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10 Things ONLY Stealth Gamers Will Understand

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Stealth games are the BEST. Chances are you've been playing them for years. Here are some things you might appreciate. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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mohd 9729 (1 hour ago)
In stealth games players always look for every opportunity to make there mission easy so they take advantage of every detail available and notice stuff maybe the developer him self didn't think about
Rebellious Panda (6 hours ago)
**Shoots A Guard In The Back Of The Head** "Guard: What Was That?!?!" "Hehehe >:3" "Guard: Must Be Nothing..." "WAT I LITTERALY JUST SHOT YOU IN DA HEAD **Stabs 5 Times**" "Guard: What Was That?!" "Guard: Must Be The Wind" " >:O I AM INSULTED..." This was I reply I copied it's funny
Taylor (7 hours ago)
Who else likes the stealth in the new spiderman for ps4
Joseph Ho (7 hours ago)
This made me remember playing Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater without getting seen or heard until the escort area. Which i just gave up, there were no Sleep Mines in the Old Days, unlike TPP and Splinter Cell Blacklist. It was fun, especially after the torture scene, and you had nothing besides a fork. So you had to manipulate the guard and taking the tranq smoke, and then call Sorroe just to get out.
Ryan Davidson (7 hours ago)
I miss the old splinter games. Chaos theory was my favorite of them all
Ranger 4878 (9 hours ago)
When you forget to save and get spotted an hour later after picking off everyone behind you and the one enemy gets a half shout out before you kill him but its enough to alert everyone else Nope never happened Again
Corbin Humphrey (11 hours ago)
i do stealth to even the odds, if i happen to get caught i try to kill everyone, rinse and repeat
Sianic12 (14 hours ago)
What I really hate is when all your actions in a stealth game are done by pressing X (PS4). I mean: why won't you let me jump, roll, or climb whenever I want? It's actually not a Stealth game but take R6 Siege for example - WHY WON'T THE GAME LET ME JUMP!
In Hitman, the levels take thrice longer because once I'm spotted I go on a rampage before loading the last checkpoint. 😂😂😂
Jonathan Kehn (16 hours ago)
Try playing a non stealth game in stealth mode. I've played Shadow of war in stealth mode and mind control an entire castle before the boss fight. So sweet. LoL
Krystian Sobota (16 hours ago)
How could you miss Thief as a example in one of the points. It's worth to mention that running and stealing everything without killing anybody is very good challenge and good dose of stealth 😉 Greetings bro!
Snazzy (16 hours ago)
Im the type of guy to rage after failing the stealth part, so I go shoot up a schoo- I mean..a military base.
Kartikeya Verma (16 hours ago)
Never say “it’s a game” it’s not a game it’s art its a way of life it’s my passion it is a part of my heart
MikaeruDaiTenshi (17 hours ago)
I'm the type of "sneak until spotted, then hell breaks loose"
MercedesCorvette (17 hours ago)
*Plays Assassin's Creed all day* *Plays Overwatch at night with friends* Friend: Why are you sneaking behind the enemy lines so much instead of grouping up? Doesn't help that I'm usually McCree with jinglely spurs ^^;
Kekiro 13 (18 hours ago)
No one can understand how frustrating co op is until they try to stealth Golden grin casino on payday 2
Jeff Galef (20 hours ago)
I couldn't stand being forced into stealth missions until I played The Last of Us. Now, it's definitely the route I prefer.
Typical Gamer Fan (21 hours ago)
Or you see someone else just going in guns blazing, when the best thing too do is sneak but they continue to get it wrong, until you have a shot and you get it first try. And they get all smug and say "Oh I could have done that better" and then you give them the "really?" stare 😑
jigxter (22 hours ago)
This video was soooo satisfying for me, to actually see other People love stealth gamed like me. I tought i was the only one That have to press resett button and try over. Wish it Would be more focus on stealth games insted of the battle royal shit now days
Arnav asdf (1 day ago)
You are right. I finished Dishonored entirely without killing a single person and MGS mostly undetected. When I tried playing CoD, I found myself constantly looking for a sniper and killing on a 1 shot 1 kill basis.
Its Dat boi (1 day ago)
I'm too poor to buy games like these
bryan caspe (1 day ago)
tenchu 2 original ps
demoonmunkay (1 day ago)
Stealth sniper style. Does as much damage as possible from as far away as possible to give myself time to hide should the enemy decide to investigate.
Joe Murphy (1 day ago)
Yes. When it comes too role-playing open world games I have that exact problem. Intent, build a heavy guns walk up and beat everyone to a pulp character. Reality, character level 12, damit I've done it again I'm sneaking around the map and not getting seen by anyone. It happens almost every time. I think we should start a support group for our fellow sneaky gamers
EON the xbox god (1 day ago)
1 and 10 are the ones I can most relate to! 😂
savage dude (1 day ago)
i freaking love stealth because i love roleplay :)
DJ RAPTRAP (1 day ago)
My sneaking skills are awsome when someone is with me. Especially if the person is next to me.
