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BEST Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games for November! | RGT 85

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Visit http://spons.org/rgt85 to install World of Tanks Blitz for FREE What are the best upcoming Switch games for the month of November? That's why I'm here. Let's talk about what new Nintendo Switch games need to be on YOUR radar for November! Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/shawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rgt85 Merch: http://rgt85.spreadshirt.com #NintendoSwitch #NewSwitchGames #SwitchGames
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RGT 85 (23 days ago)
Visit http://spons.org/rgt85 to install World of Tanks Blitz for FREE! What Switch games are you snagging in November? Let me know!
Ricky (11 days ago)
Drag0n87 how? This is apart of his job, he has to earn money from this somehow to be fair for all the time and work he’s put in
Brent Turner (18 days ago)
Atari Flashbacks
TheAlibabatree (21 days ago)
The only 2 games Im interested in for this year are Red Dead and Pokemon.
Qphlat 27 (21 days ago)
SNK Collection and Pokémon. Eventually Diablo 3 when I can afford to.
xXBrandonXx (22 days ago)
The game is already free you sneaky sellout
kinglonewolf104 (8 days ago)
For those interested, World Of Tanks: Blitz is a great game. Loads of tanks and plenty of maps to battle/train on. The Gravedigger tank has become one of my favourite tanks, but beware you are far from invincible in it. Also, I have been playing WOT:B since summer 2017 so I am an experienced player on the battlefield.
Timmy McGypsy (10 days ago)
omg another port waaaaaaaaaaaa, babies lol. Some of us really want a lot of these ports and why do you give a f*ck if it was cheap for the company to do?... if its a good game play it ya sheep
malkard1 (10 days ago)
The next free to play to hit the switch is not warframe ummmm you forget about Brawlhalla ?? Nov 6th like today lol
Ricky (11 days ago)
World of final fantasy is an underrated gem
Pinder Productions (12 days ago)
World of tanks blitz would be fun on switch.
Chris Toro (12 days ago)
I'll be honest, I wouldn't even buy these games on my PS4/PC. Let alone a more expensive version for my Switch.
tony jacobs (15 days ago)
RGT 85 do you know what kind of game I won't for my birthday your face with the game that kick your butt every time turn my any game on
Nynja (17 days ago)
You haven't played any of the ports in this video. Have you been living under a rock? What games have you played?
Ben Dover (18 days ago)
Dude what do you want from me
Brent Turner (18 days ago)
How can you not talk about Atari Flashbacks? 150 Atari games with some having online multiplayer
Cor Draws (18 days ago)
Diablo warframe Diablo warframe Pokémon warframe Diablo warframe
Star Wolf (18 days ago)
Ehhhh there is one game in December I’m pretty hyped for though
YoungCheasy (19 days ago)
Ff maxima isn’t real fan service...
Evren Ky (19 days ago)
So world of final fantasy maxima includes the base game and the dlc or only the dlc ? Or is it a completly new game ? ;D
RavishingRav£n (19 days ago)
I’ve played diablo offline for pc and Xbox one. I’ve been playing diablo since the first one. You can play offline period. So switch isn’t special with that aspect. I will be picking up the diablo switch on the 2nd
Jay Aez (19 days ago)
DIABLO on the go baby!
Salvatore Anzalone (20 days ago)
But the real question is...Will Red Dead Redemption 2 be coming to the Nintendo switch!? 🤣
Amasloth (20 days ago)
Wat about mutant football league :(
SierraKobold (20 days ago)
Sim city is nothing like civilization, Civ is a 4x TBS its like Master of Orion
Andy Kooper (20 days ago)
Oh that's cool cool cool. Interesting interesting interests. Something doesnt smell right. Hmmmmm
Martell Tha Cool (20 days ago)
November game's doesn't seem all that appealing to me at all. But wait when December 7th hits for Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Jimmy_the Lego_kid (20 days ago)
RGT, is that a throwback Zoo York hoodie?...
ranbir sethi (21 days ago)
you sound like a pipsquik
Chief-Canuck (21 days ago)
everyone just loves to complain about the switch. why buy a portable console to use it only docked and then complain about the fact that the ps4 and xbox are better? if you bought everything when it dropped for diablo 3 you have already paid well over 100$ for the content.... how is 60$ too much?
