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5 Beginner Tips for Side Decking in Yu-Gi-Oh!

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New to side decking in Yu-Gi-Oh? Tired of losing because you don't know what to use against a problematic strategy? In this video, we help introduce the basics of using a side deck in Yu-Gi-Oh and some strategies you can use when building one! These are 5 tips for side decking for beginners in Yu-Gi-Oh! Check out our newest video ▸ https://goo.gl/GcD29z Subscribe for more videos ▸ https://goo.gl/YwqCHY ✪ We're giving away a box of Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge from TCGplayer. Giveaway ends on July 6, 2018. Enter here: https://gleam.io/sTCxo/team-aps-battles-of-legend-relentless-revenge-giveaway T-Shirts ▸ https://teespring.com/stores/team-aps Playmats ▸ https://www.inkedgaming.com/products/team-aps-playmat Facebook ▸ https://www.facebook.com/teamaps/ Twitter ▸ https://twitter.com/TeamAPS TCGplayer ▸ http://bit.ly/TCGplayerAndTeamAPS New Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Profiles, Duels, Openings, and Live Streams 3-5 days every week! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✮ Part of the Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Alliance! ✮ SimplyUnlucky ▸ https://www.youtube.com/user/SimplyUnlucky CyberKnight ▸ https://www.youtube.com/channel/Cyberknight TeamSamuraiX1 ▸ https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamSamuraiX1 Cimoooooooo ▸ https://www.youtube.com/user/Cimoooooooo Team APS ▸ https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamAPS JRBJobber ▸ https://www.youtube.com/user/JRBjobber
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Text Comments (163)
Alec Fields (1 month ago)
What's a must-have for your side deck? #AskTheSquad
King Kurisu (1 month ago)
Matthew Her (1 month ago)
alex rennie dark magician deck XD
Chaz Blanks (1 month ago)
Depends on the deck.
SoL Direhunter (1 month ago)
Alec Fields trap hole Mirror force Solemns
alex rennie (1 month ago)
Matthew Her what deck r u playing
2nd Rate DUELIST (26 days ago)
Drops side deck yells at pual “REALLY”
Shadow Gaming (29 days ago)
Do you have to have a side deck(i forgot if you have to or not
thekingsunites (1 month ago)
I don't know exactly how to side perfect, but I agree with siding for 2nd match, like imperial iron wall in true Draco because they always side evenly
alex rennie (1 month ago)
At my locals its all meta decks so yh never see rogue decks
Dragon king (1 month ago)
What if i don't run side deck in my every deck XD
Your Average Tuber (1 month ago)
I never noticed ash blossoms big ass forehead
Goat 4567 (1 month ago)
Run triple evenly and triple ash in side 😂
TheSinnohKid (1 month ago)
one big rule i have for side decking, is try to play shit at 3 ofs if possible. if youre expecting a deck, and you know your deck has 3 interchangeable cards you can easily side out, put 3 of the side cards in your side deck. unless its limited in some way, try to play three.
A Child Called IT (1 month ago)
Pauls pants too tight
jon sense (1 month ago)
video liked for last 10 seconds of the video XD
I fear the very thought of going into a duel without my relinquish deck
Mike Archer (1 month ago)
oh look, it's the failures team clickbait
Alec Fields (1 month ago)
Mike Archer We appreciate your support!
Rudy Cortez (1 month ago)
Didn't you just make one these.....not too long ago ____----
Luqah YGO (1 month ago)
Discussing smoke screening would be interesting information for newer players also! Nobody really does it these days, but it's good to explain.
Alec Fields (1 month ago)
Luqah YGO Meta skills like that can be its own video hmm...
Le Pews (1 month ago)
anyone else think his shirt said team vape?? hahah
caca yang (1 month ago)
i see new players side in raigeki, handtraps and kaijus going first.
Alec Fields (1 month ago)
caca yang Ouch
Carl Clausewitz (1 month ago)
I like how you made this video, because I almost never see this video about Yu-Gi-Oh!. It is almost always about the deck.
