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EA 'Pushing Forward' With Gambling In FIFA Series

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Electronic Arts has committed to retaining the loot box fueled Ultimate Team garbage in its FIFA series alongside other sports games. Source article: https://venturebeat.com/2018/05/08/ea-ceo-were-pushing-forward-with-loot-boxes-in-face-of-regulation/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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Logan Ack (21 days ago)
Changed to PES this year and it’s miles better bye FIFA and EA
Smarmy Smurf (1 month ago)
Maybe if there was a thoughtful, intelligent youtuber breaking the issues down for regulators instead of rolling around in the mud, cursing and name-calling up a storm, they could help spread the word to people who can actually make a difference.
Babbleplay (1 month ago)
None of you get the genius of EA. Clearly, their recent decisions were tactically chosen. It's an advertising campaign... They are clearly planning on reviving the Dante's Inferno property, and all these so-called questionable decisions have been prepping gamers/EA game fans to be ready, by creating the most sadistic, hellish and toxic gaming environment possible, short of physically mutilating people who buy their games.
The Four Horsemen (1 month ago)
I don't see how loot-boxes can be viewed as 'NOT gambling if you can't cash out the virtual reward', surely paying for a random reward, regardless of any rewards real world value, is still gambling, and in my mind is actually worse if you can't 'cash out' your reward. That would be like going into a real casino, paying real money for some chips and then not being allowed to cash the chips out at the end of the night. The practice is bullshite and needs to stop. Boycott the developers and publishers that put this type of shite in their games folks, that is the only way that it'll go away.
I swear that by "working" with regulators he means bribes or blackmail.
The Four Horsemen (1 month ago)
I don't see how loot-boxes can be viewed as 'NOT gambling if you can't cash out the viryual reward', surely paying for a random reward, regardless of any rewards real world value, it is still gambling and in my mind is actually worse if you can't 'cash out'. That would be like going to a real casino, paying real money for some chips and then not being allowed to cash out at the end of the night. The practice is bullshite and needs to stop. Boycott the developers and publishers that put this type of shite in their games folks, that is the only way that it'll go away.
"all about the players" 😂😂💩
Mad Blood God (1 month ago)
The gambling bit is two fold, psychological and material, even the material is two fold, money in and money out, they just focus on the bit of money do not go back to the customers therefore not gambling, dismissing or willfully ignoring the rest. A fucking lotto ticket or a slot machine that cost 40-100 dont always give you back money you dimwit, and that is still fucking gambling.
Rman 88 (1 month ago)
I just have to say whenever i hear we always care about our players. It just makes me feel a little bit hollow inside as i know its a lie. their actions spoke louder then their words. And their actions state they only care about your money.
Burningphoenix (1 month ago)
This shit is as bad as child fucking honestly.
Juan Chaparro (1 month ago)
It’s because fanboys keep paying dropping their money. If players stop they will change. I stopped buying their games a while back.
Kees de Vries (2 months ago)
Saying they are 'working with regulators' is jargon for EA seeking to stay just on the legal side of the line. Only just.
Richie M (2 months ago)
Whats wrong with everyone?Do what i do and vote with your wallet"They will soon change there tune.Thx Jim"Love what you do mate.
1337W422102 (2 months ago)
Always say NO to EAids.
Igor Kolosha (2 months ago)
Electronic what what? Sorry don't know what that is. It may have been wiped from memory.
Jon dow (2 months ago)
Luzilyo Stormchild (2 months ago)
lol, of course ea always thinks about the players. more specifically, they always think about "turning players into payers"
Trollol86 (2 months ago)
FIFA is pure scripted trash anyway.
Irony Sama (2 months ago)
Whilst ea is getting all this flack tons of mobile games and other f2p games are continuing to do lootbox/gatcha style gambling and ea is probably just sad we seem to be picking on them. I'm just saying its rife in the industry whilst we talk about this I just keep reading about the next big mobile game giant or investment going down on gamble/rng reward games. As a game dev also I've definitely had xx company say if you make a f2p with this gatcha system you'l make big money its like a dark beast lurking in the background of the statistic based companies saying it works for them financially. When most companies are publicly traded and have to please a investment board and a public at the same time its hard for things to change.
