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Sonic Heroes, Next Gen, & Unleashed are NOT Sonic Adventure 3!!! Here's Why... | Sonic Adventure 3

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Here are the reasons why Sonic Heroes, Next Gen, & Unleashed are NOT Sonic Adventure 3. Also, please do not witch-hunt the people who were trying to convince me that one of the Sonic games were Sonic Adventure 3 or the people who believe that Sonic Next Gen is not a reboot. Thank you. Sources ***Takashi Iizuka’s interview with Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)*** http://info.sonicretro.org/Takashi_Iizuka_interview_by_EGM_(February_3,_2004) *** Takashi Iizuka’s interview with Edge*** https://web.archive.org/web/20120612044240/http://www.edge-online.com/features/interview-nights-watchman ***IGN’s Article of Sonic Next Gen*** http://www.ign.com/articles/2005/09/09/sonic-the-hedgehog-goes-x360 ***gameindustry.biz’s Article of Sonic Next Gen*** http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/sega-reinvents-sonic-the-hedgehog-experience-for-next-generation-video-game-platforms ***Pete Capella's (Silver's former VA) Resume*** http://www.tssznews.com/2015/11/27/sonic-the-hedgehog-awakening-found-on-resume-of-former-silver-va/ ***The Development Process of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)*** http://info.sonicretro.org/Game_Development:Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(2006_game)#Development_Process ***Blaze is from an alternative dimension*** http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Doctor_Eggman_Nega#Trivia ***SEGA does not care about continuity*** http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_series#Trivia https://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/19847-segas-secret-sonic-bible-that-well-probably-never-see-to-mars/?page=10&tab=comments#comment-964735 ***The Super Emeralds, along with Hyper Sonic, Hyper Knuckles & Super Tails, are no longer canon*** http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Super_Emerald#Trivia http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Super_Emerald#References http://www.gameinformer.com/themes/blogs/generic/post.aspx?WeblogApp=features&y=2017&m=06&d=10&WeblogPostName=more-burning-questions-about-the-sonic-the-hedgehog-franchise-answered&GroupKeys= ***Blaze remembers Crisis City in Sonic Generations*** http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Blaze:_Piercing_the_Flames#Trivia ***Sonic Unleashed began as Sonic Adventure 3*** https://www.videogamer.com/news/sonic-unleashed-began-as-sonic-adventure-3 ***Yoshihisa Hashimoto’s interview with Nintendo Power*** http://www.tssznews.com/2008/06/29/sonic-unleashed-nintendo-power-magazine-scans/ *** Iizuka Speaks of Sonic Adventure 3…Sort Of*** http://www.tssznews.com/2010/10/27/iizuka-speaks-of-sonic-adventure-3-sort-of/
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@14:40 - 14:59 HOLY SHIT!!! I WAS RIGHT!!! https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/19/16333174/sonic-adventure-3-will-never-happen “If we can get the gameplay to evolve and get to a place where Adventure 3 makes sense, then you might see an Adventure 3 come out,” said Iizuka. “But we don’t want to take the entire series back to where it was just make people happy. We want to advance the idea of what a Sonic game is.” Umm...Sonic 4? Sonic Generations? Sonic Mania? Classic Sonic shoehorned in Sonic Forces? Only wants classic stages in Sonic Mania? :/ Is Iizuka for real? The fact that he is not self aware is hilarious XD!
Blaque Link (1 day ago)
Critique on Media Arts Sonic 06 was originally a reboot but,not anymore.
Excalibur Umbra (1 month ago)
But your missing one thing and this is sonic adventure one and 2 are the events of sonic x .so mostly were just playing sonic x but just in a different way plus if sonic adventure 3 was going to happen it mostly have to be about the metarex just like in the sonic x series
scoob (6 months ago)
they made it anyway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UXcwku1ltY
Dreamcast Manic (8 months ago)
Pentacle Dilation Multi-Platform Entertainment bro you know what you're talking about!!! Nice video!!
The game is supposed to make you happy. Think Iizuka think
Blaque Link (1 day ago)
Sonic heroes might not be adventure 3 but,it’s better than adventure and adventure 2 combined in my opinion
Let'z-B-Gamerz (3 months ago)
20 people are modern morans🤣.. if people get the reference
Let'z-B-Gamerz (2 months ago)
+Bowser Jr oh ok
Bowser Jr (2 months ago)
+Let'z-B-Gamerzi know.
