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How is This a Thing? 6th of July 2018

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Text Comments (1917)
The Antitheocrat (4 hours ago)
Or... it cost her 25 quid because she had to get taxi to the shop for her pads, probably order the taxi so someone else can go to the shop for her. There's no way she walks to the shop given she can barely get a sentence out without huffing and puffing about it.
Benita (6 hours ago)
Danielle must be bleeding buckets
Steven Milne (1 day ago)
Notice the guy in the blue tank top giving her extremely rude gestures, she is talking about a point of freedom, yet that oath thinks it’s funny to. Insult her, this is why I hate the eu with a passion. As for the face book thing I think the next California big one will do us all a favour.
E NY (1 day ago)
It could all be so easy, you’re not proud to be American then leave! Give the space your taking up to any of the thousands of illegals that “risk” their lives to come to this horrible country you clearly wish you weren’t a part of.
dawatcherz (1 day ago)
i don't understand why anyone would be proud to be any nationality... unless they've spend years trying to get a nationality there is no reason to be proud of it. 'pride' is reserved for achievements, for things you have to do your best for.
UniverseKeeper2 (2 days ago)
Why in the world is that guy trying to talk over that woman?
ronin10bt (2 days ago)
This video is hilarious and horrifying at the same time. College kids are blindingly ignorant. I tried my best to teach my son about the advantages of our system of government and economic system and he still thinks that socialism just hasn't been done correctly yet. I guess I will just have to wait for the world to have it's way with him till he understands.
Dr.Ehrfurchtgebietend (2 days ago)
I would not say I am proud to be a member of my country because I can't take credit for it. I am honoured not proud
Machette Freddy (3 days ago)
"Keeps absolutely no logs of your activities" - Just like Facebook doesn't sell your personal information..
Andy Mac (3 days ago)
What's with secret debates in the eu, it's fucking Orwellian.
Noah Thul (4 days ago)
7:00 "Proud to be American?" I wish some Veterans would come up and whip the ever-loving-shit out of these kids....
Andy Mac (3 days ago)
+Noah Thul when you get given everything you value nothing.
Noah Thul (4 days ago)
That makes me so angry - Just stupid and ungrateful.
ulllaaaklara (4 days ago)
8:04 - 8:22 the best! :)
Dan Conrad (4 days ago)
so will England also pay for my colonoscopy?
Alana Banana (4 days ago)
Useless children that go to school, getting handouts from the government -.- Just leave if you aren't an American then, why don't you swap with me? I would love to be in America but have to work hard to get money so I can move in about two years time. How is period poverty news? Just go for the cheap brand. They cost like 50p. Yeah they should'nt be taxed but thats only if you go for the expensive brand. Is there a Minister for men?..... oh, sexism against men yet again.
Gaz Matic (4 days ago)
Women only want free money. That's all they want. More free shit.
sxymoon19 (4 days ago)
It's a thing!This is what happens when capitalism is given a free for all pass by the government! Period poverty is real and it sucks!
Dexxus (4 days ago)
Who's the retard in seat 187 that keeps flipping her off/thumbing her down as she's talking?
7:23 ahahaa
Craig King (5 days ago)
They will try again. We must use the next couple months to get the word out.
Garret Woeller (5 days ago)
Goddamn America is awesome and people don't know it welp this just goes to show book smarts doesn't mean shit for common sense but you think being in college and being social would help develop that but nope
Old Man Splaining (5 days ago)
Why is the bird in parliament wearing chain-mail - are they afraid of being stabbed by feminist's sharp tongues ? There will be blood ! all over the fake green leather seats ...
Madebyjones Arts (5 days ago)
Your segment on period poverty is misguided. The point being made is that sanitary products required by women whilst having their monthly period are subject to tax as a luxury product . You analogy to toilet paper is a useful one. Would you complain about 25 % tax on toilet paper if you had a constant flow of shit from your arse for 4 or 5 days every month. There is an argument made for the use of reusable products . How does washable bog roll suit you ?
srspower (6 days ago)
Notice how the EU is so undemocratic our own elected representatives not only have no power to put something for a vote they can only 'weaken' legislation proposed by an unelected elite? Why does the commission have this power at all? And if it does why do our elected representatives not have the power to 100% reject it, no 'further debate' reject it outright?
