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Minecraft 1.6 Mobs: Horses

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Let's explore Minecraft! We bring you detailed block-by-block information for our site http://www.minecraftwiki.net
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Text Comments (143)
JeZues 69 (3 years ago)
either minecraft need an update again or something is wrong with my xbox one saved game cus the dumb horses keep disapearig.once i finally leash them or cage them. no other animal does that but the horses dono about the donkey's or mules tho
Reshirou Krieger (3 years ago)
+Jeebus O yeah. . .you have to name them with a nametag to make them not despawn in XBox version
big disappointment (4 years ago)
Horses are assholes. I finally find one and take it do my house. I leave for 5 seconds to get it a name tag, and the fucker leaves. I even gave it armor, a saddle and everything
twan lenaerts (4 years ago)
fun fact: all horses are female because to get a mule a male donkey has to fuck with a female horse
Kieran Borovac (4 years ago)
Could you do a 'wood hub' video?
Dee Ca. (4 years ago)
What is that stat bar that is next to the health hearts? Is it speed?
Ethan Bennett (17 days ago)
Where your hunger normally is? Your horses health. If you meant the experience bar, thats the horses jump meter.
Jenna Edens (4 years ago)
How do you get that game because I have survivalcraft and I want one with those horses that you have on the game so what is it called
Ethan Bennett (17 days ago)
Jenna Edens Its called Minecraft, like in the title. By the way, I have played Survivalcraft and although it has some differences to Minecraft, its a direct copy of it.
The Nelsons (4 years ago)
super noob
tina (4 years ago)
wat..? everyone should know. its called minecraft and if u want it u need to buy it and download all sorts of stuff for the game to work
SharKing (5 years ago)
Horses. They're the bane of my existance. Why? BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS CRASH MY FRICKIN' GAME. It's because of them that I can't play Minecraft beyond 1.5.2.
101jir (5 years ago)
Actually, I figured it out very shortly after I posted that.
101jir (5 years ago)
Did I get something wrong? I keep doing this, but I don't even start to mount when the horse rears...
101jir (5 years ago)
witches can kill you without pointing at you? I imagine they could... XD
lincoln john (5 years ago)
Sometimes I wish most words were adjectives, like pizza.
Sockemz (5 years ago)
Sorry mate,you can't make one. You can only find them in dungeons,Desert pyramids,Jungle temple and Nether Fortresses.
Shero (5 years ago)
yes you can
Shero (5 years ago)
you are right from what ive read on the wiki
Leet (5 years ago)
"Off spring of the horses have better stats" I'm sure this is wrong, but correct me if I'm wrong. I've heard that the stats of the offspring would average between the two parents.
Ethan Bennett (17 days ago)
Yes and no, I am pretty sure it adds the two stats together, or it does sometimes average somewhere between them.
kurosujiomake (5 years ago)
cant you also breed them with golden carrots?
Ethan Bennett (17 days ago)
Yes, any golden foods.
Viltref (5 years ago)
No, but grammar was the first word in a sentence so grammar did have to in capitals in that instance
IntelligentGent (5 years ago)
I spent a full day looking and found 2 horses. They weren't even in the plains. I found them in the forest. And unfortunately I forgot the leads and only had a saddle on me. So I could only get one. Sob story short I was wondering if anyone else found a herd and if so were?
Ykelo Radford (5 years ago)
Same, I have a really fast, but low jumping horse, and I have a slow, but good jumper. I bred them, and I now have a good jumper, good speed, bred that with the jumper, I have the 4 blocks, with great speed!
PlanetGames (5 years ago)
That could be the case, my jumper is bred from a natural jumper (3.5) and a fast one.
Ykelo Radford (5 years ago)
Thanks, and everybody says 3.5 so I was just curious. Unless they mean WILD horses are 3.5, and bred horses are max 5.
youraveragedude (5 years ago)
you also need a capital G on your Grammar :))
mikkelnpetersen (5 years ago)
Horses are DANGEROUS Its one of those things witch can kill you without pointing at you
PlanetGames (5 years ago)
Horses can jump up to 5 blocks.
Ethan Bennett (17 days ago)
Only with potions. They can jump up to max of three.
Ryan Mckk (5 years ago)
ah evony age 2 out for 6 years people only starting to advertise
shariff jabbar (5 years ago)
@ybcwlbq yeah thats what everyones been saying and dude! you would probably enjoy this online game >> bit.ly/13bKzaW?=zhfsl
HyrdaRancher (5 years ago)
The Dothraki fear any water their horses can't drink...
