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How to get any old PC games to work on windows 7 and 8 computers

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So i just learned this as i do not have a full list of games that will and not work but ive tried another game which didn't work but please rate and ask if you want more of these types of videos
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Opal (26 days ago)
Can you please put a tutorial on here for the old Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game I have the Platinum Edition with the three discs and I would really like to be able to play them again I followed the steps in this tutorial but I may have missed a step or something because I still can't get it to work please help me get these games to work. Thank you so much in advance!.
sovjetcrab crab (1 month ago)
Or find a windows 7 version on the internet :/
Yashmia Smith (2 months ago)
i changed it to windows 98 me and it didnt work..im gonna restart my computer to see if that helps
flybikes90 (2 months ago)
Ugh, can't get this to work for my Dust game.
vikikristi arany (4 months ago)
It's working on sonic's schoolhouse? this is retro game
killakost (4 months ago)
Anyone know how to get gearhead garage for windows 10
beeto45 (4 months ago)
why didnt you play at least 5 minutes? i was dissapointed to see 10 secons of the game!
The game disc is very old and scratched up. I would do some let's plays on this game eventually when I get a new copy.
Phantasmed and more (4 months ago)
Thanks anyway tried this but nothing happens when I click on the game icon...I am trying to play the fifth element pc game..been trying to get it to work for over a month now. (windows 7)
It's best to buy an old machine that you could find for cheap with the actual operating system on it rather try an emulate XP generally when doing that you will have issues with graphics and just the general running of the operating system not entirely as it's meant to run on an actual machine.
Phantasmed and more (4 months ago)
P.S I was able to create a partition no problem but I Can not install XP from the disc as you need to be able to boot from disc...and it is so frustrating that I can;'t even do that, I really hate windows 10..every thing I try and do seems a million times more complicated...now I can't even enter bios or boot from a disc. I was trying to create a dual boot but can;t if I can not boot from the disc. I should explain I also have a windows 7 PC and I decided to try the dual boot on the windows 10...I do not want to do it on my Windows 7 PC as there isn't much free space on there..but I give up..it is just a game but it would have been nice to be able to play it.
Phantasmed and more (4 months ago)
I have more or less given up, last night i decided to create a partition and install windows XP there...but I can;'t boot from disc, I can't enter bios by pressing any of the F buttons nor access it using advanced start up options in windows 10..I go to MSconfig there are various boot options there but none are boot from disc...I spent too much time on this it is the end of the road now I think time to forget it...but it is very annoying. The graphics were better on the PC for that game than they were on the playstation (smoother graphics on PC)..
Not all 3D games will work with anything past Xp as the graphics are too outdated on most newer machines. This would be an example why the Sims doesn't always get the right results.
Ellen brouwer (5 months ago)
will it run the sims 1?
I know like the regular disks will work just fine... It's deluxe edition that gives lots of issues
Iron Cube 128 (5 months ago)
Will it work on Baldur's Gate?
DC77 Gaming (5 months ago)
That background looks smashing
Alex Baldwin (5 months ago)
Even after doing this, whenever I try to install or run my game (it's from a disc), it asks if I want to allow it to make changes. I hit yes, and then it just disappears. Nothing happens.
To everyone watching!!! I am going to make an updated edition of this old video soon, I will go into more detail on how to do this easily. Like always I don't own a list
Eddie Scorsese (5 months ago)
Will GTA 1997 PC game work?
PIKL Creep (5 months ago)
I have a windows 95 game and when I click setup it tells me that it will not run on this version of Windows 95/INT language.
OkayYT (8 months ago)
i wana run "Myst 4" On Windows 8.1 plz help :/
TLK100 100 (9 months ago)
I need help setting up to play Tzar on windows 7 plz help...tnx
Awesome PS3 Games (9 months ago)
It did not work on Downtown Run.
chem dog (10 months ago)
How do you run 2 disk game? Do you put it in folder?
Sasha Madden (10 months ago)
it doesnt work for me. i simply can't install the game.
