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10 Things ONLY Stealth Gamers Will Understand

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Stealth games are the BEST. Chances are you've been playing them for years. Here are some things you might appreciate. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Freestyle Script (2 minutes ago)
By the way, play the game "Thief" as a phantom Now THAT is stealth
Kingsley Dahlgren (4 minutes ago)
1:46 omg i feel so bad for that deer, literally no traction to run away...
Its Me Jacob (4 minutes ago)
Playing far cry 3 with friend.......put on stealth mode while friend do whatever he wants enemies found him while I hide in bush undetected while he was bleeding out waiting for my help lol
Freestyle Script (5 minutes ago)
Sitting completely hidden like "heh, noone will ever find me" Then a guard looks over at your position saying "what's that over there?" I hold my breath trying to not make a sound while the guard walks over... To the crate right bext to me...
the shadow reaper (12 minutes ago)
Well that was seriously like literally me
Ryan Khairul (18 minutes ago)
Fuck sneaking around, I'll just use a trumpet gun and yell every time I fire a shot
Cyberdemon Gaming (28 minutes ago)
Yo buddy
Jaylen Patterson (46 minutes ago)
active camo in halo, hunter in destiny, need I say more??
SirPicklJohn (1 hour ago)
*SKYRIM:* **Stabs someone** _"What was that?"_ **Waits a moment while almost dead** _"Must be nothing."_ **Sits back down**
Porpoise (1 hour ago)
You didn't see me but here I am
F4ll3nKn1gh7 x (1 hour ago)
You touched upon this point a bit, but not entirely. Stealth gamers, some not all, know when and how to strike. Typically...
Leland McClure (1 hour ago)
Me, playing games like PUBG: *lowcrawls across entire map, always tries to find a silenced weapon, somehow gets top spot from being belly down half the time*
Captain Orion (1 hour ago)
even though payday 2 is more of a loud game, the coop stealth is so frustrating with other players.
Adrian Valenzuela (2 hours ago)
5:00 bro. We totally get you. Rogue gamer here too 🤙
Ace of Games (2 hours ago)
Metro: crouch in front of someone in a shadowy place, and there's 7 other guys staring right at you, yet you're still undetected
Adrian Valenzuela (2 hours ago)
1:59 same dude. Solo ftw 🤙👌
Sanjit Venkatesan (2 hours ago)
Can crysis be called a stealth game?
#10 is me in DEHR
Julian de Brouwer (2 hours ago)
Stealth is just so usefull for not needing to kill people while you get shot from all sides or just doing a part of something stealth so you can fight less people at once so you don't get shot from all sides, but only a few sides or even one.
Stijn Vries (2 hours ago)
Yup that's me
Mohr Gaming (2 hours ago)
I always go for suppressed weapons no matter what the game is
Apollonia Kageaki (2 hours ago)
That deer clip made me laugh XD
Fraxom fire (2 hours ago)
Crotching around in black ops 1 brings back some good memories, but it's not a stealth game 😫😭
Nekora (3 hours ago)
The amount of AC3 footage in this video makes me happy
Josh Swartzentruber (3 hours ago)
Actually more like 1:40 but y’all get the point 😂👍
Josh Swartzentruber (3 hours ago)
1:45 Stg 😂
RadM IsRad (3 hours ago)
Oh yea i can relate to number 1. I always try to be sneaky in games like COD. Also sometimes stealth mechanics in RPG games are.... shit in a hilarious way. Like i remember being max on stealth in Fallout 4 and was walking in a bandit place with a power armor and i was just sitting in the doorway with a bandit staring at me and she was like" whats that?.... must be nothing"
#8 So true, me sneaking while he is just rushing
StormCat (4 hours ago)
Pls do things that only melee gamers understand
kody dobson (4 hours ago)
Ghost Recon future soldier that's was a game I enjoyed and had alot of stealth in it
Ayanokoji-kun (4 hours ago)
When you get found out and youre practically at the end of the level 😢
Softblue (5 hours ago)
My favourite stealth game got to be Dishonored 2. There is just so much that you can do. I like killing the guards even tho it isn't really "stealthy" but it's so fun to just mess with the powers and do some cinematic action without being seen lmao
eldin galleries (5 hours ago)
486 people who disliked are probably the rambo type player who plays stealth games.
gaydar alert (5 hours ago)
*sneak 100*
Chance Larrick (5 hours ago)
I figured out how to balance the stealth and rush in different games. In Assasins Creed, for example, if possible I'll sit up high and watch the guard patrols before I move to start taking them out. In other games like Titanfall 2 I'll be super aggressive and push hard using an smg of assault rifle of some sort. It's a delicate balance and knowing both ways of playing pays off if you have the patience to learn them.
