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Zelda Wii U Theory, Zelda Unknown - Deserts and The missing Link

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This is the second episode in my series Zelda Unknown - The missing Link, Now in 1080p 60fps. The theme this time is the desert province in Zelda Wii U and the episode is divided into two sections: 1. Theory on the common roots of the desert provinces of Hyrule throughout the series 2. Thoughts on this area in Zelda Wii U based on the following categories: Races, geography, towns, wildlife and dungeon. SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/commonwealthrealm?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Don´t miss the first episode of the series: Zelda Unknown - The return of Snowpeak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXH6FsRwO9s A high regard of thanks to YouTube-member "TheOnlyDeerAlive" for allowing me to include his work in this video. Check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnlyDeerAlive Music used: Zelda Reorchastrated: Gerudo Valley Redux 2: http://static.zreomusic.com/music/05_Ocarina_of_Time/68_Gerudo_Valley_Redux_v2.mp3 Kotake & Koume remix: http://static.zreomusic.com/music/05_Ocarina_of_Time/71_Kotake_&_Koume%27s_Theme.mp3 DmNt: Gerudo Desert (Twilight Princess) http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/108262 TheOnlyDeerAlive: Lanayru Sand Sea Metal/Rock Remix (Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvj0VfCA8mw Ballad of the Goddess Acoustic Guitar Remix (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1xlhW-07Ew&index=24&list=PLNRmybiDmsQCaI5BtMD4_59iZDk6ZpY-2 Images used for this project: Desert colossus by Warningyou http://www.deviantart.com/art/Desert-colossus-383119868 OSMADTH - Desert Capital Zurakhul by flaviobolla http://flaviobolla.deviantart.com/art/OSMADTH-Desert-Capital-Zurakhul-320892616 Desert by DmitryGrebenkov http://www.deviantart.com/art/Desert-343447441 Birth of a Gerudo King by kichisu http://www.deviantart.com/art/Birth-of-a-Gerudo-King-340887557 Gerudo Fortress by Karosu-Maker http://www.deviantart.com/art/Gerudo-Fortress-258409491 Arbiter's Grounds - The Stronghold in the Desert by SoColdArtwork http://www.deviantart.com/art/Arbiter-s-Grounds-The-Stronghold-in-the-Desert-449798360 All gameplay footage was captured by myself with the Elgato HD 60 capture card.
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ketochi (4 months ago)
Man 3 years ago... I miss this hype!
TheOneGuy1111 (6 months ago)
I love how these early videos think the Greudo Highlands are the Gerudo Desert.
ThePKLucas (1 year ago)
Brandon (2 years ago)
And the giant-eye-as-a-weakness tradition continues with the Sheikah robot dudes. Lol
Ian 64 (2 years ago)
i hope it takes place in child timeline
BlueTony680 (2 years ago)
A middle eastern style town would be awesome! There should also be 2 areas of the desert, a rocky area, and a sandy area. I think there should be a bunch of small towns built next to oases and the temple in the sandy portion of the desert, and western style areas, a town inspired by pueblo culture, gerudo fortress, and gerudo valley in the rocky portion of the desert.
Paul Newhouse (2 years ago)
i totally enjoyed this episode!
Thomas Highland (2 years ago)
Great information. I hope your theories are correct and will appear in Wii U/NX.
Nando Lopez (2 years ago)
Why does this dude have a tone at the end of his voice like he's a reporter. Good information just kind of annoying
Turtlee (2 years ago)
Merry Christmas Eve Eve everybody! Sorry I don't know the date of any other winter holiday for you people who do not celebrate Christmas, so, for those people, happy average Wednesday.
Turtlee (2 years ago)
I love how British people say robot! Robit!
Il Exile lI (2 years ago)
+M Martin He's not British...
Showmanship Gaming (2 years ago)
The desert areas have always been by favorite in the series. Loved exploring the Spirit Temple in Oot. And the vast desert in TP was overwhelming the first few times I went in it. I actually didn't mind that the desert in TP was so harsh and void of anything. Aren't most deserts like that? Anyway, yea, really enjoy the desert areas the series.
Phil Reed (2 years ago)
skyward sword is sooo shit i dont even consider it or any of its events as canon. i just see it as some horrible mutated bastard child
PinkLunatic (2 years ago)
I also found the curse of demise gave Ganondorf a very shallow meaning of being evil :/
JikuAraiguma (2 years ago)
I want there to be 1 enemy with a great big eye, it has to be the first boss, or the last.
