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Onward - Military VR Multiplayer Simulator - HTC VIVE

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Virtual Reality Multiplayer is finally going places. Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/RobbazTube Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Robbazking Game: Onward VR Headset: Htc Vive
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Text Comments (1641)
Samuel Thornton-Greet (3 days ago)
Sometimes you sound like miss piggy
Vex Xylo (8 days ago)
The futer of gaming is bae
Gencoupe 96 (18 days ago)
I skipped threw like 10 parts of this video. Not one second of combat ...WTH man just not cool fool
Skankhunt 42 (1 month ago)
I didn’t know Kermit the frog had a YouTube channel
CamaroLoverz (1 month ago)
Can you zoom in on the scopes in this game?
Citrus Der Pumpkin (1 month ago)
We're AMERICA we dont negotiate with PENISES!!!!!
trazkey (1 month ago)
Better than Fortnite
CAESAR (2 months ago)
This game looks so fun especially using the VR as tactical training it's super dope.
Not Custos (2 months ago)
Shoot himself that’s not how guns work. are you sure
Sharif (2 months ago)
you sound like a fucking jew
Acidpond (3 months ago)
Soooooon sword art we’ll happen lol
Sam Wood (3 months ago)
sounds like yoda ngl
John doue Quebec (3 months ago)
Is it possible to play without vr?
Eli 2 Lit (3 months ago)
He really shot himself I did not see that coming 😭😅😅❗
STALLY TALLLY (3 months ago)
Yo u honestly no offense but please what ever you do do not join the us military or be a cop
Nada (4 months ago)
Gotta get blue jeans to be a Real American.
Anxious Clan (5 months ago)
“Oh no, guns. How do they function?”
Maxed Out Gamer (6 months ago)
His voice tho
Berceski ? (6 months ago)
Cho ass sound like a cartoon chsracter- the deep voiced version of Dexter fro Dexters lavatory - you sound like the clear sounding version of Yoda
Kyle DeepNutt (7 months ago)
do people still play this , just wonderning so i dont wast my money
Ben Showler (7 months ago)
‘Puts gun in mouth and pulls trigger’ oh I killed my self that’s not how guns work 👍👏🏻👏🏻
FredBear 756 (7 months ago)
Balls deep man! *FUCKING BALLS DEEP!!!*
Wisconsinite 76 (8 months ago)
Proper way to handle a hostage situation “precedes to shoot hostage just as much as the terrorist”
Young Sad (9 months ago)
Lol 😂😂😂 i love this guy all ready
Lucas Mroczynski (9 months ago)
Why does he sound like Cookie monster and Elmos baby
Lil Disappointment (9 months ago)
You're fucking dumb
Carlos Gonzalez (9 months ago)
"that's not how guns work" lol
charter (9 months ago)
This available on rift
XxPureFirexX 357 (10 months ago)
oh no im fucked tell my family i hate them
rambosstepson (10 months ago)
This guy sounds just like kermit the frog
Robbaz (10 months ago)
I was the voice actor.
cloroxbanana (11 months ago)
I disliked this video because of the ad
cloroxbanana (11 months ago)
The ad said because she was female she was paid less so it’s an auto dislike
EMT Brown (11 months ago)
I think you were playing with Michael Cera or another celebrity @ 05:15. I recognize the voice.
Thomas Zimmerman (11 months ago)
Just once, I’d love it if a game developer took all of 5 minutes to fire a real gun to see what they actually sound like.
DOC187able (11 months ago)
We could use this one on psvr
Gunngulfart (11 months ago)
Just got an ad for age of ultron..... it's 2017 not 2015 so.... wtf
Flaka Damn (11 months ago)
The hunter or😍😂
too long too load? are you fucking dumb?
arshia gaming (1 year ago)
world penis !!!!!!!
Trist (1 year ago)
Hey how can i get an oculus rift really cheap?
JWC art (1 year ago)
His voice sounds like baby bear from sesame street
Danne999 (1 year ago)
Best video ever haha
ethan jimmy (1 year ago)
Woo wee
Jamie Billyeald (1 year ago)
robert the 1911 was called that because that was when it was made (not sure about this btw but its probably right)
Leonel Macchi (1 year ago)
such a retard. You can actually try it seriously
*puts gun in mouth and chews on it * gun goes of ohhh i killed myself
mrpinch oloaf (1 year ago)
Why do you sound like a muppet
HVOC Sniping Clan (1 year ago)
you sound like squidward
David Gadel (1 year ago)
Hey robbaz you can grab the bad guys and get out your knife and slice them and you can shoot their feet and get out your knife to and slice their neck
Spicy (1 year ago)
50 frames
The Mighty Burrito (1 year ago)
*kills hostage* "I never negotiate with civilians!" Robbaz, you're military not police.
heeey Devon (1 year ago)
They couldn't hear you because you aren't touching your shoulder
Spaze (1 year ago)
if you didn't have the camera, i probably would of thought you were actually walking around
Rhiro Yonve (1 year ago)
Will Robbaz ever learn how to use a needle?
