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All 20 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update For Week 1 November 2018 | Nintendo News

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This week 1 November 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games announcements and release date update. Which one of these games do you like? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ 15 BEST Nintendo Switch Games Coming NOVEMBER 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EpHHRjUX18 -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (193)
SwitchPlanet (12 days ago)
NEXT WEEK GAMES RELEASES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5AGJhx-kIU
N Santana (3 days ago)
IPhone games
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
AlexanderTheGreat (5 days ago)
Name of the music in the intro and outtro?
Hungry Nerd goth (6 days ago)
Switch sucks
Dr. Snowman (6 days ago)
What's the Intro song?
BlueFurCommando (7 days ago)
This channel is cancerous
A Gamer (8 days ago)
5:29 What!?
Henry Quock (8 days ago)
They should make a true crime streats of la 2 needs better games pixelated games suck neeeeeeeds? better games the switch sucks regret getting one
Henry Quock (5 days ago)
Lol alright games still sucks
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
Henry Quock 😂 pixelated games suck ? Ok bloodstained , undertale , shovel night hahahaha ok
Henry Quock (8 days ago)
The switch needs call of duty zombies and games like pub g
DRAWWD BONK (9 days ago)
Team nintendo
Daniel (10 days ago)
puro gringo aqui
Test (11 days ago)
All of that games is fcking ugly
Digital_get_Down (11 days ago)
Is this a joke
Abdulaziz Almohammed (12 days ago)
Well thank you Nintendo for this garbage I mean come on it’s been a year now since I played a good game all they do is making a phone game I swear my phone have better games then switch ..ugh
Zaur B. (12 days ago)
I want sell Nintendo and buy ps4.
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
Zaur B. Wow you are retarded
Martell Tha Cool (12 days ago)
I want to play BlazBlue
Martell Tha Cool (12 days ago)
Any shooters for Nintendo Switch to recommend?
James Keith Tampus (12 days ago)
The switch is so popular, but the games are trash..😂😂😂
Tiago Bartolomeu (12 days ago)
Come on Nintendo. Were are the real nice games
ramiz khawaja (12 days ago)
Only one mature game
DilPower (12 days ago)
not the most exciting week...
mazrimalthor (12 days ago)
And the Bubsy revival continues!
FuturVibes (12 days ago)
this is bull shit. Nintendo you finnaly make a system that can run decent games stop giving us this 2d platform android bullshit. we are fucking tired of it
Multiplatform Gamer (12 days ago)
LOL most are mobile games or indie titles. No wonder why switch sales are slowing down. The switch only got very few third party triple a ports, you can count them on your fingers. Even the gamecube which had a smaller user base had better third party support than the switch. oh wait THE GAMECUBE WAS POWERFULL BACK IN THE 2000'S AND THE SWITCH IS UNDERPOWERED BY TODAY'S STANDARDS.
Nintendorak Yamato (12 days ago)
Still waiting for Dragon Quest 11 S
The Vegan Punk (12 days ago)
Alchemic Cutie looks ok the rest suck!
Exo KaLiber (12 days ago)
Your theme song is fire 🔥
Trunks Strife (12 days ago)
snowwhite xxx edition
Marc Harris (12 days ago)
What happened to toejam & earl release?
MGKAZ SKY (12 days ago)
Alan Brenner (12 days ago)
Love your videos usually, but the games are usually lacking tbh. Some of your previews never include actual gameplay, and some barley showcase the game at all.
rd8music onyoutube (12 days ago)
Havent played the switch in months, feel like smash has a lotta weight (the whole future of the switch) on its shoulders..i will be picking it up and prob. Play but since i got the switch i played xbox more then ever
V IE (12 days ago)
I actually played Bubsy when I was a kid...
matthew rutland (12 days ago)
Another month and more crap games coming out on switch. Think there is only two that I maybe interested in
SandyC (12 days ago)
Alchemic cutie looks like stardew valley???? Unless its by the same people
Что это было???? Где обещанные игры??? Это хлам!!!
lewa3910 (12 days ago)
Double Switch looks legit!
Szymon Żok (12 days ago)
I wonder where is Pillars of Eternity 2. They anounced long time ago and i'm still waiting
Rawr5649 (12 days ago)
can we get an NHL title already
Khalil Haddari (12 days ago)
Is this real?
Deric Gregory (12 days ago)
This is the garbage people settle for in 2018.
