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Logitech G with G433 7.1 Gaming Headset

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For advanced gaming audio that is designed to play wherever you do. Logitech G433 7.1 Gaming Headset features advanced audio technologies such as Pro-G drivers and DTS Headphone:X®, in a comfortable, lightweight, and stylish design. G433 delivers superb audio quality, crystal communication and is Discord certified. G433 comes in four custom colors, Royal Blue, Fire Red, Triple Black and Camo Blue. Learn more: LogitechG.com/G433 http://www.gaming.logitech.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg http://www.instagram.com/Logitech_G
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Text Comments (97)
maymay (1 month ago)
Good Quality of headset in terms of performance in games with HRTF audio. I can shoot people without seeing them, only by hearing. The complaints is that the headset smells so easily on 5 hours of usage and in my case when i use USB adapter, the mic is not working. So i must use normal audio jack and in logitech App its not detected so i cant manage the volume sounds for each angle of surround sounds. I love Logitech products (i have G903, Prodigy keyboard, Hyperion fury and Logitech mouse pad), except the headphones. In my honest opinion Arctis 5 or Kraken v2 are slightly better.
summy2 (1 month ago)
The usb device is a sound card ?
Demeron Dajen (2 months ago)
an over ear headset ?
Dominik Alberski (2 months ago)
I just bought it and can't properly understand what this guy in the movie is tolking about due to sound distortion
Joke (4 months ago)
Dude, I love logitech very much i use logitech full gamingset full keyboard,mouse,mousepad and headset
SLUGFEST-TV (4 months ago)
do u guys have mics for playstation for usb
Is the 7.1 works on ps4 ?
ItsPossiblyToxic (5 months ago)
Does this work with ps4
The Friendly Gamer (5 months ago)
Don't buy. They won't replace my G430's because I never registered them online. They died due to their failure. I take care of my products and I just told my Discord and Discussion forums last week (80,000 people) to not buy them. Logitech is douche.
Steryon91 (5 months ago)
Buy from Logitech and not some crappy other website then :) duhh..
razorwireclouds (6 months ago)
would be nice to have these in green or turquoise as well.
Harmony94 (7 months ago)
Does it have surround on ps4?
Nalle Buhi (8 months ago)
This headset is sl comfortable that I could use it 24h straight
TheWallmartPimp (8 months ago)
I have a pair of the g933’s, mic is to damn low, nothing I have found works to get it right. Tried about 10 dif drivers, Logitech refuses to do anything about it, stay as far away as you can from any Logitech headphones, their shit!
CrankedUp (8 months ago)
Can I just say who ever came up with the way of switching out the ear covers needs to be fired
Hyper (8 months ago)
HALLÅ FÖRFAN! (9 months ago)
that is probably the most ugliest headset I've ever seen
Nqsl_ Pros (4 months ago)
HALLÅ FÖRFAN! Actually they are appealing to the eye
Jacob Vallen (6 months ago)
HUNDRED BEAST KAIDO (8 months ago)
will they work on a ps4 slim?? the optical port thing.
TedTheBear Gaming (9 months ago)
Here it is my honest review sadly this is the 1st Logitech product that I wouldn't buy if I would know what I would get. I always liked your products and I will always go with Logitech mouse, speakers, mousepad,... but sadly you lost me at the headsets. I am using them for around 6 months. I am quite dissapointed for the price I payed (130€) ... 1. Mic not working 2. Not as comfortable as they are advertised 3. Not really good sound isolation 4. Materials are not really good (soft parts) Good things I found: you can fold them and earpads are quite big. I would go with my brothers HyperX all the way, if I would knew what I preordered. HyperX + costs only 80€ + mic is good + very comfortable + very good sound isolation - can't be folded - small earpads
Vân Phạm Hồng (4 months ago)
wow, Many thanks Ray Banini. That's fine to hear your feedback. Maybe I will get one, cuz I do love its design :))
Ray (4 months ago)
Vân Phạm Hồng the mic works correctly and pretty good.
Vân Phạm Hồng (6 months ago)
Mic not working? Indeed, I like the design of this headset and I also expect the quality of the mic. I am not a gamer, but I want to get it to learn the languages. Sad to hear feedback from ya :((
TedTheBear Gaming (8 months ago)
the headsets work on ps4 with usb cable, but I havent tested the mic
HUNDRED BEAST KAIDO (8 months ago)
will this headset work on the ps4 slim?? the optical port thing.