GhiraLink (2 years ago)
I just wish the Gerudos back! With a big village or city and a Dungeon! D8
GhiraLink (2 years ago)
+Jessica Worley I know Ganon do not born every 100 yearas Gerudo, so he can for once be a Hylian. I mean, Bardo is the first male Gerudo and Gerudo never was bad Humans. The Soul from Demise can go to another body, not always to a Gerudo childs Body. x__x Also i wish for Link, to born one time as half Gerudo.  Or Ghirahim to come back, because his 'past' self, isn't death, like his future self who go 50 years to the past, only to die there with his master. Because the past, and future Demise, with future Ghirahim are death, that dosen't mean, Himself is death. He is stil alive and i want him for the next game! D8.
PinkLunatic (2 years ago)
They really need to come back and kick arse! I really like the idea that there's another King born other than Ganon :D
Evan Frasier (2 years ago)
The ocarina of time and twilight princess deserts ARE the same. They both take place in the same Hyrule.
Vince (2 years ago)
terrific video. really hope we get the middle eastern style town, you mentioned
Anthony Carter (3 years ago)
Very interesting. but I do hope you'll drop the vowel stresses in future presentations.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Anthony Carter I did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXxEnvL3K3Y
CiciDoops (3 years ago)
what is with your video's? every time I watch them the video freezes but the sound continues. this only happens with your videos
Kabaszo (3 years ago)
I hope there will be more 'civilisations/people' in every area of Zelda U. Especially because Link's garments show influences by different cultures of the Zelda universe. It would fit with the theme of Link as a dedicated traveler and explorer, finding different resources in all of Hyrule. A Link between the tribes?
CrystaJoy (3 years ago)
This was a good video, however, the arbiter's grounds and the spirit temple are not one and the same. If you look closely at some points in the desert, you can actually see the ruins of the desert colossus. It requires a lot of patience and zoom, but it can be done.
Sleepy Glitchwick (3 years ago)
ther should be ruined city's litering the desert with tresure waiting for you to find and can only be found if you explore and will be hinted at by people in the desert city i think that will be awsome maybe a side quest will have you look for one or two let me know what you think
ryan walsh (3 years ago)
If  Zelda U comes anywhere before Twilght Princess, they should make the dessert boss fight Twilght Fossil: Stallard  Before he was a fossil.
Dreamer Dawn (3 years ago)
Hm... I'd like to see maybe younger versions of those twin witches. They could be the leaders or advisers of the Gerudo people. Maybe you could see them with Ganondorf by his sides in a cut scene where you meet him. Also if there are Gerudo you end up fighting they should be a faction, not the entire populace of the village. Ganondorf is leading that faction along with the Twin Rova sisters while the queen of the Gerudo is opposing them since she wants peace with the Hylians. Also the Gerudo should be a bit more technologically advance than their magic using Hylian neighbours. For story purposes the Gerudo either oppose the use of magic or not born with it so they use technology to compensate for this. Maybe the Gerudo race is naturally born without magic and when a Gerudo goes to get a boyfriend in Hylia they hope of bringing magic into their race. The only who were born with magic are the Twin Rova sisters.
Dreamer Dawn (2 years ago)
+J2Dragon Unless it was steampunkish.
J2Dragon (2 years ago)
There are 4 confirmed Gerudo Magic users, Ganondorf, Twinrova and the final boss of Oracle of Seasons (can't remember her name). Tech in Zelda would be magic based anyways.
Jamie Stearns (3 years ago)
+Dreamer Dawn Twinrova haven't made an appearance since 2001, and it would be interesting to learn more about them. Specifically, how did they get started and what was their role in Ganondorf's origins? Given that they're around 400 years old in Ocarina of Time, having their younger selves appear in an earlier game would be a reasonable expectation. Particularly if the Gerudo are likely to return as well.