Maximillion Roivas (12 days ago)
Maid of Sker
Bryan Escober (12 days ago)
Cool a bunch of cell phone games and indies just what every one was asking for
C05MIC Studio (12 days ago)
time to start my ritual Bash on Nintendo for games my 3ds or mobile phone could play, seriously this is it? the past 4 vid's have been nothing but Indie throw up, i may have seen 2 potential titles in this vid's that are potential but everything else is not amusing the fact i am still debating whether to buy this thing or not and these vid's are making it more and more complicating to see if that's a yes or no. just developers you could use the switch for so much could use it as an art studio, music daw, an application for like social things internet media, organizer, a powerful AAA type device but no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you just wanna F YOU in our faces with indie garbage indies, PEOPLE THE MORE YOU CONFORM TO THERE INDIE THE MORE THEY WILL THINK YOU LIKE THAT MORE !!!!!!! I know marketing don't blow it!
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
And most of these games are on the other consoles too
Deric Gregory (12 days ago)
Indie is good when they're creative. But 99/100 times, it's the same repeated garbage. I blame Nintendo for not screening these games good enough. What happened to the Nintendo Seal of Quality?
C05MIC Studio (12 days ago)
+Meow Maximum low poly is not always bad but there not really taking advantage of the tech there's some amazing low poly open world games but seriously its being shadowed the potential
Meow Maximum (12 days ago)
I have to agree indie games are never good they always go for the low poly style the quote on quote BEUTIFUL scenery
Hristo Borislavov (12 days ago)
99% mobile shi*
Alessio Cece (11 days ago)
Stfu moron
yolobrlo _ (12 days ago)
The only one i would want is blue blaze
DeskPahSeaToe (12 days ago)
0:20 - Elli 0:58 - Alchemic Cutie 1:32 - Marenian Tavern Story 2:08 - Maid of Sker 2:58 - Phantom Doctrine 3:48 - Blacksea Odyssey 4:32 - Bubsy: Paws on Fire 5:08 - Demetrios 5:42 - Dragons: Dawn of New Riders 5:58 - Alchemic Dungeons DX 6:28 - Agartha-S 6:40 - Hopiko 7:02 - Demolition Robots K.K. 7:25 - Double Switch: 25th Anniversary Edition 7:50 - Blazblue: Central Fiction Special Edition 8:08 - Sega Genesis Classics 8:25 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 8:46 - Party Hard 9:05 - Grim Fandango Remastered 9:25 - Horizon Chase Turbo
Christine (12 days ago)
Thank you..great channel👍🏻
Charlie To0 Human (12 days ago)
What?? A bubsy game that actually looks decent?
Nergis Demirtas (12 days ago)
Roblox on Switch?
TheBrightjay (12 days ago)
I truly wasted my money
Bob Marley (5 days ago)
A & L Bricks You haven’t even played Pokemon and you’re already saying it’s good... get off Nintendo’s dick you retard 😂😂
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
Except, botw, odyssey, octopath, enter the gungeon, doom, skyrim, dark souls, the coma, Pokemon lets go, SMASH BROS, undertale, dead cells, niddhug 2, broforce, xenoblade, AND LITREALLY ANY GAME THEY WILL EVENTUALLY PORT FROM SNES, N64, GAME CUBE and wii, so when you've sold your switch I'll hopefully be playing Pokemon snap laughing at ya gays ass (and there are more games coming and came that I haven't even named)
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
TheBrightjay true no good games on the switch
Jue Viole Grace (12 days ago)
I believe the nintendo 3ds is more than capable of running all these games.
Promise IllBeNice (6 days ago)
Jue Viole Grace which bothers me too. The fact that everyone still has a 3ds and and all these stupid games the switch is getting can be played on 3ds but instead is flooding switch eshop with garbage and with unreasonable pricing. Fucking nindies was the worst thing ever and should just be kept on 3ds since they dont want to kill new 3ds just yet anyways.
Some Shoes (12 days ago)
These videos make it really painful to remember that I actually bought a switch.
Deric Gregory (12 days ago)
I really REALLY wanted to love the Switch, but the games have been a massive disappointment.
Mka 1994 (12 days ago)
Only interested for blazeblue
Cris_Stark (12 days ago)
Puras basofias.
morbionicle (12 days ago)
the amount of shovelware is getting ridiculous
morbionicle (12 days ago)
Deric Gregory sad but true... i do love my switch - but i cant overlook the clear lack
GuyRification (12 days ago)
The Switch is getting shitloads of games because it's successful, so of course it's gonna have shitty ones.
