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Guild Wars 2 Birthday Dance!

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Everyone is naked and dancing! Since Megaserver happened, life in Tyria has felt a lot more busy and fun!
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King Fenrir (4 years ago)
Hi sky, First things first, I like your Reviews on freemmostation. Keep that up. Second: I am a fan of guild wars 2 and I really played a lot of mmos most of them did not made me stay longer than a week, except Guild Wars 2. I played TESO in the late beta and well it will end up the same as Tera and go F2P. It's ok but imo not worth the money as Guild Wars who you just pay once and it still seems to be worth payin a monthly fee. Wildstar did play the beta. And to be honest I excepted a bit more. It is not bad but the questing still feels old and its just that everything I play right know I compare to Gw2 because well it is on the top with its unique gameplay. Even the combat system is more like Action combat than tera by feeling. Blade and soul is most likly the one thing that seems to be the next alternative to gw2, but I played a private server like demo and its intersting but the combat is aldo not that good as expected it seems fast paced but in reality it was more like sluggish a bit but well maybe that will change. Got high hopes on it. I would really like to discuss more about this genre with you and if you ever need my expertise I would be happy to help out. Greetings from Germany
Skylent Games (4 years ago)
Guild Wars 2 is overall the most interesting to me because of all the casual fun that it presents any level of player.  I have a paid sub to ESO "as in I am PAID to play the game" but I still don't like playing it.  WildStar will have a larger competitive following because of its pve and pvp endgame.  Though, not having to sub to Gw2 really helps it so much and I can see why it is extremely popular in China.
Gardener Records (4 years ago)
AHAHA! Thanks for uploading this! Ive been looking for this for a wile and im glad to have found it XD. I noticed myself in the video also. This made me laugh so hard XD GJ 12/10! :D
Silvernis77 (4 years ago)
Lolz. I didn't actually expect to see this. Good times, good times.
Snobbygnu (4 years ago)
Whats megaserver? Are all the servers combined into one now? Or is it a giant server that can be joined?
ISceneAshley (4 years ago)
+Snobbygnu Definitely should. The living story season 2 should be starting up again soon too. :) 
Snobbygnu (4 years ago)
Ah I see. Looks like I need to start playing Guild Wars more and stop playing Dark Souls lol Thanks for the help :)
ISceneAshley (4 years ago)
It's all combined into one, now, I believe. They started it slowly by doing main cities as one giant server, but I think that they now all are one in any zone. It just operates in "instances" now, so it's kinda like overflows for events like how it was for Crown Pavilion event. You can join over to someone's instance though because I think they spread it out so that the instances don't get completely filled up.
ISceneAshley (4 years ago)
Fun times! :D I was there!
Voljubs Lab (4 years ago)
Looks good to me!

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