PKMN 5D's (3 years ago)
Did anyone else sequence break and go to Spirit Temple before beating Shadow Temple? I saw something about being able to do that online and I was like "So I don't have to go through Shadow Temple right this minute? Woo!" lol
lloydgush (3 years ago)
I think there's a good way to explain the female only nature of the gerudo tribe. It's an austerity measure, since the environment has little resources, there's no point having double the population, so the male population is "cut out", since they would still need female gerudos for maintaining the population. They either reproduce through some magical form of parthenogenesis or they use foreign male for fecundation (the second one more likely) and male children are avoided using some magical form of  birth control, selective abortion, or infanticide. (first one more likely, since there's no point wasting resources in a useless pregnancy) Since the tribe seems to be warlike, it's possible they engage in slavery, and it could be another source of genetic material, but certainly not the only one. (no tribe can maintain it's population based on rape alone, so another source is males met during excursions or by trading.) Of course this also probably would make having too many children a crime among the gerudo, with banishment or maybe even death as punishment. The appearance of the gerudo king being rare (one every hundred years) makes me believe that birthing a male children is a privilege bestowed only once for the strongest female (probably the chieftain) in the tribe. The advantage would be that since the tribe is mostly of women, child rights are certainly bestowed only to women, but also responsibility, making that this male children could potentially reproduce as much as possible, without being punished for it, also making sure the strongest female have greater chance of reproducing, ensuring a stronger offspring for the gerudo as a group. Being a mostly female tribe, this king would usually be either only a political puppet for it's mother/wives, or maybe only a figurehead used to excuse violent excursions against neighboring nations when convenient. This would also explain why ganandorf is so warlike, since this would mean he was probably raised to be so, having the harsh nature of the desert as the excuse he was constantly fed up during his childhood. (specially after/during the hirule civil war.) All this theory would explain why wars with the gerudo wasn't a constant, why they are mostly female, why the male is associated with times of war.
lloydgush (3 years ago)
+James Stearns Pretty much.
Jamie Stearns (3 years ago)
+lloydgush "Being a mostly female tribe, this king would usually be either only a political puppet for it's mother/wives, or maybe only a figurehead used to excuse violent excursions against neighboring nations when convenient."A decent explanation for why Ganondorf was mostly out for himself and Twinrova were the ones really controlling the Gerudo.
dylan lester (3 years ago)
I want them to some how make the gruodo live in the desert again
Daft life (3 years ago)
WHy THE Hell Do You Say The VEry FIRst SYLLable LIke THis JUst FUCKing TAlk NORMally
littlefurnace (3 years ago)
The accent isn't the problem, lots of people have accents. The problem is the way he emphasizes his sentences. 
Link Noir (3 years ago)
Id I red it right, he is from Norway. Thats why he has this accent.
PKMN 5D's (3 years ago)
It's his accent, don't be rude to him about it. You don't have to watch these videos, but he can't help that
littlefurnace (3 years ago)
+Daft life Totally agree. No offense dude, i know you're trying, but the way you talk makes me wish i didn't speak english.
L.A.C. (3 years ago)
As interesting as a young Ganondorf could be, a great option would be to have Ganondorf's predecessor to the Gerudo throne as the King of the Gerudo. A not-so-hostile King of the Gerudo would create a nice contrast to Ganondorf and would open a lot of doors for interesting interactions with the Gerudo race. We could even see younger versions of Koume and Kotake. Well, as young as they would look about a 100 or 200-years-old. lol Of course this would set Zelda U over a hundred years before the events of Ocarina of Time.
Davis609 (3 years ago)
IT would be cool to see a young Ganondorf hiding or training somewhere in the desert but not make him a boss
intothekey (3 years ago)
I hope that the master sword or doesn't return in zelda Wii U or rather takes a back burner. Having a large amount of swords to chose from with different cultural references and fighting styles would be amazing.
HakingMC (3 years ago)
I think that the Spirt Temple and Desert Colosus is a totally different
zrubskev (3 years ago)
So who's the missing link? .--.
MU-Nauts (3 years ago)
That idea with the hunting in the desert to get gear materials makes a lot of sense. Going back to the  Zelda U trailer, it can be seen that Link's clothing has the same symbol as Ganondorf's wrist piece. Maybe this is why. I just discovered your channel and I love it. Keep up the good work!!
MrSpaghetti (3 years ago)
I don't like his speech pattern. He keeps accentuating the wrong part of the words. A plop filter would be a good investment too.
link5205 (3 years ago)
20:06 The human eye is conducive for us to look at so using it to indicate a weak point makes sense ! Its more hitting an eye with arrows that is common in the Zelda series that should probably still be changed but it aggravates me when Zelda fans don't get the practicality of this design choice.
Milk Jug (3 years ago)
I hope the gerudo's come back. Kinda sad to play twilight princess knowing that your people were the ones to wipe them out
salla l (3 years ago)
Great work on these theories, I have to say! But what I have been thinking is that in the case that Zelda Wii U takes place before Twilight Princess, could that black spot in the desert on the map be the mirror of Twilight? Obviously, the mirror was there from the start of TP, so it has to be so that it had been there before, too. But this is just a wild guess, though, because I have no idea what it could have to do with this new Zelda, and I'm pretty sure they won't be bringing the Twili back.
salla l (3 years ago)
+JaidynReiman  I was thinking so too. Since there is an empty spot between MM and TP it leaves a lot of possibilities, and I'm almost 100% sure that Zelda U will be placed in the same timeline as them because the maps have so many similarities with each other. Another option I have thought of is that this new Zelda takes place after SS and before OoT, since as seen in the trailer, the world seemed to have some old technology (the machine-like enemy, the arrow) and I thought those could be from the great war before SS took place and before Hylia saved her people by lifting them into the sky. But I still think it is much more possible that Zelda U locates in between MM and TP.
