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Modding a TV for RGB - Part 2

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CobraTheSpacePirate (1 day ago)
prodezignz (6 days ago)
Are you going to add sound?
Bill Keith (6 days ago)
Flame for heat shrink tubing also does not look good. My dad used a small heat gun.
Daniel Dougan (7 days ago)
Would something like this work? https://www.walmart.com/ip/12-ft-SVGA-VGA-to-RGB-Cable-for-HDTV-VGA-to-Component-Video-12-Foot-AV-NEW/47380106?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=1229&adid=22222222227045371719&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=94410114410&wl4=pla-216637340210&wl5=9016044&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=112549857&wl11=online&wl12=47380106&wl13=&veh=sem&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIir3om5HD3gIVAZRpCh06LwRIEAQYAiABEgLnsvD_BwE
Some Aussie Guy (9 days ago)
While I enjoy watching these videos and how excited ppl get from them, I just don't get why ppl want to play these very basic games when there's amazing games with stunning graphics out there! But each to our own....
Daniël Mantione (4 days ago)
I enjoy both modern PC games and playing on my Commodore 64. Both are fun, but it is a very different experience. Different input devices, different games, different monitors. So it's not that the PC is a replacement for the C64 just because it has stunning graphics.
Kamil Robaszkiewicz (11 days ago)
the octagonned-out screen looks funny
Shamino0 (12 days ago)
Question: I see your VGA monitor can't display a signal at NTSC frequencies (15kHz, I believe). I know that many years ago (late 80's), Multisync monitors could sync that low. Do you know of any sold today that can? I ask because I'm concerned about when my Apple IIGS monitor dies. The RGB output from a IIGS is effectively VGA compatible (at least in terms of voltage levels) but it uses NTSC sync frequencies, making it incompatible with any VGA monitor I've got. I know that TVs can sync that low, because that's the frequency used by SD video (digital as well as NTSC). Does anyone know if you can get a TV with a VGA input that can sync to 15kHz and therefore display an RGB signal from an old computer? I suppose I could hack a TV like you did, but I get very nervous working around high voltage parts like a picture tube or flyback transformer, so I'd prefer an alternate solution, if possible.
Daniël Mantione (4 days ago)
Well, it used to be that PC monitors could not handle 15 KHz signals, but it is getting better because of the spread of HDMI. There exist HDMI devices that output 15KHz and 50Hz (in fact support for them is mandatory for compliance with the standard) and therefore both start to be supported by monitors in order to increase compatibility. Carefully check the specsheets, you can find what you need. Another approach could be to simply buy a TV. A TV needs to be able to display 15KHz content, so always supports it. Using simple dump VGA to HDMI converter can get you a RGB input on such a TV. Another approach is a SCART to HDMI converter, but these devices are often intelligent and do stuff like scaling and de-interlacing.
John Smith (12 days ago)
But will it play Doom of Wolfenstein?
Daniël Mantione (4 days ago)
For both of those games, source code is available. So even if they don't run properly, you could easily fix them.
Phino K.M. (13 days ago)
Or you could have just connected the wire coming from your switch to the other side of the resistor. I would expect 7.2k Ohms to be enough to limit the current to a healthy amount for the micro controller to sink. At 5 V that would be less than 1 mAh. One should of course make sure whatever is behind the resistor can tolerate 5V without a resistor in between and if not add a 2nd resistor in series with the 7.2k Ohm resistor and connect the switch in between the two resistors.
RAMA CLUB (13 days ago)
COol! Videos. Is there a 16 bit issue with Big ENdian Vs Little ENdian. Im not sure but I think its an 8bit rotation. Can you possible take 4 tv signals and smush them into a tv either 2 steroscopic MONO or 3 videos 1/4 screen used for audio signal and left and right plugs used for mono videos. To make a steroscopic channel or 3 tv channel switch from 1 broadcasted channel. openInvent.club I want to help contact me. I want to learn stuff. links to resources in your video descriptions please.
