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Focus St update! New Parts and Crackle & Pops!

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New parts came in and more on the way, stay tuned for more content. I ordered this set of window visors from eBay. Also the wing is from there also I have a new set of led taillights on the way so stay tuned for those to come in 👌🏽 Make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more content pushing for goals!
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Focus ST3 (4 months ago)
Are you tuned by stratified? If so is that the progressive crackles?
HurdTheNerd X (4 months ago)
Focus ST3 yes it is and the crackles are the “loud” option
Garret S (4 months ago)
Dig the wheels man what's your width and offset? ST gang
Keep _boostin (4 months ago)
Definitely need some drive by sounds and inside video shots. Sounds great 👍🏻
This Guy Miguel (4 months ago)
The car sounds bad ass
HurdTheNerd X (4 months ago)
This Guy Miguel thanks man!

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