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+salla l Personally I think Zelda U takes place between MM and TP, and its possible that the Mirror of Twilight will be involved, because during the game Ganondorf will be fought and defeated like in the TP backstory.
Wolf_Nate_1625 (3 years ago)
you do know that hyrule in each game is the same hyrule
Roderic Kingfield (3 years ago)
I believe they are the same desert, only different areas. There's a limit to how much the programmers can include in one game, hence the absance of the Gerudo and Kokiri in TP and why there are so few towns. For example, I'm pretty sure the Gorons in TP is a different tribe than the one in OoT. There are probably dozens of different Goron tribes living across Death Mountain. The theory that the Gerudo's Fortress and the Sandship are the same makes no sense, especially as the Sandship is made of wood, not stone. And, the Arbiter's Ground can't be the Spirit Temple as it was a prison long before OoT, and then there's the flash back scene showing Ganondorf's execution...
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+Roderic Kingfield Ganondorf's execution obviously takes place after OOT. Probably immediately after OOT in the Child Timeline, or a short ways after it. Regardless, the Arbiter's Grounds is definitely a different location, and another theory I read elsewhere indicates that the Spirit Temple and Arbiter's Grounds may be near each other, but definitely not the same location. (Although, someone posted in a comment to this video that the Arbiter's Grounds might be the Temple of Time from Skyward Sword.)
Fan Of (3 years ago)
Skyward Sword music in the background :D 😍
Melva Edmiston (3 years ago)
This is Just Rumor will Anju from Ocrina of Time is that so will richer make his appearing will as Mamamu Yan Weapon as have a high chance became playable her only weapon Coccos at The of Zelda Theory Malon i think of this ideas if tha so so true time to bring outTelma
Nautilus (3 years ago)
"Hopefully they don't make more bosses with a weakness as a giant eye" was Majoras Mask 3D good? XD
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
It depends in what sort of way they are implemented.
Wolfie (3 years ago)
gosh, I love the military sound in the begging. Your making me expect too much of Zelda U. Might become disappointed a bit.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
The Zelda franchise is up against some fierce competition this year. In other words, it has no choice but to break boundaries and fully exploit the Wii U hardware.
J.M (3 years ago)
I honestly can't see how the Sandship and Gerudo Fortress are the same thing. If people see similarities in the Architecture I would say that the creators used OOT as inspiration for SS's design, being more compact than its predecessor TP. Gerudo Valley is more reminiscent of the Architecture from the Valley of the Kings, and like the Spirit Temple/ Desert Colossus it seems to be purposely carved into a massive mountain. This would have obvious architectural, thermal comfort and aesthetic benefits for living in the harsh desert. 
werewolf914 (3 years ago)
Probably one of the best Zelda Wii-U theories I've seen I like your ideas, and you're right the Desert dungeons are extremely memorable.
Bruno Halpern (3 years ago)
Am I the only one that believe that this part of the map that's supposedly a desert it's actually the Snowpeak area? The black hole seems to me as a summit, like a volcano hole.
TyranusRex721 (3 years ago)
Even if the game takes place after Twilight Princes the Gerudo can return.  Four Swords Adventures takes place after TP and the Gerudo clearly return in the game.  What I think we will see is the return of the Gerudo to their homeland and the rebirth of Ganondorf.  However, he will not be the villain of the game and just lead his people.  I cannot remember where, but I remember Nintendo saying that Zelda Wii U will have a new villain.
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+TyranusRex721 They said there are new enemies, they never said there's a new main villain. Honestly, I think Ganondorf will at least be a major antagonist in the game. Whether he's the main antagonist is up to debate. (Personally I think it takes place between OOT and TP at this point, but obviously its early speculation. If this is the case, Ganondorf could be defeated early and sealed in the Twilight Realm partway through the game and a new villain is the main antagonist.)
Adu uuZ (3 years ago)
I hate ur voice and the way u speaking what the fuck is wrong with u ?! I gonna be aggressive while listening to ur voice !
