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10 Tycoon Games That Will Take Over Your Life

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► SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/fragherosub ► http://www.gamebyte.com ► http://www.facebook.com/fraghero What's been your favourite tycoon game? ======= Experimenting will all kinds of businesses is not the easiest thing to do in our day to day lives. Luckily though, thanks to the sheer amount of management simulation games that now exist on the market we can play the mogul role at any time we want to without the considerable risks associated with it. What are the 10 best tycoon games though? We put together a list we think is pretty definitive. Make sure to keep an eye on the video for a few honourable mentions as well. They're all definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something to sink a lot of time in to. ======= Games shown include: Planet Coaster, Airline Tycoon 2, Sim City, Railroad Tycoon, Prison Architect, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Cities Skylines, Offworld Trading Company, OpenTTD, Game Dev Tycoon, Surviving Mars, Theme Hospital, Transport Fever, Empire TV Tycoon. ======= Have you got an idea for a FragHero video? Let us know in the comments 😄 ======= Narrator: Conner Rush
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Text Comments (133)
guy goldin (4 days ago)
3:51 Spinner.
Isak Persson (12 days ago)
You got a new sub! Love the length of this videos, hate top X-amount videos where they are 10 min long!
The Emerald (13 days ago)
Het Parekh (14 days ago)
check out "two point hospital"(much better version of theme hospital)
KaineCentral (21 days ago)
The original Roller Coaster Tycoons were enough to keep me playing almost 15 years or more! RCT2 is the best in my opinion! 🎢
The26 (1 month ago)
*me before watching this video* If this video doesn't feature Cities Skylines, then this top list sucks.
Gaskit (1 month ago)
Dude, Zoo tycoon 2 + All DLC Planet coaster RCT 3
nigotheboss (1 month ago)
good list bro
Gasmaskforthebetter (1 month ago)
simcity is a ripoff
MarKonza 007 (1 month ago)
Basement is the best
Declan The GamerDude (1 month ago)
3:52 fidget spinners are back
Saoucene Sousi (1 month ago)
cities skylines is the best but it's so slow in my shitty PC pfff
Cabecao (2 months ago)
Automation The Car Company?
brian mo (2 months ago)
he forgot RCTW...
Game Dreamer (2 months ago)
Please make an android version of this
301SO (2 months ago)
city skylines not simcity
Carsen Dahl (2 months ago)
Fuck top 10. The all time number one tycoon game is Roller Coaster tycoon 2 is the all time best game ever
Xynox (2 months ago)
Are these on steam?
Luke (2 months ago)
Tycoon games these days seem to have forgotten about the tycoon part, SC is a perfect example, just a building sim.
TheCreeperGuy (2 months ago)
Airline Tycoon 2? I bet the developers of Spore made this game
JohnTheGuy (2 months ago)
The new RCT can suck my dick, but planet coaster is good.
Jose Porritas (3 months ago)
Yow Mama (3 months ago)
My first tycoon game ever was Lemon Tycoon(?) I can't remember of thats really what its called but damn that was the shit
mrmoo (3 months ago)
I feel factorio needs a mention, I know it's not your conventional tycoon game but it is a sim and it WILL take over your life. I clocked up 485 hours within about 4-6 weeks
BlacK DusK (3 months ago)
Capitalism Lab is very awesome business tycoon but it's not popular, we need someone to crack it.
Gameradar (3 months ago)
I need to make a list with Roller Coaster Tycoon at #1
Eric Koontz (3 months ago)
not even close hospital tycoon was a major fail.
iluminex 24 (3 months ago)
3:51 figetspinner?
filosofos papatzas (3 months ago)
Capitalism Lab
Jonathan Palmquist (3 months ago)
Yes Theme Hospital!!!! So fun! Except it gets impossible once you get to a certain level.
Aqua (3 months ago)
No mention of OpenRCT2? Makes Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 go from good to amazing.
Gyan Plays (3 months ago)
So Jurassic Park Operation Genesis isn't good?
SterlingOwl (3 months ago)
Theme Hospital has been reborn as Two Point Hospital!
Tom Jones (3 months ago)
List the games with time stamps in your description. Pretty basic. Automatic dislike for being so lazy not to.
madjamjar (3 months ago)
Theme hospital is coming back better than ever. https://youtu.be/khNTdLVbN64
JeDaCheese (3 months ago)
i stopped watching after you listed Sim City
joop1991 (3 months ago)
Wow, you're making a top 10 list without making the video 15+ minutes long! Awesome :-)
Hollaback Girlzxx (3 months ago)
yeeeeeeah shoutout openTTD the worlds first video game for intelligent people
Roller coaster tycoon is the best game in the world!
Danny Conway (4 months ago)
I clicked off as soon as you said Sim City, wow... just wow.
Call Me Sirg (4 months ago)
I’m crying that Zoo Tycoon isn’t on this list lol
Destructive Gamer (4 months ago)
I think you should put down the link of the apps so its easy to us to download bcuz there are similar names of the games....