Devonte Alexander (6 hours ago)
Do u not like skyrim
Aoi Izayoi (6 hours ago)
so damn true
Wolf_ The_Destroyer (6 hours ago)
Jesus Christ I tried to play assassins creed unity with my friend and u know the missions where you get more cash if the less ur detected? Well I creep up and start assassinating this guy and my friend fires off his pistol at the guy a few feet in front of me who had his back turned which brought a horde running and needless to say by the time they were dead I got no extra loot. Like URRERGGGHHH
RidinSpinaz04 (6 hours ago)
The fact that stealth games have made me the “flanking, wall hugging, hide in plain sight, you go left, I go right” FPS player.
COFFEY HEYWOOD (7 hours ago)
Splinter cell is the best stealth game
ReaperOfficial (7 hours ago)
I related to everything
TheLegendarySin (7 hours ago)
The Quirk of and I quote "it must have been the wind"
AdmiralMinecraft (7 hours ago)
That no. 1 hit me and for some reason I like long range weapons like snipers. Does that link to being stealthy?
Infected Armour (7 hours ago)
On the division i play hardcore stealth sniper. Im literally always looking for the best vantage point and will get there and snipe everyone with a bolt action m44, and for peeps who get to close i have the showstopper
Jeww Boii (7 hours ago)
I like how only casual people can relate
Shawn Hall (8 hours ago)
this was so accurate for me starting with the very first one!
Cringe Lord (8 hours ago)
when there is 1 enemy left and they somehow spot you and call in the entire army and their grandmas to kill you
KuroTeki (8 hours ago)
When your hiding in a bush and they take out a legendary scar
OggaBuggaTribe (8 hours ago)
accidentally trip the alarm, and say”fuck it”, I couldn’t said it better myself
shark colla (8 hours ago)
Why am i so calm in a stealth situation but i get real nervous and scared in combat?
Andrew k*** (8 hours ago)
Anybody ever just through the bodys off a cliff?? So damn satisfying!
Chance Larrick (5 hours ago)
I loved watching guards in Assasins Creed look at them like "Wtf? Where did you come from?" right before I kill them.
Andrew k*** (9 hours ago)
*Deus Ex* mother fuckers!
Kyle Brofloski (9 hours ago)
Amazingly Legit (9 hours ago)
When you stealth co-op: You: 👻 Your partner: 🙌🤡🕺 The game: *FAILURE* IN YOUR HEAD: _For the Damaged Coda_
Sorrel Malachai (9 hours ago)
I play stealth style in destiny where the first shot no matter what gives away your position or even using your second jump, despite that i still play stealth lol
gingercore69 (9 hours ago)
I once spent so much time playing thief gold that i actually started to try sneaking arround irl... I played arround following friends of mine withiut them noticing, and walking up to them an dcare the shit out of them with a sudden "hello"... I used it to move arround in my job, on the streets, anywhere... And the psychiatrist gave me more medication... But im still ghosting arround
blakeon (9 hours ago)
I love when I go in blind and solve puzzles or tough missions like I know the game
Red Killer (9 hours ago)
I am tired of being called "camper" in shooting multiplayer. I'm not camping. Im just playing sneaker gameplay. Bro!
Joel Carranza (9 hours ago)
I'm more of it well screw it got nothing to lose and everything to win hehe
The Excals (9 hours ago)
Number 8 is payday in a nutshell
Matthew McGlone (9 hours ago)
Ps3? Anyone?
Pokemon Misadventures (10 hours ago)
Number 4, I know it's supposed,to happen, but using telekinesis or other methods to throw some random gem into a camp of bandits, causing them to all kill each other, can be awesome in skyrim
Hunter Marino (10 hours ago)
If I’m spotted I just go all out and kill as many as I can cuz I aint gonna die alone👌
turbiNe (10 hours ago)
When u get a gun that u can't silence🚮
Joshua Furby (10 hours ago)
One thing I sometimes laugh at is when your playing a live multiplayer and you use stealth and people complain of you camping but your not. That is the only way I can play, other than that I just look like a 6 year old running around like a chicken with his head cut off.
