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PUBG Mobile: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

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With PUBG still being huge on PC and Xbox One, the player base is about to get huge-r(?) with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds launching on mobile. Not only does this port feature everything you'd expect in the PC and Xbox Versions, it's got a few things up it's sleeve too! For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Text Comments (2990)
Ryan Ianaro (3 hours ago)
You can heal in driver seat too
The MRKZ (7 hours ago)
Iknew the eye icon moved the skreen
Sacred Ngaronoa (20 hours ago)
I feel like this is all obvious if you have a bit of common sense
Sacred Ngaronoa (20 hours ago)
I killed 2 guys with a car in one go. feels good
ultimate gamer128 (1 day ago)
My first match i played i won and i accidentally did solo squad its easy
Skelo Chest (1 day ago)
It tells you that if you run faster you take away guns
Deepanshu Singla home (2 days ago)
How yo get safe from that blue shield which comes and decrease our health?
Con Plays (2 days ago)
Fortnite now has a Car ...
Ruben Hansdah (2 days ago)
Bro how to use reward I got in special events,,, those 2 or 8 markers
pardha saradhi (2 days ago)
Super cool tricks bro thanks
SHANUMAN (2 days ago)
Hmmmm can u keep a VIDEO of pubg biggners
Cujo (2 days ago)
u know what,i played arcade squad,sniper mode we landed nowhere so we are going to search for houses less then 10 sec 2 bot with levl 3 hlm came to my team they died because of fist
Andrew Lee (2 days ago)
Nice video ! For anyone needing steam key without spending money simply make a search for " *skypisgame* " on bing. Ive heard some super things about it and my good mate got the game for free from it.
sricharan prasad (2 days ago)
Nishant Thorat (2 days ago)
This are basic yaar😅😅
presidentcarterpc (2 days ago)
How to shout i got supply’s in yellow highlights Please tell me
Lukas David (3 days ago)
I learn 1 trick...
Sáikø Sumanțh (3 days ago)
ikramkhan0786 (3 days ago)
Nice Video clip! I would love to sharing for you the extraordinary website that are giving away many free game keys. If you want to get one simply search for " *skypisgame* " on bing. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate finally got a free key with it.
johnny durko (3 days ago)
Leave you're shoes off improves stealth, sounds legit, not impressed encouraging people to camp in bushes annoying, nothing worse looting a house to just finding a 9mm.
Nayanjit sahariah (4 days ago)
These we know only
S.L. Rawal (4 days ago)
I know all of them
HAPPY YANGON TV (4 days ago)
the frying pan LOLL
Rafaey Kamran (4 days ago)
if u shoot the plane with sniper and 8x youll get 2 red boxes
Isreal Y (4 days ago)
Old news...
Aaryan Khalani (4 days ago)
Plauge Gaming (4 days ago)
who else got a PUBG mobile ad?No only me?
Anthony Obermiller (5 days ago)
Is it just me or is it easy as hell to get them chicken dinners on mobile?
Z.B .7 (5 days ago)
Sunscribe plz
Add me in your gang @sufiyansiddiqu
Gerald The Sea Lion (5 days ago)
I won my first 2 games 😂
Shakran Gazi (5 days ago)
The best tip is that guns on the floor have one full mag in them. So, if you have an AKM and u see one on the floor pick it up so you get the 30 bullets in the mag.
Utsav Acharya (5 days ago)
How can you give loot to a friend?
Hardcorian YT (5 days ago)
I got a chicken dinner 🥘 in the second match
Rupal Chauhan (5 days ago)
Frying pan was good👍
Daniel Missen (5 days ago)
Literly everybody knows this
The Pain (6 days ago)
Thanks 👍✌😆
arwa saify (6 days ago)
dhanababu kota (6 days ago)
How to get chilliesuti
Shyune Joshua (6 days ago)
Nothing new
Abhijit Gorai (6 days ago)
Its batter
kavin mahu (6 days ago)
How to pin the location of the inventorys we found to other team members?
Saciid Luqmaan Saciid (6 days ago)
How to say i got supplies
arna s (7 days ago)
When the zone is really small and it’s just me and 1 person left I take off all my clothes and lie down because the PUBG underwear is kinda camo colored
Lawrence Tisalona (7 days ago)
Can u do a vid on best places to loot
PUBG Sahil (7 days ago)
pan trick was awesomeee
The Last Pro Gamer (7 days ago)
How do I see my wins
Don't Read This Text (7 days ago)
I got free fire ad lol
Piyush Kaushal (8 days ago)
does removing shoes work?
ignas sankauskas (9 days ago)
What about peeking?? It's also hidden
Harshraj Chauhan (9 days ago)
I never understood the use of the frying pan...but now i know....its fucking BRILLIANT!!
