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Focus St update! New Parts and Crackle & Pops!

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New parts came in and more on the way, stay tuned for more content. I ordered this set of window visors from eBay. Also the wing is from there also I have a new set of led taillights on the way so stay tuned for those to come in 👌🏽 Make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more content pushing for goals!
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Focus ST3 (6 months ago)
Are you tuned by stratified? If so is that the progressive crackles?
HurdTheNerd (6 months ago)
Focus ST3 yes it is and the crackles are the “loud” option
Garret S (6 months ago)
Dig the wheels man what's your width and offset? ST gang
Keep _boostin (6 months ago)
Definitely need some drive by sounds and inside video shots. Sounds great 👍🏻
This Guy Miguel (6 months ago)
The car sounds bad ass
HurdTheNerd (6 months ago)
This Guy Miguel thanks man!

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