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MOUNTAIN OF HELL 2018 FINALS - FULL RUN (40/ 700) Léo Remonnay, mass start race, Les 2 Alpes, France

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Complete run, finishing 40/ 700 with a huge crash on the glacier! Watch Léo Remonnay's GoPro run to fly down Mountain of Hell finals! ► OWLAPS T-SHIRTS: https://owlaps.com/product/the-first-owlaps-t-shirt-men/ ► FILM SETUP (used in this video): Camera: https://amzn.to/2x144H0 ► Subscribe to our channel now, so you don´t miss any new trail and course preview: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu9BsFvOeVFZaFp-xyEkJxQ/?sub_confirmation=1 ► Visit owlaps https://owlaps.com for more trail previews! Instagram: http://instagram.com/owlaps (@owlaps) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/owlaps Thanks to Scott Sports France, Mavic, Slicy and All Mountain Style Cheers, Vincent from owlaps
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Text Comments (568)
owlaps (3 months ago)
Who spotted the flying crocodile?!
Jack Meov (1 month ago)
I stopped watching this video because of the constant interruption of shitty advertisements....
Enrique Silvestre (2 months ago)
OMG!!!! I laughed for almost 10 minutes xDDDDD
Wendy Rodriguez (2 months ago)
i did....(pause)....WEIRED
fred bear (2 months ago)
1:18 on the right, orange head, loooong nose! 8)
Raphi RIDER (1 day ago)
Des fous ! Mais j'adore !
Круто! Збс! )
dret stursh (3 days ago)
31:23 good job
Biren Kc (4 days ago)
you are winner for me
Shiv S (4 days ago)
It builds up every minute, in the end he meets his class
Chuck Taylor (5 days ago)
This guy just cheated. POS
雁行风 (5 days ago)
爽哉 爽哉
teisanlap (6 days ago)
Uber deliverys
Burning muscles & Oyxgen ... :)
Mark Hoffman (7 days ago)
For Goodness Sakes can you oil them brakes already!!!!!! ;P
Noriel Ortiz Noroega (9 days ago)
Q adrenalina...
MURAT Akgün (13 days ago)
adam inene kadar 4 mevsim gördü diyar diyar gezdi
Evans Linmar (15 days ago)
cupu cok ojo coli ae mangakane
Marcondes Oliveira (15 days ago)
MPG00 MPG00 (16 days ago)
Опупенный адреналин !!! И не нередко бранится 😄
Franco Solinas (18 days ago)
Big Jumbo (18 days ago)
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Brill
Saeid Ahangari (19 days ago)
clean the lens dude
Albeto Einstein (20 days ago)
1:28 WTF!!!
NoSox RubyRox (21 days ago)
Just came from watching the winning run... 7 minutes faster!! No traffic though. Great job!!
kwa kayak (22 days ago)
BRY4N M3N3Z3S (22 days ago)
7:03 só pode ser BR kkkkkkkkk
Охренительная линия ! вот бы катануть хоть разочек там )
b pavilion (23 days ago)
That was soooo awesome. You did a good job.
J.B. Dazen (23 days ago)
That lens wiping really worked out for you.
b pavilion (23 days ago)
People bike in the snow? Learn something everyday...
naoyuki sasanami (24 days ago)
We witness mountain bike is faster than ski
Jamie Bengston (24 days ago)
Epic ride man and nice line choices especially when people got stacked up
T A R S (25 days ago)
3:40 nice
salman Bhatti (25 days ago)
nice bro
Dimitri Sabadie (28 days ago)
Damn you should fill in a complain. Some of them are clearly cheating. You can hear the Formula 1 all around the place at 2:41. :D
leo remonnay (28 days ago)
Paul Walker (29 days ago)
How many corners did this guy cut ? , CHEAT ! .
leo remonnay (28 days ago)
No cheat 👍
Я тя, сука, люблю, быстрее поначалу уважаю, позже люблю
ofigevhiy (1 month ago)
26:10 от ветра спрятался😂
Patrick Ravier (1 month ago)
Sans la chute, c'était le Top Ten, vu tous ceux que tu as remonté. Bravo, épique !
Panda Pr0 (1 month ago)
I think that if you will not crashed in the begin of the race u could Be 1 . So nice video and amazing track and your ridinig!
Упал и стоит ....
Alexandr Zakharov (1 month ago)
Ахуенно! Чувак ты нереально крут!
Bary Gallentine (1 month ago)
Love chaos...… just love it
Hatchet Harry (1 month ago)
you look back too much!
Плохая Аэродинамика вот и стал на спуске проигрывать!)))))))))))))
Oscar Pereira (1 month ago)
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎Son unos capos que lindo es difrutar verlos correr de esa manera gracias por alegerme el corazon
Matt Witty (1 month ago)
Anyone know what the blue, green and black bike is on the left at the start?
Tommy BMX (1 month ago)
HO mayga
Gilvanete Silva (1 month ago)
Johnny Saint (1 month ago)
amazing what country was that???
Johnny Saint (1 month ago)
+owlaps are u from France..fuckinlg nice man never see nothing like it
owlaps (1 month ago)
France :)
James Bond (1 month ago)
Beautiful place & brilliant riding 👍😀
Frantz Pit (1 month ago)
daniele ferrara (1 month ago)
Jack Meov (1 month ago)
I stopped watching this video because of the constant interruption of shitty advertisements....
