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Archived footage from the Rebel Life Media vault featuring Grammy and American Music Award winners Layzie Bone and Flesh-n-Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Layzie talks about how Bone Thugs rose beyond the turbulent 1990s which was full of violence and problems amongst rap artists.
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63 Impala rag Dude (2 months ago)
Fast rap is a Midwest thing. If you ain't from the Midwest then you wouldn't understand.
Odin Rossin (1 month ago)
63 Impala rag Dude bling is southern.
Jason Bryant (5 months ago)
they all set trends: Twista does rap the fastest; Crucial Conflict were more cowboy/gitty up bump (which was the shit); Do or Die had that pimp/gangsta shit; Three Six flowed about demonic genre, from a Southern. aspect; Bone had the Midwest sowed up. I've been bumping them for 20 years. Still am. They're kings because they covered all genres and issues in life, and they could sing. Technically, that does make them Originators. #bonethugsforlife
As far as fast rapping goes these guys are original there style is so dope and deadly and different it's on a different. No disrespect to the other guys but man I can listen to Bone all day without being annoyed I'll just put it that way.
Kyle Smith (11 months ago)
why yall care about this shit
The Life Of Ana (1 year ago)
bone thugs-n-harmony 4 Life
Bizzy Get Lizzy (1 year ago)
dogg pound were pussies. bg knocc out and dresta had them & suge knight on lock
Trini Starr % (1 year ago)
What about the beef they had with Three 6 Mafia
Sky Walk (1 year ago)
Art of war smashed any and every body that had beef with bone...period.
fatherjedi skywalker (2 years ago)
why is that grown ass man, sucking his thumb?
Lethal221 (1 year ago)
fatherjedi skywalker He wasn't sucking his thumb dumb ass smh
501blu (1 year ago)
that grown man beats the breaks off niggas n survived 10yrs in prison
fatherjedi skywalker (1 year ago)
mal m (1 year ago)
Lol that's flesh he be having episodes
Lalo Luna (2 years ago)
Bone & Twista both are good rappers!
OleSkool89 (2 years ago)
I never knew they got into a fight with do or die
THE SKG (5 days ago)
lifestraight At east 1999 Flesh "breaking faking you studio gangsta bitch trick niggas will get beat" At mo murda Krazie bone "gotta find these row hoes"
lifestraight (5 days ago)
THE SKG What Flesh say?
THE SKG (5 days ago)
At tha line in mom murda krazie dissed death row subliminaly They dissed death row in e.1999 eternal and nobody even noticed they dissed death row At flesh verse in east 1999 he dissed snoop and dr dre subliminaly
THE SKG (6 days ago)
They said names But not that much
lifestraight (25 days ago)
LilPrince Killa Didn't know they had beef with 3 6 mafia
Julio Guerra (2 years ago)
bone literally killed Twistas , Crucial Conflict , Do Or Die career .... its been over
Lee Izaak (15 days ago)
Julio Guerra if so then why does twista have more money then all of bone put together?get your facts straight no one ended twistas career
psychesoap (15 days ago)
News flash sucka ass...they squashed that shit.
Lee Izaak (1 month ago)
NOTPOPIMP twista has 335,000,000$ as we speak!!!and bone has 10,000,000 now who’s irrelevant?twist one of the best and never fell off!He’s got more money than bone out together and this is by himself lmao
Lee Izaak (1 month ago)
Julio Guerra man idk if your smoking crack or just plane dumb!!!twista is one of the greatest!!!they went hrs but twista fastest rapper and these niggas was just gettin
amkrajc (10 months ago)
NOTPOPIMP I'm willing to say bone is more relevant. They probably had their last videos together. The thing you have to keep in mind bone doesn't do mainstream and that's by choice. With all that said... twista did have the better diss song, but again... I'm not sure bone really tried.

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