Dried Soup (9 months ago)
I prefer plugging my headphones to my ps4 via usb but sadly it doesnt seen to work. Has to be through controller
A K (10 months ago)
Just got it and it sucks, it sits so tight it breaks your skull.
Natanel Perez (10 months ago)
Should I get these or hyper x cloud alphas?
Slendy_Milky (11 months ago)
The 7.1 sucks on this headset! dts headphones is the crapiest thing ever !! Virtual surround totaly wrong with position !!
Kyle Does Stuff (2 months ago)
Slendy_Milky I bought The Headse4 the phone Cable is the best with the sound card dont use the pc cable is sounds bad
warriorprince101010 (11 months ago)
The wire should match the colour of the headset. Blue to blue and red to red etc. Other than that this is a good idea from Logitech.
nils forsman (11 months ago)
If only this headset featured Bluetooth it would in my eyes be basically perfect
HUNDRED BEAST KAIDO (8 months ago)
so by that u mean i need another piece plug it my ps4 slim??
Fransisco Wijaya (11 months ago)
Please continue making new products without RGB :D RGB = Suck, looks GAMERISH-GROSS, Waste of Energy!
Michael Ives (1 year ago)
TEST squadron :)
Remco Hamersma (1 year ago)
the blue headset doesnt come with blue cables?
JMCrazyfrog (1 year ago)
what music is this?
vedat dinç (1 year ago)
Alt yazı yok 🙅 disk👎
Layarion (1 year ago)
I noticed "recording devices" says "2 channel, " are there two capsules in this microphone?
Dan (1 year ago)
Future feedback for Logitech G Headphone: -Need proprietary 50mm Pro-G Driver to deliver crisp & clear lows, mids, and high frequency response -No sports mesh earcuffs because I am not a huge of NIKE shoes and it feels rough and not extremely comfortable -I want detachable smooth, rubber Oval earcuff shape for extreme comfort use -Give us an option to swap with Round earcuff shape for balanced sound quality -Develop future wired & wireless headphone -Make 3.5mm jack a bit smaller, so that way it'll fit in our hands when customers play and/or listen to their smartphone device -Give us wide range of color scheme option to purchase such as Black, Silver, Orange, Blue/Green, etc. -Headband needs a lot of improvement in terms of flexibility, durability, bendability, and ergonomics -Need strong, tensile adjustable microphone just like G633/G933 with excellent noise cancellation -Continue to increase SPL (Sound Pressure Level)/Sensitivity/(Ohm) Impedance to make headphones a bit louder but cleaner. That way, it doesn't entice customers to increase volume to achieve higher volume without compromising audio distortion, especially with consoles and mobile devices (Android/iOS)
stfn • wlf (1 year ago)
I have a Sennheiser Headset. The new Logitech headset looks good, but guys...we live im 2k17. I want a wireless. I have the Problem with all my headset thats the cable is on the floor/ground and my chair destroy the cable.
Marquering (1 year ago)
Gnoony (5 months ago)
Obye239 7.1 in ps4 ??
Mikey Hope (1 year ago)
Also made out of McDonald's plastic as usual for Logitech.
Patruck Lenam (1 year ago)
The squardon rises
Akiraslayer (1 year ago)
This look beautiful. So jelly when you see all the E3 machine uses this headset.
derbigpr500 (1 year ago)
The problem with all gaming headsets is that they all ultimately suck at delivering proper sound, and for the money you can buy far better sounding headphones.
Nishanth Moses (1 year ago)
Seems like everyone really either hates them or really likes them.
Aramil Lorrathain (1 year ago)
Test squadron! Beat Squardon!
jabony (1 year ago)
Dammit just ordered a new headset today rip
RussianJ (1 year ago)
Exited to do a review on these. Awesome shirt BTW
Munken (1 year ago)
TEST Squadron! Best Squadron!
Stelios Kotsifos (1 year ago)
Wireless version please? :D
Arranging Stars (1 year ago)
<3 TEST Squadron BEST Squadron! <3 Sick headset man.
NKato (1 year ago)
Looks heavily inspired by the Skullcandy Crushers headphones. Does this come with a bass amp?
Montoya (1 year ago)
My current headset now looks like crap... I MUST HAVE THIS!
Seung Ryul Lee (1 year ago)
TEST Squadron BEST Squardon!!!!
David AE Levy (1 year ago)
TEST Squadron BEST Squadron baby!
Vezerlo Productions (1 year ago)
I made a video on this, and while its doing terribly, I still love this headset. Might pick it up.