Jonathan Striker (21 days ago)
I have been into Pokemon since Gen 1 was the only Gen we had. I've loved it since I was a kid, and I still love it now. This hybrid of Pokemon Go and a revived/rebooted/retooled version of Pokrmon Yellow (plus, some of things like Alola forms) has me *super* excited! Personally, I've been following Let's Go since its announcement and don't really understand all the hate it's been getting. But, I guess not every game is for every one, you know? *(My only "pet peeve" with it, is that it doesn't support Cloud Saves)* All in all though, I, myself, plan on picking up the Pokemon style Switch bundle, when I get the money. And, I'll probably pick up the other version that doesn't come with the Switch as well. Like I said, I'm *super* excited for it! ------------------------------------------------ Another one I find interesting is Diablo 3. It's one of those games I've heard about, but never got my hands on it. If I do get it though, it'll probably be on the Switch. I love this games that do different things on the Switch. Like how Rocket League has a Samus car, Starlink is basically an unofficial StarFox game, etc. I hope they do more of this kind of thing, moving forward. ------------------------------------------------ Lastly, I've heard good things about Warframe. If I wasn't already "up to my ears" in Free to Play games/content, I would probably check it out. Who knows though, maybe one day I'll give it a go :)
Happymonday 2015 (21 days ago)
Don't hate on me but I personally think world of tanks blitz would be really cool on switch. Lol
Keith Castillo (21 days ago)
Strategy games are typically better on computers because to have all command options for your forces you needs most of your keyboard so to learn to play a Strategy game well especially Real Time Strategy games keyboard memorization helps. Then you try to think what is the best way to conquer.
Drew M (21 days ago)
Fan service doesn't mean what you think it means....
Opal Grape Jam (21 days ago)
Cooooooooould’ev sworn I played couch co-op with my bro in Diablo 3, maybe I’m just crazy now lol
Alexander Tepper (21 days ago)
December and feburary the new december lets skip January and november that's for the little kids
Grinix (21 days ago)
go back to playing devil may cry with patt, matt, you're drunk
blurider07 (21 days ago)
Ummmm moonlighter???? PORTABLE
Rich Boutin (21 days ago)
Just the SNK collection for me. Kinda glad for the slow month. Still have Y’s and Dragonquest to play from my backlog.
Prism Gaming UK (21 days ago)
Let's not forget the new toe jam and earl game comes out in November
xd Finsoup (21 days ago)
WOT is coming wuttt!!! lost my acc. along time ago. For me this one isn't worth it cuz its really pay to win tho (you pay for tier leveling ) Also Wof looks good
Manuel AD (21 days ago)
Lmao I’ll just wait for pirates to get this and download them all for free lmao 😂
ricky Hyppa (21 days ago)
I really wish instead of the Civilization 6 game they would either port Rollar Coaster Tycoon 1-3 on the switch or develop a switch-exclusive title.
Matt Stevens (21 days ago)
first comint yesssssss
Poke- Rex (21 days ago)
Ark Survival Evolved comes out on the 11/30/18
Canosis Plays (21 days ago)
Civ 6 looks great but why did it have to come out with Pokémon?!
R Segwa (21 days ago)
no tanks
Danny (21 days ago)
"I've never played any Civilization games, but I've played Sim City and Theme Park!" *CRINGE*
Just A Realist (21 days ago)
The Switch has upcoming games? That’s news to me.
Brian Goldstein (21 days ago)
console versions of Diablo 3 can be played in offline mode as well... PC is the only port that requires online
F R (21 days ago)
Wasn't Monster Boy coming in November?
Anthony Caban (21 days ago)
list 20 exlusive games that the swicth has lol.Nintendo swicth feel like a cheap ipad with to many indies games.i have the swicth and 22 games and im disipointed with the system.most of the indie games or free in moble apps and most games are old.Nintendo should step there game up.over pice old games and no chat.i thought is was going to be diffent from the wii u but its less of the same.Most AAA GAMES dont bother with Nintendo company no more.