Let'z-B-Gamerz (2 months ago)
+Bowser Jr I dispise him to but I think he's a troll lol
Bowser Jr (2 months ago)
Mariotehplumber i really despite that guy.😑
Maximillian Lightyear (3 months ago)
I don't need sources. I am facts. Sonic is dead.
jo 2099 shiba (3 months ago)
Did you forget that crush 40 did a version his world in sonic 06?
Aqua Boltz (3 months ago)
Sonic adventure 3 is technically unleashed, in Japan it is sonic world adventure and was but the night stages ruined the whole thing, so when it came to America it was changed to unleashed cuz the werehog stages. But in Japan where it's made in kept the name adventure and ran along with it. Get it ran along, but with out night stages in America it would be called world adventure bringing a new view on the adventure series, but the sonic fan base hates change so much. Remember when sonic got "older" that didn't sit too well for the "fans" your going for what Americans think and say while Sonic Team of AMERICA responds for Japan, and Japan rolled with it because we Americans can get very rude and confused. Long story short no werehog = sawa aka sa3 meaning change also resorting to chaos pun intended and propaganda saying that it was "false advisement" plus the Wii version was more open like the og adventure stages while the remastered was more compressed like the modern games.
SpOoKy Red Channel (3 months ago)
In Japan Sonic Unleashed is called Sonic World Adventure 3... So it exists and you played it but you didn't know it.
♥️Anime today♥️ (4 months ago)
Minecraft Super Expert (5 months ago)
sonic heroes is set 6 months after sa2
Ray West (5 months ago)
otaku means loser
The Coloman T.R.F. (6 months ago)
In japan sonic unleashed is called sonic world adventure sooo........
Vastra (6 months ago)
Adventure 3 will have the same fate as Half-Life³ Also, Unleashed WAS actually supposed to be Adventure 3, but it was so different from the Adventure series that they decided to change it
AZ_ Gaming (6 months ago)
Eh sonic 06 seems like Sa3 because in adventure one it was just sonic and his friends the second game in the series the introduced shadow and the third to me is they introduced silver and blaze
//Cassiopeya Plus\\ (7 months ago)
What if i told you Unleashed was developed as SA3 but was changed because it was too short? You can see this by the name of the japanese version (World Adventure)
Team Sonic (7 months ago)
Duhhh,they are not titled sonic adventure 3. and the fact that 06 was realy horible so yeah. *UR2SLOW!!!*
firesniperbullet2 (7 months ago)
heroes & unleashed NO Sonic 06 is im sorry but the similarities are to much Your vid dint address or debunk this
Critique on Media Arts (7 months ago)
"Your vid dint address or debunk this" I'm sorry, what? Did you miss the part where I explained why Sonic 06 is very similar to the Adventure games @ 8:24?
GreenLight Productions (8 months ago)
Tbh, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are both overrated.
You mean Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations?
Treyshellz (8 months ago)
If the super emeralds and Hyper Sonic are no longer cannon that wouldn't that mean S3&K is no longer cannon? That means the events in that game, collecting the Super Emeralds and going Hyper to stop the true final boss is no longer cannon? Tekashi Izuka really confuses me sometimes with his decisions
Majora’s Curse TV (8 months ago)
Simple, because they are not titled “ Sonic Adventure 3 “. Duh.
Eternantium (8 months ago)
If Sega still made consoles somehow, I like to imagine that a "Sonic Adventure" game would be sort of a tradition they do whenever they launch a new console. To be honest, it really just kinda feels wrong to have SA3 after Sega is not making hardware anymore. It's like Sega was gearing up to have it's next big trilogy, but then it just abruptly stopped when the reality of having to discontinue hit. If the Dreamcast never failed, I have no doubt we'd have a Dreamcast trilogy as a spiritual successor to the Genesis trilogy.