Alex Rutiaga (14 days ago)
Came here for the keyboards. stayed for the analog electronic mod
Josue Cortes (14 days ago)
Hey, I think the age doesn’t affect you
Kavya (14 days ago)
what dirty hack could you come up with that lets RGB work on a VGA port without having to buy a converter box? (again, dirty hack, using maybe some caps, resistors etc from the spare parts drawer) this of course, skipping a "line doubler", which is why I'm curious to see the output!!! :)
Dave Arsenault (15 days ago)
I would love to see you hook up a raspberry pi to this TV. It would be a great way to play classic systems and such in the resolution they were designed for, unlike when using a modern TV or monitor.
Bolling Holt (15 days ago)
Cool!!! I'm glad you went ahead and demonstrated this! How I am just now seeing it two weeks later is beyond me, though!
Toad And Friends! (15 days ago)
I bet you’ll like Mojave
Luke Roy (16 days ago)
Hey 8bit guy it’s me who you sent the cd to from the convention in Dallas
RetardExpress (17 days ago)
I need my ps4 fixed pls
Trey Clark (17 days ago)
Hey I don't know how to contact the 8 bit guy so ima just leave a comment but I an old apple powerbook 170 works great condition but needs a new battery and charger and an old commodore calculator takes a 9 volt battery love your videos keep up the good work I wish you the best of luck thx u can contact me at clarktrey622@gmail.com or on one of your videos plz and thx
minoru kurata (18 days ago)
Hi David. Congratulations for tour Channel. How can I Contact u about phev conversion u did 5 years ago
Zune Buggy (18 days ago)
Can you explain something about YouTube video formats (I think this has to do with codec). I noticed sometimes on YouTube a video will pause for whatever reason and the audio keeps going. Then all of a sudden the video will forward and catch up to the audio. Is this by design in the codec used or is something else going on here? It seems like in any other video device if video stops the audio stops.
Steve Pietras (18 days ago)
Love the shirt! Only thing I would do differently is have the text on your shirt be a play on words "Size Dos Matter" :)
Torarin Vik (18 days ago)
8-bit guy is truely a genious, he has such a wide skill set. He could be anything from a carpenter to a phycisist.
Hychus 232 (18 days ago)
Hey 8 Bit guy! I love your restoration videos! I've been trying to get into vintage computers myself, so I was looking up older computers on eBay and saw this. If you can, you should get it and try to restore it. It almost looks like it could compete with that old Vic-20 you restored a while back. https://www.ebay.com/itm/apple-IIe-computer-system-computer-monitor-and-disc-drive/263998924826?hash=item3d778fe81a:g:SJ0AAOSwlY5bxjmY:rk:2:pf:0
DSNadine (18 days ago)
Wouldn't a diode do?
Are you a computer engineer? I need help with my Toshiba a300 everything works but normal booting has only a black screen but if i activate safe mode it works. . Do you have a solution to this?
Had a deep search can't find a solution because this toshiba a300 lasted for 9 years only the normal boot has a problem
Daniël Mantione (19 days ago)
You better look somewhere else. This channel is for old retrocomputers, I have never even seen David using Windows.
Joeart Galinato (19 days ago)
Wow awesome
Matthew Cox (19 days ago)
I have a jvc camera who works with a tape obviously but can anyone here make a SD card soport for camera's of that type? Any video would help
Patrick Aubry (20 days ago)
It will be easier just to add a rectifying diode so that the 5v don't go to a chip. Switching the pin out of a chip directly introduces noise to it. Not good.
Uk Mud (20 days ago)
I've never seen this channel before,at first I was waiting for edd the duck !
Shafquat Rasul Khan (20 days ago)
Please make a video on beta max VCRs thanks
BEM684 (20 days ago)
David, have you been to the American Computer and Robotics Museum in Bozeman MT? Maybe you can film an episode or two over there one day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Computer_%26_Robotics_Museum
HikikomoriGamer (20 days ago)
lol 3:16 I have a frontside fan controller on my PC that makes that exact same sound when the probes detect overheating and I was going insane for a few seconds sounded so real
Galaxy Boi (20 days ago)
Hey, you should make another video about macs since you haven't made a video about one in a year. I recommend a is it obsolete on snow leopard and leopard! Thanks!