Grinderson Gear (2 months ago)
Electronic Arts just doesn't fit anymore how about "economic aggressors" I think that fits you much better EA
The User With No Name (2 months ago)
I would love it if this caused a massive jump over to PES, yes I know Konami are a shower of bastards, and PES doesn't have all the bells and whistles in regards to licenses. It is however the better football simulator.
Arthur Volts (2 months ago)
Loot boxes are no different than trading card games like Magic or Pokemon. Change my mind.
Christopher Boose (2 months ago)
And now we know why. The U.S. Supreme Court just declared the federal laws against sports gambling to be unconstitutional. Anybody want to hazard a guess as to which other industries this might benefit? http://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/23501236/supreme-court-strikes-federal-law-prohibiting-sports-gambling
Joshua Sweetvale (2 months ago)
Money is God. The playerbase cycles every year, they know how far to push them.
VOLD GAMER (2 months ago)
ea in 2015: oh sorry we will make the next battlefront game great. ea last year: oh sorry we will make the next battlefront game gr.. diseny: oh no not this year pal you are going to fix this game NOW!! ea after battlefront 2 comes out: oh sorry we will make the next star wars game great. diseny and every star wars fan: oh for fu*ks sake. fu*k ea
Francisco The Disco (2 months ago)
Literally a country: we don’t like how to target children to sell your content, you’re gonna have to change something about it or else you’ll face prison EA: no, no thanks we like what we’re doing
Just Joking (2 months ago)
Exploiting psychophysiological traits which make people repeat a behaviour over and over despite doing it harms them physycally, psychologically, emotionally , economically or in any other way IS WHAT DRUG DEALERS DO DAMN IT!!! Fuck it if it can be cashed out or even if the odds of obtaining what you want are disclosed like some regulations are managing to make publishers do. Compulsive behavior bypasses reason in decision making. Not only in kids. Exploiting it is a fucking crime!
Dilean (2 months ago)
If you think EA is bad just have a look at Star Citizen .
Onsokumaru (2 months ago)
10 year prison sentence pending.
Doktor OSwaldo (2 months ago)
I honestly wonder why it should be a defence to say that there is no way to cash the items out. What I hear all the time is: "Yes, it is exactly like Gambling, but since you can not win it is okay. We just skipped money as motivator and use dirty psychological tricks as bait".
Christian Ivanov (2 months ago)
149999 views lol
Brian De Jesus (2 months ago)
Andrew Wilson looks a little rapey.
Christopher McNeil (2 months ago)
Wait, what? Jim Sterling doesn't like EA!? STOP THE PRESSES!!!! /s
zen strata (2 months ago)
Time for Belgium to start fitting EA executives for Pinstripe suits. They break the law, they pay the piper. and it doesn't matter if it's 'technically' gambling or not. It's an addictive chance based system which is designed to hook players (including children) and scam people out of their money.
Yoshino Yuuki (2 months ago)
i just wondering someday when EA just release a game i think it could just get close immediately because someday and of course EA gonna fuck us even harder than they're now like slightly one of you kidney for full game?? LOL
Joshua Martin (2 months ago)
Why is it just loot boxes you often talk about the most? Most AAA “Free to play” games have real world to virtual currency conversion ratios that make micro-transactions extremely expensive. I’m talking like a mortgage on a house expensive and those are aimed at people with addictive or compulsive personalities. Sharp monthly limit spending caps should be placed on all games with this freemium model to protect consumers from predatory practices.
Rockhy2j Kamille (2 months ago)
Sport fans are to blame for loot boxes.
FischiPiSti (2 months ago)
I love the argument that it's not gambling because you always get something(cough, useless trash), you can't "lose". So if casinos make slot machines that cost a dollar per spin, and give back 10 cents for losing, then that's not gambling anymore either right?