SYNC YT (9 days ago)
Eugene Yeo (9 days ago)
my cousin told me the first one... XD
Strikefighter04 04 (10 days ago)
I have killed lots of players by punching, but I didn't know about the super punch by jumping! Also, you can use the bush trick and the car trick at the same time. And the missile trick doesn't work for me.
Mathias Brekkhus (10 days ago)
I'm only lvl 37 and it is so easy to win
AJ Sah (10 days ago)
How to take 2 pistol at same time?
AJ Sah (7 days ago)
Comic Error Preston See the hitman challenge, they all are taking 2 pistols
Comic Error Preston (8 days ago)
AJ Sah its impossible to do that
Rocky Nived (10 days ago)
Tell me about survey from sniper bullets
Johnny Johnson (10 days ago)
i hate when i cant remove my shoes in chinese version 😡
Mahendra Sahu (11 days ago)
How to earn uc in pubg
Mobile Gamer (11 days ago)
Penis diarrhea spray fart
INSANE Critical Ops (11 days ago)
If u dont scope ur aim spray is Less :)
Night Howl (12 days ago)
The coconut song :)
Mashie (12 days ago)
Tbh i always do the bush thing lol. My first win was that.
Karan Martolia (12 days ago)
How to spot suppies for my friends?
Rahul v (12 days ago)
How to exchange golden cup in shop
Manthan Vora (13 days ago)
how to exchange numbers from specific items in the shop?
SupremeK (13 days ago)
I get more kills than u in a single game
Tasso Toni (13 days ago)
OMG! Frying pan
Its me yuvraj (13 days ago)
Is there any 15x scope
Tarun Awasthi (13 days ago)
Pubg mobile nailing it... Best game for mobile phones
Sahil Ahuja (13 days ago)
Worst video
Brandon Dreher (13 days ago)
2,000,000th view yeahhhh bitches
Emilio goat (13 days ago)
tip when you get shot don't lay down get behind a tree and find them
marcos A (13 days ago)
Shoes or no shoe it doesn't make a difference
COLD1gaming (13 days ago)
I got a Dope montage on my channel, i'm new to youtube so show me some love!!! YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!
Leon Delirious (13 days ago)
The mobile is so Easyyyyy People said 85 to 90 % of players in the game are bots
Tahmid Khondkar (14 days ago)
Funny how I knew all of these already 🤷🏾‍♂️😂
Braydin Johnson (14 days ago)
My first solo match I won
Braydin Johnson (14 days ago)
My first solo match I won
ROBLOX E (15 days ago)
Romeo Martinez (15 days ago)
Small water get into the sniper mode and shoot other players
Yash Chowdhary (15 days ago)
When a car is approaching u get crouched to the lowest the car will pass through u without damage
Gamers Bone (16 days ago)
i love your all videos. good job
Who is this (16 days ago)
Subtitles reads it poop g
Alex Postolakii (16 days ago)
This game its fucking suks
Rigel Alphonsus (16 days ago)
good tips i like it
Darksiosa 1200 (16 days ago)
Darker skin = GOd
Murshid Rahuman AS (16 days ago)
I disliked because of that last guy's final gesture... What is he? A serpent?
Distractor PUBG (17 days ago)
Riza faisal khalid (17 days ago)
First tip, delete you're pubg mobile and buy pubg from steam
UltimoOrc127 (17 days ago)
shotguns on mobile i think is less accurate
Erica Bowie (18 days ago)
the frying pan is the best melee weapon in pubg but not in pubg mobile
Kartik Rajpura (18 days ago)
Hiii give me answer for question where is uc
Yubraz Das (19 days ago)
Ur so fast very difficult to understand do u need to go to washroom
Andrew Newman (19 days ago)
About that clothing Ive been killed multiple times By black men with purple afros
Noob_Gamer 2k2 (19 days ago)
What does reservation mean in pubg
Taylor Welsh (20 days ago)
I knew literally all of these
Singar goswami (20 days ago)
One more is peek and fire in settings
Samurai Goku (19 days ago)
Singar goswami True
GaMinG FReaK (20 days ago)
Very nice tips. I found few of them very usefull. Thanks alot bro.
That Boy Gamer (20 days ago)
I already knew all of this cuz of R.O.S (rules of survival):/

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