Cripple Jesus (4 months ago)
Not a single Zoo Tycoon game? What are you on?
Distanttrickz (3 months ago)
do you know any good Zoo Tycoon games?
Stijn Depuydt (4 months ago)
Theme hospital in the video but not theme park inc????????? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm owkej
SpaceDolphin (4 months ago)
Cities Skylines is the new and better SimCity lul
Snowy Owl (4 months ago)
Surviving Mars does not deserve to be on this list.
CJ Art (4 months ago)
Okay but you had planet coaster clips in the intro, and didn’t even list it. Sin city destroyed itself and rct is tearing itself to shreds
Jovanni B (4 months ago)
Openttd looks just like Tom Sawyer's Locomotion.
David Tsui (4 months ago)
Hey why Factorio not this list?
Fantallana (4 months ago)
Some lame-ass games made it in here, but not Zoo Tycoon? Lol what kind of list is this supposed to be
Lowezar (3 months ago)
The kind where "offworld trading company" is one of 10 "best" "tycoon" games... And where he's showing only SC2013 when talking about SC franchise. :-/ ...So... The kind of list that has no purpose other than to confuse people and collect dislikes.
Ennio Paone (4 months ago)
Bieti Fuck game deve tycoon
WaterFish22 (4 months ago)
Great game ideas!
Logan Schroeder (4 months ago)
1st game on list, new Sim City... Well, this list has no credibility. Sim City 4 was way better than Sim City.
Westley Hammerich (4 months ago)
No Rimworld?
Diekefirts (4 months ago)
any websites where i can find the shown railroad tycoon download?
Luqman Hakim (5 months ago)
Good list
Thrilling Hazardous (5 months ago)
Eliot Brew (5 months ago)
Zoo tycoon , Planet Coaster ?????
ZAFFUNA NIFUKKO (5 months ago)
TYCOON GAMES? What R those
Nathan Bhojwani (5 months ago)
I like simcity and all but I really it not as good as he said it was I fell like he got it confused with cities skylines.
michaelsivan18 (5 months ago)
Cities skylines >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sim City
Cities skylines should be higher
SirRuffington (5 months ago)
He clearly did only little research for the video.
Harvestersz (5 months ago)
All these are fantastic games. I think you should also mention A-Train PC Classic. It takes the A-Train formula and fleshes it out a great deal.
Hoodinski (5 months ago)
Duude- Sim City was atrocious. Why even put it here? Does anyone in their sane mind play this piece of utter shite?
milo20060 (5 months ago)
OpenTTD <3
John Bolt (5 months ago)
George Vorris (5 months ago)
Where is ANNO???
Ryuzaki L (5 months ago)
Where is zoo tycoon and all the kairosoft games?
Caminator 26 (5 months ago)
How is planet coaster not on here?!
mies1mies (5 months ago)
the list is not correct because there are only 3 tycoon games on it. these are examples of games that do belong to the list: tycoon city new york Atlantis Underwater Tycoon Big Biz Tycoon Business tycoon Car Tycoon arnival Cruise Lines Tycoon 2005: Island Hopping Casino Tycoon Airline Tycoon Airport Tycoon Cruise Ship Tycoon Transport Tycoon Moon Tycoon DinoPark Tycoon Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon Eco Tycoon: Project Green Fast Food Tycoon Fish Tycoon Freight Tycoon Game Dev Tycoon Hospital Tycoon Coffee Tycoon zoo tycoon
24magiccarrot (4 months ago)
I would say there were more than 3 Tycoon games on the list, but not all the games on the list were Tycoon games. The game doesn't need to have the word Tycoon in it's title to be classed as a tycoon game, the only requirement is the main focus of the game is about making profit, so all of the city building games don't belong on the list as city building isn't necessarily purely about profit.
Nyta - Gore (5 months ago)
You forgot Deep Sea Tycoon
Jang Official (5 months ago)
Zoo Tycoon is Bae <3 Planet Coaster too
Ryuzaki L (5 months ago)
Finally someone mentioned zoo tycoon
he is right
Tom Knight (5 months ago)
Hallway midnight Catholic seem evening panel saving one attack simply brilliant extremely basis.
cramthelan (5 months ago)
Why do you guys that make these videos always include OpenTTD, talk up Transport Tycoon (for good reason mind you) but NEVER list Locomotion? It's not flawless, but it is brilliant and actually, you know, by Chris Sawyer.
SWARM 996 (5 months ago)
Why is rct here but not planet coaster
Chocodile (2 months ago)
SWARM 996 maybe he meant RCT 1, 2 & 3 instead of RCTW
Eric Koontz (3 months ago)
Without RTC there would have been no planet coaster. period
Lil’ Veggie Boi (5 months ago)
SWARM 996 I’m playing Planet Coaster right now I agree
lyght leafeon (5 months ago)
Zoo Tycoon
lyght leafeon (5 months ago)
Wombat agreed
Wombat (5 months ago)
lyght leafeon Should be here on this list
Rincevind007 (5 months ago)
Patrician. Where is patrician?