SuperRodimusPrime (2 months ago)
Kie 7077 (2 months ago)
So long as people buy loot boxes then they have 'value'. If some of the items are rare / more highly sought after and other items are common / not much wanted then the rarer items are higher VALUE. Whether or not items can be sold is a moot point and yes these loot boxes are still gambling either way and laws should be updated to cover them because companies will otherwise exploit them.
braija (2 months ago)
More communism from Jim Stalin. The world is liding towards totalitarian communism just as Atn Rand predicted. I hope all of you that suported this infringement upon EAs freedom remember it the day you are hauled of to the gulags
irllcd13 (2 months ago)
Am I the only one that doesn't give a shit as long as the microtransactions stay in sports games? Sports games suck anyway. Put them in that shit so the EA executives can afford their Rent Boys, and leave the real games free of microtransactions - everybody's happy. But we all know that won't fly, because they won't stop there. AAA gaming executives have an orgasm every time they hear that cash register sound effect and they are incapable of only putting unnecessary monetization in shitty sports games. It's all or nothing with these fuckers and their odious, rampant, endless greed. The executives of EA, Activision and Ubisoft are human beings whom I sincerely value less than Rosie O'donnell's soiled tampons.
Tipperty (2 months ago)
EA Fanbois "EA is trying to be better, they promised us they will change" Sounds like a person who is abused by their partner and making excuses for them.
Serendipitous Sanctity (2 months ago)
Andrew Wilson is a Pathological Liar & a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. Everything that spews out of Andrew Wilson's mouth is Lies & Deceit.
John Rickard (2 months ago)
I don't think you're telling the whole truth...EA Does think about their players. More specifically, they think about how they can wring every last cent from said players. ;)
Golden bones (2 months ago)
I'll just sit back and watch the shitshow known as EA,Be destory worse than Battlefront 2.
Xeon Nightfall (2 months ago)
"It isn't gambling because you can't cash out." It still costs real money. You can still become addicted. But now you don't have a small chance to win money. So it's technically worse than gambling? Thanks for the explanation EA. People who support this shit should just stop... please >_>
Valerio Del Buono (2 months ago)
i hope they will seriously start facing jail time for this, in a while.
TKD NB (2 months ago)
Perfect ending hahahaha
hvd iv (2 months ago)
if you are bumb enough to buy ea games so be it. take them for all there money ea.
takmaps (2 months ago)
Yasha (2 months ago)
They prey on their SPORTS fans because those fans has accepted the loot box and microtransactions as a norm. They don't give a shit that they are being preyed upon. Toxic relationship right there.
Brother Malachai (2 months ago)
Government lawsuit when?
Somnorila (2 months ago)
As long you buy stuff in a game to get in your inventory for game play or blowing smoke up your ass, well you should be able to own said stuff. To trade and sell to whomever. The fact that companies do not allow is is besides the point. They should really own their shit and make the game 18+ and provide a safe environment for players to trade their stuff. Otherwise just remove that crap from games. Because if it weren't of value no one would ever buy anything. For the buyer it has value and he spends money so it stands to reason that the value of their money spend shouldn't evaporate.
No1VIPER (2 months ago)
"EA Sports, it's in the game". More like "EA Sports, we fucked the game". They ruin so many great games with shit like this. I used to love playing FIFA. I haven't bought one since FIFA 16 though. Before that I had played pretty much every FIFA since FIFA 98. Its not just the whole 'loot box' thing, that's the issue. EA clearly just don't a fuck anymore. There's their crap servers, numerous bugs, which they never fix. Or they attempt fix, then end up making it worse, or as a result end up breaking something else instead. I've had enough of EA... I vowed after FIFA 16 to NEVER 'buy' an EA game again. So far I've stuck to it as well. I use to always wish that PES would get the FIFA license.... in the hope that it would shake things up, and make EA actually try again. The only issue with that is that PES is made by Konami.... and as we all know #FucKonami
Brian Costa (2 months ago)
Is Jim putting up all his content on YouTube? I feel like there used to be more on a regular basis. Or has he started putting more content for patreon supporters only?