You make a good argument but somewhere in my heart I still think all those games are somewhat a part of Sonic Adventure 3. Like a trilogy. (Sonic 4 pops up ) A complete and practically good trilogy!(Sonic 4 sinks down)
Star_Fun Jek14RonanJek14 (9 months ago)
YouTuber:"hopefully sonic forces story is good" SEGA:"Sorry, I'm not sorry"
Alex [MinerPlaysBadly] (9 months ago)
Sonic Team naming a game "Sonic Adventure 3" at this point would be an extremely dumb move. It would just be a bad look. This obsession with "What makes a game a Sonic Adventure game" is even more stupid. Can't we just enjoy our Sonic games for what the are?
Alex [MinerPlaysBadly] (8 months ago)
Aha, the whole double / triple boost thing. I don't make a big deal about that because I assume they're combining some sort of "friendship power". Yeah it sounds stupid, but that's why I say fix the canon. Pontac and Graff have been around since Colors. They need to be fired out of a physical cannon.
Dreamcast Manic (8 months ago)
Miner Plays Badly true, plus sonic can't count. What's a "triple boost" if only 1 out of the 3 characters can boost? 06 would've probably been SA3 or something similar if they replaced Alice with sally, and not make it look THAT realistic.
Alex [MinerPlaysBadly] (8 months ago)
I can understand people getting burnt out on the "boost" gameplay, since it's the most recurring. Although I don't suppose it'd be so much of an issue if it weren't for Sonic Forces.
Dreamcast Manic (8 months ago)
If they don't do a SA3, they should do a 3D classic sonic game, similar to extreme.
Dreamcast Manic (8 months ago)
Miner Plays Badly i agree. Good point my man. You're right about sifting all the gameplay elements. And yes, the "adventure formula" isn't all perfect, and neither is the boost. You're right. And yes, fix the canon and the characters. Maybe they should do a generations 2sort of thing, with classic, adventure, and modern sonic. Boom sonic doesnt really have a main gameplay element. And I'm sorry for praising the adventure elements too Mich. The boost element is actually a good idea, I ju think they over use it too much. Colors did a great job of balancing your ring count for your boost for boost segments. Generations did a great job of quickness, and tricks that did a nostalgic resemblance to sonic rush adventure. Both are great features.
xjsjdjd ndndnd (9 months ago)
Why do people call these games adventure 3 if it was sa3 then why don't they call it that
Very Fit Boi (9 months ago)
Quintin Blanson (9 months ago)
I understand your frustration, but you have to understand most of these people in the comment section are kids. Literally and metaphorically.
Jack Øf Blades (9 months ago)
Pfft,we all know Sonic's Schoolhouse is Sonic Adventure 3,I swear everybody's so dumb
pkmnTrainerGold0 (9 months ago)
Sonic 06 is a shitty reboot. The story doesn't really stand on its own and the game erases itself from the canon anyway. If the game didn't redesign Eggman, fuck up Blaze's origin, and was named Sonic Adventure 3 (& Knuckles) there would be no argument over 06 being SA3. (Well, titles are hard to argue anyway... Stupid Sonic 4...)
Zipman (9 months ago)
Zipman (9 months ago)
Zipman (9 months ago)
Zelda (9 months ago)
Oh my gosh you hate sonic and manga IM TWIGGERED
Da Derpy BatMane (9 months ago)
10:56 well blaze is from another dimension.
"sonic adventur is 06" 👏👏👏👏
the meme man (10 months ago)
its not a rebot any more as it was so bad they just discarded the idea and if they continued making sqeuals they whould get so much so much backlash sonic whould die
CouchHobbit - (10 months ago)
Liked that you called 06' "Next Gen". Gives it a better reputation and sounds better since it actually (was) the next gen game
Terrance Spells (11 months ago)
(Sarcastic voice) Sonic unleashed isn't Sonic Adventure 3 that's so surprising
Terrance Spells (11 months ago)
if Sonic 06 is a reboot then why is the egg carrier called the egg carrier 3 in Sonic 06
Terrance Spells (11 months ago)
Yeah every Sonic game after Sonic 06 was a Sonic Adventure like glitchy
DimensionalBattleStudios (11 months ago)
Not to disprove your point but with Generations It treats every 3D Sonic game as Cannon including SONIC 06
Critique on Media Arts (11 months ago)
9:54 - 11:33
DG ComicArt (11 months ago)
I like your opinion nice vid 👍
Friendly Baldi (10 months ago)
DG ComicArt what opinion
Somerandomguy426 (11 months ago)
Emi (1 year ago)
Fuck SA2, fuck Heroes, fuck 06 and fuck Unleashed. Well, SA1 is fine tbh. It's just that these games all have problems. *Especially heroes fuck your mechanics and gimmicks*
Joey McMahan (1 year ago)
Sonic Forces is, though.
