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Monster Hunter World Won't Devalue Its Gameplay With Loot Boxes

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There are still some companies in the "AAA" scum pit that actually GET it, and understand how microtransaction shortcuts can devalue a game.
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Gale Anderson (12 hours ago)
Continued free updates, such as in the Monster Hunter series and Warframe, incentivize more people to buy/play the game as it ages and its price comes off as an even better deal over time. Paid DLC diminishes the value of the base game over time and incentivizes people to wait until they can get the whole pack for a cheaper price. Loot boxes further diminish that value because you can never catch up except by luck....which when you've already bought all the DLC feels kinda shitty, so that again makes the game less appealing. So....all this paid DLC/loot box shit will make less money in the long run....cuz people will only tolerate your bullshit for so long until they stop seeing any value in your product.
daniel riberio (21 days ago)
but can you explain me why the same company is making a game it 2 season passes like tekken 7
Dead Heart (22 days ago)
I've got an Idea. Why do we pay money directly to publishers? Isn't the Mony they receive from me technically a reward? Maybe we shoud make it more exciting for the publisher. Instead of Trading a Video-Game for 60$, we trade a card-board box, with randomized amounts of different shit. Sometimes there's money, other times you'll find bottle-caps. But if they're really lucky, there might as well be gold coins, with a doubled legendary rate (from 0.0001%) of having platinum coins. I mean, they've showed us their love, why not give it back, you know?
Brian Pace (22 days ago)
The publisher is Capcom I wonder what they were smoking when they thought about putting microtransactions in Devil May Cry 5. Monster Hunter world is one of the best games I've ever played and I play it all of the time not one microtransaction or loot box. I would be glad to buy the DLC for this game.
Shade's Insane Chamber (24 days ago)
I need this Game.
Phantom thief (29 days ago)
I don't enjoy this game but I'm still happy to see this
The Yuniverse (3 months ago)
Well said man. Good Job.
Demonic Akumi (4 months ago)
Stuff like this makes me almost want to try out a MH game. But I really don't want to break my promise of keeping them on my blacklist until MML3 comes out.
William Beck (5 months ago)
If I make a 3D game, it WILL have lootboxes, but they'll just drop items that you get from doing quests/campaigns.
colonel radec (5 months ago)
there are 41 add ons for this game in the playstation store, most of its crap but a few 3 dollar costumes. so the full games gonna be about 200 dollars 😑
Barry Chung (2 months ago)
They are all emote/cosmetic that doesn't affect your gameplay. In fact if you played it or watch some ppl play it, emote is so rarely used, maybe just 1% of the game time you will actually use them. They have had 3(4th is coming in a few weeks) major(big) content update so far and they've been free of charge (size of these content update can easily be paid DLC by other companies), together with 2 seasonal events that have no requirement to participate. So I will say, if you pay $60 for Monster Hunter World, you are getting over $200 value more like. Monster Hunter is actually a game that can easily be exploited by paid content, i.e. paid crafting materials pack, etc. But it has none of that throughout the franchise history, and I doubt this tradition/integrity will be broken any time soon. That is why MH has a very loyal group of following fans both in JP and Asia.
Ruben Fugate (5 months ago)
5 months later MHW has become Capcom's highest selling game of all time.
Vega Lucas (6 months ago)
Its politics proof game....AWESOME!! SCREW YOU POLITICS!!
Crurned (6 months ago)
I have nothing but praise on the MH fanbase, such a bunch of loving, hands on people. They are the anti-GTAO, those guys are petty, scummy a-holes that ruin heists by joining then dropping out of the mission, wasting hours of gameplay and potential in game money. I love the game mechanics, it encourages growth as a player or lets you chill instead of chastising you even if you are not playing, like the griefers in the lobby of GTAO.
_ goodwin10k (6 months ago)
Jim, I believe you and I would get along very well and I can't say that about many people at all.
The Cookies! (6 months ago)
You don't mess with a game that can be played for years you sell dlc regions to expand the map even further.
M.M (7 months ago)
AAA 666k subs
DJ Oshawott (7 months ago)
Carving is close enough... Just kidding, but it feels that way when carving...
bamsblanks (7 months ago)
Fuck loot boxes
RealTalkGaming (7 months ago)
I love this game. My first MH but im going to the 3DS to get the full experience. Also for MHW the armor sets are not as badass as previous sets and I’ve notice half of MHW monsters are reused. Small things but not a big deal still enjoy it!