Dont_Waste (10 months ago)
the title are say something and video say something fucken shit i want get my a old game i froget is name
John L (10 months ago)
Hi. How do you make Hidden and Dangerous 2 run on Windows 7?
Amer Alesiwy (10 months ago)
hi can you tell me how to make the redlin runit is old so old game
DomiTastyVideos (10 months ago)
Or you just use a virtual computer download virtualbox, download a ISO of Windows 95 or 98 or XP then install the game
Look at my face (7 months ago)
Installs SimCity 3000 on Windows XP while using VMware, loads up game, game works but runs like shit... Why...
potnoodleandchips73 (11 months ago)
Will this work with The Simpsons: Cartoon Studio?
Jena Grace (11 months ago)
Trying to play rugrats adventure game! Can’t get it to work would really appreciate some help!
Windows Support Plus (1 year ago)
For More Details Or Extended Possibilities of this cause just Visit On Our portal which is given below. http://www.windowssupportplus.com
NotSoHandyTim (1 year ago)
What did you say?
Bla Blubbi (1 year ago)
I tried to launch the EXE of The Day of the Tentacle, but I get a notification that it doesn't run on my PC...
Ebony (1 year ago)
This works great thank you so much!!! Nostalgia games here I come :D
N1NJAST3ALTH 11 (1 year ago)
would this work for roblox?
mayori fujino (1 year ago)
TheTotoCraft (1 year ago)
Would it work for sim city?
Chad Hyder (1 year ago)
Hi I have a windows 7 laptop and I still have my UBIK game discs but I cant seem to get the game to work. When i launch the the installed game the Ubik load screen is messed up it looks like its been cut into strips and jumbled up and then it crashes and kicks me out and I get a pop up say UBIK.exe stopped working, does anyone know how to fix this?
Chad Hyder (1 year ago)
Does this work with UBIK?
Blizzy (1 year ago)
By any chance, do you believe Total War:Rome could work?
daniePM (1 year ago)
Hello, would you try this with the game force21?
daniePM I've mentioned this many times. But these games do run as long the files aren't corrupted overtime with the newly updated windows operating systems. Also a lot of times games tend to run incompatible programs and versions that just are too corrupted to be used on newer OS systems.
Jared Pearson (1 year ago)
will this work for knights of the old republic, half life, age of empires and fallout?
I don't know the entire list of older games that will work with this method. Only because a lot of older games use outdated applications and other such tools to run these games which didn't seem to make it to windows 7-10 because of certain files and bits to those applications have become corrupted as well for the files stored on these older games.
Jared Pearson (1 year ago)
because I've been trying for days now to get my KotOR to play on my windows seven and I get like 3- 8min into the game and it freezes and I get a bar that pops up saying that it crashed or stopped working
Joppe (1 year ago)
Hey, I'm trying to play Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on my pc, it installs and everything but when I start it nothing happens. I've tried the method in this video, it didn't work, I've tried changing compatibility, didn't work. I've literally tried everything. So if anyone knows how to fix this please tell me :D
Evito Cruor (1 month ago)
dgVoodoo2 incase it's graphics related
DEMONHAWK2 (1 year ago)
fyi sometimes it wasnt the compatibility's fault it was actually microsoft's Data Execution Prevention not working correctly
DEMONHAWK2 (1 year ago)
i also noticed that on atleast on windows 8 DEP fails to disable on some programs to.. sometimes u have to fuck with it a bit and disable the game in the DEP menu and reenable it each time until it finally works.. it SOMETIMES turns DEP on itself whenever u shutdown your pc to and then u gotta reenable it again... yeah it sucks lol but its the truth... :/
DEMONHAWK2 (1 year ago)
usually to fix that on old games that run on windows 7 u can just use the DEP mode itself without having any compatibility options for the game by going to your pc -> system properties -> advanced system settings -> performance settings -> Data Execution Prevention (Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:) and add and find your game and hit apply and ok :P
COHEN Mathieu (1 year ago)
and now do you have a solution ? i have the same problme with Harry potter 1 pc in Windows 7 ,  thanks and see you
V. Osaki (1 year ago)
Didn't work. Still says that it's not compatible
Did you try installing the game i showed in this video?
