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Shroud Plays Cuisine Royale for the First Time!

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TechBuilder (3 months ago)
This game looks LEGIT! Graphics and background audio is really immersive. It just needs improvement on that rubbish character movement. If the developers poke the right buttons, this could be a pubg killer.
amado awado (2 days ago)
personally i think the run they made is good and makes good mechanics .. you lean when you run sideways .. makes dodging easier .. plus the character runs diagonally and with leaned spine instead of pubgs sideways straight up run .. this is better imo and ive never played it .. you just got used to a different gameplay .. if you started playing this mechanic then played the stiff pubg movement you would hate it 10 times fold ..
gregory tiibrown (11 days ago)
that what I was about to write
LOtotheL (1 month ago)
Even the gun models look Better than pubg rn
Lowlife Illusion (1 month ago)
+ryan shipton gam not dead playwd it all night stfu
ryan shipton (1 month ago)
this game is dead as fuck, just like all the battle royals out there. How the fuck can you make a BR game that kills the popular BR game out there when there is millions of fucking BR games to begin with
Lazy Badger (1 day ago)
why am I wasting my time ?!?
fuck google (4 days ago)
otherwise its good but the animations are trash
Slayer Blaster (5 days ago)
When Shroud play Cuisine Royale *1k player play Cuisine Royale*
S Monty (7 days ago)
Shroud request you play Ring OF Elysium In Steam
abood gamer (9 days ago)
Even the game is suck but still for free not like pubg 30$ alot of money
knesrevi (9 days ago)
God I love Gaijin they made this game as a fucking JOKE but because its so good the "community" make the devs release it as an actual game and PUBG players (mainly) and some few Fortnite players are already negative af
Cardboard War (11 days ago)
How to change to the first person guys?
Aim Gamer (11 days ago)
This game so annoying 🤣😂
OSCAR W. (13 days ago)
Liamggbb123 (15 days ago)
This game is actually a lot of fun. Also good for a free game.
ali akeel (24 days ago)
holy shit the graphics
50lmyr (27 days ago)
I'll give a critique on this game: Animations are horrible. Just horrible (pain to watch). Graphics are good, but only because of Depth of field people think it's impressive. However, Graphics are still better than PUBG. Aiming...well that's the worst part. Aiming sooooo bad (game have some kind of dynamic crosshair system that sux). When I move aim I want to aim move there, not dynamically jumps around (not talking about recoil). Clothes and equipment have no role. It's just cosmetics and wont protects you. I literally shoot full round at naked guy and he survived, and he shoot 1-2 and killed me while I had full gear. Also, he can kills you with one hit with knife. Today I tried game again and it crash every time. Waiting in the lobby 10 minutes, stupid loading screen and than game crash. It's free but it's not worth even free.
Chickencore (26 days ago)
Dude this game wasn't meant to be realistic/fixed. It's an april fools joke
Blastinflyr TGC (27 days ago)
All that are commenting on the topic of the game's animations and content probably need to realize this was created clearly as a joke and need to stop taking the subject so seriously, the same applies to shroud honestly, he "is pissed about how the character moves" (not sure if that's what he said word for word but it's got the same concept. Overall I think the game looks good for what it was meant to be, an entertaining jokingly created game, which is why I stand by my opinion (already stated) that this shouldn't be taken as seriously as it is being taken.
Blastinflyr TGC (27 days ago)
*also sorry for the typo about halfway through my small rant
Ricardo Amado (27 days ago)
the game came out as an April's fool joke and now they made it real
Ricardo Amado (27 days ago)
the concept of this game is great and it can even become much better than pubg. the the game need to be improved and tweaked
Ricardo Amado (27 days ago)
the devs need to fix the crosshair of the weapons and they also need to fix the weapons themselves. they are not balanced.
RJ Buenconsejo (28 days ago)
Well... this pubg optimization shit again its not bad for me and this game isn't bad too so stop comparing two DIFFERENT games in the SAME genre
Fabian Tirta (1 month ago)
This to 🤣 all
JumpNation (1 month ago)
whos whaching the old korean BR movie?
CommandoJenkins (1 month ago)
That level design is beautiful and immersive.
