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Download » https://mega.nz/#!Z44ChYqL!970pPzwTjIYwSUPhm6_k6BajEYGypznJ8BAtz9AMh80 Simply open the injector, press enter 3 times, and press insert for GUI
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Text Comments (59)
Sp1ky Official (1 day ago)
so this is a paste of hentaiware
Jehann Mostert (6 months ago)
is this still undetected?
KHop_YT (6 months ago)
Hmm i wonder if this is hentaiware, i don't quite remember though XD
Joshua Yuan (1 year ago)
Dude this is detected
brian tan (1 year ago)
i got banned anyway to remove it?
brian tan you use to legit to hentai girl
Ηahaha loser kid you so dumb you just got OLD VERSION OF HENTAIWARE and you put it on injector ahahahaha you didnt even change the menu or the name of hack 100% no coder ahahaha dumb kid
PluTiper (1 year ago)
Sane (1 year ago)
Not hentaiware at all!!LMAO!!!
The Black Zone (1 year ago)
Not hentaiware at all
Hoodfever (1 year ago)
Hentaiware lul
DxTrIcKzZ #char (1 year ago)
What an idiot... Svhost isn't located in temp what an idiot
Wiktor (1 year ago)
jordan w (1 year ago)
lol nice hentaiware
Mathias C. Wilson (1 year ago)
Totally not HentaiWare! And DO NOT LOOK IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNOR!!!
Dan 51489 (1 year ago)
JerrieYT (1 year ago)
Well gg now gonna get detected
Joshua Yuan (1 year ago)
JerrieYT ah! I see
JerrieYT (1 year ago)
Joshua Yuan since it's free cheat it's going to get detected in less than a day
Joshua Yuan (1 year ago)
JerrieYT did you download it and get vac?
Maki (1 year ago)
kernel cheats don't make you anymore undetected, there IS indeed a steam kernel process, steamservices.exe does have Ring0 access and runs on kernel. If it's detected, no matter how the fuck you flip it or run it, it is detected.
Ryan McCrystal (1 year ago)
Maki steamservices.exe is a process and processes run on usermode. Only drivers run on kernel mode. Maybe you should do some research before you start complaining.
Ryan McCrystal (1 year ago)
Maki Are you fucking autistic?
ga7axy (1 year ago)
banned yet?
smore (1 year ago)
first thing you do when u learn how to hook enum processes lel
therealklesz (1 year ago)
SlaMiSeN (1 year ago)
we are not stupid the source code is on unknowncheats for that that is littearly hentaiware
Ryan McCrystal (1 year ago)
ItzSlamTM yes you are correct. It is hentaiware. If you had actually listened to the video, you would know that the special part is the injector.
RouterRage (1 year ago)
Are you legit retarded or trolling, can't tell
sky t (1 year ago)
Hey that cheat looks familiar I think I was watching hentai when I saw it I can't remember ware though
OmniBot (1 year ago)
that was good
Pheonix (1 year ago)
its hentaiwhere idot
Lemun (1 year ago)
Nice paste lmao UPDATE: I think he removed his version and put real hentaiware idk
Nutty (1 year ago)
Dayru (1 year ago)
"my custom injector" "Injector made by Fredaikis @unknowncheats.me :D" lul
amyu wa (1 year ago)
how did he customize it if the source isnt even public "lul"
Dayru (1 year ago)
wasnt really listening when I first saw the video, just heard custom and saw gameowner. If it is what he says congrats to the guy for making something good based off of it.
Ryan McCrystal (1 year ago)
Ryan McCrystal (1 year ago)
Dayru Its base on an injector by a different person
ŋaeton乡 (1 year ago)
its hentaiware, its not private hahahahaxd
Michael Allen (1 year ago)
ŋaeton乡 (1 year ago)
yes, added junk code, big haker
Michael Allen (1 year ago)
it's kinda private because he added his own code to make it undetected. plus he never gave it to anyone or just his friends.
Pedro Gonçalves (1 year ago)
Totally not Hentaiware :P
Nippon 420 (1 year ago)
hmm private hentaiware
chingchong6329 (1 year ago)
this is fucing hentaiware you skid, reported to developer.
sigbench (1 year ago)
Injector dosent work.. (0x000007b) error :/
Lawrence (1 year ago)
it does u need there is a fix for it
LEVENTE (1 year ago)
hentaiware XD
Adham 14 (1 year ago)
I do not know what to do or if they are going to ban the account but by using these hacks they gave me a message that said that I am in a very problematic overwatch that means, I banned the account?
Faris Malik (1 year ago)
did u get a vac ban
Juan Deag CS:GO (1 year ago)
If you got an overwatch, that is your fault for being too obvious in MM.
anominis (1 year ago)
Great release. Thanks
Aprox (1 year ago)
ty dude still using it no vac (used it from a week ago bc i'm friends with him and he gave me the beta, i didn't get rekt in the vac wave yesterday)
Ryan McCrystal (1 year ago)
works but it is laggy sometimes. good release
Cody wuff (1 year ago)
Faris Malik since cheats change properties of another file (csgo in this case) they are almost always flagged as viruses by antivirus software. Just disable your antivirus to download it
Faris Malik (1 year ago)
it says its a virus and doesn't let me download it
Ryan McCrystal (1 year ago)
Faris Malik no I'm still using it without vac. if you're unsure you can run csgo in -insecure mode
Faris Malik (1 year ago)
did u get a vac

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