BulletKingIsHere (6 days ago)
Europe is known as Happy Country currently
https://www.healthboards.com/boards/vitamins-supplements/303611-what-full-list-vitamins-banned.html The EU ban on natural vitamins and minerals needs to be scrapped. And the madness of restricting EU ecig liquids to 10ml bottles which has lead to tons of tiny plastic bottles being dumped on the streets. These ridiculous rules need removing from our rule books asap.
ChaosFlower (6 days ago)
fuck those women and their dumb periods. Try being a male or female asthmatic. That can be as much as £24 per month.
HulktastickFTW (6 days ago)
8:18 you sound like mathew santaro
MrTomFung (6 days ago)
I am torn on how I feel about these college students. On one hand they are absolute idiots but on the other, thanks to them, I no longer regret not going to college.
Kenneth kirsch (7 days ago)
Reel Caen cerns? Damn speak English pls
Joanne Thauberger (7 days ago)
For centuries now women have been able to manage their periods. Is this really how lame they have become? Soon they will want someone to come and change them too. First generation 'Eloi'.
Joanne Thauberger (7 days ago)
Sports events are the epitome of tribalism. Ban them all.
Windfolla (7 days ago)
£500 a year for periods? Is the fat lady including the ice cream bills for whenever she's on her period?
DrPengin (7 days ago)
Campus Reform seams so staged.
Vilo Aufricht (7 days ago)
7:28 what a smart empty head sweetheart is this superstar!!!! If I was an American, how proud I'd be of her, well... She talks like Hillary's student or relative... brr!
Joe Somebody (7 days ago)
Thanks for doing your part in the article 11 and 13 debate; you were one of the first you-tubers I saw covering it, you and styx.
Sid Cannon (7 days ago)
Period poverty WTF ! What next iPhone poverty ...
Chrissy Mccauley (7 days ago)
Do these people actually listen to themselves speak??? For fuck sake....... IDIOTS
Rogerborg (7 days ago)
Urgh, needs a Scotchwaman content warning: shrill and wheezy respectively.
Peurii (7 days ago)
Huh? Didn't you get the memo? Women are the universal victim, and men the universal perpetrator. The period is literally a patriarchal social construct. Women should be allowed to bleed on the public! As a bald man, I've got to say that baldism is a serious oppressive issue. I'm literally ridiculed on a monthly basis, causing PTSD and cardio-vascular problems. Bald men also on average make less money and are less desireble as mates, so it's literally racism. The state should give me money for hair implantment surgery.
Cosnime (7 days ago)
my god im crying over the eu copyright im so happy XD
jollyscarecrow (8 days ago)
That baldness thing you joke about could actually be a thing. I've heard that the NHS will pay for plastic surgery including breast implants if the person is feeling depressed from the situation. Although thats for women... i doubt they give a fuck about how men feel. Of course women are the "oppressed" gender yet again.
mac1bc (8 days ago)
What is the first part of this video about?
1630revelloak (8 days ago)
I'm an American and I am proud, I still believe that my country has untapped potential. Sure, mistakes have been made but I am proud all the same.
Student Gary Smith (8 days ago)
It's amazing how America is under attack in 2018 and 2017 and the end of 2016. Actually America's has been under attack for a long time not from physical but moral standards
Mr T (8 days ago)
Putin is smiling- he must be happy! Russia have put on a fantastic games and maybe set a new standard that will be very hard to beat. I haven't seeen any coverage of the racist violence that the BBC said was waiting.
Dale (8 days ago)
I know it's a semantic argument but National pride is pretty stupid though. Why should you be proud to be born somewhere? I feel grateful to be Australian, not proud.
mahnamahnadodoobedodo (8 days ago)
I propose a fart tax.
1toneboy (8 days ago)
FIRST time I've ever cared about the outcome of a soccer match...[hushed tone] 'go England'.
Veritas Omega (8 days ago)
A minor battle has been won, but the war goes on. Continue to warn people about it so that more people are following the story and are ready to take action when they are called to do so! Let's not rest until the beast is slain!
NearlyH3adlessNick (8 days ago)
I only ever get half way thru your videos before it just gets stuck loading over and over again >_< I guess someone thinks your being too correct for one video and isn't letting me see the rest
Pika Bro (8 days ago)
Only 1 million it should had been 5 million or more.
Shadowfax Stallionus (8 days ago)
Periods cost too much? Get pregnant and the periods will be gone!