DADDY GAMECIEL (1 month ago)
2:16 MOM I'M ON TV
Dragon king (1 month ago)
Jonathan Ostrander (1 month ago)
My side deck is usually a smokescreen depending on the deck I wanna use (Kozmo, Dino, ABC ect) Its nice to keep stuff unpredictable
Elesa Brooks (1 month ago)
Or just run everything you need and use your side Deck as a way to change your Deck to have a slightly different playstyle by taking out and putting in certain cards.
Saaim Qidwai (1 month ago)
Question about sidedecking: Should you ever put cards in the side deck that can help your engine for example adding a 3rd of a card or something of that sort
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
Saaim Qidwai the “3rd of” slot is usually reserved for a hand trap or mst you didn’t have room for without destroying your consistency. In other words the “3rd of” is for disruption, your engine should be in the main deck in its most consistent form because the engine makes the deck work. However, there’s nothing wrong siding extra engine pieces if your side deck strategy is “go faster.” Which is completely viable. Hieratics used go faster very well. You can also side pieces of another engine if you want to side into another deck. This is why playtesting is very important
Paladin Leeroy (1 month ago)
Alec Fields (1 month ago)
Paladin Leeroy 👍🏾
StellarGuard 1999 (1 month ago)
What cards do got guys (comments) recommend side decking for a "Gem-Knights" deck?
TheRetroDudeAbides (1 month ago)
I didn't think BA effects activate if the card was discarded for a cost. I know the text states "when sent to the GY", but nothing on discarding as a cost.
TheRetroDudeAbides (1 month ago)
I'm gonna have to go over my slowly-building deck then. I've been reading through the card effects and whatever errata that has come out since two years ago, and haven't found a single bit of concrete wording on it, Alec. Which is confusing and annoying me, as the Extra Deck monsters need other BAs to summon with.
Alec Fields (1 month ago)
TheRetroDudeAbides That's why BA were nuts
Alden S Jones (1 month ago)
Help! I don’t know what I should run in my side deck! My deck is super basic and outdated, only made up of three Synchron Extreme Structure Decks. What should I put in my side deck.
Alden S Jones (1 month ago)
Yeah, I’m waiting for Needlefiber, and I’m not really planning on playing competitive.
alex rennie (1 month ago)
Alden S Jones until needle fibre comes out synchrons are gonna b out dated and not competitve
Jorge Diaz (1 month ago)
What i need help with is what to side out.
Positive Vibes Yugioh (1 month ago)
I unlike other people playing against gouki is my best matchup because i play dinos just otk with conductor lol
Somekind of Dude (1 month ago)
I love you all of you but please a request please please please please please please please please please please please please don't get political I am afraid what I'm gonna hear and I really want to continue enjoying your videos
Somekind of Dude (1 month ago)
Alec Fields I am really relieved. Also good joke I laughed very hard Have a nice day
Team APS (1 month ago)
You got it, dude! 👍🏾
Alec Fields (1 month ago)
Somekind of Dude The only politics Team APS is concerned with is who will inherit Too Kingdom. Brron the Mad King of Dark World or Duo Dawn King Kali Yuga
DarkGigaMan (1 month ago)
problem with me i always play single matches where Side deck is basically useless , but thanks for the info i might start playing matches after this :)
MarhO_Ok (1 month ago)
Can you make a (How to side deck)
ProxymanDerk (1 month ago)
So yeah till this day my main problem is not building my side deck, my problem is knowing what cards to side out and the only way of solving this is by playing your deck until you know what cards are main engine and what cards not, what is suboptimal against a certain matchup and what it is good.
yurtle the turtle (1 month ago)
I use cyber dragons what should I put in my side deck ? I also use lightsworns qhat should i put in that side deck ?
yurtle the turtle (1 month ago)
Ah I see
alex rennie (1 month ago)
yurtle the turtle with cyber dragons can u go first or second with the deck Second u should watch what decks win tournments that way u know what to side For example given the right hand goin 1st i can stop trickstars and iv sided cursed seal of the forbidden spell for engage
Mr Svampbob (1 month ago)
New player alert! What is a side deck?