Joey McMahan (10 months ago)
Miles Prower After having played forces I've realized it isn't good enough to be considered SA3
Friendly Baldi (10 months ago)
Joey McMahan how?
Michael Chandran (1 year ago)
But SA3 already exists It's on the gameboy advance
Edward Robinson (7 months ago)
Sonic advance 3 yes. They got the same initials.
Shenzi Fan (7 months ago)
Sonic Adventure Sonic Advance I see what you did here
Taffy is trashy (8 months ago)
Michael Chandran advance 3 is the best out of the sonic gba games
Super Moustache Gamer (9 months ago)
Michael Chandran This is hilarious But Sega didn’t think it through having two Sonic series with the initials SA
ShadowTheHedgehog (9 months ago)
InklingRacerBrawler (1 year ago)
1:28 I will tell you why 06 is Sonic Adventure 3 because it’s has THE most common with the sonic Adventure series than any game in the franchise and I’m amazed how you and many many people and YouTubers didn’t make the connection in the end of the world level you play as everyone (except for sonic and blaze), in the Final level for sa2 you play as everyone in hero story and dark story (except for shadow) in one scene The egg carrier appears in souliama (correct my spelling if Im wrong) and Amy sees it and in sa1 the egg carrier appears and Amy sees it in Station Square. I know in your opinion you may not agree with this and I respect that but trust me Sonic 06 has a lot in common to the Adventure series than meets the eye
InklingRacerBrawler (10 months ago)
Plus Sonic 06 actual name is Sonic The Hedgehog and the game is NOT worthy for that title either
InklingRacerBrawler (10 months ago)
Miles Prower your opinion dude and I'm cool with it
Friendly Baldi (10 months ago)
InklingRacerBrawler it's not worthy of the title and later on in the video he proves it's a reboot clearly. I will say this though. It's the closest to adventure 3 we will ever be getting. Aaaand that's it. It's just not adventure 3 simple as that
InklingRacerBrawler (10 months ago)
You're right but it's perfect for that title plus haven't people forgotten that 06 is actually called Sonic The Hedgehog
DarkSonic180 (10 months ago)
InklingRacer Brawler Doesn’t mean it’s Adventure 3.
Portal Bricks 13 (1 year ago)
He's right. The real SA3 is Sonic Advance 3
Jordy Casas (1 year ago)
They are not SA3, they would be named SA3.
STikER (1 year ago)
As I always say, though Sonic '06 is not Sonic Adventure 3, it's the closest thing to SA3 we'll ever get.
Bill Dozer (1 year ago)
I agree, but I think that the closest that we have gotten to SA3 was Heroes. Also 9:02 two people have told me that 06 isn't a reboot because it was bad. WHAT KIND IF LOGIC IS THAT?!?!
Xeno's Sunset (7 months ago)
*N A N I ?*
Numbchugga (1 year ago)
Sonic heros is SA3 sega said the reason that its called hero's cuz so more people would buy it more if they named it SA3 barely anyone would buy it and would try to find the others and play those first it was said in did you know gaming and it doesn't matter if there is no Chao garden I hate when people say that oh BTW your a weaboo
PyroStrik3r (1 year ago)
do you know sonic unleashed was gonna be sonic adventure 3 but it got scrapped just like knuckles and shadow were scrappex
Friendly Baldi (10 months ago)
PowerMobo watch the full video dude
JaysonJean Channel (1 year ago)
The main reason why these games aren’t Sonic Adventure 3. They don’t have the title. :)
Marshy (1 year ago)
The thing with Crush 40 nowadays, if you dont remember at the 25th anniversary party when he performed live, he mostly relied on the crowd to sing with him. I'm not entirely sure, but I think Johnny (singer) has some form of throat cancer, and that could be why he sounded very tired that night. As much as I would love to hear his voice in a Sonic game again and as a new song, I doubt we'll get anything.