Were Chicken (8 days ago)
A lot of this isn't a left vs right thing as much as a globalists vs nationalists thing.Most left wing parties have been taken over by left wing champagne socialists rather than those who actually give a toss about the working class in their own country. Socialist policies aren't bad, but they're only sustainable if the population growth is carefully manages (I.E. by not letting in hundreds of thousands of people a year)
EdThatsIt (8 days ago)
Tampons cost too damn much. Raise my taxes tho!!
Gil Munoz (8 days ago)
I cant take it anymore, my brain is on the verge of hemorrhaging with the amount of stupid weak people in this video
Thhunter (8 days ago)
Western civilization needs to wake the hell up and get rid of leftists before they kill us all.
macNcheeseFTW (8 days ago)
I don't want England to win simply because every world cup you talk about 66 like it was yesterday.
Unlucky Fat Guy (8 days ago)
FACT: Toilet paper costs an average citizen over $55 million dollars a year. WHEN WILL THE GOVERNMENT ADDRESS ASS WIPE POVERTY?!
JGK29 (8 days ago)
Just shave your head Dave, it’s so much easier....
JGK29 (8 days ago)
How can something that fat and ugly, bleed for a week and not die....
Dolphin Radio (8 days ago)
JGK29 (8 days ago)
I’m proud to be an American. I’m not American. But I’m still proud....
krista doss (8 days ago)
I do feel like the one thing women have to deal with that men don't is their period. The cost is actually around 6 bucks a month. I've always believed tampons and pads should be free.
Rayden Creed (8 days ago)
I kinda wonder if an alien culture on another planet would have a similar sort of problem to this, where, because quality of life gradually improved, their young didn’t have their hypersensitivity to everything beaten out of them so they could become functioning adults. Like, would this problem be unique to us? If so, why?? What is causing these retards to pop up all over the place????
J Logan (8 days ago)
So if its true that women in the uk spend 600 ish bucks a year on periods i wanna know what the actual fuck they are havibg to buy that is 50quid a month??? For us americans for reference that is 800 a year or roughly 66 a month spent on periods. Last i checked.. A bulk pack of 100 tampax perals only is $15usd so how many are they using??? For $75 usd they can buy a bulk pack of 500!!!
Andrew B (8 days ago)
I see liberals in the UK are just as crazy as in the United States
Wilhelm Klink (8 days ago)
If you can't afford 500 pounds over a year to satisfy your bodily functions, then you have graver problems than having to bleed for a few days a month. At that point you would just do as people did in the past and shove a rag up there because being able to afford food would be a more pressing matter for you.
Wilhelm Klink (8 days ago)
I have the strange feeling that all the college students that said they weren't proud are earning useless degrees off of mommy and daddy's dime and drive a car made in the past 3 years if not the current year.
silverblade357 (8 days ago)
I did mission work way back when I was around twenty. Less preaching the gospel and more peace corps stuff. I've also deployed twice since joining the Air Force and seen some extreme poverty and oppression. I honestly can't even get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee without being grateful.
Richard Mitchell (8 days ago)
It is pretty disturbing. When you look at Germany it took an entire economic collapse after WWI for them to embrace socialism. But in America you see historic employment models for every ethnicity. More people have college degrees/trade skills than any other age in history. Automation is making wage abuse through illegal immigration obsolete just like the Industrial Revolution killed slavery, and we are embracing...socialism and communism. At least Russia had an excuse during their communist revolution, serfdom was still legal.
Terry Newsome (8 days ago)
To all our cousins English across the pond stand strong and fight on, for you once more are the last true bastion of freedom in Europe and if you fall then all of Europe is lost.
Ben One (8 days ago)
Shaving poverty! It affects all men.
Rhys Garland (8 days ago)
Wait...a document drafted to declare the birth of a nation that was no longer under Imperial rule is hate speech?......what?
KRAFTWERK2K6 (8 days ago)
Dave.... i don't wanna piss into your cornflakes but the ONLY reason why Article 11 and 13 got a negative voting result in the first run was ONLY because the majority of EU parliamentarians had NO idea what they were voting for and weren't sure. Hence the No votes. They did not vote no because of the public outcry and people calling them. Sad bur true. And guess what? Of the german parliamentarians, ALL of the CDU/CSU (Merkel's league...) everyone voted FOR the damn thing. I totally expect the other 2 votes for this thing to be mostly "Yes" votes… That means we will get link-taxes...
charlie brownau (8 days ago)
10:19 Yet men have privilege ? How is this bullshit not called out in courts and governments, does no one in government live in reality anymore
Andrew B (8 days ago)
charlie brownau It’s the same thing here in the United States. I think people need to start holding the government responsible if they waste money
xLazyx (8 days ago)
"small socialist country in Europe" Hello, Europe here, we got rid of socialism for a reason. Go screw up your own country with it... oh wait!