Carlos Santiago (21 days ago)
Also another a great video. I plan on modifying a TV to use with my Coco3 in RGB mode.
Flame (21 days ago)
Gosh. If The 8-Bit Guy had Q&A content...
GammaCatch (21 days ago)
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zw msk (22 days ago)
In the 90s, the general idea was that it would be too much trouble to rgb mod a TV for consoles or arcade games/older computers Thank you for confirming this! However, the results are amazing except at some point certain pixel art just looks a little flat without the signal artifacts.
Bordem is Key (22 days ago)
It's 2020.....The 8-Bit Guy hasn't been seen in months, except for in the form of near daily half hour long unboxing videos. His house is now completely full of "Old Commodore Stuff", the walls no longer visible, the floor now a narrow path between towers of non functioning 80s computers and collumns of floppy disk drives. His wife and kids serve almost exclusively to go to pick up new packages from the post office. He sleeps on a pile of bubble wrap just out of view of the camera, all of his waking hours consumed by opening packages. This is his future.
Miko (22 days ago)
but it is not possible to do the same with HDMI RGB pins?
Daniël Mantione (19 days ago)
HDMI has no RGB pins, so no.
christopher murphy (22 days ago)
shout out sonic571chris
Lando (22 days ago)
I ant to know if he collects VHS stuff
goro gere (22 days ago)
Ralph Malone (22 days ago)
Hey Dave I wanted to email a question to you but couldn't figure out how to do that.. I was wondering if you would consider taking on the challenge of figuring out how to run Tandy 1000 HX files saved on 3.5 on a modern Microsoft PC.. I have some old symphony files created with my Tandy back in the day and would love to be able to run them on my modern computer. I don't think file formats are compatible without some work.. I could swear When I upgraded to and old IBM back then (PS2) that Tandy files would run perfectly.. Anyway if you decide to do this I would be quite happy.. I don't like emulators  either lol.. I did buy older DOS versions and installed on my lab pc and had no success..
Good video thanks
foxez12 (23 days ago)
The 8-Bit Guy i have i horbly damegef i pod 1 or 2 gen i fond do you want to fix it
Now do it with hdmi
Music Ginga (23 days ago)
These are too complicated for my micro brain XD
benjamin viher (23 days ago)
Can you make restoration video Atari 800 XL
Mikołaj Telega (23 days ago)
Where was the surprise? :)
ben coleman (23 days ago)
Please bring back the air gun channel
Sir Monckton (24 days ago)
Is this a re-upload? Was there a reason to do so?
radry100 (24 days ago)
or just install a diode
Yuzu (24 days ago)
4:33 incorrect frequency on my TV lol
Melon Chickens (24 days ago)
I didn't know you owned a Viewsonic monitor! I own the exact same one (VE710b); they last a very long time if I'm not mistaken, and are extremely cheap to replace or buy.
do you have a reddit account? now i want to follow ya then.
TheCrakkle (24 days ago)
I would also add a resistor in line with the 5V supply to the switch. This will also save the "Jungle" chip's input from being held "Hard On" this eventually may cause failure of the Jungle IC. Though myself I would have installed a 1N4148 Diode in line with the resistor on the Micro Con't side. Then just connect the switch wire to the point the resistor and diode connect. Simple and mo need alter the switch.
koko mabanding (24 days ago)
Put it to hdmi
shippo72 (24 days ago)
Just saw your humorous Expo presentation tonight, I was never more happy and felt like I was giggling like a little kid the whole time. Stay awesome! Oh, and don't forget the cables next time! Be like that guy with all the cables he could ever need in a box in his car. Oh, and the guy with the portable power bank was like a cherry on the cake!
That_Funky_0ne (24 days ago)
i have the same exact tv
Is there any way you can help me identify a few Star Trek props that may be computer in origins?