Joey LaRosa (1 year ago)
Sonic 06 wasn't really a reboot, but it wasn't SA3 either. No chao garden, no gameplay variety between characters, and no whimsy in the story at all. It's the closest we've got, but it's not quite there.
Joey LaRosa (1 year ago)
+InklingRacer Brawler Yeah, if Sega was smart they would just ignore it outright and pretend Silver debuted in Rivals. But hey, Sonic 4 bombed and we still got Sonic Mania, an absolutely incredible game, so an "Adventure Mania" doesn't sound too implausible
InklingRacerBrawler (1 year ago)
Don't Really Expect that to happening due to what sonic 06 turn out to be
Joey LaRosa (1 year ago)
+InklingRacer Brawler Give it about a decade, and they'll make an Adventure 3 for nostalgia pandering, I almost guarantee it.
InklingRacerBrawler (1 year ago)
Evan Ur I mean you’re not wrong
Joey LaRosa (1 year ago)
+InklingRacer Brawler I like to think of it as a spiritual successor, like what Sonic Rush was to Sonic Advance. Not the same, but a lot of similarities.
Yodarulz765 (1 year ago)
Yeah! We ALL know Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is the real SA3... right? Right? I'll just go now...
Ashura The Hedgehog (1 year ago)
sonic unleashed in JP is called sonic adventures 3
Actually, it's called Sonic World Adventure in Japan.
Commander Spyder (1 year ago)
I honestly don't want an SA3, at least not with that title (but then it's not SA3 to all of these purists in the fanbase *sighs*). It's been way too long since SA2 and the SA games have just been homaged in a ton of games since which include similar features and gameplay aspects.
Commander Spyder (1 year ago)
I don't get some fans. SA3 doesn't fucking exist, no shit. These games are just similar to each other. Do people not actually acknowledge that? Why do people even make these types of videos? It's just opinions in all honesty really, since none of these games are titled SA3. Shouldn't that just be it? It's not called it, so it's not, it's just very similar.
I'm not sure you missed it, but I pointed out why I made this video @1:00. The people who commented in one of my old videos @1:13 were trying trying to convinced me that Sonic Heroes, Sonic 06, or Sonic Unleashed were Sonic Adventure 3. They're not nicknaming those games, "Sonic Adventure 3", mate. They truly believe that these titles are called Sonic Adventure 3, even though those games are not titled as Sonic Adventure 3. And it's not just them, there are other Sonic fans out there who believe that Heroes, Next Gen, or Unleashed are Sonic Adventure 3. I made this video to show that Sonic Team had no attentions on making Sonic Heroes, Sonic 06, and Sonic Unleashed as Sonic Adventure 3. Well, except for Unleashed, but I already explain why that game is not technically Sonic Adventure 3. Yes, it's clear that these games are similar to the Adventure titles. I have no problem with people comparing the Adventure games with Heroes, Next Gen, and Unleashed, but if they're going to called these games, "Sonic Adventure 3" they should know what they are talking about. Yes, in the end of the day, they're just opinions and it's a no brainier that Heroes, Next Gen, and Unleashed are not Sonic Adventure 3. I just wanted people to be informed about the stuff I found the internet and be open minded before they start talking out of their asses, that's all.
Commander Spyder (1 year ago)
I think what people don't understand is how similar each game is to some of the past games, hence why they nickname it such things. They're not LITERALLY Sonic Adventure 3, it's just that people are so tired of everyone begging for a SA2 sequel I think, since we've had similar games since then. The Sonic Adventure games weren't identical to each other, they're still sequels though. I think the similarities that are so obvious because they play similar (Sonic 06) and have similar level design. In my opinion, I think people can't seem to admit these similarities. Also, they can't get over the Adventure games, at least the fanboys can't.
LinklickZ (1 year ago)
Holy fuck dude. Simmer the hell down. It's SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! Think about that before you open your mouth and make yourself look like the saddest piece of shit I've seen all day. I know NOTHING about you except that you're worthless and have no life IE. time to check these things out and care. Hope you're proud of yourself. I really do. I sincerely hope for a SPLIT second you feel better about yourself because you downloaded and rummaged through all artwork of Sonic just to point out he dosen't have blue arms. Like that was going to blow the fucking CONTINUITY out of the water and blow our FUCKING minds somehow. Being that Sonic the Hedghehog is known for it's sharp and detective like continuity. Blaze the Cat. Even the fucking CREATOR said fuck this and LEFT....but you...no YOU sat down and figured this out and now you look SO brilliant in front of us. Man....is my face red. I'm so ashamed of myself for not being a big fucking loser who has to spend my time nitpicking a fucking KIDS game (even in Japan it's for CHILDREN you weeaboo piece of shit) like you. Nice work.
