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The Evolution of Link in Super Smash Bros. (1999-2018)

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The evolution of Link in Super Smash Bros starting with Super Smash Bros. for the N64 and ending with the all-new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Enjoy!
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Text Comments (15)
Technical Marvel (17 days ago)
Nice vedio bhai keep it up Learn how to download best pokemon game - #TechnicalMarvel
Axtom (27 days ago)
in video you shows all nintendo consoles you dont have the 2ds xl
Heath Brownlow (2 months ago)
Thisis very funty
Donovan The Koopa (2 months ago)
Huh,we have the same icon..but slightly different background
Flaskjerta (3 months ago)
nice video
StarNaut (3 months ago)
great video! I enjoyed it a lot! Keep up the great work. As a Link main I enjoy to see these wonderful clips of how technology made things more accurate. especially the player models. I love the consistency of Nintendo and am excited to see the next smash game come out.
emrah şimşek (4 months ago)
cool. the only think left is a live action zelda movie. please make it happen.
Michael The Squirtle (4 months ago)
Im so hype for just everyone
rudyttorres (4 months ago)
right?! I really want Decidueye!
Random Stranger (4 months ago)
NeoKoopa64 (4 months ago)
Which fighter are you most excited to play as?
Pink Saber Attack (2 months ago)
JhomelmaZ HD (4 months ago)
NeoKoopa64 little mac
This Game Will Be The Best!

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