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Best free games for PC

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Pay no money now! Here are the 10 best free games to play on PC in 2018. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg https://www.instagram.com/logitechg
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Text Comments (123)
Zovr (16 hours ago)
fortday is a trash game
Cheesy Frog (21 hours ago)
Mr.WolfLT (1 day ago)
Fortnite is kidish
Lunatic's Aces (1 day ago)
Ecchi Bot (1 day ago)
Doki Doki Literature Club, the fun and friendly atmospheric game! Fun for the whole family!
Sh4fKid (1 day ago)
Dominik Pajki (1 day ago)
LUNATIK (2 days ago)
You forgot about HaloOnline https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/
AnimeT0getherEU (2 days ago)
Overwatch is more like a paid paladins.
Pu55 Mark (2 days ago)
Well you forgot Warface but amazing video
Nickf 121306 (3 days ago)
Hxppy thxughts
omar sayed (3 days ago)
WwT-Rex123wW Gaming (3 days ago)
EliteBadger (3 days ago)
Why is fortnite the cover are you good
Brian A (3 days ago)
oh god I'm getting Vietnam flashbacks from just looking at Monika.
noobster gt (4 days ago)
what about ironsight?
Isyraq Ummair (4 days ago)
for low spec? geforce 610m most of the game up there are playable but the fps drop
Dean (5 days ago)
How is Planetside 2 not on this list? Its better than all these games combined lol
JeyLast (5 days ago)
Dota2, Lol, Fortnite Battle royal AmericasArmy Proving Grounds Paladins Smite Crossfire Warface
Azfar Yazid (6 days ago)
dota is the highest price pool in history period
Eddie Moreno (6 days ago)
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Chelsea Franklin (6 days ago)
Wow At last worked
Cindy Morrow (6 days ago)
honestly worked.
GoofOne TV (7 days ago)
summertime saga ;)
Shivvy Hmiyc (7 days ago)
Logitech G: LOL biggest esports game in the world Dota 2: Nice joke kid
Matias Konkonen (8 days ago)
it is not doki soki. it is douki douki
Eleazar Velasco (8 days ago)
There are more than 3 warframes.
bers batjargal (8 days ago)
Torjan6Doto (9 days ago)
No Dota2, but LOL GEGE
CREEPZOMBEY (9 days ago)
u are so nice!!! i have logitech g502 and g633
Pronoy Adhikary (9 days ago)
you forget the black squad ok steam...... it's a fps game
Mtn- Dewgang (7 days ago)
Pronoy Adhikary hitboxes are shite.
YJ Fu (9 days ago)
Starcraft 2? no?
Timothy eramsus (9 days ago)
so dota isn't free 2 play but you have league their wow once league makes as much money as dota does on a TI tournament wow
Sven 31 (10 days ago)
War thunder?
Killer- A (10 days ago)
you guys forgot americas Army proving grounds....
Kneeggur (10 days ago)
Noisy Boy (10 days ago)
quick update: paladins is said to be fully release sometime between next 2 weeks to next 2 months
TheOneAndOnly 67 (10 days ago)
fortnite should be last
Fire Fox (11 days ago)
Cheesy Frog (21 hours ago)
joejoe4k (11 days ago)
but fortnite is older then pubg? anyway both came from minecraft hungergamemode :D
bezberry (9 days ago)
joejoe4k there were multiple other battle royale inspirations besides Minecraft
Fortnight game is free?
bezberry (9 days ago)
Gametv Android gameplay yep
g alonso (12 days ago)
Bring the g502 back
Nooshika Gaming (12 days ago)
Where is unturned
toot (15 days ago)
My list would include Guild Wars 2
adamNmore! (17 days ago)
He basically don't know how to use Skye 8:24 LOL
Dimitrigaming (19 days ago)
nice vid
Mohamed Ahmed (20 days ago)
I would add star craft 2 but oh well....
Umar Farooq (20 days ago)
Where's dota 2? It's the biggest esport the world.😬
e_rdin (5 days ago)
League of Legends is the biggest esports
Thijs Jansen (9 days ago)
Umar Farooq that is a lie
Seinsa Saravia (18 days ago)
que nene especial
SmedNet (20 days ago)
No robocraft, heroes and generals or unturned? Um... OK?
Pingbot (14 days ago)
Robocraft got repetitive quick, in h and g, you litteraly run around 90% of the time just to end up dying to an op player.