LinklickZ (1 year ago)
luke11685 gamerz31w (1 year ago)
if shadow '05 is spin-off so sonic forces is next reboot of sonic adventure or sonic forces is sonic adventure 3?
T Poser (1 year ago)
SonicnUnleashed was gonna originally be called Sonic adventure 3
Jiggstick (1 year ago)
*Oh no*
AtomNorbi (1 year ago)
no shit dude
Devinthedude (1 year ago)
If we'll ever get an SA3.They should call it "Sonic Dimensions" or "Sonic Universe".Also,is Crush 40 even still around?
Yeah Crush 40 is still around. They performed at San Diego Comic-Con last year to celebrate Sonic's 25th Anniversary.
Shiny Samurott (1 year ago)
Of course they weren't. They weren't titled Sonic Adventure 3 now were they. Also... we're never getting Sonic Adventure 3. Get over it.
"Of course they weren't. They weren't titled Sonic Adventure 3 now were they." 1:00 - 1:42 "Also... we're never getting Sonic Adventure 3. Get over it." 14:40 - 14:49; 15:57 - 16:27
DPlex HD (1 year ago)
Great video, But Sonic Unleashed is the closest we'll get to a Adventure 3 till we get a official SA3. And the Chao Garden was referenced a few times in the game. But you do have valid points but logically Unleashed is SA3 :)
Soniso (1 year ago)
Sonic adventure 5 eXiStS???? i WaNNa pLaY iT
Needlewind (1 year ago)
I completely understand your point, but let's be real : Sonic 06 is the closest thing to Sonic Adventure 3 we'll ever get.
Eli Robleedo (1 year ago)
No shit
Ness (1 year ago)
•Ol' Sonic Adventure fans got shot down.
DarkSonic180 (10 months ago)
Skeleton Ness No.
Flippert Gaming (1 year ago)
WHY DONT YOU HAVE MORE SUBS! These are quality.
Ibrahim Ahmed (1 year ago)
Sonic unleashed had almost everything that would make it an adventure game
Son Nguyen (11 months ago)
Nightwing gamer shut up the we're hog is awesome I don't care about you're shot opinion
king cat99 (1 year ago)
Everyone is so stupid sonic r is the real sonic adventure 3
Chilli Hog (1 year ago)
PLUS Aaron says that even Sonic game is canon now, so more reasons why the community is BULLSHIT
SuperBowser (1 year ago)
fans were pleased with sonic mania
Chilli Hog (1 year ago)
Also SEGA won't make another Sonic Adventure 3, if had literally many chances to make SA3 but no they just have to keep experimenting and fuck up these games, also the Sonic fan base keeps begging for a SA3 and Izuka would have made it by now, Sega knows that they will fuck up SA3 cuz the Sonic fan base will never be pleased anyways.
SuperPiposaru (1 year ago)
Aw yeah! This video is happenin'!
evan doge (1 year ago)
Pfft sonic 06 is not adventure 3 it's adventure 69 sonic it's so obvious
TheShadowSpear2 (1 year ago)
I think you meant to say Sonic 06 is a Soft Reboot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequel#Soft_reboot
Gary Kleiman (1 year ago)
Super knuckles was still canon, then super tails came back in mania, hyper knuckles isn't canon as u said
Adam10150 (1 year ago)
"Unleahed" ok
Seto Kaiba (1 year ago)
I'm here to agree lmao
MarioBrosReborn (1 year ago)
Jesus. Watching this video & finding out the continuity is botched, the fans who keep on b_ _ _ _ing about these games being SA3 when they're not, & Takashi Iizuka clearly not caring about continuity & lore, makes me wonder why i'm still even a Sonic fan. Well, at least we have the Archie Comics to fall ba--Oh wait, they're gone.............may IDW find some people that give a shit about these things.
