the Biggest Win..which it is not!
runningkirk walk (2 months ago)
This is fake
Cute animals channel (2 months ago)
that's crazy! Wow nice
aarons slot channel (2 months ago)
mike A (2 months ago)
How much you gonna pay your advicer
#LACUBANAQUEEN (2 months ago)
Wow 😮
K6 (2 months ago)
This idiot told him to press the button to rush his game. A hole
Ahmed Hussein (2 months ago)
Hate his indian accent man
Mike B (2 months ago)
Amazing! Now I want to go to the casinos
Mike B (2 months ago)
aarons slot channel ,haha, I did go and played buffalo, and won 65! Not a jackpot but fun to do, play within your budget and have fun, Goodluck too! Peace!
aarons slot channel (2 months ago)
Thanks Mike B
High Limit Slots (2 months ago)
Nice one
ZeroFux Given (2 months ago)
Uncle Sam wants his 15%
MrT (2 months ago)
Dexter Morgan (2 months ago)
Just FYI, that guy asks if you want him to do it because he would win the money since it was his spin.
Cindy Weir (3 months ago)
This has to be fake. No way this happens on this tight machine. Fantastic advertising though.
shekil rose (3 months ago)
Which casino was this at
Jannie Brister (3 months ago)
Hof rocks
Carlos Lopez (3 months ago)
Why so excited are you just going to put that money back in the machine
aarons slot channel (3 months ago)
yes that's what we do
Chris Hernandez (3 months ago)
Nice win !!!
maggotcorps (3 months ago)
"You want me to do it?"
aarons slot channel (3 months ago)
yes do me
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FLAT PLANE GUY IT'S FLAT (3 months ago)
And 10k from utube
aarons slot channel (3 months ago)
6k from youtube so far
Evelyn Navas (3 months ago)
good luck you had an excellent way to earn dollars, hopefully I had the same luck to win, thousand congratulations hahaha
Prince Dubai (3 months ago)
I love.U.S.A🇺🇸💟 Dollars.💟💟💟💟💟💟
Uhh yes (3 months ago)
Is it true that if you win over $1,200 you have to show your social security and identification when you cash out
aarons slot channel (3 months ago)
yes or you gotta pay taxes
firebird_SPLEEN (3 months ago)
matt shine (3 months ago)
whos the indian guy that wont shut up
joe chap (3 months ago)
All that and you only won 10 dollars. What a scam
Vitaliy Huk (3 months ago)
Helloy I need help money please Visa 4149 4991 0734 0109....sos
Adam Costello (3 months ago)
My dad and me love to play this game, I hope one day to win the Super jackpot :D
Born to #PLAY (3 months ago)
Moron Clickbait!!!!!!!!
Raffy V (4 months ago)
amazing ! i hope to get as lucky as you 😭
Donna Cawley (3 months ago)
Raffy Things Thanks for the heads up on the couch and then you can only use it for the interview at the fact that you are going to be in the area around the corner from the way you are doing well I hope you have a wonderful day and then you can go to bed and wake you
Donna Cawley (3 months ago)
Raffy Things h
aarons slot channel (4 months ago)
AYUDA POR FAVOR (4 months ago)
Please help me... gifme 100 usd please.... my paypall is ayudando.a.un.desconocido@gmail.com thanks!!
aarons slot channel (4 months ago)
Thoughts and prayers
Brant Warner (4 months ago)
The lady talking in the back ruined it..
Jamie Bascomb (4 months ago)
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D K (4 months ago)
This is not the biggest buffalo win on YouTube.
aarons slot channel (4 months ago)
it was when I posted it
minyak argan (4 months ago)
Just a clickbait thumbnail facker...
Jesse Hernandez (4 months ago)
Aggravated Assault (4 months ago)
What casino?
aarons slot channel (4 months ago)
diamonds jacks in Shreveport, la
gotohell (4 months ago)
Any now yr afflicted to slots FOR LIFE ...