Sir Assassin (21 days ago)
love myself some docky docky
Tiny Dick (1 day ago)
and i love myself some cocky cocky and sukki sukki and some fukki fukki
Papa J (20 days ago)
ScytherDOTA (21 days ago)
Okay this video is stupid. I'm not even a stupid fanboy, I play both games but seeing League in the last as "free" without DOTA2 in it is controversial. All of the heroes isn't even free yet to be "designed brilliant". Cmon, if we're talking about hero concepts, the game balance and unusual thing, it should've been DOTA. With that, I love playing league casually with friends. It's just a chill game where you just 1shot people and get 1shotted.
Savage Catz (3 days ago)
Lol > Dota 2
AdamOKGaming (10 days ago)
Ugly Boy (10 days ago)
TheOneAndOnly 67 it's not, it's stupid with no sense of accomplishment.
TheOneAndOnly 67 (10 days ago)
still better than unlocking them and yes dota 2 is better
Ugly Boy (20 days ago)
All the heros are free, you earn BE and buy them. Just bc they aren't insta unlocked doesn't mean they aren't free. Riot constantly updates their game each week, DOTA is a good game but not better.
Guns4Hire (21 days ago)
That moment when you have played almost every free to play games and can't find a new one :(
strapinski96 (21 days ago)
Starcraft 2 multiplayer?
Killian Khoo (21 days ago)
How about Starcraft 2 ? Now it is free to play ~
PlanetSide two
Morbid Mirror (22 days ago)
God damn it, everybody already knows them games.
Shaky McJitters (22 days ago)
Good video! World of Tanks should be on the list as well!
omiZ321 (27 days ago)
War Thunder
Jake Morrison (27 days ago)
I was expecting to see the best free games released 2017 and onwards.
Vancha (27 days ago)
League without DotA 2...Controversial.
Jenna (28 days ago)
League of Legends was overwhelmingly popular MOBA game ever since Dota was introduced back in WarCraft III: Frozen Throne.
Err0r 17 (28 days ago)
Dota 2 ?
jakob (3 days ago)
Suyan Shrestha (4 days ago)
Its trash for those who can't play Dota 2
Weston Ho (10 days ago)
MANJULA SHARMA (10 days ago)
noob 1726 smit is also a moba better than dota
Glen Monforte (10 days ago)
trash for those who's trash player
Jesen George (28 days ago)
Battle Royale does not exist in Paladins anymore, to everyone looking for a new BR game.
Awesomeguys900 (9 days ago)
I played paladins battle royal (battlegrounds) for the one day it was available, it was great because I enjoyed fortnite but didn't want two separate games.
Mohamed Hazem (28 days ago)
What is beast mouse and keyboard .L G T?
Dragon King (9 days ago)
g502 mouse and g410 for the keyboard
Ryan (28 days ago)
best keyboard G810 - haven't tried G513 though
XHAD (28 days ago)
Without tf2 we wouldn't have OW Highly doubt that
Joey Grego (19 days ago)
Jusey1 (27 days ago)
It's actually true. The inspiration for Overwatch was literally Team Fortress 2. Blizzard even admit this themselves. They loved TF2 so much that when their old failing project went down the drain, they decided to do their own version of TF2 and call it Overwatch, which grew into it's own thing.
Tariq KH (28 days ago)
Planetside 2 is my favorite f2p game
Waifu Hunter (28 days ago)
Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika
Klumsy Kameleon (28 days ago)
But of course Fortnite is the thumbnail.
Overloaded (28 days ago)
good vid good vid
Georgeous (28 days ago)
H1Z1 should be on this list. Imo the battle royale that needs most skill, fast past and not as RNG as Fortnite and PUBG.
Lezafordx (28 days ago)
skilled =/= popular
Svante (28 days ago)
StarCraft II is rely nice for being F2P although I'm not that into it's game genre
APeX AMAL (16 days ago)
yeah they made it free...but i dont like it
The Senate (22 days ago)
StarCraft II is a free game????
Mooni Khan (28 days ago)
but, exellent video
Profi Quack (28 days ago)
New logo, nice!
St1lysh (3 days ago)
But it isn't new... Is like this since 2017
St1lysh (3 days ago)
Logitech G yes kinda like Google logo
St1lysh (3 days ago)
smokedragon cool of course is. Here... Even if I don't like it
smokedragon cool (11 days ago)
Y fortnite here
Vrum Vrum Deluxe 5 (26 days ago)
Yeah I agree new one is better
Cerberus (28 days ago)
I have to give it to you, this list was quite diverse, although i do not agree with all
Logitech G (28 days ago)
Thanks! Tried to pick mix of a few different types of games - hopefully something here for everyone - Matt
mario (28 days ago)
all of them suck without leauge fortnite and tf2
atif (8 hours ago)
mario fortnite is trash so....
Raptor YT (16 days ago)
mario warframe?
TheGrindedGamer (28 days ago)
How about a game of Gwent!

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