Depth Gamer (5 months ago)
Nice video you guys deserve way more than just 300 000 subscribers I Subscribed ;-)
TraXXXtar (5 months ago)
3:51 y doe
- EatMe (5 months ago)
Theme Hospital i played it in my youth like 12-13years ago, man never forget these times! If you didnt played it yet try it its super funny
Spikeblanko (5 months ago)
and rimworld?
Octopus 8 (1 month ago)
Redridge07 Minding your Business?
Redridge07 (4 months ago)
what business are you running in rimworld?
Spikeblanko (5 months ago)
game tycoon dessagre
Justin Schauwecker (5 months ago)
I still play Roller coaster Tycoon now. I've still never completed the game. It's so damn addicting.
nathan smiddy (5 months ago)
Don't forget jurassic world evolution
drakedge2000 (5 months ago)
Exactly... how can you say it's a good game if normal people havn't been able to play it haha. It looks good, but so did aliens colonial marines, or no man's sky before release.
Kylez vidz (5 months ago)
nathan smiddy that's not out yet
HI How are you? (5 months ago)
Road Runner (3 months ago)
I still play RCT classic..just because you are done with it, does not mean others are..Fool.
Martin Allyson Senn (4 months ago)
I think he ment rctw
HI How are you? Allahu akbar
SesamaLho (5 months ago)
HI How are you? planet coaster blown them out of water, simcity was done and now rct is done too
TheultimateFry (5 months ago)
Locomotion was the best simulator for me. Sad that it didnt was in this video ;/
OriginalPiMan (2 months ago)
Locomotion is good. I'm currently trying to 100% it. I've so far completed every level other than the hardest difficulty. I haven't played some more recent games of the genre, but I consider Locomotion to be the second best transportation tycoon game out there; ahead of OpenTTD but behind RTC3 (and all well ahead of Sid Meier's Railroads). Would anyone here happen to know any other games similar to these? I want something with AI opponents and intercity train networks (signalling optional, other types of transport optional)
cramthelan (5 months ago)
Yes thank you! I just commented the same. It's on the same engine as Transport Tycoon, is by Chris Sawyer, is a sequel in everything but name, but these vids never list it, all while going on and on about OpenTTD and lamenting the fact that Transport Tycoon didn't get a sequel when it did. Locomotion didn't do as well as it should have in it's day purely due to the old engine (90s engine in 2004), that's it, as far as gameplay goes it's all there
TheultimateFry (5 months ago)
opentdd looked alike locomotion, but still, itshould have been in there too :D
Violence Is Fun (5 months ago)
FragHero, Jiub says yes, i cant tell you too much here because they are watching. But i must tell you that General Khorsavious might not live to see the next Oyster Harvest. You know what to do
AnDanDan (5 months ago)
Surviving Mars does not belong on this list. I've played it for like 50 hours, and it's so shallow. It's not even a tycoon game, it's just a management game. And Sim City ONLY belongs on that list if you didn't mention Sim City 2013 but that's ALL YOU SHOWED.
Ricar Carles (25 days ago)
transport fever is def a very good game not gonna lie dont know why it ddnt get its own spot on the list but its beeter that open tt or what ever that other one was called
AnDanDan (5 months ago)
I got that at around 20 hours. But achievements man, they take time.
Will Pell (5 months ago)
Imagine playing a game for 50 hours and being like "this is shit"
Jacob Wilson (5 months ago)
Wait sim city a game that litterally killed the franchise as well as their developer was on the list but planet coaster wasn't.
J MK (1 month ago)
why dont you make your own list dickhead
MikeOnTheBox (4 months ago)
Cai, Cities Skylines is just Sim City 2000 made 3D
MikeOnTheBox (4 months ago)
SimCity is still a great game to play.
Sandra C (5 months ago)
At least he was saying "Sim City Seies". He was just showing clips from the wrong Sim City. Should have used footage from SC4, the pinnacle of the franchise.
Cai Jones (5 months ago)
MienKreft Skiewars I agree
Where's Roblox?
JackShack (5 months ago)
Yeah thats who I was replying too not you ;) Didnt even realise he deleted it
Super Gamer48 (5 months ago)
JackShack there's a guy here that said "Roblox isn't a tycoon game" I think he deleted his reply when he realized it was a joke
JackShack (5 months ago)
The joke Your head
Super Gamer48 (5 months ago)
Joke.exe has stopped working
Pop Extra (5 months ago)
i thougt just ROBLOX had tyccon games
Noobplaysgames (5 months ago)
headbomb399 (5 months ago)
If roller coaster tycoon doesn't come in first then I'm done
Derpy Duck (4 months ago)
I agree!
A wild Filing cabinet (5 months ago)
It wasn’t really an order, like this one is above that one, but more of just a list.
Visionous1Gaming (5 months ago)
headbomb399 Yup, you're done.

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