Globalgenocide (8 days ago)
In regards to the "Period Poverty" I wonder if those women realise that the saying "On the rag" was actually quite factual back in the day, I bet that saved them lots of money let alone having a reusable product is better for the environment haha.
scott left (8 days ago)
They used pregnancy as a method of contraception as half died.
Mohammed Bedsapour (8 days ago)
Continue to remain active and involved. England = Brexit! Free Speech! Free Tommy! Get corruption and forage powers out of the UK! Brexit is the only sane way forward. Do not forget Iran. Iran had the same thing happen before the Shah was removed and a socialist/religious Ayatollah came in and destroyed Iran.
Broken Eyes (8 days ago)
how is that VPN on a iPhone using Verizon’s network? I’ve use the VPNs in the past that don’t have problems with say AT&T but stop functioning on Verizon.
bowecho (8 days ago)
Only slappers spend £25 a week on tampons. They find it necessary to use 10 at a time in order to plug-up their chasm. Apologies for any visuals that are incurred.
scott left (8 days ago)
0:53 Is that a dancing male betroot in a blue suit playing cherades with a potted hippie, at the EU ?...or what..btw, do the St George haters know he was a Georgian....from the Caucasian region...? said to have made his fame saving the inhabitants of Beyrut from a huge saltwater crocadile in the early Christian era of the 3rd century....ie a foriegner.
daimon hellstrom (8 days ago)
Wunder Vote
Greywolf88 (8 days ago)
Since Britain is leaving the EU what does it matter, riiighhht?
mewkuro12 (8 days ago)
Actually as a woman. It’s very easy to afford period pads and tampons. (Why is her period costing her £25 a week? She might have a medical problem).
Andrew B (8 days ago)
mewkuro12 Just like every other politician. She’s probably over exaggerating the price just to get it passed.
mewkuro12 (8 days ago)
I bought an england flag recently. Who else?
mewkuro12 (8 days ago)
Whoa that Scottish lass is awesome. I like her. She took no shit. I like how the EU folks look nervous lols.
mewkuro12 (8 days ago)
I’m going to tell everyone about the vote going to happen in September. Like if we tell everyone we will have a fucking army all over the globe and they can’t do jack shit about the EU bill unless they ignore everyone and say fuck you to freedom..
shepdog069 (8 days ago)
Um, 25 pound for a week? What the hell is she buying, gold plated tampons?
Silver Saber (8 days ago)
wow this is stupid
marvin martin (8 days ago)
Fahrenheit 451. ! I’m telling ya. That’s what the left want.
Erin Heck (8 days ago)
WHAT!? How the frack is the declaration of independence hate speech?
NorfolkTears (8 days ago)
Where the hell does she get £500 from does she gape so much she has to use a whole packet a day? Even the more expensive ones are less than 20p each. Compare that to the price of Razors and you come up about the same cost per shave , sure a guy can go the beard route but that is not free either as you have to maintain a standard for work.
Evil Doughboy (8 days ago)
While most of the hyperbole from the Uber Left is just juvenile, eye-rolling brain fodder, the one true thing that always gets my blood singing is how self entitled this generation is and how stupid they are for not understanding that they got it as best as they will ever have. A bunch of sheltered, coddled, spoiled halfwits crying about how bad they have it in the land of plenty.
Joe Hooper (8 days ago)
In the U.K. crime is on the rise their is a drug epidemic and citizens can’t protect themselves in their own homes yet all the politicians in Westminster can talk about is hate speech and women’s troubles? MPs are so disconnected from reality
Amanda Scott (8 days ago)
The Khan blimp has just got funding!
R Ut (8 days ago)
Please tell her to come to my little socialist country we live see how long she will stay
nextforward (8 days ago)
Can you talk about Facebook privacy and quitting facebook and instagram?
keep smiling (8 days ago)
Honey you get pregnant and you wont have period (I am a women)
John Hall (8 days ago)
My teeth aren't perfect. I can't smile and get married(a human right, apparently). Government needs to pay for all my gym membership, oral healthcare, and housing costs so I can get married.
If you dont cheer for english team and you are english... shame on you fckn racist unpatriotic sack of shit.

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