Vitaly Romero (7 months ago)
Capcom doesn't want to make it easy. Y'all gotta grind to get the good stuff. 😀
Axioanarchist (7 months ago)
I want to play this game now.
drix thunder (7 months ago)
Thanks Japan to no lootbox for Monster Hunter all of series it been 10 no 11 years I play this game and happy anniversary monster hunter You have dignity yes " D I G N I T Y "I'm pointing some one don't ask
のあ高峯 (7 months ago)
Come to PC, then I'll see what else you got Monster Hunter. If there is no Denuvo, you got my purchase. Hell, if it's on GoG, even better.
SirEvilestDeath (7 months ago)
Just this week Jim released a video about Sea of Theves pointing out he won't be praising it for only having microtransactions and boasting it won't have loot boxes...then I remember this video where Jim praises a game (Monster Hunter World) for not having loot boxes and fails to realize he is praising a game with just microtransactions. GG Jim I like how some things get a pass on pulling shit while others don't get flack for the doing the exact same thing you point out is in bad tastes.
Waya Night-Crow (7 months ago)
Capcom cares for the fan base plus they hate the loot box system. They may have money for cosmetics but thats no issue. Thankfully they aren't like a lot of America's companies within the USA. So yeah capcoms great not just the game but how they handle things.
Gazelle Artwork (7 months ago)
Love it.. i mean why fit in with loot boxes when you can STAND OUT and hunt the god damn thing that carries the loot
Deathbrecht (7 months ago)
Because they have eaten the loot before.😇
John Smith (7 months ago)
I feel like MH:W is getting a lot of good critique just for not being Battlefront. Don't get me wrong, Monster Hunter is the best thing I've played in years of a AAA game. But it's a bit like being the most clever pupil in a room full of retards. You're bound to shine.
irllcd13 (7 months ago)
I don't even like Monster Hunter games and I bought a copy just to support someone taking a stand against monetization bullshit.
TheBassPhenomenon (8 months ago)
People need to buy this game as a statement to the industry, and to encourage decent behavior.
Akram Safirul (8 months ago)
Because monster hunter without grinding is just like COD without shooting
Tiramisu #1P4PGOAT (8 months ago)
How come it's legal for gaming companies to have minors gamble? You will do hard jail tme for this if you're anyone else but gaming companies. Gambling addicts are already easy enough to trick now they bring children into this? Shame on any gaming company that uses lootboxes, especially games rated under Mature...
silentrain1203 (8 months ago)
Hey Capcom, care to spread some of your monster hunter love to some of your other games??? Hmmm?
art X beatz (8 months ago)
Truth is.. every monster is a loot box and the key can't be bought with money... only skill
bokkodo1 (8 months ago)
Thousand Suns DW7 :D
Luke Ebsworth (8 months ago)
Is that rare gem a rathalos ruby, if so can i have it
Gregory Mikesell (8 months ago)
Just re-watched this now that I'm some 20ish hours into MHW. Still makes me feel great that it doesn't have loot boxes and I honestly feel like I paid $60 for a $60 game for the first time in years now.
FrankenHeavy (8 months ago)
As if I didn't have enough reason to love Monster Hunter..... It almost brings a tear to my eye.
Natalia Kruschev (8 months ago)
For all the things about Jim I don't care for, I'm pretty glad he's giving Capcom and MH World the credit for not using loot boxes. I think loot boxes can work if not exploited with real money, instead earned by challenges being completed and leveling up. But this just proves what I've always said right: Capcom refuses to fuck up Monster Hunter because it's a key franchise despite its size in comparison to RE or SF. The fans will not stand for things like monetized loot in MH. We pay through grinding. Our replay value is in the eternal hunt for better loot.
Reed Tardio (8 months ago)
IamayMizono (8 months ago)
It's like they made a good game and want people to play it!
Dragoner Productions (8 months ago)
It's still a grind fest though... Always has been. Monster Hunter wouldn't benefit from microtransactions anyways.
DreamPhantasy (8 months ago)
who said grindfest aren't fun???
Chaser ZX (8 months ago)
Good video. Subscribing
Ayakashi Hadate (8 months ago)
that is why when you ask someone you meet online in the game about their gear and how to get it, they tell you which monster to fight, which part to destroy and/or bring you to hunt that monster together, instead of saying "i got it from a loot box"
chillgreg (8 months ago)
Jim, Jim, Jim. I can never imagine you surpassing yourself, the quality bar is so high. But your precise, measured dialog and handling of the subject matter here is beyond revelatory, it's bloody art in itself. Worthy of another similar masterpiece diatribe now, I might add.
steverl22 (8 months ago)
How will they make money!?! I've been told by the fools at Polygon that loot boxes are the only way these AAA game companies can make a living.