ElJohn David Cuaresma (1 month ago)
how you move made me laugh
imal 46 (1 month ago)
I've play it and the last person kill me with a pan.it piss me off.
johnny1992black (1 month ago)
its the same engine war thunder is built on its a gaming perfect engine
johnny1992black (1 month ago)
for fuck's sakes press T
awesomess (1 month ago)
lol when did 1080p become so blurry jesus...
Blue (1 month ago)
better than fortnut tho
All Pads 24 Ind (1 month ago)
This game is more realistic
Its Me Again ! (1 month ago)
graphics is good.... but why controls and movement sucks
Shawnte Time (1 month ago)
This is legitness
Muhammad Nasir (1 month ago)
jeremy rikh (1 month ago)
This game looks hilarious. The players movement sucks. As well as the shooting. It sucks.
SYRØ (1 month ago)
The game was initially released as an april's fool joke so...
James Byrne (1 month ago)
Looks better than PUBG.
Evan Gaming1710 (1 month ago)
Many weapon from WW2 in this game
CORTNEY FINDLEY (1 month ago)
did he just stuff a whole refrigerator in his pants and y'all claiming this better than pubg ok bye lol
Edoardo Mattei (1 month ago)
graphic looks good
GgEasy 84 (1 month ago)
Lol I actually like the game, it's awesome!
PubG should take some inspiration from this game, start taking notes pubg Edit: (meaning mostly graphics and sound EFX) but the bugs too. If they will get anything done, that's wishful thinking.
dinesh kidd (1 month ago)
Environment seems better than pubg
Player BRUV (1 month ago)
Everyone sayin this game could be a pubg killer have pcs that cant even run solitaire.
Neil XymontŞ๓ (1 month ago)
Shroud play RULES OF SURVIVAL battle royal
Mc Cuck (1 month ago)
Players Vibe Gaming (1 month ago)
Wow getting this 😍
Gerardo Reyes (1 month ago)
The map looks awesome, love that forest he went into.
iiYousef _PlayS (1 month ago)
i like it. realy awsome
Vanitas BB (1 month ago)
Satirizes the pan of pubg
Raj Jauhari (1 month ago)
The animators should work on that shitty character animations and add some real weapons and objects instead of food items and pans to cover your ass and all. This game's background animations are better than pubg
Chickencore (26 days ago)
This. Game. Was. Meant. To. Be. A. April. Fools. Joke.
Erick V. (1 month ago)
The environment looks good. Everything else is garbage.
Ray Cornett (1 month ago)
Didn’t see a ounce of d sync hmmmmm they need to buy pub g so that game don’t stay ass
Randy S. (1 month ago)
And you have a waffle maker hanging from your ass lol
Randy S. (1 month ago)
Why do you run around like a drunk idiot
Mr.Mohy (1 month ago)
Graphics are the better compared to pubg and other Br games.
Toxic Gamer19 (1 month ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i couldn't stop laughing when i saw the way he is walking 😂😂😂😊
DopeTheScope Video's (1 month ago)
Made it 4k!
Muhammad Rofiuddin (1 month ago)
Pubg should add a map like this, amazing
Buckleup Peeps (1 month ago)
His reaction make this game look funnier 😆
Buckleup Peeps (1 month ago)
“What the??” “What am I wearing?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Being gamer (1 month ago)
I had tried this game controls are very bad and also lag... But its still early access... But i love the audio
Mateus Ca (1 month ago)
This sound <3
464 2345 (1 month ago)
Everyone remember this game was made as a joke and not indented to ever be released as a game
UNKNOWN PUBGer (1 month ago)
Come on guys pubg is still better than this shit
Senhor leitinho preto (1 month ago)
PUBG for woman
Bhushan Jagtap (1 month ago)
Those bunny shoe jumps tho 😂
Money Man Shoota (1 month ago)
Mfs hating on pubg all in the comments
i will eatyew (1 month ago)
This game is cool. Little bit funny haha
周偉翰 (1 month ago)
I think. This game better than. PUBG.
herman munster (2 months ago)
im glad i saw this now i shall un install this shit
Yweis (2 months ago)
Graphic more gud than pubg just need fix with character and move , rlly gud graphic
Pyro Sandwich (2 months ago)
God why is games like this so damn long. So boring
GameViciously (2 months ago)
Shrouds bitchy ass, smh. At least the games hit detection and tick rate is a helluva lot better than PUBG.