Vilden Ultrums (1 year ago)
pokemon 2 ?? wtf ? some joke? it is nowhere..
The game that I used as an example for this test is a very rare computer game called Pokemon Play V2, The game itself came out very limited in starter box sets that also had the GameBoy game included.
OneTw0 (1 year ago)
What if you have multiple install Disk? When it ask for Disk 2 It never sees it.
Hello, I did look into it recently but did run into some dead ends. I tried it with Sims Deluxe edition. I was able to make a Disk for it on my harddrive and somehow get the program to install but seems like some of the files were just too damaged from over time. I haven't tried Call of Duty before when trying to install it but usually I would also try something like Scrumm for some games. I should make a update video on it very soon once my move has happened.
OneTw0 (1 year ago)
Any Chance you looked into a solution?
OneTw0 (1 year ago)
I tried adding the files that were on Disk two that were not on disk one. Like Data bin files. But it was a no Go. :( Thanks for the reply. hopefully there is a solution. I had never had an issue playing older games on anything before Win10. Game is Call of Duty. Found it in a box with some games i had like FEAR & KOTOR.
That's an interesting question your asking. I haven't tried that out yet. I surly will have to get back to you on that.
blonde guineapig (1 year ago)
P.s i tried running sims 2 (2004) i did everything you said but still the program won't open and display correctly bummer i really want to play it badly now I'll never be able to :(
I've done research on The Sims and it seems like that game generally has issues to begin with and patches have been made by third party teams.
blonde guineapig (1 year ago)
Do i need to get the deluxe or do i get the double deluxe for it to open correctly? I am using windows 7 as my computer platform
ImRinoes (1 year ago)
Thanks man it worked for me on stronghold crusader :D
DanDan (1 year ago)
yo I totally forgot about the game. got it out of a cereal box haha
Brandon2940 (1 year ago)
In my case, I am trying to play an old game called "Kiss Psycho Circus The Nightmare Child" and the game plays but there is major mouse lag in the menu, how do I fix that?
Joe (2 years ago)
can we only play setup games bcause i want to play prince of persia sands of time
R0gueAnge1 (2 years ago)
I did this for my game and it runs, my problem is that my monitor goes black and it reads 'out of range' I don't know how to fix this. Please help me! PS you vid really helped me.
Did you by chance try this game or is it a different game that by chance I didn't cover, That was the big key point when I had made this video. I didn't have a full list sadly since so many games run using different programs which overtime stop working or the data on those programs don't transfer well when new Operating systems come out.
Sadique Salman (2 years ago)
when i start marvel ultimate alliance 1. it shows it cannot run
Zach Steffy (2 years ago)
I'm going to get all new pc games for my new windows 7 pc!!!!!!!!!!))***** like I was obsessed with this certain pc game when me and my dad and my brother were taking a trip!!!!!!!!!!!))*** with grandma toast!!!!!!!!!)))*** as she always gave us kids when we were younger toast for breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))****
Conor O'Riordan (2 years ago)
Trying to do this for Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone game on my laptop. When it comes up to install after doing the setup thing it wont install. Instead, it says "This build of CD Code is for Harry Potter TMThis is an invalid build of CD code. Please fill out the EReg Config Form to obtain a valid CDCode build. Please help! I'm desperate to fulfil my nostalgia lol!!! Great video by the way!!!!
+Conor O'Riordan Thanks for subbing for off. Secondly I've never owned that game for the pc growing up so I am sorry that I can't help you get the game to work. Usually any game that is not able to normally run on anything higher then xp has to have a folder made for the content on the Cd that you see when the folder pops up and also make sure it thinks 98 is running or anything that is meant for the game.
Apple pro (2 years ago)
Have you herd of Lego Star Wars the video game?

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