ImAGdDmnDragn (8 months ago)
If only it were on PC...
Aleksandra Zaryanova (8 months ago)
Behold the power of fun gameplay, story, loot and more this isn't even my final form. No casino bull required.
Roberto Diaz (8 months ago)
I'm glad that MH's fan base has grown, but it really bothers me how little people actually know about the series. MH has NEVER charged extra, we've always gotten free DLC so why would World be different? 😒
Lvl58DeathKnight (8 months ago)
the only good thing Japan has ever done
Rob Hallquist (8 months ago)
Monster Hunter is not my type of game, but I bought it any to support developers and producers who have the correct attitude about loot and microtransactions.
Logan Page (8 months ago)
I just want to know who downvoted the vid, so we can all personally kick them in the balls. Lol
Luka Megurine (8 months ago)
I don't get why people are commending capcom for this
S3N4 (8 months ago)
Why need loot boxes when every monster in this game is a pissing lootbox already. I love this series.
T Timeler (8 months ago)
Ive been playing Monster Hunter World, and not one loot box in site. You carve the loot from the bodies of your enemies ;) (or from plants, mushrooms, bone piles, bugs, etc.. lol) this game is AMAZING. I Love it.
Max Brack (8 months ago)
When u think 90% of all vodeo cames are shot ehy do u kust dont stfu and maeke it better fat fuk
Gameaddict09 (8 months ago)
I remember that one Brach Pallium I can't get for my armor. Boy that took a whole lot of hunts and tail carves.
Wong Tiew Kiat (8 months ago)
This is a very clear analysis on Lootboxes. MHW is indeed a very fun, a lot since I have had for a while.
Frankie Cardona (8 months ago)
loot boxering
Mobiyus (8 months ago)
I never was into the Monster Hunter franchise for some reason. I am now
Comet The Legendary (8 months ago)
They dont need to make dlc or loot box. There Merch line pays everything
Jonathan1002887 (8 months ago)
The day MH uses purchaseable loot boxes is the day I hang my MH hat.
TheClol7 (8 months ago)
Isn't this from one of the pioneers of on-disk DLC?
Sarthak Pratik (8 months ago)
My ehes are filled with tears of joy
Jacabo Blanco (8 months ago)
Aaaaand that's why I bought it day one even though I've never touched a Monster Hunter game in my life. And it is a great friggin game! Hard as fuck as you get further and further but man, it really is rewarding when you "get gud".
Gregory Moran (8 months ago)
When it gets to the point when people start making videos on when a game DOESN'T have loot boxes you know we gotta overthrow these companies.
Recht_voor_zijn_raap (8 months ago)
Although the game has a few micro transactions (emotes) ... This is a great game and Capcom should be praised to not include lootboxes.
Brain rich (8 months ago)
And this game is incredible. Love the MH series! I have noticed games with MCX are easily forgetful and ones without them (singleplayer games) left more of a mark on me, wether bad or good.
Chris Allie (8 months ago)
Jim, don't hold your breathe thinking some publishers "get it." This game was in development for some time and probably had the core of it built before the fiasco of microtransactions and the obscene amount of profit it still seems to make. EA brought it to light on a bigger scale and yes there was an implementation of it around for sometime but there wasn't a general idea of exactly the extent of how much money was there to be made. You can count every game in development now as being a microtransaction based game deliberately developed into making people feel the need to purchase more content or workarounds to grinding, or even a sense of inclusion specific to multiplayer. I will never understand the sycophants who back these publishers and their idea that it is okay to prey on peoples inability to think for themselves and realize they're being taken advantage of. Honestly now, they are charging people for cheat codes. Wow. They are charging people to rent digital renditions of clothing to put on an avatar to get a sense of inclusion or worth, because their "base" content was so atrociously bland and uninteresting, what is another 5 dollars to make it look good. But seriously, the aaa are getting away with this because there is no returning video games, and for the few that do allow it, there is a time limit, which just gives them another ability to trick people into thinking their product is quality(see mafia 3 and its first chapter) The worst part of all of this, is the consumer has zero ownership of any of it. None. We are renting licenses to "use" their shitty "intellectual properties" that they can just cancel "agreement" at anytime. They can drop everything and refuse any money reimbursement. They aren't going to go that far but just enabling them to have that ability will only lead to something worse than what we see now. Some if not all the publishers are going so far as to spying on our gameplay and using that as a means to see what they can get away with. They can see exactly the amount of people who will buy into their cosmetic, pay to play bullshit, and these fucking console providers are just as guilty for letting them get away with it. Forgot to mention the day one digital sale of this game had 17 fucking addons. 17 different things taken out, labeled, and sold as additional content. They jumped on that wagon, yes they did.