Xx Grimfang xX (1 day ago)
This is how ninjas are born
Peter Pan (1 day ago)
i like combo of 3 and 5
Skorca illy (1 day ago)
I'm a stealth gamer here are my 3 stealth styles the easiest 1: silent camper 2: Camp/ distraction 3. Stay silent then machine gun everyone once your near them. I use all three in PUBG Mobile...
Steven Bronson (1 day ago)
The Bush in Fortnite is the worst stealth mechanic ever
hd Jayasanka (1 day ago)
Mark of the ninja is the best stealth game i played variety of play styles love the path of the silence
Bryan Lawson (1 day ago)
Make one wrong move...FUCK IT, I go down, you all go down lmao
Tommy Amberson (1 day ago)
What game is at 5:05
devin parent (1 day ago)
I stealth in Destiny 2 a lot... lol not a stealth game at all.. but the AI are just so dumb lol
gavin (1 day ago)
i always treat stealth as the pre game, you take out as many as you can quietly to gain an advantage then finish the rest off in the open. i find that it is a good measure of how well a game does stealth by how long i stay in stealth before coming out guns blazing. horizon for example very good as i spend probably half of a fight in stealth before combat begins, zelda botw however is more of an opening shot/surprise attack.
[KEFE]K4N4S4LUS4LU (1 day ago)
Im so sneaky i even tell whoever im with to be quiet.
TwoPieceHoxton (2 days ago)
Stealth OP <3
Albert Cruse (2 days ago)
Recommend a stealth Co-op game
LJ (2 days ago)
MGSV what about sniping all of the outside guys off until there's 3 enemies left and silently dispatching those. It took me forever to grind toward the M-2000 NL tranq. sniper but it was worth it because i could sleep the enemies silently, saving them for later, or just to do it without kills.
Kyper Gaming (2 days ago)
Number 10 is my entire Assassin's Creed experience
Jacky Boy (2 days ago)
Whats worst is when your in a non stealth game looking as your completely hidden but the bush isn’t programmed as a thing so he enemies see right through it
Colby Ratashak (2 days ago)
0:50 honestly in my favorite stealth games, like dishonored, I literally CANT be loud. It is my nature to be quiet and stealthy. Sorry not sorry😂 EDIT 3:12 I have played dishonored so much I can do this lol
Robert Turner (2 days ago)
Sniper Elite 3 and 4 on realistic. getting thru those lvl undetected though. a ton of sound masking, silent pistol/knife kills AND.....resets for days.
Michael Nolan (2 days ago)
I prefer the “kill everything that moves quickly and quietly” approach
Captain Raz (3 days ago)
Need someone to coop Splinter Cell Blacklist with me. That be good and I can trust.
Ronald Grant Jr (3 days ago)
I couldn’t tell you how many times I restarted the original splinter cell. Lol
Isabel Phillips (3 days ago)
True True True ... I sneak like a lot
Zach Martinez (3 days ago)
There is only one stealth Co op mission that I avoid as much as possible unless it's with a friend and that's deliver emp on gta online heists and if you don't know what I'm talking about let's just say you an 3 other people have to clear a path to the bay of a humane labs facility in order to plant an emp device which is stored in a hvy insurgent and if you get spotted you restart back at the beginning no if ands or buts it is a pain and I try to avoid starting the humane labs raid if I'm playing with randoms and I avoid joining that mission because it is so annoying and nearly impossible to do with randoms
The problem with me is that when I'm trying to take out the enemy and I get spotted I have to either A: kill myself or B: restart because I want to get that perfect mission Even if it's not required I'll still do it because it makes things so easier
Hunter L (3 days ago)
Me in any fps people are like what are you doing yet I'm the one who walks away with a 4.0 k/d so I guess I'm the reason we lost
luke bessonov (3 days ago)
Your not a stealth player till you beat Styx on hardest mode. Good luck. Call it the Styx challenge
redbandit1able (3 days ago)
when you`ve done everything possible to get silent rating & at the last second to escape some GODDAMN NPC spots you acting suspiciously!
Thejan Rodrigo (3 days ago)
That no.1 though 😂👌
Justin G (3 days ago)
I love that in Ghost recon wildlands and or other stealth games that have the option to grab a person and put them into a trunk of a car.
DigiByte Helper (3 days ago)
Splinter Cell Conviction was the shit
KingCodester111 (3 days ago)
I'll take stealth over guns blazing any day
Valerie Winter (3 days ago)
What are best stealth video games for pc?
TaAwesome ExtraNoob (3 days ago)
I ram relate to all of these
Arctic Soldier (4 days ago)
Guess I'm the master of stealth XD
Jeffrey Shirk (4 days ago)
The worst thing is if a mission is stealth you have to play with another random player (gta5)
One time, I was stuck on this level and couldn't hear it, so I eventually gave up, but then had a dream where dream me was able to come up with the solution, and the solution actually worked. I was quite shocked.
Ruy Vuusen (3 days ago)
That's probably because at night the brains process the information they had gathered during the day or past days sometimes and your brain probably noticed a way to win when doing that, but since that kind of processing is subconsious, it desided to show that to your consiousness in a dream.