Very Dank Jerry (10 hours ago)
Sniper elite 4 anyone
Banjo Fever (10 hours ago)
I like when the level is built like a puzzle and you get to figure out the best way to get from point A to point B
Thedeadlygamer (10 hours ago)
I have killed someone in call of duty while being stealthy and I heard him shout f***inf coward
Panca Yoga Purnama (10 hours ago)
best stealth game is 3rd person view. coz fps make me dizzy, everytime i used for stealth
Dr. Crazy (10 hours ago)
It’s really satisfying to complete it with only stealth
John Wells (10 hours ago)
I try playing stealthy if possible whenever I can. I prefer sniping people or just getting up close to take them out and if possible hide them
Shep Dog (10 hours ago)
IUnknown ShadowI (10 hours ago)
Dude Black Ops 1 was my game for stealth, lying in a bush with a gillie suit was the best
Chouinard Jacques (10 hours ago)
When you play halo like a stealth game👍
video's GN. VN (11 hours ago)
3:15 what game is that ?
LaChoy SoyBoi (11 hours ago)
When using Corvo, in the Clockwork Mansion, and you accidentally kick a guard across the house, through a doorway, disrupting all the Clockwork soldiers. Lol that ruined all the hard work I put into that level with one misclick of a button.
Julian Zimianitis (11 hours ago)
Yeah, I definitely feel all of this. One thing that people get annoyed about is in battle royals games when I try to play stealthily.
Disguised Panda (11 hours ago)
StealthGamerBR is a great stealth gamer
[TVAP] NGBigDawg27 (11 hours ago)
GTAV humane lab stealth part This is going off number 8 that was the hardest thing that should’ve been simple with randoms I had gtav on the Xbox 360 before it was on the one. I never finished I just recently finished it with friends less than 3 weeks ago so basically took me 3-4 years
ScotianWarrior (11 hours ago)
That heart-wrentching moment when you're sneaking around and your detection meter starts to fill up so you scramble to either find for the ememy or something to hide behind
Mr. Hoxworth (11 hours ago)
I complete most payday 2 heist that are for stealth and when I get with teammates I just want to beat the crap out of them.
AlekuProductionsOg _ (11 hours ago)
Stealth is health
Alexander Hamilton (11 hours ago)
When i get caught, i transform into a spartan
Shivanshu Minz (11 hours ago)
#1 is totally me😂! I want every game to be a stealth game! Nowadays I'm looking for a way to play pubg stealthy 😅
Djninja24 Woohoo (12 hours ago)
i know far cry 3 probably wasnt a stealth game buttttt i made it a stealth game so yeah(i loved jumping from a rooftop onto an enemy and assasinating him and throwing a knife onto another enemy ugn its just so satisfying) edit:game*
Ethan Tuazon (12 hours ago)
If were talking about stealth, try tenchu 3 now thats a challenge. Just saying That game was really immense in stealth gameplay
FBI OPEN UP (12 hours ago)
Stealth? Wtf is stealth??!?!
Sage Kame (12 hours ago)
10 out of 10 accurate. 👌
Umar Wirayudha (12 hours ago)
True story 😂 when u try playing stealth game with ur friends
Reynard Egbert (12 hours ago)
I always pick sniper in fps game i like avoiding action
Jae'Vier Ferguson (12 hours ago)
Depending on the game ill do both for call of duty ill restart but most open world stealth missions i just run out smacking enemies till i or they all die
Mace Borgan (13 hours ago)
As a stealth player, I’m often called a wuss because I move carefully and plan my attacks, but I’ve beaten games and died less because I played stealth, so call me a wuss but it’s more efficient to move using stealth
Neetin Bhargav (13 hours ago)
Really true🤣🤣🤣🤣
Decimated Dreams (13 hours ago)
I play too much Quake. The only stealth in my games is me running behind someone from another room blowing their heads out.
Luis Perez (13 hours ago)
Me: dat boi hoo sneks around and goes ratatatatatatatatattatatatata When i spotted
Arcticgale Gamer (13 hours ago)
I do love how in other games its like they call you a camper or a coward and its like. #1 tell that to a real life sniper and see what they say. #2 I don't care. #3 It works doesn't it? and #4 Who's survived longer again?
DJ N3utral123r (13 hours ago)
Me, it's actually quite ironic. When I used to play Assassin's Creed, I always played like a juggernaut. And yet, in Transformers games, where you're expected to be the juggernaut? I go ninja.
Yuu Takemiya (13 hours ago)
You sneaking but a friendly npc isn't
The Infinexos (13 hours ago)
I get all ten of these oh my fucking god

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