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Mega Unboxing - Witcher 3 and Dark Horse Link figure

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The day is finally here! Witcher 3 has arrived with its seamless and dangerous world full of breathtaking provinces and towns. In this video I unbox the PS4 Collector's edition of the Witcher III - Wild Hunt and on top of this I also include an unboxing of the Dark Horse Link figure. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/commonwealthrealm?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Music used: Sword of Destiny (Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt) Merchants of Novigrad (Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt) Three Fat Gnomes (Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt) Fields of Ard Skellig (Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt) Lazare - Percival (Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt) Hunt or be huntend (Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt) Hyrule Field (ZREO orchestrated) Witcher 3 Debut trailer theme
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Text Comments (19)
kei2kurama (2 years ago)
what kind of camera are you using?
BINARYGOD (3 years ago)
lol of course it was the ps4 version...  Japanophiles are so predictable.
Sounds Like Hoopla (3 years ago)
+BINARYGOD yeah i see your point now. he is a japanophile...
BINARYGOD (3 years ago)
lol try watching more than just a few videos.  PS - I do not choose only one console, because only poor people and those who sell there souls to a soulless corp do that.
Sounds Like Hoopla (3 years ago)
so because he prefers ps4 that makes him a japanophile immediately? Im smelling xbox fanboy rage or a stuck up PC mustard race nerd.
Matthieu B (3 years ago)
Looks amazing!
Macintyre (3 years ago)
Impressive unboxing! A collection that really seems stellar.
malrogi101 (3 years ago)
under 301 club
ChronoFlation (3 years ago)
Ooh, you're releasing your next big Zelda video on my birthday! Yay! Btw, I love your accent, what is that?
Greggory Lee (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm I always thought your accent sounded swedish XP that's pretty funny, because I'm from Norway too. I should have noticed that:) Got that special edition of wither 3 aswell. I'ts so much larger in real life than it seems in videos. Cheers!
ChronoFlation (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm Yeah! That's crazy! I'm really impressed you've managed to get 1 for monday and 1 for thursday! That's awesome and I'm really looking forward to them. I'm gonna go ahead and consider these birthday presents to me XD Thanks
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
Even better, there are two of them coming next week.
ChronoFlation (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm That's awesome! I love the vids and I'm more than willing to wait for some great Zelda Unknown content. Thanks for updating me :D
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+ChronoFlation I am terribly sorry, but due to a corrupted game capture card (or at least the captured footage) I have to postpone the episode until Monday June 1st. In return you will get two Zelda Unknowns next week  (I know it is crazy): One on Monday June 1st and one on Thursday June 4th
Sawyer Havens (3 years ago)
That medallion is the coolest thing! It is so well done and detailed. I wish I had one so much!
The Potatoe Gamer (3 years ago)
Neinth (3rd)
Awesome Err (3 years ago)
Kiz Epic Journey (3 years ago)

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