AJXSJS (4 days ago)
When in co-op and you're not the better player (and you both know it) and you do better than your partner
AJXSJS (4 days ago)
Also how does a stealth archer upgrade light armor
leonel gallegos (4 days ago)
Original Splinter Cell trilogy are the best stealth games of all time! My opinion!
leonel gallegos (4 days ago)
Yep! I’m definitely the one that goes for the ghost level stealth, and then restarts if I get noticed lol.
Matthew Gill (4 days ago)
Number 1 is how I play Fortnite
Dragonwolven (4 days ago)
As a stealthy player, I let my noisy friends play bait a lot while I sneak around the enemies. Used to love playing the Division with my friend who'd use his shield ability and get their attention while I moved around behind them. Army of Two really drilled this tactic into my head. Also, I love games where you can tell who was stealth-killed by the fact that their weapons are still sheathed/holstered.
Aritiosin Archvide (5 days ago)
once I get spotted . . . nobody in this fucking map survives this encounter
A.C. Miller (5 days ago)
100% definitely understand the number one thing. Getting that a lot with the people I play with on SCUM at the moment.
Ryan Quinn (5 days ago)
In the splinter cell games I like to challenge myself by equipping only one gadget/ability, removing all my suppressors and then trying to stealth my way through a level at full speed
Ryan Quinn (5 days ago)
For fun I load up CSGO and sneak around knifing people, I figure it's cause I have so many hours on TF2 playing spy.
FANATIC_MP (5 days ago)
A lot of my friends say i need to be more aggressive in fortnite but i play way too many stealth games
Jullian Jay Ordinario (5 days ago)
I Dont restart if I mess UP I just ambush them all
Riley Dunn (5 days ago)
This is why I don’t play warframe
Rex Miller (5 days ago)
I love just LOVE games with a open world and a good mix between stealth and action
Ghoul Hunter (5 days ago)
I'm a big fan of stealth games like assassins creed, so I get what you're saying. Most people in other games like Call of Duty call me noob or coward when I'm acually insanely good at the game
Johnny Martin (5 days ago)
Yep. Kill everyone.
Aimy Chamberlain (5 days ago)
I'm stealthy but in a kill everyone in a ten meter radius kinda way like in ac I will sneak around and kill everyone one by one like never detected but all dead bc I hate open combat I like to meticulously plan every aspect I've found I do the same in other games to like I was playing eso and I was planning my intrusion and escape but the online thing is also true bc my friend went in all guns blazing and I ended up dying bc he's an ass
Tectonix (6 days ago)
When the enemy suddenly turns around and you're far behind
Raven Crim (6 days ago)
My favorite is splinter cell series. I did love assassins creed too. Online was fun.
Matthew Ridgway (6 days ago)
I've played stealth games so much I tried to play stealthy in EA star wars battlefront 1 and 2. What's messed up is it worked a couple times.
No Name (6 days ago)
In Batman Arkham knight whenever there is a militia checkpoint or something like that i always use stealth, especially when the enemies have guns, the only time i don't use stealth is when i am just gliding through the city and i see like a little group of thugs, that is the only time i don't use stealth and gadgets.
sobhan golcheshme (6 days ago)
Im that type of gamers when the alarm turned on says(f this shit) and kill everybody with rocket luncher XD
Lor Bmoreflow (6 days ago)
Eso nightblades anyone?
DeadRising FAN CLUB (6 days ago)
the one with the stealth reccomending dont apply to me even if its impossible to sneak that level ill try
Dipanjan Ghosal (6 days ago)
Wait! No clips from splinter cell???
amv central (6 days ago)
I always go vampire on skyrim to boost my sneaking
Unorthodox (6 days ago)
Yes! Fuck yes!
Nekovision 27 (6 days ago)
When you realise that there’s a timer while your fighting XD
Stephen Venture (6 days ago)
I love RPGs that let you sneak around. Its fun as all hell man. Its great
Andrew Evans (6 days ago)
Tenchu Z was an ultimate stealth game for the Xbox 360. The more stealth kills you get, the more upgrades become available. Getting detected is very easy because enemies can hear you draw your sword if close enough BUT that be an advantage, hide in a bush, draw your sword, wait for them to get close enough and SLICE! Stealth kill from a bush using sound as bait.
Gavan Schultz (7 days ago)
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory!! No game will ever be better
Arthur Jay Osias (7 days ago)
How about list of awesome stealth games
Uzro Kred (7 days ago)
If yo playing with someone co-op you know you can trust this person 100 % That's a wise passage...
Troy Lewis (7 days ago)
I honestly hate stealth games because I have an itchy trigger finger. I like killing and it makes me wait. Assassin's Creed: Rogue makes you have to be stealthy until you craft all of the life items, so I did that and now I go around killing everyone with ease. Funny thing is that I can sneak around well.
Alexis Maysonet (7 days ago)
Batman Arkham asylum I’m a master at
Aria Ferranew (7 days ago)
I play fps games as Sneaky as I can, doesn't always work but its there
Kirollos Halim (7 days ago)
*Sniper elite in a nutshell*
Algomi (7 days ago)
I play all style and stealth is Op
Blake Young (7 days ago)
Forgot the 3rd player; tries to Stealth but ends up running ang gunning

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