Alec Fields (1 month ago)
Mr Svampbob 15 cards that you can replace cards in your main deck with for games 2 and 3 in a match.
Cory N (1 month ago)
I like to treat my side deck like a tool box broken down into ratios. Three of board wipes, three of negates, three of removal, three of maybe recovery or draw power. Varying to compliment the deck in the format. And if there’s a free spot in a heavy board format, Ra to counter sphere mode.
Stanley Johnson (1 month ago)
If there ain't no secret or ghost rare beaver warrior in your side deck then of course you're not going to win. That's common sense.
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
This may be another video but you guys should talk about siding for player tendencies.(this is really important at the local and regional level where you see the same guys every week and every month)
Snap Back (1 month ago)
I play Paleozoic and I know every game 2/3 I know they siding red reboot so I side in wire tap and red reboot to use vs there red reboot
David Hoch (1 month ago)
It's also important to build a deck with some cards that you can afford to side out. Sometimes people will build a deck with 40 cards that are all necessary to make the deck work, and that makes siding out difficult. I recommend trying to build decks of 30-35 cards and then include things like floodgates or extenders that can be sided out easily if need be.
Altigue (1 month ago)
side deck 101: Generic Hand Traps for going second, Solid Counter Traps for going first, Kaijus if your deck struggles with outs to big monsters, Backrow hate for backrow decks.
Luciano Matìnez (1 month ago)
Hey guys! congratulations for your excellent work, you're the best yugioh's channel on youtube and your videos has a great quality in every sense. I will so grateful if you put subtitles on your videos because I'm losing a big part of your content because I don't speak english. Thank you for all!
Team APS (1 month ago)
Can do!
Amdebrehan Malede (1 month ago)
What kind of side deck should i have? if i am useing slash draw deck
Treetoplook G (1 month ago)
Games are won with side-decks
Nick (1 month ago)
2x sphere mode, 2x called by the grave, 1x hole 1x raigeki, strikes, imperial order, antispell and maybe some spicy tech
Eragon Williams (1 month ago)
This video was honestly really helpful to me, because I really do struggle with side decking
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
Eragon Williams it’s really hard with some decks. Don’t feel bad. And siding during the match is even harder, because in a lot of cases you have to side for the player’s tendencies.(this applies more to the local level, if you guys duel each other every week you’ll need to do this, but it can be applied if you and your opponent frequent the same regional circuit).
noname144able (1 month ago)
Haven't even finished building the main and extra deck, let alone the side deck...*sob*
Luciano Benevole (1 month ago)
I play Paleo what are good cards to have in my side? Other than kaijus
DADDY GAMECIEL (1 month ago)
Luciano Benevole O
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
You can also side into Frog Control or Frog OTK with D.E.S. Frog.
Snap Back (1 month ago)
Red reboot, shared ride, imperial order, hand traps, rivalry of da warlords, n more traps/floodgates maybe treeborn frog
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
Luciano Benevole typhoon(blows up their floodgates), hand traps, Floodgate traps(particularly anti-spell fragrance), magic planter (removes your floodgate after it’s done it’s job), Twin Twister/Phoenix Wing Wind Blast(the discard is gold and both are removal, in the case of Phoenix Wing Blast it’s ultra versatile), Wire Tap(for the reasons mentioned in this video)
Team APS (1 month ago)
Don't forget to pick up your APS Squad Shirt! ➡️ https://teespring.com/new-team-aps-squad-tee
Turner Wilcox (1 month ago)
I use F.A. is there anything I should use in my side?
Saran (1 month ago)
I use B.AP.K, what should i put in my side deck?