Neo Majora (3 years ago)
+Adu Juuz He has an accent. I suppose you would too with a name like that.
Luis Ugalde (3 years ago)
Of course the 3 desserts are the same! Skyword sword happens before Ocarina. and Twilight is a direct sequel to OOT ( it happens about 100 years later). They are the same place but thousand's of years apart.
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+Camino de Regreso I thought the deserts being the same was obvious... Especially since in TP its literally called "Gerudo Desert."
Nothing to see here (3 years ago)
The sand ship looks nothing like gerudo fortress. Same thing can be said for pirate bay, the desert colossus and the bublin fortress. On top of that, gerudo fortress is made of stone, while the sand ship is comprised mainly of wood. Also, you can just use the long shot to get through the fortress, in fact, its actually better to do it that way since you don't waste arrows. Also, deserts can expand and shrink rapidly in just a few hundred years, so it entirely possible that in zelda Wii U, its just grown. And it was said that there will be a new enemy in this game, so that can't be ganondorf's base. Good video all in all though
Nothing to see here (3 years ago)
+JaidynReiman There have been good ones though. And its more creative than throwing in the same villain again. Unless they actually did something different with him 
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+ID0W0nderz It doesn't need to involve someone resurrecting him, and a game set before OOT could still include Ganondorf if they wanted to. In numerous different games, Ganondorf has appeared without being resurrected in that specific game even though he was previously "dead" in that timeline (The Legend of Zelda, for example). He came back himself, or in the case of Four Swords Adventures, it was a new version of Ganondorf. You're overthinking this way too much. Plus, most of the "original" villains in the series have sucked ASS. I don't see how including a new villain is "more creative" than simply writing a good Ganondorf storyline, since most original villains are reviled by the fanbase. The only original villains I can think of people actually liked were Vaati (and only in Minish Cap), Ghirahim, and Skull Kid (/Majora's Mask). And of COURSE Ganondorf is fought more than any other enemy. He is the main antagonist of the franchise, so its only natural he'd get fought more than any other. As for the perfect NEW location in the timeline to feature Ganondorf? Shortly after Majora's Mask. We've never seen what Hyrule looks like after the timeline reset. We know, kinda, what happens with Ganondorf, but only mostly the aftermath, where his botched execution leads into Twilight Princess. They could have the storyline leading up to his botched execution, ending the game on that note (or have it happen part way through the game and he's not the main antagonist, but is a major antagonist for at least part of it).
ID0W0nderz (3 years ago)
the game would have to be someone trying to resurect him or if they make it inbetween oot and wind waker you would have to lose.  also if the antagonist is ganon that will be overusing and exhaustion of his character considering he came up in the games the most out of the other bosses 3 sorry i didnt really understand what you said and at first if the game happens before oot(i hope its next after skyward in the timeline) then it will probably be someone else if they make a new character it will allow creativity and more possibilities rather than the bad guy tries to resurect ganon which has already been done several times to many
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+ID0W0nderz  1.) There's numerous places within the timeline Ganondorf can be added where he's not dead. 2.) Ganon/Ganondorf has been revived so many times it doesn't matter. He even reincarnated (for the first time ever) in Four Swords Adventures. 3.) Who cares that in the most recent console Zelda game he wasn't the main antagonist? That's the EXACT POINT. Ganondorf hasn't been featured in so long, it only makes -sense- for him to be the main antagonist again.
ID0W0nderz (3 years ago)
+JaidynReiman skyward sword most recent console zelda game ganon wasnt the antagonist and if they actually follow their timeline there is no place for him since in twilight and wind waker he is killed unless it is the hero defeated timeline
Hazz Emperor (3 years ago)
I don't think that the Spirt Temple and the Arbiter's Grounds are the same place as Ganondorf was executed in the Arbiter's grounds which means that it would have to be built at the time of Oot. If the Arbiter's Grounds was the Spirt Temple it would take to long for the building to be chiseled out of the mountain before Ganon was taken prisoner and sent to the Twilight realm.
Terrahex1 (3 years ago)
I really don't care about consistency between zeldas. I want them to focus on making a good game, not making sure the desert is right. that's something that I never understood about the people who wanted a timeline. bogging a series down with that can make it so that it gets caught up in it's own history rather than making something in the present.
Sam (3 years ago)
Sam (3 years ago)
wow  wii
Ita Pupu (3 years ago)
"Hunting." And that's when I tune out. Zelda is a series that, whether people like it or not, is meant to be accessible to kids. Zelda will never be a game where you kill innocent wild life for anything. If it's not "evil," it doesn't die. I'd bet money that attacking any wild life will do nothing more than cause a cucco-like stampede of animals trying to attack you, like in every Zelda game.