NoneOfYourConcern (2 months ago)
God i hope they don't fuck up dragon age....
Raeqwon17 (2 months ago)
"we're always thinking about our players" Yeah our player's wallet
Ted Thomas (2 months ago)
Konami just announced record profits from mobile sales, yet PES is so far behind fifa it can't really be seen as a competitor.
Nuvendil (2 months ago)
So the loot boxes literally hold half their company up? Oh please, please, PLEASE make them illegal. That would be the juiciest, sweetest bit of freaking karma to have a huge chunk of their revenue just snatched away.
Ayay01 (2 months ago)
"no real world value" So thats a nice way of saying . We are robbing you .thanks stupid .
Syt1976 (2 months ago)
I think it's only ftting that the word "FUT" is the Austrian equivalent of cunt.
TheDorianTube (2 months ago)
EA is like that abusive boyfriend/girlfriend that hits you in the face and says that it's because of love while doing it.
Major (2 months ago)
EA can go fuck themselves
Masticina Akicta (2 months ago)
I wonder how much money they make with Fifa Ultimate loot boxes and if that offsets the money it will cost to pay the belgium goverments smackdowns.
bajholster (2 months ago)
The companies aren't the problem - it's the idiots who are willing to pay for this crap.
Ackwell (2 months ago)
Like FInnish law says it is always considered gambling if you pay money for a chance to get "money, items and/or sevices" through a randomised system. And our country is extremely strict on gambling. Gambling is a state monopoly and private services are outright outlawed. EA is lucky so far that out state is damn slow to react on anything new... :P
Leorhit (2 months ago)
Those EA guys needs to get floured at E3
Asger HB (2 months ago)
I was shown an expensive-looking star wars themed car ad going into this video. I'm assuming that's not you Jim, so EA is being even bigger tossers.
Alfred Ong (2 months ago)
We have God of War and quality Japanese releases. And then we have this and battle royales.
Rangarajan Kesavan (2 months ago)
nothing surprising/wrong with it. people who want it are buying it that's why they are earning money from it. Problem is not fully with EA, problem is partly with people also
TheBadcop69 (2 months ago)
Asshat Wilson
21Vicroy (2 months ago)
Hey jim, any idea how to assemble a large amount of people to attend EA's E3 conference and start Booing the shit out of them? That will be the day.
21Vicroy (2 months ago)
can we replace FUT with FUCK? FUCK pack. yeah, that works.
C T (2 months ago)
homework~ save 1 sheople
Some One (2 months ago)
They do think about player, like after paying full price on the game ~~how to continue to suck them dry and everything single penny player got ~~
Connor Hayes (2 months ago)
One of 2 things will have to happen for these knob heads to take out MRs. 1) The definition of gambling will have to be updated. 2) They will have to cbase after this as non conventional gambling or something. By that, I mean chase after them for utilising gambling mechanics and exploiting their consumers but not using the technical definition of gambling, as we will just have people like andrew wilson saying "It's not gambling. See, cant cash out."
OlympicPlatinum (2 months ago)
Jim, when can we look forward to your video tearing Nintendo a bloodied second arsehole for paywalling basic save data backup?
Joshua Fogg (2 months ago)
You know who use decided to keep "pushing forward"? The Nazis, when they invaded Russia. And guess how well that went for them.
Charles Ca (2 months ago)
Don't like loot boxes but if Trading Card packs aren't gambling then loot boxes aren't either imo
Rusty Blader (2 months ago)
game publishers like ea and activision need to just GTFO the gaming industry and open a f**ing casino and leave us alone
Gentlemen Gamer (2 months ago)
EA needs to die now Like a rabid feral beast that needs to be euthanasied for the good of everyone
Moskau43 (2 months ago)
“The Loot Box” should be the name of Sterdust’s finishing move.
od077 (2 months ago)
people stop buying ea games come on
od077 (2 months ago)
good on you :)
whatevr99 (2 months ago)
Way ahead of ya.
superscatboy (2 months ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but regulations haven't made loot boxes illegal. Regulations have reclassified loot boxes as gambling, but gambling is legal, and very profitable. Why did anyone expect regulations to stop loot boxes forever? Itself not like casinos, bingo, lotteries and a whole host of sports based betting businesses have ever been stopped by the exact same regulations. In fact, they're doing pretty well. Lots of money to be made there. AAA publishers like money, therefore they like gambling mechanics.