Ian Johnstone (25 days ago)
I've found myself being hooked onto these videos. Heck, I can't change a 3-pin plug (UK) without blowing up the house but this is fascinating.
UMBREON PLAYER (25 days ago)
Hey... I know that you repair and modyfi old tecnology, could you please make a toutorial how to convert a toshiba satelite keyboard with a qwertz layout from xpin flatband to usb or ps/2 because this is in my eys the best keyboard... But i want to make it an external keyboard... I can send you a modelnumber for it... Please help me with this project...
jcilley97 (25 days ago)
The 8-Bit Guy I believe if you modified a tbc or time based corrector or macrovision defeat device, aka a digital video stabilizer to use analog rgb and vga I guess that should fix the problem, idk, I have never had experience doing that. So you can give that a try. Ik a lot of times digital video stabilizers were used to circumvent macrovision on vhs tapes, which if you are interested in, hacking one of those for your personal use, you can probably get clear macrovision defeated signals on rgb and you can transfer all of your store bought vhs, beta, etc tapes to DVDs for personal use. Also have you ever thought about modifying a digital tv converter box to use rgb to pick up digital ota tv signals on an analog tv? I am pretty sure if you are not messing with the rf in or rf out’s antenna field strength while doing that, you should be okay I think? Those are just some suggestions.
dspartan007 (25 days ago)
So, i can connect my win 10 PC to an old Tv with RGB?
x3100game (25 days ago)
Can U Guys do me a favor and please visit internet dreamcarproject.com I want to count the world of crazy people, or at least pass this project to yours colegues. Thank You.
AxemaN Racing (25 days ago)
time for work "well fuck 8bit guy work can wate"
Aaron Whooley (25 days ago)
love your videos, My first experience with multimedia was actually an AST Advantage! at 133MHz, 16MB ram and windows 95... some great memories...
Diamond Rocks 22 (25 days ago)
Hey can you make Planet X3 on the Atari st 1040 or Atari st 520 if too many limitations there is always Atari 1040 ste
Daniël Mantione (25 days ago)
He is writing the game in 8086 machine code. You are asking him to rewrite all of that into 68000 machine code. You are asking for a lot of work.
Vaios Kaliakoudas (25 days ago)
Would this mod also work in a euro-spec 2006-07 tv that is the same type as yours but with scart connector and no rca ones???
Antonio APC79 (25 days ago)
Cool to see !
THX1138 (25 days ago)
Great video.
Dioxaz (26 days ago)
Wow, that reminded me trying to hook up my Amstrad Mega PC to the same kind of TV about 10 years ago, with simiar caveats (execept it was much easier for me because I'm in a SCART-heavy land). I always wondered why some 320x200 EGA games would not fill the screen, even though I used different TSR programs. Also this solution is not very good for demos, as most of them access the card directly. I challenge anyone into trying to run Crystal Dream II in 15KHz without cheating by using extra hardware. Note for the curious who want to know about the Mega Drive part of the Mega PC. Indeed it will work with a TV, but you won't get a picture by combining the syncs passively. You'll either need to build Tomi Engdahl's circuit or buy yourself a UMSA adapter. Also, the Mega Drive part is very iffy when used with scalers and some multisync monitors as the vertical sync pulse sent by the Mega Drive card may be longer than it should.
danwat1234 (26 days ago)
8-bit guy, your going to Retro Gaming con in Portland Oregon? Cool! You're in the panel schedule on Saturday night http://www.retrogamingexpo.com/schedule.php
HOVNO Hraje (26 days ago)
https://youtu.be/tqBbUmITyu8 Its from him
ForerunnerLv (26 days ago)
Suggestion for video; Make video on repairing anti glare coating on crt
Alastair Preece (26 days ago)
Couldn't you have used a diode?