3HeartLimit (8 months ago)
See mh has always been about skill and working for your rewards. The only paid things are just cosmetic things.
Anonymous Suomynona (8 months ago)
I think micro transactions just for weapons/armours skins would be nice (just for looks tho, no o.p stats)
Hannah Banana (8 months ago)
Anonymous Suomynona well the older games usually get free dlc each month which include free new weapons and armor so hopefully with the deviljho maybe that’ll come with it too.
Robert King (8 months ago)
Btw, Lootboxes aren't gambling - unless you count TCG's like Yugioh and Pokemon as gambling too.
Robert King (8 months ago)
Jim Sterling... I don't know what game you're playing, but it's clearly not Monster Hunter. This is THE Lootbox Game - Every time you gather an item from the Environment, every time you carve an item from the monster(s), every time you claim quest rewards, it randomly pulls random items from a possible outcome. This is the most Lootbox heavy game I've ever seen! Oh... you met PAID Lootboxes. Have fun getting that Rathalos Ruby you need, I'll see you in either 400 hours or in 1 hour, depending on how lucky you get with your *Free Lootboxes*. ;)
Player's Perspective (5 months ago)
JT Nelson (8 months ago)
only the gems are even hard to get everything else is rather easy to farm.....you basically have options to basically the 2nd best weapons in the game rather early so its hardly all that much of a grind especially when the whole point is the thrill of the hunts anyway so its not boring. Oh yeah and do investigations with gold rewards and throw away the ones that don't.
commodore rumbleshanks (8 months ago)
Robert King that's....... That's the point..... To make you grind out monsters to get that one rare item you need to FINISH THAT FUCKING COIL THAT YOUVE BEEN GRIDNING FOR FOR 12 HOURS ONLY TO HAVE IT DROP RANDOMLY WHEN YOUVE GIVEN UP AND MOVED ONTO ANOTHER SET FUCK!...... sorry this game triggers me but I love it
Dredgen-Rose (8 months ago)
I respect companies like this which is why I will be buying MH in a few weeks after I buy DBZ FighterZ.
cee kay (8 months ago)
Baal. (8 months ago)
The "choice" argument is so fucking strong and effective in the US that it is also the reason why they don't have free or affordable healthcare
Ivonte Dom (8 months ago)
This game is actually good and I never thought I'd say that about any game made in the new generation
Punished Chii (8 months ago)
It's fucking awesome
Chef Zeff (8 months ago)
Yeah, instead it devalues its game with paid DLC. Something that the MH franchise has sworn to never do, and has done so for 10+ years. until now.
Chef Zeff (7 months ago)
Nice argument kiddo. Get blown the fuck out by irrefutable facts and then autistically screech "ur a child lol" One step above screeching troll i guess.
RunkTheFunk (7 months ago)
Chef Zeff see ya
RunkTheFunk (7 months ago)
Chef Zeff the fact you keep going on the way you do really shows just how much of a child you are
Chef Zeff (7 months ago)
>b-b-but all games had few monsters. Objectively false. Like why do retards like yourself spew shit that can easily be fact checked? The only one that had less content was Tri. >b-b-but animation rigs What a fucking joke. They're reusing the skeletons for the vast majority of their "new" monsters. Jagras reuses the ludroth skeleton, tobi uses the nargacuga one, tzitizi and kula use the bog standard velocidrome skeleton, anjanath uses the deviljho skeleton. Lavasioth is literally just a plesioth. I bet you're one of those tards that thinks splatoon gave you loads of free dlc when in reality they just rushed the game and then gave you the content they didnt finish later, just like what crapcom is doing with world.
RunkTheFunk (7 months ago)
Chef Zeff they are giving you free dlc, no matter how much you don't want to believe it because of them selling the extra add on content that came with the deluxe edition. And 31 monsters fits the bill with every single monster Hunter game that wasn't an ultimate edition. Freedom 2, tri, 4 and gen all had relatively low monster counts. It comes with developing a new engine that requires new and improved models, and animation rigs. I think it's obvious they wanted to add more monsters. Just look at the leaked list of monsters they're adding to the game. They have fan favorites like Lagiacrus, Zinogre and rajang, to more obscure monsters like yamatsukami and dijodeaus. Well it's obvious that we're not going to change each other's minds about this so again I think it's time for us to agree to disagree and just go on our ways.