Deric Gregory (12 days ago)
It's been beyond ridiculous for some time now, but the never ending mountain of shovelware disguises the clear lack of true 3rd party support, and convinces fanboys that the Switch is loaded with great games.
iSkillz Gameplays (12 days ago)
GD Osman002 (12 days ago)
The games I wish where added to *Switch* would be: 1: *Terraria* 2: *Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes* 3: *Sengoku Basara Utage 3* 4: *Sengoku Basara 4* 5: *Sengoku Basara Samuragi*
GD Osman002 (12 days ago)
+Meow Maximum. There have been many people's who want these games and btw I guess you call it crappy because you don't know how to play the games..?
Meow Maximum (12 days ago)
so nothing but the crappy sengoku games lol no one wants that
Pritstick (12 days ago)
Phantom Doctrine is pretty good. It's like XCOM but more stealth oriented.
Sujan Sitaula (12 days ago)
I regret buying switch due to mobile garbage games releasing..i wanna sell my switch.
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
Promise IllBeNice I'm fucking happy with my switch and play it more then my Xbox one and PS4 combined
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
Andy Kooper can we get a good fighting game on the switch ................... REALLY .......
Promise IllBeNice (6 days ago)
They were hyping switch claiming they were getting more 3rd party support from the beginning.
Tarik Jasim (12 days ago)
this ain't it chief
karl eichholtz (12 days ago)
If it does hit USA, I'm gonna get Blazblue Central Fiction on Switch, build my Switch library more.
Myung Kou Kang (12 days ago)
Bubsy?! The most annoying character with bad games ever that no one liked or wanted, and his awful game is coming to the Switch? Why?
zaid officewala (12 days ago)
If it's another 2d platformer. Trust me in not interested
Thomas Ling (12 days ago)
Alchemic Cutie has the artstyle of Zelda Minish cap on GBA. So adorable
Juan Martín Montano (12 days ago)
Same thing I thought when it showed up
Deric Gregory (12 days ago)
More like Link to the Past, but agreed.
nova/cody Perez (12 days ago)
Ilove videogames
Crash Bandicoot (12 days ago)
Der meist is Schrott was gezeigt wird mal sind 1-2 titel bei aber den rest kann man vergessen
Jennifer Cushman (12 days ago)
Maid Of Sker, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Elli are the only games I am really interesting in getting. But I really wish there is a date release for Etherborn. I been waiting for that Switch game since hearing about it some time in Spring. All it keeps saying it will be out in 2018. Maybe it will be out by Christmas time.
FenrirTheAshenWolf (12 days ago)
They look fun but why do they look like mobile games?
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
- - ok, have you played odyssey
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
Sujan Sitaula ok be saying that when you are wanking your limp dick to the thought of playing smash ultimate
Alessio Cece (7 days ago)
+- - stfu dumb moron, its a console. Point
- - (9 days ago)
Switch use Nvidia mobile tablet chip. It is actually same as Nvidia tablet, the only difference is Nintendo market hype it as console. That is why it looks like mobile games for 900 of the games in Nintendo Switch store. Pity..
Alessio Cece (11 days ago)
+Sujan Sitaula kys!
Bipolar Gamer (12 days ago)
Game in the thumbnail?
David Dominic (12 days ago)
Phantom doctrine
Randy McCoy (12 days ago)
I watch these every week and so often the game in the thumbnail isn’t shown in their trailer. Party Hard looks good from what I’ve seen from it
Lupeh (12 days ago)
All shitgames
TheRealSneakers (12 days ago)
Is Double Switch....is it like Night Trap then? Seems like a similar premise.
TheFaTeOf (12 days ago)
Pretty much the exact same game. Both came out around the same time for the Sega CD and overall weren't great and no one talked about them till years later.
TruBluX (12 days ago)
Elli looks fun
Gabriel Toro (12 days ago)
7:24 R.I.P R. Lee Ermey
Ronaldo Winston (12 days ago)
9:22 That's like it! And Aquiris game studio admires it!
kowalski the penguin (12 days ago)
That's some cool Android games
Promise IllBeNice (6 days ago)
Poseidon 2stroke (8 days ago)
Dinkleberg is evil (9 days ago)
At least half of them look like mobile games
Илья Ушаков (9 days ago)
Fuck off
Alessio Cece (11 days ago)
Stfu Idiot!!