MrDuckThe Newb (5 years ago)
The cracked
MrDuckThe Newb (5 years ago)
Well, download
iDude540 (5 years ago)
i wish i hade Minecraft on the PC version because Horses are awsome
Ykelo Radford (5 years ago)
How high can a horse jump? Because everybody so far is saying 3.5 blocks, but I can swear I've done 4
Ethan Bennett (17 days ago)
It depends, horses have different stats, but average amount is 3.5.
KASASpace (5 years ago)
Wheat can be grown while you mine, see.
LEGOswimmer (5 years ago)
Ellis approves of this video.
Christine Walker (5 years ago)
vroom221 (5 years ago)
Hey guys. screw the wheat, if your to lazy to grow it, then simply get on the horse and dont stop until the hearts appear. it works!
fleeb (5 years ago)
I love to see people correct other people's grammar. Invariably, they make grammatical errors of their own. This includes me.
Billy McGuyer (5 years ago)
didn't you forget the capital G though?
George Washington (5 years ago)
AnimeGamerGirl816 (5 years ago)
Just a few minutes ago I heard a really freaky noise with my horse. I sounded like a mob of people mixed with horses screaming and/ or dying. D: It couldn't have been a mob because it was on peaceful!
Johnny Mctavish (5 years ago)
Can someone post that "G" on grammar comment? I see he/she deleted it :)
snaild0g (5 years ago)
He deleted his comment lol.
Manny 98 (5 years ago)
I am enjoying my horse. It really helps in Survival Mode for running away from the Mobs.
TheFrozenPixel (5 years ago)
not actually you can use golden carrots
Ethan Bennett (17 days ago)
But you can also use golden apples still.
Farok Buker (5 years ago)
wew breeding horses is so expensive...
silentwalrus60 (5 years ago)
Was he saying that he likes viruses? Because that game is one.
Ethan Bennett (17 days ago)
In your opinion. It doesn't come with any viruses. And if you don't like the game why did you click the video?
Kenneth Smith (5 years ago)
@eypdnmv yeah thats what everyones been saying ALSO! i think you would enjoy this game have a look >> bit.ly/151CVxH?=wlikv
Alianna Rathke (5 years ago)
You should tell about Undead Horses and Skeleton Horses.
Tess Farren (5 years ago)
Like you.
SuperPieninja (5 years ago)
You don't. they are unused, which means they are in the game files but not ingame.
TrueBlue342 (5 years ago)
Actually whenever you breed horses, the offspring is not always better than the parents (in most cases I've found the opposite to be true). It appears that speed and jump height is all random with horses...
TrueBlue342 (5 years ago)
Jeb says that he won't add them to vanilla minecraft, but will leave them in the gamecode for developers, etc.
omegadan (5 years ago)
it is a donkey and a horse that make a mule not a mule and horse you just use a horse spawn egg to get one, you will sometimes get a donkey
Christian Ivanov (5 years ago)
breed a mule and a horse using hay stacks (a block of wheat), they will fuck and make a donkey, finding a mule and a horse is a challenge though
Tara Lacey (5 years ago)
Unless you're on creative, you'll have to find them. If you're on creative, just find a horse spawn egg in your inventory and keep spawning them until you get a donkey.
fleeb (5 years ago)
Ahhh... yeah, I couldn't say when that version of Minecraft might get an update with horses.
Cashmere (5 years ago)
Go blue Shell!!!!!!!!
TheBusham (5 years ago)
Well,i think i know what the problem is...I have the Xbox 360 Minecraft not Pc...And on minecraft the Update Sould have come like 3 days ago...
//Musashi (5 years ago)
No wonder when I try to give the Horse armor, it smash mah face.
Wushington (5 years ago)
Goodgood. Why would you dislike an Mcspotlight video?
DiosdePollos (5 years ago)
quit spamming your stupid links to "Wizard 101". It's so annoying!
Christian Ivanov (5 years ago)
I found a cracked launcher that works type this in the search bar go to that link and run the file, it automaticaly installs minecraft under C:/Games and you can update it, just like the old cracked servers
fleeb (5 years ago)
Right. Capital G for Grammar, as it starts the sentence. Capital E for English, as it's a proper noun. Also, you forgot to include 'the' before the word 'key'. Fortunately, though, you weren't speaking English, just writing it. When speaking English, be sure to use those capitals. They're very important.
fleeb (5 years ago)
You need to follow the link they provide to get the new launcher. The old Minecraft launcher will not download the update automatically. The new one will.