TvSonic Serbia (1 year ago)
I can't believe I'm reading this... Tell me how did it feel when hunting got confirmed? Also Eiji Aonuma said he doesn't nececarilly think of kids when making Zelda, but that he hopes that they will pick it up when they see it from older people(though, I am a kid myself)
FalconLazer (3 years ago)
+Spenigat Mancer Wild life is never innocent lmao.
Jamie Stearns (3 years ago)
+Spenigat Mancer Catching bugs for potion ingredients in Skyward Sword is pretty close to hunting, though.
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+Spenigat Mancer In this game I'm not sure. They are adding more realism to the game. If Link's a wanderer he'll need food. It appears even that instead of hearts lying around, you actually need to pick fruit off of trees to replenish health. With wildlife in existence, I think its very possible that you could, in fact, kill that wildlife and use them for resources. Of course, at the same time, you'd also incur the wrath of their brethren like with what happens with Cuccos. In the past I'd agree with you, but considering how realistic they're going with this game I think its entirely possible, especially since this is the first time we've ever HAD wildlife.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
Commonwealth Announcement: Tune in tomorrow for an emotional unboxing video of Majora´s Mask 3D - Special edition! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B9q3WrFIcAAm53K.jpg:large
philstephes (3 years ago)
I'm pretty skeptical about your claims, however I do agree that you have a point on every one of them. I guess we'll never know for sure, unless Nintendo decides to confirm or deny such claims. 
Sveinung Hervik (3 years ago)
you sound very much like "the swede" from hell on wheels
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
I am half Norwegian (father), half Polish (mother).  Greetings, Commonwealth Realm.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
The third episode of Zelda Unknown about Lake Hylia and the other lakes and rivers in Zelda Wii U is now up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVZyGXyCg3k Enjoy!  PS: Thank you so much for reaching 500 Subscribers since the previous episode in this series. I promise to deliver, since only the best is good enough for this channel!
Jmdthe3 Davis (2 years ago)
Do the best of someone better! jk jk great video like always bro!
In order for me to take criticism, the critic would have to understand what I did inorder to criticize.  In this case you thought I was trolling, when I wasn't.  But thanks, that was a bad joke +BluePaperMoon
McGeneral_Rick_Retard (3 years ago)
+The Black Owen Grady That shows that you can't take criticism. But honestly that really was a bad joke.
+BluePaperMoon That's because it wasn't a troll response, it was a joke.  Learn the difference, trolling would be to deliberately get a negative response from you.  Not laughter, or failed laughter in this case
McGeneral_Rick_Retard (3 years ago)
+The Black Owen Grady That was just the worst troll response ever. sorry bro but you suck.
Alan Ehlers (3 years ago)
That was awesome. Definitely one of the best theories I've seen regarding the Zelda series and certainly the best researched. Subscribed.
Cody Tanner (3 years ago)
500th subscriber!
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
Thank you so much, Cody! You and the other subscribers have deserved a shoutout in the next episode of Zelda Unknown which will be uploaded tomorrow. Greetings, Commonwealth Realm 
HolyPastrami (3 years ago)
i can easily get through the oot gerudo fortress without a bow.
LAZY TALK (3 years ago)
 cI think the timeline takes place before:during the hyrulian war, for many reasons. One links clothes are reminiscent to gerudos, sheikas and hylians. I also think that we won't see his famous green clothes untill the last part of the game which will probably be the hyrulian war. Putting this game in that part of the timeline can really make use of the new vast hyrule. You'd have all the different tribes around hyrule where you would be able to travel at the beginning of the game and as the game progresses more tension within the gerudos sheikas and hylians would emerge. Causing the epic hyrulian war. Also Aynouma said that he's taking elements from games he's developing at the same time.. Hyrule warriors seems reminiscent to a war. Also the point that we have robots and the sail cloth are a substantial point to consider when saying it takes place a few years after SS.. Which I am. I ALSOO (last thing I promise) think that the war that causes all the separations and twilight zones can be the extinction of the technology seen in SS and ZWU, which is why we don't see that technology no where else  
Graphomite (3 years ago)
I think you put more thought into these theories than Nintendo did. Considering they don't even have a logical timeline, I find it hard to believe their desert areas are strictly related rather than simply inspired by each other.
Supaninjafication (3 years ago)
What in the timeline do you find illogical? I think artistic licence messes with tying together the worlds geography.
