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Bloodsail Buccaneers Rep Guide (Insane In the Membrane, Cataclysm Updated)

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This will be my first video series to post on youtube, and will attempt to cover a fairly in depth method to grinding the Insane feat. Please post below if you have any questions or comments regarding the video. Thanks! Link to Steamwheedle guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSrirJWMqNw Link to Ravenholdt guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM6A2Z40dcA DISCLAIMER: I do not own any part of the songs used in this video or World of Warcraft. Full credit is given to the artists who created the tracks, and Blizzard for the creation of WoW.
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Text Comments (52)
Tine Sket (4 years ago)
hello, i made it im honored, but now i cant accept the quest for the title bloodsail admiral because the ship in booty bay is still there and it wont dissappear. please help me. how can i get it off
stephen rodriguez (4 years ago)
do you need to be 11999/12000 for it to count or honored any a mount?
DH12tine (4 years ago)
if you hav 11k you allready are honored even if you have 1 reputation above honored its honored
Axel Waltersson (5 years ago)
Too bad i got Loremaster ....
Twisted Fate (5 years ago)
lies 3 hours with doing the quests proof is i helped 3 other people do it too all you need is friendly not honored
natsprat666 (5 years ago)
Did you manage to fix it?
natsprat666 (5 years ago)
I am in the same boat as the guy you replied to I cannot attack the booty bay people!!!!!!!!!!!!
natsprat666 (5 years ago)
I am stuck atm I am at the phase where the people are fighting but I cannot attack the civilians! Help?
Twisted Fate (5 years ago)
How long would it take to get teh required rep?
Eclipsec (5 years ago)
What did you do to fix it?
Xointo ThePvPer (5 years ago)
nvm ty for the guide I fixed it
Xointo ThePvPer (5 years ago)
I went to the attack on booty Bay and nothing was there and I turned the quest in did I mess it up cause nothing happened?
Eclipsec (5 years ago)
The blood sail mobs is hostile and the booty bayy mobs are friend which means i cant grind them. What should i do please help!
Valafares (5 years ago)
It's on PTR right now. Just did everyone become level 35!
Robotrino Robotrino (5 years ago)
"This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed." That was the quest you needed, the one that sends you to the cove...
dimzaga (5 years ago)
this is probably really late, but i just got to that spot, and the boat moved to booty bay, on one of the phased in ships hope it helps anyone else reading
Mi. (6 years ago)
Hey mate, so Im exalted with the Cartel, BUT due to my ignorance I sadly completed the quest chain you are reffering to, including the finish of the atk. (awesome guide btw). So now I only got 4 NpCs available for pirate rep grind since Goblin guards are lvl 90 due to MoP and therefore unkillable in a rep lvl of the matter. Please any ideas on how should I grind pirate rep ? Thank you in advance and looking forward to any constructive comments of the viewer or the uploader of the vid!
reigo141 (6 years ago)
hmm..my problem is that i did farm the rep up to honored and afther i went to steamwheedle, now im hatet with bloodsale buccaneers and forgot to turn in the quest that ends battle in booty bay what i do now to get normal booty bay back?
anthony steinke (6 years ago)
so being i have done this quest chain for my lore master .... i cant do this? now i have to grind the mobs at level 85?...
Jeppe Christiansen (6 years ago)
I love you <3
Eddie Gilmartin (6 years ago)
Happend to me aswell, i followed this guide up to friendly but when i was gonna go get the quest for the feast of strength all the npcs disappears when i board the ship…
Y. Oliver (6 years ago)
what's the song in the begginin', is that like a pokemon theme or something? LOL
Zaraki7ai (6 years ago)
Nicely done. Thank you.
Vanquisher dead (6 years ago)
Best Vid ever... 1) Explained Well 2) Step by step 3) worked really well 4)THANKS ALOT, u got a subscribed and liked
wardawg278 (6 years ago)
You may not check this anymore but I have a question for The BSB rep farm. Im at the battle part and I spent 2 hours killing mobs for rep and only got maybe 600 rep in those 2 hours. Am I doing it wrong or something?
Fury Renekton (6 years ago)
i turned the quest by mistake answer me ..!!!
Patrick Rosenhagen (6 years ago)
what if i already did the quest while lvl´ing???
Baker Hewitt (6 years ago)
and i cant kill any people that arent BSB in booty bay, please help :(
Baker Hewitt (6 years ago)
i accidentaly turned in the quest right after finishing the ones on the boat.. can i fix this?
Bagger (6 years ago)
Best guide ever tbh.. I've been watching to many video's and guide.. some wasnt update and some of them was just sucky .. this is legendary .. Thumbs up!
Mitch (6 years ago)
Is there a way of doing this after you have already done these quests? And is there a way of doing it without losing all rep with Booty bay etc
cantgetadate (6 years ago)
Did you complete and turn in the phasing quest? That should reset the ships to their previous positions.
Bamboozle Master (6 years ago)
Damnit, I did this for Loremaster a bit ago, now I cant do it this way =.=
lilleland360 (6 years ago)
Mimirions head a drop from yog-saron 25m about 1-4 times to make it drop
Kristian Støen (6 years ago)
What is your Render settings? And what program do you use? :p
Gustav Kensmark (6 years ago)
but i am friendly with them but when i enter one of there ships they all disepear?
Gustav Kensmark (6 years ago)
hey there well i was hated but after hated i am hostile and i have never seen any one being "hostlie" in an reputation before?
kokolakis111 (6 years ago)
very gd guide gz m8
Preoley (6 years ago)
You sound like solid snake - Badass, Very informative thanks.
btw on bucanners rep. err how much rep would you get per hour would you say? an avarage?.
MrScvv (6 years ago)
i did this method and worked fine, but now i'm hated with bootybay and honored with BSB, i cant see the guy that gives me the admiral quest, i think i must end the war at bootybay to see it, but i cant end it since im hated with bootybay. is there any other way that i can do this ? thx.
Penny. P (6 years ago)
I have already completed this quest chain for Loremaster. Is there any other way to grind rep with BSB? I have already tried Faldirs Cove but there are only 5 mobs and the guards are too hard to solo.
inteusproductions (6 years ago)
Thanks alot for this, it's going to be a long farm :)
AverageJoeDude (6 years ago)
Great video tyvm
ifoundwaldoinmyroom (6 years ago)
I'm at hated with Bloodsail (36k rep) do I have to keep doing this method, killing those npcs, until I get to friendly? or did I miss something?
dracco4heads (6 years ago)
Does this still work as of today? 4.3.2
Badsmarty (6 years ago)
Thanks for this video, it was very helpful!
flipatwig (6 years ago)
@erkkil1 you will still be in the phased event as long as you don't hand in any of the quests...you are able to go anywhere and even log and when you return you will still be in the phased event
flipatwig (6 years ago)
@Youarefiredlulz You can turn in this quest while in the phase event. Do not go to where the boats are usually as the npc is phased out. Instead go where the big broken goblin statue is located on the little island just northwest of booty bay. The boat along with the npc will be inside the phased event
Eturnle (7 years ago)
@sprinkler41 - I have noticed the low sound on the clips and will be fixing that shortly to make it easier on viewers. Thank you for the kind words!
Erik Osmera (7 years ago)
Your audio was a little quiet but other than that you were very informative. Thumbs up!
Benjamin Colten (7 years ago)
Woot for rep achievement guilds, and Epitome!

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