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Far Cry 5: 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game

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Far Cry 5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is an intense open-world sandbox shooter with plenty of concepts to learn. Here are our best tips for beginners. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (5 months ago)
Expect a 'Before You Buy' video from Jake within 24 hrs.
Mathgasm (5 months ago)
no it has a mature rating. I would not let a kid play it unless he was like 16 or 17.
Tommy Yaya (5 months ago)
He is such a great contrarian.
Mathgasm (5 months ago)
I do bow hunting and max out the skin so it fills up quick. I can net like 8k to 9k if I find a variety of animals.
thenotsogoodgamer (5 months ago)
more fishies more money, getting rich by doing hobbies is pretty awesome
Maxwell (5 months ago)
gameranx john is south west
PiscesGuy JF (18 hours ago)
I wanna play far cry 5 with friends in CO OP but I have none who play it anyone looking to CO OP my gamer tag is "iamPysces" xbox 1!
Ralfh Lumanlan (1 day ago)
I still don't have FC5 Jake. I checked in for your voice ❤.
ExtremeProGames (7 days ago)
The north west mountains have a little divot in them where you can farm animal skins it's a really good and quick way to make money
Emmanuel Samuel (5 days ago)
please can u help me with activation key
suq ma-dik (9 days ago)
Dont forget hunting/ fishing trips, every trip if you stock up should bring you atleast 4,000 (very good considering you the lack of money i always have at the begiining of this game
ObeyTheDemon (9 days ago)
Lion Claw (12 days ago)
resistance level fucked up this game for me.
ObeyTheDemon (13 days ago)
Map editor is the shit. I've been busy making my dream map for the longest time. I tried to make it in far cry 3 but never played out. Now in 5: it's all coming together. I am recreating Spiral Mountain from Banjo Kazooie in a more realistic approach.
ObeyTheDemon (13 days ago)
+Gameranx You should do a Far Cry 5 tip and tricks of how to get around in the arcade editor. I feel like alot of people would appreciate it if you did. Just saying. Leave a like if you agree.
The shovel is the best weapon in the game
Kewl_Cat TM (14 days ago)
Always use a rifle as your primary weapon because you can get rifle ammo more easy
Taha Killer (16 days ago)
Fact: no matter what u start with, sniping enemies from a distance, run and gun with an AR, or getting up close or personal with a shotgun, u will ALWAYS become a stealth archer sooner or later.
ToiletDuckify (16 days ago)
Number 2 - spend a good couple of hours in arcade once you've left dutch's island. It'll get you loads of cash and perk points quickly to make the main game easier.
The Accursed J.E. (20 days ago)
Fishing is the best way to make an easy buck.
Vikram DAS (21 days ago)
I think silencers must the first buy
I got all animals
Motorcycle Zeal (21 days ago)
This game looks awesome
CrazyCatGamer (21 days ago)
Open your leader ship perk is a huge must!!! It takes a lot but it’s worth it.
Here I am just watching it... Without owning it......
RIZZO DAUNKOWN (26 days ago)
The endings crazy there's no win
Kanjali Memes (26 days ago)
I tasted human feces once
Tom Pierce (26 days ago)
if you get certain perks you can double your animal skins and get a cash quickly
Dave Vaidya (28 days ago)
Personally the wropons health, and physical upgrades are the place to start..because when you first enter a new region there will be peggies everywhere literally on the road walking, driving, or holding hostages..it's best to fully upgrade yourself before you enter a new region...and ya start with John as there is no bliss and no animals that can chase you such as a bear or a wolf...I recommend head shots for the bliss infused cultists as well for the heavies if you don't have a good gun..especially for Faith's region.
Jev Olsen (28 days ago)
Do not get in a chopper. It will ruin the game. With a chopper you can clear outposts easily, free hostages, loot trucks and much more. But the game will end much quicker
Panda (28 days ago)
want a tip sure USE MELE WEPONS there broken af i beat the game with only mele weps and on hard
Froggy 111 (30 days ago)
I'm level 55 in arcade I got 30k from arcade in two days.
Arno zockt (30 days ago)
The Sniper friend (dont know the name) is very important if you kill someone above you :) 1 Shot, 1 Kill.....every time
Dogegost2008 Sad2008 (1 month ago)
Pro tip: hunt animals if you sell animal skin you get money
Aghostess Wostie (1 month ago)
You forgot prepper stash because you need those to earn more perks. Very important.
Soplet (1 month ago)
I didn't like the ending so I didn't buy it. I never have been glad to be spoiled the ending.
Channel 355 (1 month ago)
8:21 Fourth Wall Breach
MarkedTuber (1 month ago)
i never use a vehicle in FC games unless i have to. I find it a much better way to explore and get your moneys worth. ill fast travel though.