Johan Ronner (3 years ago)
Hey dude, curious about your dialect, norwegian? Ever seen the series Hell on Wheels? you sound just like the character "The swede". Cheers.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
I am half Norwegian, half Polish. Greetings, Commonwealth Realm
LittleListy21 (3 years ago)
Wondering if you've seen VortexxyGaming's theory on the arbiter's grounds and whether or not you believe it disproves your theory or just provides a correction to a portion of the overall still-valid theory?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjzmPdyfLAQ
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
Hello, LittleListy21. I have seen VortexxyGaming´s theory on the Arbiter´s Grounds. I do not believe that the theory of Vortexxy disproves this one due to the same location of these three structures (Pirate Fortress - Spirit Temple - Arbiter´s Grounds). I believe that the hated by Hylians, Gerudo race was deemed as traitors in the dark child timeline after Link informed the King of Hyrule about Ganondorf´s planned coup d'etat. I further see the destruction of the Gerudo Fortress and the destruction of the Desert Colossus (the carved statue of the Goddess of the Sand) and the entrance to the Spirit Temple (In Twilight Princess the section in between the Bulblin Fortress and the exterior of the Arbiter´s Grounds) as a highly possible act of retaliation towards the Gerudo. (The persecution and attempt of exterminating the Gerudo race).  Also check the similarities of the two stairs in the video: 10:15 Greetings, Commonwealth Realm 
LittleListy21 (3 years ago)
I don''t say this because I think you're wrong; you both compile compelling cases and I was just wondering your thoughts.
Exelscius (3 years ago)
The idea of a bustling desert city community is a good idea and should be explored, could be like a interconnected decapolis or something. Camel riding would be a nice alternative form of transport perhaps Link could meet a traveling caravan with goods ready to sell that they only have that they do not even sell in the cities' bazaar in the desert. That would make you have to seek them out for rare or legendary items. From the artwork in regard to the desert cities these places would have you looking around carefully taking your time to explore and just take in the sights that you see I know I would for sure. Overall I enjoyed your theories please keep up the fantastic work.
1921 (3 years ago)
I really enjoy your videos... Its funny how sometimes you sound like Iwata :D Subscribed!
Jeremy M (3 years ago)
Can we have ze masks in ZWiiU?
Clicky Buttons (3 years ago)
What a great video!
TheErixion (3 years ago)
I really suggest you to use text for your video and not your voice. It could be much better this way man.
Justin Komora (3 years ago)
Does no one realize that the Temple of Time in Skyward Sword is the Arbiter's Grounds in Twilight Princess?  Like seriously, if you look at both of them the resemblance is like starring you in the face. o.o The second I saw the Temple of Time it hit me =P 
Justin Komora (3 years ago)
Yeah when i saw it my first play through it instantly reminded me of it. I'm not as sure anymore. After watching a different video. =P
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+Justin Komora Didn't think about that. I should take a look at it. Another theory is that the Sealed Grounds is the location of the Temple of Time from OOT.
Sebastian Genao (3 years ago)
EMPhasize EVEry WOrd...
Sebastian Genao (3 years ago)
Aw im sorry if I sounded rude +Commonwealth realm​ I was just trying to be funny. Your videos are excellent keep it up. Again sorry man i didnt mean to offend.
DatDamn MegaBusta (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm You're so polite! ಥ_ಥ
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
I am sorry for sounding this way, but I am half Norwegian and half Polish. I will do my best to not "emphasize every word" in the next video.
DatDamn MegaBusta (3 years ago)
Do you really think English is his first language? >:l
Kool Link (3 years ago)
I would love to see awesome open air towns, especially in the desert! Talk about hype!!
HoundCake (2 years ago)
I think it would be cool to see both Middle-Eastern inspired towns and villages reminiscent of the Wild West.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
The Hype is real! 
Firstone33 (3 years ago)
It's Possible That Throughout The Separate Timelines In The Zelda Series That The Gerudo Desert In Twilight Princess Might Be The Remains Of The Desert That The Gerudo Lived Itself Which Makes It Possible That One Of Those Islands In Wind Waker Might be Remnants Of The Gerudo Valley Of Course That Depends On How You Look At It.
The One (3 years ago)
Ah another fellow Zelda theorist! :). I liked this vid, a lot of effort and thought went into it. Subscribed! 
Moneyhoe Productions (3 years ago)
+Genya2008 I'm pretty sure that's a swedish accent.