Angry Seagull (1 year ago)
Kuroko Tetsuyuka (1 year ago)
You talk so funny LOL
Sn1p3s2 (1 year ago)
662Dee (1 year ago)
Lmao at yo gesture at 1:38 😂😂 #Savage.. What does this go too? I need to get 1 of these systems
That One kidd Gareth (1 year ago)
this guy sounds like mr bean
Big$MoneyBoss (1 year ago)
So do you have to all around to move or not? Because I have a very small space like yours but I didn't see you walking around
ya boi (1 year ago)
Big$MoneyBoss You move with one of the joystick thingys in the controls.
moha glade (1 year ago)
looks promising ,the animations are terrible they need to work on that
Gaming Engineer (1 year ago)
Dude mickey mouse on steroids playing games
Sid Bell (1 year ago)
sounds like kermit AND yoda! hes awesome
Joey Flores (1 year ago)
is that gonzo from sesame Street talking?
AstonPlaysHD (1 year ago)
Best vid yet
🅱️ig 🅱️oner (1 year ago)
I can't tell if you are gay or childish as FUCK ?
diegodinamita dd (1 year ago)
the grapics look like call of battlefield un Android
enwelz (1 year ago)
Easily the best multiplayer FPS experience since Golden Eye. It is out of this world great. If you are on the fence about it and have a vive, definitely get it
Julian Haddad (1 year ago)
are you Mr Bean?
Kyler Fildes (1 year ago)
use your sights man lol
Kieran Walton (1 year ago)
You sound like an Asian Mr Bean.
Orashgle (1 year ago)
"i don't negotiate with penises"
Lit Livestream Clips (1 year ago)
Hes throwing shots at America until something happens and his country needs our help thats what happens with most people now a days
InfinitiGaming (1 year ago)
Tip use sights and you won't miss
TST Leise (1 year ago)
it sound like you are from sweden
TST Leise (1 year ago)
becuse i am from sweden
James Arte (1 year ago)
1:43 " I Don't negotiate with penises"         Farrrk, I love Robert.              Forget Solfeggio frequencies, meditation or mood music, I just put Robert on in the background and my day seems happier.            Kinda sad, really, but true :)
Palle Skov (1 year ago)
Is this actually Mr. Bean?
V (1 year ago)
6:30 I busted out laughing
Trenton Fletcher (1 year ago)
lol great gameplay. you sound like Grover lol
Tyler W (1 year ago)
Robaz, have you ever raged while gaming?
- sandgrains - (1 year ago)
Your voice...
Minazoxi999 (1 year ago)
he is just not funny
cheshire cat (1 year ago)
This is how people will be drafted in the future, whoever has the high score,& the least deaths
StofferM (1 year ago)
i really want vr:P
flak (1 year ago)
Joshua Bailey (1 year ago)
I feel like I'm listening to Kermit the frog for some reason
Aj Madic (1 year ago)
How do you move forward?
Jeremy Price (1 year ago)
Isaac Stop (1 year ago)
I'm so sad I dotnt have 1 thousand dollars
Mateusz Bartek (1 year ago)
What the fuck is wrong with this pussy's voice ?! Is he Swedish gay ?
790 gaming (1 year ago)
i have this game and i get WAY to motion sick when i play it :/
Imäshger 32 (1 year ago)
you should accept the fact that ur ruler is a baby and a grandma
Ralfmansamal (1 year ago)
oh you soo funny  crazy hahahaha
krauzer duvindeset (1 year ago)
loool you look like a retard
Ready Player10000 (1 year ago)
Stop swearing
Konge555 (1 year ago)
21:20 mickey mouse
hip_ (1 year ago)
idk but, is it possible that the htc vive offers a slightly better graphic in this game than the rift? if i compare 2 onward videos with the different headsets it seem to be that the vive graphics are better
Matt D (1 year ago)
Play GORN! I think that game would suit you well lol
THUNDERxX45 (1 year ago)
Do you move with a joystick?
Verbose Mode (1 year ago)
What is that accent? He sounds like Marvin the Martian.
Ethan Cummings (1 year ago)
It's funny watching people that have never handled a gun play onward and h3

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