Gonzalo Demartin (1 month ago)
The best way to earn money is to go hunting, bows and arrows give you double
0n1r0t (1 month ago)
Its important to know it does not have a 3rd person option!! So what is the point of character customization when i can't even see my character?
Barry The Mongoose (1 month ago)
Pretty much everything you talked about covers what I’m experiencing in the new game I started. I felt like I was playing the game wrong but it’s good to know I’m poor to start off with in the game for a reason lol
Dashock Pixle (1 month ago)
No point in lock pick it takes longer than blow torch and has one use completely useless
oliver ibbetson (1 month ago)
if you want lots of money just do prepare stashes
De Willy (1 month ago)
Crumpetman76 (1 month ago)
How do you throw melee weapons? I'm playing on PS4 btw
Just a Asian Dude (1 month ago)
Harvest master
Tim Larson (1 month ago)
0.28 southwest*
classicplayZ 115 (1 month ago)
I just got the game and can someone tell me how to throw a greanade on Xbox lol
Aidan McGuire (2 months ago)
Wtf is ur aim
zig chaos (2 months ago)
Its take quite amount of time to realise that there is no mini map in this game:vXD
maxime harney (2 months ago)
Why’s boomer so popular, I got him at the end of the game and barely use him, cheeseburger is my favorite.
New Gamer (2 months ago)
Far cry 4 is the best
Michael Do Nascimento (2 months ago)
Well there is one tip you should add: !Do Main Stroy Missions First! If you do too many side missions, outposts, prepper stashes, destroy silos, shrines etc. (basically anything that gives you resistance points other than the main missions) the game will automatically complete the missions for you...this is rather irritating and my biggest complaint with the game, I deliberately left main story missions for last (save the best for last kind of thing) to level up my characted. Then I noticed certain story missions automatically completing themselves, like ‘Falls End’ for example. I didn’t go anywhere near that area, (I’ve nearly completed Johns Region) and the mission was just gone because I’ve got too many resistance points already...it’s the most annoying thing about this game, I feel like I’m robbed of some gameplay experience and because of that, I’m going to start the game all over again and focus forst on story misssions.
Cinema Crow (2 months ago)
you killed John Seed and then went fishing before you went to his bunker wtf
Dunjo Dia (2 months ago)
After hearing this game offends liberals I want to buy it lol
Paul F (2 months ago)
Just added this during the steam-sale last week and it is awesome. I hate paying 60.00 for new AAA games so I am always a year behind but I save some money. Anyhow I have decided to restart after playing for a couple days as I now understand the system better and most of the PC keys now. Thanks for the video of tips.
unknown but not really (2 months ago)
Far cry has been the same since 3
Can u play this game offline too sorry cause I’m new I wanna get it ‭
micky mcfarts (2 months ago)
Grace is my fave
Ryan Brooks (2 months ago)
I prefer a one man army stealth ninja strategy. I don't like the "allies help" i like to do all my stuff alone and a dog or bear just ruins my stealth plans
SkiddoGaming • (2 months ago)
I didn’t realize I could throw melee until I threw it at a enemy and he went like 5900000 in the air
Swag Trooper (2 months ago)
3:12 God of War fps?
Jason Powell (2 months ago)
Ok, I’ve been asking this question a lot. How do I unlocked 4 guns for hire? Considering there are two additional slots there, but no one has told me what I need to do to achieve this. Please help
Robin brinken (2 months ago)
Bomer is over rated
Wizard Boi (2 months ago)
You can just switch the gun then switch it back to refill ammo
Harvey Yates (2 months ago)
Also, for No. 1, if you want to get shit done quickly, save hard for the Airdrop Perk, cost 10. It allows you to travel super quickly to locations you haven't discovered from locations you have discovered.
SenSi (2 months ago)
I have finished the game it took me about 1.5 week and tbh the game is so addictive when you’re doing side missions or finding stashes
Dean Fitri (2 months ago)
If I wanna start over a new game. Will my perks be reset or still be there?
Isaac Isaac (2 months ago)
Just got this game yesterday it’s awesome this is my second far cry game my other one is primal
Nezz Recon (2 months ago)
John isn’t in the south east quadrant
Jahanzeb Arshed (2 months ago)
This game is not hard even in hardest difficulty and taking extra health makes it boring.