TheHaunted Hamster (21 days ago)
Nintendo eshop is looking like an even shittier version of steam
Scott S (21 days ago)
The pokemon game looks dumb. I bought a pro controller so I can play my games comfortably. I don't want to be swinging my arm every five minutes.
Fake Name (20 days ago)
Don't get it. Trust me on this.
DARKSHYNO (21 days ago)
Warframe easily the best.
Joe Zayas (21 days ago)
WTF?! Diablo 3 was offline for other consoles.
Brian (21 days ago)
Civ VI is definitely my most anticipated. I still play Civ Revolution to this day. I have been waiting for another console version, and we get the full version this time. FYI - Target has their annual Buy 2 Get 1 free starting on the 28th and last year pre orders were included so if you are buying 3 games this month might be a good option. Of course there are exclusions Red Dead and Select Nintendo games which usually means some first party games. If your patient you can probably get most non first party Nintendo games for cheaper in a few weeks anyhow.
aqOh Si BLooDyAweSomE (21 days ago)
can play diablo 3 entirely offline? and as singe player?
aqOh Si BLooDyAweSomE (19 days ago)
+Mick Gomez-Jorge okay Thanks dude!
Mick Gomez-Jorge (21 days ago)
Yeah console versions are offline
Lance Gorin (21 days ago)
no Brawhalla meantion?
nice video
Erick Avery (21 days ago)
Man Transistor is so good. It was the first indie game I ever bought and didn't get for free.
Mick Gomez-Jorge (21 days ago)
Yeah its a great game. Supergiant games is pretty good. Bastion was also a great game with a soundtrack just as good as transistor
Tempsplash81938 (21 days ago)
I am most looking forward to Moonlighter, and Brawhalla. I am surprised you did not mention at least one of them.
6644pmr (21 days ago)
All these Indy games remind me of mobile games for my iPad.
Qphlat 27 (21 days ago)
I didn’t know the SNK Collection would have more games added via free DLC! As if it wasn’t a must buy day one purchase for me already. Sweet!
Shattered Sentient (21 days ago)
Getting a Switch soon. I'll be Getting Warframe on Nov.20 but Hollow Knight and Child of Light will tide me over. 2019 for Daemon X Machina and Pokemon Gen 8.
Nick Samo (22 days ago)
Long island retro gaming shirt? Cheers from long island!!
Robert Higgins (22 days ago)
"a ton of great games" is exaggerating the truth slightly. Important in game preservation reasons perhaps, but many if not all of these games have aged badly, play poorly. At the RRP I would argue it's too expensive.
Captain Yasopp (22 days ago)
I really don't know about that lets go game im fiending for a poke game but idk about wasting money on that one. . . .
Johno Daz (22 days ago)
Really good video n list RGT 85. Transistor, Diablo 3, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, Civilization 6 and Warframe are the games I will be trying too get and or play in November. Pokémon I don't play but the Let's Go Collector's Editions with the PokeBall are looking good for a collection item tho and FF Maxima is probably a pass for me, I am really looking forward too the bigger FF games dropping in 2019.
viriatz (22 days ago)
Ins't GRIP that combat racing game releasing in November also? Looking to see if it is worth it. Need more racers
Roman Pham (22 days ago)
Pike Hunter (22 days ago)
Its a game from last month but valkyria chronicles is a game everyone should play. :)
Midna78 (22 days ago)
Diablo it is. Dunno if I'll buy another one, but right now, that's not the case.
Ilpo Hartikainen (22 days ago)
Well, if you haven't play Civ games and you start with Civ 6 on the Switch.. well, say goodbye to any freetime =D
Jarrod Steel (22 days ago)
What about November releases for PS4 and Xbox One??? Why is it Switch this Switch that? This might as well be a Nintendo channel.
619taken (22 days ago)
When are they releasing HuntDown?
Adam Miller (22 days ago)
I'll be grabbing Pokemon. I was against the idea at first but I've been warming to it more and more. It's way to overpriced unless they've added lots of extra stuff (they won't), and the multiplayer is good. But yeah, I'll be buying it anyway since I like the Pokemon games and will no doubt like this, even if I don't love it.