Koster Wim (26 days ago)
You should try to play the game Realm of the Mad God, it's a very fun but minimalistic perma-death game. I would love to see your opinion on the game.
rootbeer666 (26 days ago)
Well, duh. Also, I have a concern regarding the RGB lines where if you activate OSD you may have output drivers of the OSD chip and output drivers of your console fighting. I learned that mistake of running two output drivers into the same line (assuming I was doing a "wired OR") and cooking some 7400 series chips in the process back in college. I would also put OSD chip's output enable pin onto the switch if it has one, that way when you've switched your RGB mod on the OSD chip will not be activating output drivers... that is, if it has such a pin and the chip is tri-state. Otherwise cut power to the OSD chip with the switch.
Daniël Mantione (26 days ago)
You are right, but since there are resistors in the system, we are probably speaking of a few miliamperes that won't cause a lot of trouble. If you are purist you could try to fix this, but generally a few miliamperes will not damage electronics.
Michael Illingby (26 days ago)
You said that you were going to show some stills of the screen to show the quality, but didn't. Can you please do another quick update with some high quality stills please?
Steven Tyler (26 days ago)
Link to that amazing song at the end? I can't find it on his Soundcloud page. Edit: just read it hasn't been released yet
Rick Garcia (26 days ago)
Hi, 8-bit guy! Do you happen to have a Mastodon account that we can follow?
Gregory Wood (26 days ago)
great video. Thanks for the follow up.
rubendlove (26 days ago)
I freaking hate the intro music.... 80's infomercial
MineCRFTFreak970 (26 days ago)
You should add your logo to it.
TheDyingFox (26 days ago)
@1:59 for a brief moment I thought it was the sound of a short-circuit then the whole area was on fire 🤣
killtrosity (26 days ago)
So I know based on what you've said in your videos that you think it would be boring for the viewers if you walked through the coding process; you've done it in tidbits but I am really curious to see a proper walk-through of how you design, code and create content on these old 8 bit systems--how you make the art and how things are implemented. It would be very intriguing to the coding crowd.
When are you going to start selling the Macintosh plus capacitor kit again?
Mariann Mariann (27 days ago)
6:07 Oh, you got transparency in Planet X3 to work!
What about a diode to prevent the 5v from the switch feeding into the micro-controller?
Mahmut Sözen (27 days ago)
I love mod and restorasyon
John Smith (27 days ago)
If you ever do this again you should use a VGA connector on the TV. It's smaller and more convenient then using RCAs. Also VGA has +5 volts on pin 9 that you could hook up to a relay that automatically switches the blanking on the jungle chip. This way just plugging in a VGA source will switch the TV into RGB mode and unplugging it switches it back.
Robert Hart (27 days ago)
It is possible to add pots to adjust the image size and position (with the right know-how). The main reason to do this mod is to play old arcade game emulators in native res and they came in a variety of obscure resolutions. I use the pots on my arcade monitor to adjust the image for every game change...
Thibaut Allender (27 days ago)
You can do that in Windows using CRT_EmuDriver and specific cards. That's well known in the emulation scene when you want to use an original arcade monitor, or, like here, a cheap TV that accepts RGB.
Okurka (27 days ago)
5:45 Why are you using a pirated copy of Lemmings? How would you feel if we pirated your game?
catlover10192 (22 days ago)
I don't think he'd care too much if it was almost 30 years since he made it. Also, no money goes to the creator when used games are purchased. I don't think it makes any difference if you get something on ebay, or the Pirate Bay, the creator doesn't get the money either way.
Mr. SEA (27 days ago)
Using the VGA cable on an interlaced TV is very cool stuff and I do like the interlaced Amiga look...another great video.
Sun-Wukong (27 days ago)
I remember in school some of the TVs in the classrooms had VGA ports on the front and teachers could connect their computers to them that way. I wonder if that worked the same way.
G0W2 (27 days ago)
can you make a video about VGA monitor mod that will support RGB input from PS2 or something like that.
G0W2 (27 days ago)
you said it yourself that VGA monitor has better resolution as compared to TV.
Ashton Carlson (27 days ago)
We need to get David up past 1 million, I started watching when I was 6 with the why macs don’t get viruses video

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