Wagner Ortega (1 month ago)
Que lindo, me gusto mcho ste evento, le felicitó, DIOS le bendiga...
Jack Meov (1 month ago)
I stopped watching this video because of the constant interruption of shitty advertisements....
po Z (1 month ago)
JUAN PABLO NAVARRO (1 month ago)
Putaine 😎
Porcupine Bob (1 month ago)
BAD ASS!!!!!
Dom Michur (1 month ago)
Блять!!! Как ты ехал????? У тебя мотор заместо сердца??? Я покамест смотрел чуток не сдох!!!! Мужик!!!!
Alexei Ouspenski (1 month ago)
What a stamina you have man!!! You passed 18 riders on that uphill ride from 13:00 to 16.00. Riders were walking, meens it mush have been a really hard one.
High Side (1 month ago)
マジ、すげーな 死にそうな勢いだよ
qw1419xtj (1 month ago)
clement clem (1 month ago)
wow techenik ! ;-)
Paul Hughes (1 month ago)
Bum start i think is apt.
me you (1 month ago)
Luis Gallaretto (1 month ago)
todo un sueño poder realizar esa travesia !!!!
Xtreme Greece (1 month ago)
Dead Orbit 4 (1 month ago)
I thought you lost your mind when you started checking your shoes in the middle of the race. I think you took out at least a quarter of the riders there. The stewards need to wrap some warning tape around you. LOL
Jay Bower (1 month ago)
Personally, I prefer when they start in fog.. 😀
Gabriela Rengifo (1 month ago)
R. Hoerner (1 month ago)
Cool Ride! Nice 31:20 :-)
Piotr Kuchciak (1 month ago)
tabaluga :)
Nick B. (1 month ago)
so how much do these bikes cost?? And what is the "staple" of brand/model bike for this race?
Jackie Carpenter (1 month ago)
Name brand bikes can be anywhere from 500 to 5k. 500 is actually considered a cheap bike. I'd say a race like this most of these guys have nice bikes in the 1500 dollar plus range
BlackEquinox (1 month ago)
I'd suggest looking at some forums. I couldn't tell you which but it might be a good start.
Gonzalo mauricio Lara (1 month ago)
ciclistas kamikazes en acción realmente una hazaña el sólo hacer el recorrido. sensacional.
MishuTaste (1 month ago)
Squeeek, squeek, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.
Brown Trout (1 month ago)
so cool
Stephen Mauro (1 month ago)
oh i see 40th good job
Stephen Mauro (1 month ago)
what place did you get?
Stephen Mauro (1 month ago)
37 min that sob passed you you better catch him....
Stephen Mauro (1 month ago)
32 min and u friken stop..... !111!!
Stephen Mauro (1 month ago)
24 min finly you passed that guy... what is your highest mph on this run? dont you fall down.
Stephen Mauro (1 month ago)
22 min are you gonna pass this guy?
Stephen Mauro (1 month ago)
17 min is that how breaks are supose to sound?
Stephen Mauro (1 month ago)
The first pileup i though you were gonna pass them all but u piled up worse.. i am at 11 minutes now and this is great and intense. good luck keep passing them.
Gib Melson (1 month ago)
Jozef Soucik (1 month ago)
mass start is only for sharks
Pandonorum eLeko (1 month ago)
On the first big climb overtake 18 people... How do you feel, when you finally got that prisoner (15:30 to 33:20)???
Moacir Filho (1 month ago)
E eu que! achava perigoso era mamar em onça parida..... Elses nem quer ganhar ,so nao quer morrrer.
ok (1 month ago)
uuaal!! adoraria fazer essa trilha!...
flo-flo007 (1 month ago)
Oh le mec comment il t'a doublé vénère à la fin !!! C'est un ouf 🤪
leo remonnay (1 month ago)
Une sacrée belle coupe ! 👌
Muguve Venuh (1 month ago)
Damn im so tired!
duckfan52471 (1 month ago)
Are you kidding me??? BEAST MODE SON!!!
Zabey Na (1 month ago)
В гору чётко катит! Вот, что означает приготовляться!
Beau T (1 month ago)
Thanks to global warming this ski hill has been abandoned and now hosts events for these dirty bikers.
Josip Shilo (1 month ago)
could you make this run with a hardtail
Ganzmetall (1 month ago)
в прошедшем году старт эпичнее был,спускались в мгла практически в 0 видимость
You are cutting the lines and indangering other riders, you cut the lines right in front of them. You are rude and no fairplay!!!
leo remonnay (1 month ago)
It's the race, not the world of teletobies
Juan Guerrero (1 month ago)
Felicitaciones ☺ desde 🇦🇷👏👏
Rodolfo Effgen (1 month ago)
parabens pedalou bem abraços
BannedIP (1 month ago)
this is another reason why women live longer than men!
Ok :D (1 month ago)
world population women and men is near 50/50.
James Kelly (1 month ago)
And also stepping in front of you in any other conflict that may cause a woman arm. At least they are doing something fun and love.
BannedIP (1 month ago)
you're right
Reg Alphonse (1 month ago)
Men live more...women live longer
slavmart (1 month ago)
2:41 Get out of the fooking way!

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