Starckboy (5 years ago)
Mine did not auto update I got a message when i logged into the game that 1.6 was available and it gave me a link to download it
TheBusham (5 years ago)
Why havent my minecraft updated? The update would have come 1th july its fricking 4th july now....please help i am a big minecraft fan and a horse fan
sadpojames (5 years ago)
HURRY UP!! I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO GET DONKEYS!!!!!!!! I dont feel like running around, and i didn't see a spawn egg. what should I do??
DemonXeron (5 years ago)
"don't post comments on stuff you don't know about." Hypocrite. I said the fundamentals were changed, not the spelling. Changing spelling does not matter, but when you change the foundation of a language, that is wrong. You saying that is like me complaining about using pure sand to put a house on and you saying that it doesn't matter what the interior design is. It is completely irrelevant. I hope this was worth my time and you understand. If you do, you are forgiven for you incompetence.
DemonXeron (5 years ago)
I don't know... I think YouTube likes Grammar Nazis such as me. By the way, you forgot your capitalisation and question mark.
MRGOLDENSPORTSFAN123 (5 years ago)
I AM 106th
MRGOLDENSPORTSFAN123 (5 years ago)
MRGOLDENSPORTSFAN123 (5 years ago)
when will it update so I can join?
Balaji Krishnamurty (5 years ago)
@jmgqyez yeah you go that right AND! this game is tight been playing all day => bit.ly/1aAvVxI?=cmxzd
MinecraftAddict (5 years ago)
I know that the update is recent, but could someone please link to a version of single player commands for 1.6.1? Thanks.
Barnaclebeard (5 years ago)
I think you're lying about New Zealand English.
Anthony Marsdon (5 years ago)
okay so you're saying that all of america are wrong to say color instead of colour along to many other differences to The Queen's English? Falzaan is wrong but so are you. don't post comments on stuff you don't know about.
Anthony Marsdon (5 years ago)
when did dick become an adjective?
Anthony Marsdon (5 years ago)
how can it be overused if it can only be used once per video?
Kristjan Aun (5 years ago)
The 2-3 people who disliked this video have small dicks.
Chemical Man (5 years ago)
You can't. You have to find it in chests.
HappyTimeHollis (5 years ago)
Nope. Australians & Kiwis use the same your & you're conventions as the rest of the English language. "Your" conveys ownership whereas "you're" is a contraction for "you are."
MRGOLDENSPORTSFAN123 (5 years ago)
how does this comment have 55 LIKES LOL
Wushington (5 years ago)
Only 1 dislike...
DemonXeron (5 years ago)
Well, I speak English and the English language states it is "you're". What you are saying is that the fundamentals of the English language change due to your geography. This is not true. It does not help, in addition, that you fail to capitalize your "i"s for representation of yourself.
Fredrik Nilsson (5 years ago)
It does NOT depend on where the person is from. They are two totally different things, you use your when you talk about possession, such as, possession of an item. "your car,", "your computer" You're is an abbreviation of "you are", which can be used to describe someone, for example, what the idiot in the original comment was trying to say: "You're a dipshit."
BlueAmpharos (5 years ago)
There are nametags in the update too, but I'm not sure if they can be crafted. You can use them to name horses though.
Sasque Enchilada (5 years ago)
more like MichaelTheAngryCat
Tom Nook (5 years ago)
Bennet Gaochen (5 years ago)
i hate how all the video links at the end always say "available soon"
Ariel Camacho (5 years ago)
To download 2.6
Ariel Camacho (5 years ago)
I don't know hwau
DarkPenguins (5 years ago)
you find it in dungeons
Anderson Bryan (5 years ago)
how do u make horse armor??!!?? some one help plz
olternaut (5 years ago)
I really love these videos. :)
jr2nd (5 years ago)
try using a bit of sugar or an apple, when I found my 1st horses they wouldn't let me on even with an empty hand
luke jackson (5 years ago)
I love you guys so detailed
Tornike (5 years ago)
dont use anything just ur hands
Quxxn Sophie (5 years ago)
Congrats :)
Quxxn Sophie (5 years ago)
You need to get on them with a empty hand
Henry Peters (5 years ago)
I'm a bit stuck... just found some horses bu when I try to get on them they just make a "whinnying" noise without even letting me get on them. Help?
LaurynMcK (5 years ago)
now i HAVE to get the full version!!

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