Celal Cayci (12 days ago)
I hate that brainfuck intro music men... change it pls
Kelly d (12 days ago)
Azwan R. (12 days ago)
Alchemic Dungeon is the closest we have right now to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Game Master (12 days ago)
The game I'm waiting for is Youtuber's Life,and none of the games on this vid shown didn't interest me....
Game Master (12 days ago)
+GuyRification Than I'll be getting the "cancer incarnate".
GuyRification (12 days ago)
But why? Youtuber's life looks like cancer incarnate.
Leonardo Carvalho (12 days ago)
jesus christ nintendo. give me MGSV. WE ALL KNOW THAT THE SWITCH CAN RUN IT
Multiplatform Gamer (12 days ago)
+GuyRification the switch can run metal gears solid 5 tho. it's an old game.
GuyRification (12 days ago)
I assume you're joking?
Diego Rojas (12 days ago)
You mean The Phantom Pain? Knowing Konami, they'll offer them to make a virtual pachinko machine of it for the Switch
jozef taliga (12 days ago)
Showel ware!
Star Wolf (12 days ago)
Can’t we get on good First Person Shooter?
Alessio Cece (4 days ago)
+A & L Bricks can you Just Stop calling Others "faggot" or this hateful Word?! ☹️ In another thread Somebody Else called me Like that and that I "should" suck my "dad's willy", Just because I protected a Person who bought a Brand new Switch and the reasonless bashing of it and Nintendo!! Its Just retarded, everything!!
A & L Bricks (4 days ago)
Alessio Cece it's just randy pitchford being a faggit like usual
Alessio Cece (4 days ago)
+A & L Bricks yep!! Always the fault of the Stupid Developers that Think the Switch is too weak unlike Bethesda!! 👌
A & L Bricks (5 days ago)
Sr DeSilva they will never port borderlands series (it's my favourite fps ever) the devs are too fucking retarded to do it but atleast we are getting br... oh wait fuck VR
Alessio Cece (6 days ago)
+Hungry Nerd goth Just Look at all the announcing Videos and News, dumbass.
omgitzhaze (12 days ago)
I will always be down with #playstationnation but I just bought a switch and I enjoy playing fornite at work. Can't wait for smash to come out though
Martell Tha Cool (11 days ago)
+Nobody cares if you Cancel your Preorder Liberal Xbox sucks
Martell Tha Cool (12 days ago)
Welcome to the Nintendo Switch family 😀
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
You should have mentioned that Party Hard is "Action-Stealth" not just an action game. Now it sounds 100 times more interesting to me.
Itz Mikez (12 days ago)
Switch Planet if you see this then could you do free games coming to Switch please thank you Edit:Thxs for the likes
Soupy Chang (10 days ago)
Itz Mikez get a job
Rimus (12 days ago)
О российский.
x_Melt_ x (12 days ago)
U sure nigga
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
Bubsy? For real 😂😂
Juan Martín Montano (12 days ago)
I used to play its 2d games back when I was a child but this new release looks ugly
Myung Kou Kang (12 days ago)
This is a nightmare.
Itz Mikez (12 days ago)
4. Looks good
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
I really love the art style of Marenian Tavern Story
권희진 (12 days ago)
Tell me some good games to play
GuyRification (12 days ago)
Dark Souls, Enter the Gungeon, Darkest Dungeon, Hyper Light Drifter, Diablo III.
Arisen (12 days ago)
Diablo 3.
Deric Gregory (12 days ago)
buy a PS4
Alexandre Gramiliki (12 days ago)
Zelda, Doom and L.A. Noire.
【건 (12 days ago)
리스크 오브 레인
Itz Mikez (12 days ago)
More Vids ya
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
Elli looks interesting, like a Zelda platformer 👌🏼
Fairfax Video (12 days ago)
Yeah! Party Hard! *guilty pleasure*
Randy McCoy (12 days ago)
Yup. Gonna be great
LACOUCHE (12 days ago)
5:57 WTF
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
What? You don't appreciate some retro styled games?
Mrpajonk TV (12 days ago)
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
Fuck you all who writes "first" now 🖕🏼
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
Truly the first
Christopher Toma (12 days ago)
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
Edit: Now fuck you all who writes "first" 🖕🏼

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