Brandon Kilgore (2 months ago)
Andrew Wilson Master of a business rewarded for worst company 2 years running, on its way to 3 ...
Slugcat (2 months ago)
EA its business they dont care about you , they just care about the moneys they make of you, so the problem here its not EA its the shitty seudo gamers that still buy EA games and spend lots of money on MT and lootboxes
The Lowkster (2 months ago)
They are so full of shit. If they want to keep the lootboxes then they should have to take ALL of the money that they make from them and be put into making the next game. Every cent must be spent on making their next game.
Simon West (2 months ago)
Its unfortunate you dont play dota or is seemingly not interested in valves shitty business practices. So much so that you can compare their latest stint with the battle pass to EA level of greed.
Emerin (2 months ago)
Join the dark side... we have lootboxes.
The Big Brzezinski (2 months ago)
No monetary value, they say. Go over to ebay, search for "overwatch account", and you'll see the monetary value of Overwatch's skins, sprays, emotes, and even ranked levels. They say there's no monetary value, then why did they pay to have it created and charge people money to get it?
Mitchell Fechter (2 months ago)
Just listened to the latest Podquisition and I feel you, Jim. Had my own struggles with mental illness and potential addiction. Keep at it and take it one day at a time. We're all behind you!
BoreusSimius (2 months ago)
If you pay for something and you don't know exactly what you are going to receive, then its gambling. Yes, even that.
DaMightyJex (2 months ago)
I played ultimate team for the first time in months to open a tots pack. I pulled a 95 rated Eriksen. I was then convinced by my friends and Reddit to sell it and reinvest the money in my team. I never regretted anything more. I opened 5 100000 coin packs and the best thing I got was an 84 rated Pedro. I then proceeded to buy some FIFA points, more then in willing to admit. Still didn't get shit. Never touching ultimate team again. If you try and do it legit, it's a massive waste of time to raise enough coins. And if you pay money you don't get shit anyway. Fuck Ea
General Lo (2 months ago)
surely when daily mail talks writes about people blowing stupid amounts of money in the game it highlights the inherent gambling nature of these mechanics for an audience less aware of the gaming industry. I don't see how it lets the publisher 'get away' with anything...
Cory Rogers (2 months ago)
It's so bizarre that EA pretends they don't base their decisions and strategies 100% on money. They don't do anything for the players. They would charge people to open loot boxes that contained absolutely nothing 100% of the time if they could get away with it.
Whirlwhind1 (2 months ago)
I cringe every time EA's CEO is mentioned by name. _Why did he have to have my name?_ My heart jumps every time he gets called out. Makes me feel like a criminal.
SneakyOxen (2 months ago)
Well EA, how about we consumers start paying you in mystery boxes, each packed with a chance of actually giving you the payment that you desire, but be careful, the boxes also contain common household garbage. Now, it cannot be considered stealing, because you are getting items inside that mystery box, albeit not the one you desire, but hey, its a business world out there, but ,you'll understand. So, we good?
Justin Case (2 months ago)
It's likely loot box profits far exceed the proposed penalties. Keep up the great editorials Jim. The gaming industry is running amok, and it's good to see you championing the end user.
Chris Allie (2 months ago)
Developers are in production to ride that gravy train. They are going so far to tap into the mobile gaming pot, tricking people into thinking their portable computing devices are legitimate gaming platforms. Systematically lowering the bar of quality and expectation to enable another decade of recycled minimalistic content. How come nobody rips on the developers of these games?

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