Click on everything you can ME:clicks on virus download
Peter Nagy (2 months ago)
If you like fishing at least a little as I do. (I don't really like it) but If you perk it and fish. You can sell the fish for good money. Takes some time plus use the fishing spots. If you get a bow and hunt that's a ton of money too. I started on normal but got bored so half game I restarted on Hard :) that's why I knew this trick. ( learned)
jordanalt (2 months ago)
Don’t buy knuckle-duster if you want to get the trophy where the beef :( I had to restart after completing everything else can’t take them off to kill the bull with fist :(
dragonviper (2 months ago)
if you need money just kill animals i got most of all my weapons on day 1
Juan Garcia (3 months ago)
PSN: juancruz91192
Zac Lee (3 months ago)
Fishing is an extremely easy way to make money, so don't set it aside.
Aditya Palit (3 months ago)
Why do the enemies act like zombies ? I haven't played the game.
heythereFuckyou (3 months ago)
I’ve played farcry 2 3 and 4 and my favourite farcry game is farcry 2, but this one may be my new favourite once I get it, it looks that fun
Joy P. (3 months ago)
how to throw knife in farcry5 pc
Joe H (3 months ago)
I wana go in quiet.
wolfassassin gaming (3 months ago)
Fishing is actually a great way to make money for example if you go to falls end there is a creek/river 200 so meters from there where you can fish for rainbow trout and 5 of them will sell for $500 so basically $100 per fish
Vcvcvcvcvccvcvv Vcv (3 months ago)
Oh wow i started with jacob then ended with john seed 😂
Shane Clark (3 months ago)
For me hunting and selling skins and stuff around the pumpkin orchard in the beginning has been very helpful
Cytron1515 (3 months ago)
Far Cry 6 should be Far Cry: Politics with Washington DC as the open world area and President Donald Trump as the main antagonist. Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan can be his minions. Former president Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hilary Clinton along with Stormy Daniels will be part of the uprising resistance.
Fake Bobby Hill (3 months ago)
Ignore arcade mode it’s trash
Mohammad Zahran (3 months ago)
Tomorrow i will get far cry 5 since tomorrow is the last day for my official exams at last wish me luck
TrialChain (3 months ago)
I only once upgraded health and until the final boss the father i upgraded sooo i guess i am dumb
The Leon Gaming (3 months ago)
guys... GO FOR THE ANIMALS! pls kthxbye
Dan Banks (3 months ago)
I got far cry 4 to play to catch up i had 1... then 3... so 4 was really boring i hated it...3 got to long...you keep doing the same crap over n over.... fives pretty cool.... I'm getting into it... it's got some good graphics and stuff... hope it stays interesting
Samuel Cossais (3 months ago)
I don't think I will need arcade mode. I wanted to try to fully complete John's region and I did, but it took me 50 hours (I did cover every single place in the region, even the smallest house). I was able to get a lot of perks and money doing that, I hunted a lot, broke every fishing records etc. So now I have a lot of money, weapons and vehicles already without even starting the second and third regions. I won't do as much for the other regions but I think I won't need anyway.
Samuel Cossais (3 months ago)
And again a version for consoles. PC gamer dont upload videos of Far Cry 5 apparently. I wonder what is the share of PC in the Far Cry 5 sales.
Atown DaGreat (3 months ago)
imma buy this tomorrow
Joshua Reyes (3 months ago)
Good advice
Geralt Of Rivia (3 months ago)
Best combo is jess and Nick
Haven’t even gotten to the 3rd main mission but I have 10k I mean I’ve done like a billion side mission but uhhh
cow man68 (3 months ago)
Can’t stop playing this game Peaches the cougar is da best
Gabriel Nanan (3 months ago)
I would recommend hunting predators and prepper stashes than clearing an outpost if u really need the money.. clear the outposts in the region when you've finished off the herald holding the region, that way, more money can be earned..
King Man (3 months ago)
I think farcry 4 is better then farcry 5
biggBOSS1991 (3 months ago)
I’m just glad they finally added a fire select function for far cry. Savin so much ammo running everything semi-auto
biggBOSS1991 (3 months ago)
Go to falls end and fish at the nearby creek. Fast money $500 every few minutes. Great early easy money
Curtis Q (3 months ago)
Don’t sleep on the town of Prosperity. Those potions you get from Jesse make the boss battles much more fair for higher difficulty leveled enthusiast.
Jaime Mendoza (3 months ago)
The Best thing is the more rifle/50 cal ammo bag OR the ARROW ammo bag, then the double skins perk, get these and money is no longer a problem, hunt with a bow and you get 4 skins per animal. (for elk at about $150) that 600 per elk.hunt for 2 hrs and youll easily have 20k
Marius KC (3 months ago)
I'm looking for someone to play coop with on PC - anybody want to play?
OverPowered (3 months ago)
How to finish far cry 5 in less than 5 mins : don’t arrest the father

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