The Slot Hunter (4 months ago)
That looked fun! Nice bonus game feature!
john jones (4 months ago)
The Spot
john jones (4 months ago)
aarons slot change
aarons slot channel (4 months ago)
Sara Hill (4 months ago)
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girlsrockurboyz (4 months ago)
aarons slot channel (4 months ago)
ReggaeEli (4 months ago)
looks too good to be true? how do you lose?
DRIVINGDAYS (4 months ago)
How does the casino make money then?
Larry Johnston (4 months ago)
I didn't see anybody collect anything!!?? I believe those were Nicole slots!!
MRSQTBROWN (4 months ago)
aarons slot channel (4 months ago)
DAVID'S WORLD 71512 (4 months ago)
aarons slot channel (4 months ago)
Nick James (4 months ago)
Know get ur winnings money take it home put it on the floor and jerk it off make sure it’s dripping..
Vic T Slots (5 months ago)
That is insane to have caught on video!! Amazing win!!!
aarons slot channel (4 months ago)
Legion Slots (5 months ago)
its so hard to get bonus for this shit
Llewellyn Van Den Berg (5 months ago)
Samsun O.O (5 months ago)
Jay Jay (5 months ago)
That gay taliban is talkin too much Ooh my goddd wauuwww lmao😂
SoonerGal (5 months ago)
I just saw this. WOW guys that was AWESOME!!!!
aarons slot channel (5 months ago)
Slotpots Wins (5 months ago)
Wendy Cushenan (5 months ago)
Fantastic win !! ....I won big on that game in Vegas last year...
aarons slot channel (5 months ago)
Good one wendy
Marty Lucas (5 months ago)
How could you stop in the middle of a bonus! You’re an idiot!! This is why you will never be a top ranked slot channel!! What a douchebag!
aarons slot channel (5 months ago)
I don't wanna be a top ranked slot channel and I don't want to beg for superchat
kev p (5 months ago)
AWESOME!!!!!! :-D
aarons slot channel (5 months ago)
Gerry Smith (5 months ago)
Nice work!
Gerry Smith (5 months ago)
I'm from london over in the UK and i went vegas for the first ever time in 2016 for a stag do for a friends wedding and man i wished i got this luck haha!
aarons slot channel (5 months ago)
Dewitt Reeves (5 months ago)
love playing this game
Bob England (6 months ago)
why does nobody ever play for the big prize.
My Email (6 months ago)
Better hope your a US citizen or your broke
John Holt (6 months ago)
I hope you gave the narrator a nice tip, he probably was late for his shift checking people in at the Motel 6.
BIG CORPA (6 months ago)
Thank you, come again
S W (6 months ago)
Is that Apu?
Air_strike96 (6 months ago)
I wish I was this lucky in a casino.
Amber Lynn (6 months ago)
That’s crazy a $1.50 bet up at my casino you have to bet max $3.75 to get the grand possibly that was one hot machine ours at Miami valley gaming barely hits any more
Mimi Sakinah (6 months ago)
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mongopipes (6 months ago)
Twice in a year someone won over 750000 progressives,not the same person but two different people,from northern Minnesota
dragon sniper (6 months ago)
I keep hearing u gonna get a hand job
Michael R (1 month ago)
"You never gotta hand job?" "Never." "Even I had hand job." "That's CRAZY!"
Billy Stixxz (6 months ago)
This shit is old af i saw this 4 months ago..
M D (6 months ago)
I won 1800 yesterday
aarons slot channel (6 months ago)
Great one
Happy Boss (6 months ago)
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mike g (6 months ago)
Wow great win man!!!!
aarons slot channel (6 months ago)
k bone (6 months ago)
They don't have that machine in Minneapolis sadly! Look's like a fun machine to play though.
Terrence Leonard (7 months ago)
What was ur bet I got the super on 75 cents with a multiplier of 5

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