Saran (1 month ago)
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
You can also side chaos monsters
Dusty Musty (1 month ago)
Also, anti-spell and/or imperial order
Dusty Musty (1 month ago)
Saran twin twisters, kaijus (the dark if you use allure, but I would use an interrupted kaiju slumber package), cherries if you have extra deck space, shared ride, majesty’s/vanity’s fiend, jinzo, waking the dragon (maybe), droll if you aren’t maining them
HyperKnuckles01 (1 month ago)
How the Deck do I Side Heck!?
Arkaliouxse Wibaut (1 month ago)
Or: the how Heck I do Deck side
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
The only issue I have with this video, is that you guys didn’t talk about transition side decks. I play Volcanic Control and side into chain burn. So much fun.
.... what the heck is a side deck? There are more pendulum monsters besides pendulum machine?... only deck that I recognized was the zombie and even that that's not the full deck name. I stopped paying attention to Yu-Gi-Oh not long after the three Egyptian god cards were introduced... so this video put up a lot of question marks
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
You’ve never played in a tournament
David Hoch (1 month ago)
Side decks have been around since the start... You have 15 cards you can exchange with cards in your main deck to tailor your strategy for your opponent's deck during games 2 and 3 of a match.
Xela C (1 month ago)
I see you made a shirt out of something that was extremely annoying. Please make shirts of future cringe moments...
Team APS (1 month ago)
Glad you liked it! 😂😂😂
E-Hero Stratos (1 month ago)
I've never got into side decking but I've always understood it as disruptive cards for specific matchups or cards that may help your engine in a different setting
rin (1 month ago)
side deck a skull servant core; nobody expects smokescreen skull servants
T is for traveler (1 month ago)
Never really played yu gi oh, only watched duel monster, but still love watching you guys!!!😂
yukureimu (1 month ago)
You should talk about switching your entire strategy with your side for a surprise factor
yukureimu (1 month ago)
I play Volcanics with either a Train Engine (pun intended) and interchangeable Paleozoics Marrella staple regardless cuz dump Reloa- Nuke Button and Paleo Oleno-MST. Added Wetlands for the paleo SScreen cuz beatdown
Elesa Brooks (1 month ago)
I do this with a Synchro Deck I have in Pendulum Format that is a half Synchron half Stardust Deck, but I can completely change it to full Synchron by using the side Deck. I've also done this to change my Dark Magician Deck to an Exodia Deck that ran pretty consistently.
Altigue (1 month ago)
yukureimu I agree, smokescreening is a very skillful and viable strategy in competitive play. Siding out an entire engine or 2 in your deck may be the biggest game changer and sink a duel if you side in a bunch of power cards that you can abuse.
SageofSnow (1 month ago)
Thank you for this video! I was really considering reevaluating my side deck after playing locals, and this was extremely helpful with explaining the siding thought process between going first or second.
Anthony Zieska (1 month ago)
also love chanel
Condescending Potato (1 month ago)
I feel like the Lair of Darkness deck is the easiest to side with (as in when your playing it), because you can side out your viruses for others. You can also play board wipes because you don't play many monsters. What I do as well is I side cards like Secret Barrel for going into time, because you can search them with Lilith. Would love to hear people's thoughts on this, especially from other Lair players.
Fallen Kai (1 month ago)
Video idea...side deck suggestions. Budget vs costly
Anthony Zieska (1 month ago)
I 65 like👍
Gabriel Adams (1 month ago)
What sides do you recommend with blue eyes.
Side at least 2 poison of the old man in every deck....You’ll know why later.
SteveYohan (1 month ago)
hello Alec Fields,I live in indonesia and I want to buy cards from tcgplayer,is it possible for them to send the cards to indonesia?
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
Alec Fields look at Alec so business-like and professional in his response. ❤️😍 makes me proud.
Alec Fields (1 month ago)
SteveYohan Many sellers on Tcgplayer will ship internationally, but some do not. Use the contact seller option on TCG Player to find out.