Neon Silver (1 year ago)
The people who still believe SA3 exists as of this moment are idiots. There are games that use the SA and SA2 formula and adapt from it, but those games are not "Adventure games". Of course Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog are continuations of the SA story line, but those games aren't labeled as SA3 or 4 now are they? Get a grip, you idiots who still believe this. -_- Edit: Okay, calling someone an idiot is a low blow and I apologize for that. However if someone fails to do their own research on these games and miss the obvious points SA fans have been making *for years now*, than it's pretty difficult not to call them idiots. But I take back what I said. What I meant was that they are terribly misinformed.
Edward Robinson (7 months ago)
Plus games like lost world and Sonic dash plays like the adventure games.
Taffy is trashy (8 months ago)
Dr.Blackkidwithskills its not a sequel to the sa series, have you even watched the video?
Neon Silver (1 year ago)
Exactly, I even pointed that out with this statement "Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog are continuations of the SA story line".
ABlackDragon14 (1 year ago)
Neon Silver Sonic heros is not called sonic adventure, but it's kinda sonic adventure 3 because it a sequel to sonic adventure 2, but you are right tho.
Axxidous (1 year ago)
I also doubt that anyone just wants them to MAKE Sonic Adventure 3. Obviously we want them to make it good. I feel like saying "Sonic Adventure 3" is implication that we mean we want it to be good. So, yes, I DO hope they make Sonic Adventure 3 someday. I don't mean I hope they make it, fucked up or not, I mean I hope they make it and make it good! xD I would like to see that someday. Yes. I want to see SA3, in glory. To avoid any confusion, that's me saying it'd be cool to see a cool game called Sonic Adventure 3, fitting of the title, and a good game. Someday. Hopefully. Less likely but still possible.
Axxidous (1 year ago)
They give a shit about being consistent, just not to an extreme. It's at flux because it allows them the freedom to be diverse. It's like the worlds ARE always being rebooted but with a string of consistency that ties them all together. It'd be like watching a cartoon hat has a storyline but every episode is a different art style with different VA's and a different design for everything. It's almost artistic. XD Now, when I say "reboot", I mean in the way those idiots meant "Reboot" and not in the way that Sonic 06 actually WAS a reboot. lol I've said before that I think 06 could be like a prequel and not be canon due to wiping itself of existence in its own story, which later is rewritten from Sonic 1 til now. But that was never like a SERIOUS theory. It was like a possibly way to tie 06 to our official canon and still make it non-canon and having never happened. lol For the same reason, you could say Crisis City shows up in Generations because it distorts time and space, undoing and redoing everything, including previously erased events. It can undo erasing that future and reimplement it in a time/space limbo. It'd be like drawing Crisis City, then painting white over it, then painting Sonic Adventure or some shit, and then Time Eater comes and scrapes that layer of paint off and sits it on another canvas, then scrapes the white layer of paint off, and then scrapes Crisis City's image off and puts IT on another canvas. Now you have 2 new canvases with stolen images of Sonic Adventure and Crisis City, even though the original canvas was Sonic Adventure with Crisis City having no longer existed. Time Eater can do that shit. XD But in all seriousness... the game mixed a simplistic plot with the commercial idea of playing through the games of Sonic's history... no-brainer. lol
Axxidous (1 year ago)
I think he meant that the characters had amnesia after 06 (as expressed by Elise who feels something familiar but isn't sure what. It's common for characters to have amnesia after time travel adventures end)
FFS you missed the 's' in unleashed in the title
uConker (1 year ago)
Sonic Adventure 3 must lead on from 2 so story wise it must be similar or have points of similarities in both meaning that SA3 would be best described as Shadow The Hedgehog.
Dreamcast Dazia (10 months ago)
uConker Heroes takes place right after SA2. Not f**king with the continuity okay?
DarkSonic180 (1 year ago)
ppvsonicspy Tell me the definition of Sequels
ppvsonicspy (1 year ago)
The ultimate edgeform shadow the edgehog But those are references. Not story connections to SA1. Sonic Generations has references of Sonic Colors and Sonic and the Secret Rings.