Night Rider (1 year ago)
The Logitech G Team and TEST Squadron - BEST Squadron
Kaito Moh (1 year ago)
I'm so glad the Headset I bought here https://sites.google.com/site/HeadsetCapital has lots of accessories
live yourlife (1 year ago)
will the 7.1 surround sound work with PS4?
Dan (1 year ago)
No. Console will work in Stereo mode only. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g433-7-1-surround-sound-gaming-headset#specsAnchor
Algorak (1 year ago)
live yourlife no not for ps4 only Pc need Software.
Gsus (1 year ago)
Finally some clean looking gaming equipment without the awful "gamer" look
Dan (1 year ago)
Now make *wireless version of Logitech G502 Proteus!* I seriously need heavy mouse but also want freedom to not worrying about dragging cable wires and needs to also have excellent click latency, motion latency, and more battery life to improve quality life! -Add charging dock -Smooth Hyperfast Scroll Wheel -Move DPI up/down buttons above Hyperfast Scroll Wheel toggle button in the middle -Increase battery life up to 2190hour (3 months) -The grip must be ideal for claw/palm grip right-handed user -Make left side buttons a bit bigger -No Laser Sensor since vast majority of users are using soft, non-reflective surface. Thus, Infrared LED Optical Sensor is a must -Improve 3D Geometry Lens to provide more mouse tracking accuracy -Add more Tuning Weight Options to make mouse feel heavy but doesn't compromise center gravity feel -Keep the cost low as possible. MSRP should be around $89.99-$119.99 -Need usb wired adapter for charging capability as well as enabling wired mouse mode -Make sure quality control is excellent since many people complained about loose/weak scroll wheel to produce obvious rattle noise which can be disgruntling and annoying! -Give us more option to customize RGB Lighting effects such as Wave, Static, Blinking, Breathing, Sync Music, Pulsing, etc.
Baskerville87 (1 year ago)
Since I own Logitech g35 headset i can only say...wtf is this sh*t?
Algorak (1 year ago)
Baskerville87 i love My G35 Headset, best sound nice Mic. The g533 and g933 was shit over 9000 Sound Crap Mic Crap Design shit xD.
DV THE FOX (1 year ago)
US Price: 100$ EU Price: 135€ (converted is 150$) Ummm what?..
Tunahan Güder (6 months ago)
its like 150 dolar ?
Tunahan Güder (6 months ago)
at turkey 630 liras
Carlos Eduardo (8 months ago)
Brazil, R$ 618 = 193$
Jofrecede (8 months ago)
In Peru, 269 SOLES = 83 $
nori1 (9 months ago)
A polish made DM3 Mini mouse is 60Eur in Europe and 39.99 USD = 34 Eur in USA. Everything is cheaper for them, even if it's made in Europe.
xValsion (1 year ago)
just be honest, its ugly as fuck..
Floco (1 year ago)
dude these look sick, unless you like those flashy razer, hyperx type of stuff
GBrah (1 year ago)
id rather wear these outside than a g933
Blaze (1 year ago)
It's plain but you know what I don't give a fuck. The flashy "gamer headphones" are tacky and if this one performs the same as a standard gaming headphone then i'll take it.
Nikolas Hätinen (1 year ago)
xValsion true😂😂
Titanclaw 24 (1 year ago)
Finally a Logitech gaming headset that doesn't look horrible.
Tyler Durden (3 months ago)
G633 & G933 are sexy af. G35 and G930 was meh on the design but good overall headset
Deloth (1 year ago)
Titanclaw 24 The G933 looks much better imo.
PsychoDuckTV (1 year ago)
So will it sound better than your average 50$ audiophile headphones? Or does it have too much gaming in its gaming? lol
Bk sun (1 year ago)
This looks like some China knock off OEM of Sony Headphones, and that guy neck is tilted like no 2moro,, would u recommend him to use logitech "ergonomic" gaming mouse ? i think he need to look for a chiropractor...
Fander (1 year ago)
hey thats pretty good
Zan (1 year ago)
Ray Lin (1 year ago)
great product!
Tempelis (1 year ago)
It looks awesome guys! Hyperx is screwed?
Monkey (1 year ago)
Tempelis I don't think so!
Weslie Villejo (1 year ago)
Kira Yamato (1 year ago)
this vs the artis 5/7 ???
Melih Çalıcı (1 year ago)
Kira Yamato arctis 7.
manod (1 year ago)
i think wait for this or arctis 5 7 (
Nixon Tanlie (1 year ago)

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