Qsnitch (1 month ago)
A very helpful video, but I found the thumbnail to be absolutely terrifying 😂
SteveYohan (1 month ago)
no one can win with this side deck,paul your side deck is full of nothing but trash
Let it in (1 month ago)
ofcourse u lost u played zefras 😂😂😂
Jurrac 76 (1 month ago)
Paul with them reliable uploads
Swagg Kidd054 (1 month ago)
Dat roleplay in the beginning though and thank you cause.....jeez my sidedeck was @$$
Neptune Heart (1 month ago)
Ah, seeing that skit in the beginning makes me feel nostalgic of "10 types of ygo players" and vids like that. Would love to see more skits from you guys i love them lots ^·^
Neptune Heart (1 month ago)
Team APS omg yay can't wait ❤
Team APS (1 month ago)
Meme King (1 month ago)
Awesome vid 👏
Phantom_Pixeled (1 month ago)
What side deck cards are good for Rokkets?
Julio Huerta (1 month ago)
And board wipes like dark hole(because rokkets float) and raigeki
Julio Huerta (1 month ago)
No problem also side for going second because your opponent will realize you like to go first and make you go second game 2 in which case bring in handtrap ash blossom ghost orge impermence etc, also board breakers sphere mode lava golem kaiju, spell and trap hate twin twister, cosmic cyclone, etc
Phantom_Pixeled (1 month ago)
Julio Huerta thanks for helping me
Julio Huerta (1 month ago)
Also scapegoat helps rokkets Because one card barreload dragon
Julio Huerta (1 month ago)
Cards that are good going first stuff like scapegoat(if willing to find extra deck space) solemn cards,floodgates (anti-spell imperial order etc) called by the grave when your opponent goes second to stop their handtraps torrential tribute (one of my favorite tech in rockets because it doesn't hurt the archetype because they float)
Neptune Heart (1 month ago)
Alec (Yugi) talk to Joey: Let me see your deck Paul *wow his cards are better than mine* WoW Paul your deck sucks, let me take it and we'll get you a new one 😂 Sorry if i got it wrong, i forgot how it went exactly xD
Team APS (1 month ago)
This was actually one of the most educational scenes in the entire anime! 😂
Blank Kun (1 month ago)
Can you make a video of like yugioh anime vs reality
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
So all 6 of you are getting shirts? I’ll buy Paul’s and Calvin’s and Alex’s.
Romeo Barnes (1 month ago)
Alec Fields I’m only kidding of course I’ll buy yours. 💯 i love you Alec ❤️ I’m the 7th team APS member no one knows about, I’ve been here forever.
Alec Fields (1 month ago)
Romeo Barnes Damn that hurts Ro
GenoSplicer (1 month ago)
I use Vendreads and I'm able to sidedeck nearly all handtraps and have just as much power that I had without them. It's nice knowing that some really powerful cards can synergize well with other decks
BUFF_ROOK 2.0 (1 month ago)
So how do u deside what to put in a trading binder bc im having problems with deciding what to put in my trading binder
Dyno Playa (1 month ago)
I use anti spell in my odd-eyes deck going first I set my board up and activate it on their turn and then on my next turn i pop anti spell with sky iris and otk them lol
Tyler Goodchild (1 month ago)
My friend played a raidraptor deck and his side deck was 15 phantom knights so he could change to a phantom knight raidraptor deck during siding.
Jeremy Carromero (1 month ago)
LegendLeaguer Don't know about Zoo but there was a case during Fire Fist/Mermail format where a dude was playing Fire Fist and would side into a Bujin deck.
LegendLeaguer (1 month ago)
Tyler Goodchild wasn't there a high profile event where one guy was playing Zoo(?) and sided in to be playing fire fists game 2?
The Hippie Boy (1 month ago)
My roommate and I are about to start going to events regularly so this is the perfect video, thanks guys!
Dissonance (1 month ago)
Nice intro xd #Squad
Boycott Division (1 month ago)
Sup fam 😎
Jazzaip (1 month ago)
Yeeeee love team aps
Graham Doran (1 month ago)
Side kek

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