MrAlbie1970 (8 months ago)
Games based upon loot should be earned , well said . Subbed for life . You really gonna get some loot real soon
MrAlbie1970 (8 months ago)
Much respect to capcom for being this way and watch how good this game does because of it. Plus it has a great story so far with like able characters .
MrAlbie1970 (8 months ago)
It's fun . Got it last night . Going through the learning curve now .
Ser - ious (8 months ago)
Loot boxes are one of the main reasons most games are shit. Look at call of duty. For honor.gta 5. And a ton of other games. If people didn’t buy them that’d stop putting them in but noooooo everyone needs that new thing so they can make the game easy and get bored or troll the community further destroying the game.
Rez Tafari (8 months ago)
Thats it. Ill buy it.
cuchulainbrian (8 months ago)
I got this game yesterday and sunk a few hrs in to it, this is the 1st MH game I've ever played and it's a grindfest the monsters are hard to take down especially when another one comes from nowhere, the weapons are skill based even when upgrading adds a slight damage boost, the armor has skill sets that look completely pointless and little to no boost in health/stamina....... but you know what I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Skill is a must, hit the training area, no really you need to the weapons completely change play style the armor is all useful for different things and if you havnt got the required items to boost weapons you need for a specific quest downgrade for a 100% refund in items used for that upgrade, loot boxes, what loot boxes the only thing that comes close is after you kill a monster and that's free (excluding death for higher ranked monsters killing you a few times first lol) but if anyone thinks they can pay to win piece of advice don't even play this game because you can't p2w it's all skill and even the most skilled and hardcore players can fuck up on the simplist of monsters...... So to end if your a D2, BF2 player or any other game wanting some hardcore "end game", rewarding/satisfying, and I mean so so so so satisfying loot system then this is the game also some really nice lore too. well worth the £50 i paid for the game
Louzzaro (8 months ago)
This is the very reason I picked MHW over DBZ Fighters. If I’ve been reading things correctly DBZ is going to have something like a dozen dlc characters.
Roberto Lewis (8 months ago)
They've never been about this. To even think the devs of mh would consider being apart of the bullshit this video is about is insulting.
Derrick Castle (8 months ago)
Gonna get it this weekend. Gotta support this!!!
Anubis G (8 months ago)
And now it turns out it has "Optional DLC" now that it is out. :) But thank God no lootboxes right?
Thrillkillr (8 months ago)
You gotta be happy with Capcom in terms of Monster Hunter. Release after release it gets better (In my opinion). Generations and World had the biggest positive change.. namely.. worldwide release. That shows you guys.. Capcom loves us hunters ;D
Mr Object (8 months ago)
Let's be clear here, Monster Hunter does have loot boxes or bright engrams, w.e you want to call them. The difference is MH's boxes are alive, you murder them, and there is no option to pay for them unless you want to bribe a friend to kill your loot box for you.
Carlos Firpi (8 months ago)
As someone who has been playing the MH series for over 10years I love how all the new players are surprised and mind blown wen all they are doing is making the game the same way they have for the last 15 years. I love how this game is open peoples eyes to a way a world should be. I am so happy this game is FINALLY getting its due.
SwordInStone (8 months ago)
All you have to do to know whether a game is P2P is look at the developers and see if they are Eastern or Western.
Xhinope (8 months ago)
I mean, the game has had Loot Boxes since the beginning... it's just that you have to FIGHT your Loot Boxes!
arandomname (8 months ago)
I've dont know a single MH game that makes you buy anything other than the game itself. Instead, they gave out free monthly dlc (or at least in 4u) that gave you extra quests, usually which were unique in some way. That's why I know I'm getting MH world, I know I'm not gonna have to pay for anything else and can just enjoy the game.
Who ever buys those crap games and then the loot boxes are the ones to blame cuz they'd quit doing it if nobody bought them
saint loki (8 months ago)
There has always been loot boxes in monster hunter you just gotta kill them first lol. Seriously tho i definitely agree.
JackTheReaper (8 months ago)
Its Monster Hunter...whjat do you expect from loot boxes lol scales? This aint a game for kiddies even if you pay for ez shit youll get demolished by monsters
Dupertron (8 months ago)
Top vid
shilp9049 (8 months ago)
All I have to say is BRAVO!!
Robert Williams (8 months ago)
Jim... did you forget that this is Capcom? How many times have they released and re-released different iterations of Street Fighter and Monster Hunter games. They don't really need loot boxes. I won't be complaining though if they want to release G-Rank about 6 months down the line. Please, take my money. I'm fiending for some G-Rank.

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