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PURE PUBG Teamtage 2018

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Team: Packs - IGL - @Packs_PUBG TaylorJay - Fragger - @TaylorJaytv 1HunnaRounds - Sniper - @1HunnaRounds ravv - Support - @ravvxo We are with @StayPureGG currently competing in all the PUBG competitive leagues. Currently in closed qualifiers (Top-16 NA) for DreamHack Austin $100k LAN. Song: https://soundcloud.com/diplo/revolution-danny-diggz-remix-feat-faustix-imanos-and-kai
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Text Comments (27)
Packs (26 days ago)
CHECK ME OUT ON TWITCH @ https://www.twitch.tv/packs_pubg
Gaeg plays (2 months ago)
Ps3 recoil now in test :)
Sascha (3 months ago)
Jace hall
airicsunn (3 months ago)
Played a war mode with you and mtzi, your aim is unreal. GG was a fun one
Scoutz (4 months ago)
June 27 packs that's when z1 comes out you better play it!
Enve (4 months ago)
Do u need an Video Cutter / Designer?
Dylan Donnelly (5 months ago)
Return of the h1z1 overlord?? Please come back packs 😔
KD4WG (3 months ago)
omg yes please come back
Turtlejam (5 months ago)
Packs this month we have a season 3 revert and Z1 remastered out, make a video!!!
watchBlacktion (6 months ago)
? (6 months ago)
PUBG is so boring
MOBILE GAMING (6 months ago)
I have six packs
Packs (6 months ago)
I respect that lol
Chubba Bubba (6 months ago)
ravv is so good looking god damn
Packs (6 months ago)
He’s a cutie for sureeeeee
synGOD (6 months ago)
synGOD (6 months ago)
much better my dude, much better
Packs (6 months ago)
Not as good as you but I am actually proud of this one haha
Opanic (6 months ago)
Nice frag movie!
Packs (6 months ago)
Thanks Mike!
RazzleDazzle (6 months ago)
Ay notification squad where you at
Packs (6 months ago)
Tips (6 months ago)
Rip theron is kicked?
Tips (6 months ago)
Btw let me edit this kind of shit for you instead okay
Tips (6 months ago)
Packs 10 hours a day my ass lmao
Packs (6 months ago)
RIP Therbear
Opanic (6 months ago)

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