Seto Kaiba (1 year ago)
And let's not forget that tails had an emerald from the last game
Frank22222 On the ark you fight artificial chaoses and the biolizard was based on chaos so there are connections knuckles also uses tikal's chant on the ark to cancel the chaos emeralds power so there are links in the story of SA1 and SA2
Frank22222 (1 year ago)
... I think sega keeps attempting to make SA3, but keeps backing down and change it's name and concept because they don't have the guts to pull it off. I mean, with Sonic Forces, they made a story where Sonic has to work along with OTHER people (it's even what the main theme is all about). This was THE premises to pull off Sonic Adventure 3. But, no.... Classic Sonic and Deviant the Artwork. I mean, Classic Sonic isn't even relevant! This is not Sonic Generations 2 and we already got Mania FFS! Why couldn't it have been Knuckles or Shadow to smash that boulder in the trailer?
Frank22222 (1 year ago)
"Marketing strategy" and "guts" are the two opposites for me. Sure, they can perfectly take the most "market strategical" thing to do and release a new game with a new name. It's the safest way to make money as it keeps people's expectations relatively low. Announcing SA3, sure, would be allot riskier. People's expectations would become high and it will by a "do or die" scenario, most likely. It takes more "guts", but if they manage to do it right, they might get even MORE money than other wise. And with Sonic06 as the perfect example of how NOT to do SA3, I am sure they can pull it off (at least gameplay wise). And I don't agree that the age of SA as any relevance. Kid Icarus: Uprising is the sequel to what? And NES title? It's just a matter of giving it's chance to a game series that had much unexploited potential and it can perfectly turn out right.
uConker a popularity that is turning into hate I should add
uConker (1 year ago)
"Don't have the guts to pull it off" Incorrect, they don't make it because giving it a new name and identity is a better marketing strategy than trying to ride the popularity of a 16 year old game.
MR.Speadwagoon!! jojo (1 year ago)
your a fucking idiot it's like people like you trying to be the savior of the fan base saying they are not adventure three get it through your shitty american education system and just sink in that your a dumb ass and also just a shitty human in general. and also no body cares about adventure three it's not the early two thousand's any more.
Haze X2 (1 year ago)
You're Filled With Justice *Advance
「The Spider.」 (1 year ago)
SA3 is already out. Sonic Advance 3.
Seto Kaiba (1 year ago)
MR.Speadwagoon!! jojo get out with that drama
@MR.Speadwagoon!! jojo if that's how you feel about me, then why are you subscribed to my channel? :/
Frank22222 (1 year ago)
To be the savior of a fanbase by saying that they are not SA3? I've never thought about that before.
Mr. Retrospective (1 year ago)
Thanks for backing up why the three games mentioned don't cut it as SA3. Although, we don't need an Adventure successor to bear the "3" necessarily, like how Mania doesn't bear the "4". Also, Generations can qualify as non-canon. We'll see what Forces brings to the table.
Dreamcast Manic (7 months ago)
Mr. Retrospective maybe like sonic: re-live the adventure?
G Rios (1 year ago)
still think sonic 06 is adventure 3
Friendly Baldi (10 months ago)
Sonic 06 is a reboot silly
Lucas M (10 months ago)
Explain the Chao Garden's absence then
Seto Kaiba (1 year ago)
G Rios he clearly proves its a reboot
Plush bro (1 year ago)
Maybe Sonic Forses is SA3 ;)
Frank22222 (1 year ago)
It could've been, but nah. Just more Classic Sonic, even though he's no longer relevant.
Shadow Storm (1 year ago)
Neat video.
@Black Pit Mostly likely. Seeing how Sonic's pose in the true ending looks similar to his pose in the Sonic Forces debut trailer. Not to mention, that the Phantom Ruby makes the same sound effect as Infinite's cube attack in the Sonic Forces E3 Trailer.
Devin S. (1 year ago)
Pentacle Dilation Multi-Platform Entertainment I know it's a bit of a spoiler, but according to the true ending of Sonic Mania, Sonic and the time stone are both sucked into this portal. Do you think it was to set up or foreshadow the events of Sonic Forces?
Thanks mate =D!
GamerBoy Luxray (1 year ago)
First and no one cares
GamerBoy Luxray (1 year ago)
Leonardo Cervantes Ayyy thanks
Leonardo Cervantes (1 year ago)
GamerBoy infernape i care

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