Shattered Sentient (21 days ago)
Multiplayer isn't good. It's worse than the ones beforr it. They took out GTS, Wondertrade, Ranked Battles, Battle Royales, Multi Battles. Gonna be less fun with friends since no multis:(
Radiant Phoenix (22 days ago)
November is going to be a solid month. 🦀 The crab is just random lol.
Corey Dunlap (22 days ago)
All I need is red dead
Reznor440 (22 days ago)
Diablo 3 and Pokemon. My body and my wallet are ready. Won't have time to play World of Tanks sorry
José Alexandre (22 days ago)
Anyone wanna link up to trade and or battle hit me up for the let’s go games
Sparks Supreme (22 days ago)
Man, Transistor is such a fantastic game and I was waiting it to come to the Switch since Switch's initial announcement.
Mick Gomez-Jorge (21 days ago)
Same i was Wondering if we would get it then just a while later they showed a little bit in a Nintendo direct.
C-Red (22 days ago)
I'm gonna be brutally honest and say I don't see a "BEST" anything on this list. the only legit good video game I see coming to the switch soon before next year is smash.
Shattered Sentient (21 days ago)
That's just preference. I don't play fighting games. Hollow Knight is so good.
Tyler Scow (22 days ago)
It's official he sold out
isturbo1984 (22 days ago)
ports, indies and the fake pokemon game.
MySplatterhouse (22 days ago)
I'm real excited to cop that SNK collection.
Olivia Laneil (22 days ago)
Rouge Legacy!!!! 11/06
Game Boy (22 days ago)
This intro is too short, very strange.
el barto (22 days ago)
OMG my homie is a no life to that game you were advertising about tanks
MA GC (22 days ago)
Quote of the day....”I’ve never...”
Sean-Paul F (22 days ago)
Damn it..... Do I pick up Diablo or not..... I'll be busy playing My Hero Academia before Pokemon. Dang it all!!!!
Mick Gomez-Jorge (21 days ago)
If u never played it. its a great game but ive allready played it on ps4 and pc so i had enufh of it.
TheOtaku031284 (22 days ago)
Pokemon and Bendy are what I have reserved for November, might still get SNK 40th, (not new releases, but) Attack on Titan and Xenoblade Torna
DarkFenix151 (22 days ago)
You know what, you can play a drinking game with this video, every time RGT says Nintendo Switch you must consume some of the beverage of you choice (alcoholic) BUT you will be smashed by the end of the vid :P PS: Must use international drinking rules :P
Nic Mcconchie (22 days ago)
Awesome video RGT! Thanks for all the Switch release updates! Legend!
Crusader Rabbit (22 days ago)
resurrected my diablo iii account on win7 to get in "D" shape for nov 2 switch release :D  I pre-purchased.  pity there is no multi-platform play though :( I would love to use my old pc chars on the switch
Mick Gomez-Jorge (21 days ago)
Hooe you enjoy it. For me on PS playing a caster was just not as fun to control in battle compared to pc. The evade was Nice tho. Cheers
P A (22 days ago)
since when you read stuff all video long? I prefer when you talk freely! I can go on website and read too... hearing your opinion and having a different feedback is why I watch youtube videos like yours! My two cents of course
thomas lego (22 days ago)
Hey u forgot moonlighter for the switch !
punkydudester3 (22 days ago)
I will definitely be buying Diablo 3, pokemon yellow remake, final fantasy and civilization
Darkskin Asian Man (22 days ago)
No physical release no buy
Zoltor (22 days ago)
+RGT 85 I was planning to get this on launch, but evidently It's digital only sigh, so I'm going to sadly pass.  I despise major company doing digital only. Furthermore I'm not going to pay more then 20 bucks for any digital game period. If companies want retail prices, then they better release them as retail releases. I hope Squeare releases it physically down the road, and omg I hope Square releses the other games they announced, physically as well.
XML (22 days ago)
I'm waiting for the ending music...
Arcade Freak 2016 (22 days ago)
I can't wait for snk collection. Ikari warriors victory road and psycho soldier on 1 cart and comes out on my bday. Oh man
Jakub Jón (22 days ago)
I'm most hyped for Moonlighter next month
Chicken Perm (22 days ago)
Good thing Oct was jammed packed to carry me over until Dec and Smash

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