Genya2008 (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm I have one question bout the way you speak you talk with an accent i havn´t heard that way before could it be that you lived first in an non english country and later startet to live in one. To the video that sounds good and possible i hope we can see soon something more about Zelda Wii U.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for Subscribing. :) You are the driving force of this channel and a great motivation for me to deliver quality content. Greetings, Commonwealth Realm.
Cássio Pupin (3 years ago)
Awesome job! I will subscribe right now! Keep up with the good work, can't wait to see the next video :D
Link (3 years ago)
Just Subscribed!! Very interesting videos and am actually excited for more. I never even thought about the pirate stronghold being the spirit temple and arbiters grounds, that was interesting and way cool!
Proud Palestinian (3 years ago)
As a Middle Eastern myself , just in case one didn't realize by my username , I would love to see a Mid-East themed area in Zelda U . I only recently played Ocarina 3D , and I found that the Gerudos were presented in a positive light . Except for Ganondorf of course . A proud race of strong women , how awesome is that . Not to mention that Nabooru was one of the sages was the cherry on the cake .  
Proud Palestinian (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm I think Petra would be a very suitable match . Since the inhabitants carved their temples and palaces in the mountains . Same as the Spirit Temple . I also noticed that the Guide Spirit tower look and feels like the Tower of Silence in Yazd-Iran . Which is a sacred burial site to the Zoroastrian population there . 
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
I totally agree. The Gerudo race is strict but fair, they only respect bravery and strength.  I would like to ask you, which Middle-Eastern town should serve as inspiration for this game? I already mentioned the Bazaar (reference to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul) in the video and the possibility for unique weapons in this province. Greetings, Commonwealth Realm
robert roberts (3 years ago)
I thought the Tentalis fight was cool, I liked how it actually effected the dungeon by tipping the ship and stabbing it with tentacles, it gave off a bit of a Shadow of the Colossus vibe.
valygomu (3 years ago)
Link on a camel ? I'm fucking sold
Lars Erik Volden (3 years ago)
That accent, er du norsk?
Lars Erik Volden (3 years ago)
Neida, det er ikke så farlig. Jeg bruker ikke Skype. Me må si at dette var en veldig bra video. Flott jobbet!
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
Det stemmer, jeg bor i Oslo. Faren min er norsk, moren min er polsk (historiske inspirasjonen bak denne kanalen) Hvis du vil kan jeg legge deg til på Skype.
Spacefish (3 years ago)
the pirate bay. Nice one
zetsubou1v1 (3 years ago)
an interesting theory, although im not so sure it was that far off to begin with. i mean twice (TP, SS) the regions have been divided into Lanaryu,eldin, and faron provinces, with land marks in each. it feels like they are trying to fuse the games in to some sort of cohesive whole, but they won't be there until they can settle some discrepancies or at least set a standard that they follow hereafter.  I disagree with the thought on tp's desert. it was supposed to be a barren, desolate wasteland, somewhere no one should be going, and for the few times you had to go there, it fit that perfectly. i agree that if you have to/ want to have people here for a long time in a large environment, it will have to offer more, but i think too heavy a hand would destroy the feel of a desert as an inhospitable environment. personally i'd like to see more of several cultures. the gerudo, the zora, the goron, the deku could all be expanded significantly. we know very little about the sheikah, which predate humanities' return to the surface (proof is impa in SS).  not to mention the various gods and spirits that pop up randomly.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
That is the dark charm of the "Child-timeline", desolate and tragic. The sole reason I brought up the world size as a possible issue in this episode, is due to Zelda Wii U´s provinces probably being the size of the entire over-world of Twilight Princess. My personal opinion was that the world of Twilight Princess felt empty and non-living at times.  I did as well bring up Ocarina of Time in this discussion since the events, in the game have had significant impact on the desert provinces in the Zelda series. When it comes to the question of races. I believe the answer will be more interactive NPCs with some character development. Greetings, Commonwealth Realm.
MrItMusic (3 years ago)
This is the kind of theory video I have been looking for for several years. Based on in game visuals and evidence
Simon Rockstream (3 years ago)
Yaaay! another video! :D
Blues (3 years ago)
The deserts are very interesting provinces in zelda games, I've recently played a link between worlds and the sand dungeon was my favorite in the game.
Blues (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm very well articulated and composed as I've come to expect now lol. A very good theory on one of my favorite areas! Keep up the awesome work!
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
I fully agree. By the way, what are your thoughts on the theory?
Deku Butler (3 years ago)
Awesome! I shall subscribe. Id love to see more videos like this in the future
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+joe nicolosi Thank you for subscribing. :) This series will continue with new uploads each other week until at last E3 in June. Greetings, Commonwealth Realm

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