ThemanThemythThelegend (2 months ago)
A ww2 guns battle royal this is awesome
ice tea (2 months ago)
the ony thing good about this game is frames,graphics,weapons, and audio. except for the character.
Tsiatas Antonis (1 month ago)
John (2 months ago)
What the fuck we have the same face
Aires Justo (2 months ago)
Is he drunk!?
AtomicBlastCzech. (2 months ago)
wlcome in hell
gonzalo cabuche (2 months ago)
This is so hilarious
HOwAbOUtToTAKeThEOoF (2 months ago)
The only thing that they need to change is the moving/walking animations everything else is just aswome
SYRØ (1 month ago)
....and more player. Max no. Of players is 30
Zlatan Prometheus Marak (2 months ago)
Sick graphics but cringy movement
ShadowShard (2 months ago)
at least its better than that game for kids and virgins named fortnite hahaha
Ike Phillip Ruffin (2 months ago)
Bluehole needs to hire some of the developers from Darkflow Software. They actually know how to code.
Meyrol fiac (2 months ago)
Wehr dafuq eyeam
xoDk (2 months ago)
better than fortnite
Bikal Tamang (2 months ago)
Its Gaym
Gurren Laggan (2 months ago)
Shroud should also try "fear the wolfves"
Mario Muñoz (2 months ago)
I thought this game looked good. The FPS and grafics are good. I like the fact that there's voice lines when you kill someone or get shot. The jumping sound kinda made me laugh. It's a little goofy but whatever. The whole getting in the water thing sucked. The walking and running animations are a little weird but I don't mind it at all. It seems more realistic because it kinda makes sense that you would be walking around like that in a real hunger games type situation but whatever. Pubg really fuckin' sucks. The FPS bullshit, the glitchy garbage ass trash, like being in a vehicle that decides to go haywire. Running into a fuckin' wooden bench and having your car explode. Fuck that shit, dude. I get that "connection lag" notification too much. Seriously, fuck pubg. It's actual dumpster juice. I can't believe people still play that shit. I managed to play pubg twice before calling it quits. This game is much better, despite the weird walking animation and swimming thing.
Taylor Hoover (2 months ago)
This makes me want the division to do a battle royale. Third person. Realistic. Sick looking game tho!
AMORYxXBMBXx (2 months ago)
Is it free
_Thot Patrol_ (2 months ago)
killing gamer_xd it is free just saw on Steam
AMORYxXBMBXx (2 months ago)
+_Thot Patrol_ if its free it will be cool
_Thot Patrol_ (2 months ago)
killing gamer_xd i think so
timknuevener (2 months ago)
The performance is lity recommended is my setup (8gb ram, 1060 6gb) and i got average 140 fps
Grimm reaper (2 months ago)
If u don't like it then stop playing it shroud
Mister Butteater (2 months ago)
Look at the pots. The food. Shroud put it together. It’s technically cooking
Maximilian Knitter (2 months ago)
If the publishers would make a serious version of it it would be booming
Maximilian Knitter (2 months ago)
This game has great potential.
Vital Alpha (2 months ago)
This game looks so much better than pub g
two number 9 (2 months ago)
The last one second ... u saw how shroud freezed ? MK ULTRA mind control
Dominijk Catalan (2 months ago)
just add the player character of pubg on this game, it'll be so nice! Just reminds me of Arena of Valor tho. its the pretty good game too with nice graphics
Gene 05 (2 months ago)
Its look like garbage man
Donovan Hall (2 months ago)
Staring down the iron sights on this games looks AMAZING sheesh
Donovan Hall (2 months ago)
dude moves like rubber that game is goofy as hell lookin
JADE RUBIN (2 months ago)
Wow nice game , the graphics are pretty good
Austin Kocsis (2 months ago)
I had a better experience and fun times in this game over pubg honestly
sanjay mishra (2 months ago)
He is drunk....

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