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Top 30 Upcoming PS4 Games for 2018

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Listing the best new PlayStation 4 video games coming soon this 2018. These are the most anticipated upcoming PS4 titles that will be releasing on the Sony PlayStation Store this year. Support this channel by buying these games thru the Amazon links below: Biomutant https://goo.gl/aXMdFQ Code Vein https://goo.gl/j2aMf7 Darksiders III https://goo.gl/kjBJ2O Detroit: Become Human https://goo.gl/bOVu0A Dissidia Final Fantasy NT https://goo.gl/zuzBfe Dragon Ball Fighter Z https://goo.gl/RgcUi4 FAR CRY 5 https://goo.gl/iqu4Aw Fortnite https://goo.gl/OK3CRR God of War https://goo.gl/fm0Qdw Kingdom Hearts III https://goo.gl/lAO9mO Metro Exodus https://goo.gl/BckWfN Metal Gear Survive https://goo.gl/BK62VC MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD https://goo.gl/gURoyK Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom https://goo.gl/1gkuGX Red Dead Redemption 2 https://goo.gl/J9GMlC SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS https://goo.gl/dE4s8K Spider-Man https://goo.gl/Mcrijx The Crew 2 https://goo.gl/EmGqpq We Happy Few https://goo.gl/ot7VUh Vampyr https://goo.gl/CbTSVW whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at http://www.whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (204)
Meme (1 month ago)
detroit become human was the best gam- *SPIDERMAN PS4 COMES OUT* i was a fool
Darktimes 995 (8 months ago)
She got super happy saying the kingdom game lol
Saif Mousa (8 months ago)
Hope god of war comes out soon
Hunter Sisk (8 months ago)
Days gone metro exodus red dead 2 the last of us far cry 5
Hunter Sisk (8 months ago)
Fort nite looks really stupid
Larry Tate (8 months ago)
I’m just waiting on one awesome game like a blood borne, dark souls, god of war, etc to be split screen couch coop and I’ll buy a PS 4 PRO that instinct but sadly it seems I may be WAITING A WHILE IN THIS CASE!!! Wanna play with MY GIRL COOP NOT STRANGERS ONLINE COOP.
Larry Tate (8 months ago)
* Instant
Swampy AJC (9 months ago)
Sooooo many poor games :(
Hamez Hammad (9 months ago)
Fortnite Is Already Out
Master Halo (9 months ago)
To much anime
stealthgunner (9 months ago)
Doubt the last of us 2 will be 2018
Lord Imperius (9 months ago)
What about Ace Combat 7, Skies Unknown?
Mari (10 months ago)
Death Stranding? I know that Kojima and Guerrilla are shooting for 2018 release. I guess it's not official, but either is The Last of Us and that's on the list.
Sean Sidious (10 months ago)
Some of these games graphics look so dated
Arthur Brown (10 months ago)
Hahahah funny they think the last of us 2 is coming out this year, that’s fall 2019 for sure
Kwstas Askotis (10 months ago)
Metal gear survive ?? What the heck is this
Bullet Billy (10 months ago)
cant wait to play farcry 5 its going to be great with co op
Damian Martini (10 months ago)
Wasnt MG Survive cancelled?
MACHO CHICO (10 months ago)
Just remember, if Xbox buyers wanted these exclusives they would've bought PS, so relax
James {-} (8 months ago)
Mohammad Imu (10 months ago)
I thought it is watch mojo.ha ha ha.
Stephen Fox (10 months ago)
Am i the only one who thinks monster Hunter world looks trash ?
THE LEAF (10 months ago)
Who hates Fortnite here?
Emperorkang (10 months ago)
yeah, I WISH i could magically get dragon quest 11 RIGHT NOW.....
Tony Mont (11 months ago)
You forgot Days Gone and probably Final Fantasy Vii Remake but a good lit nonetheless.
barcalona55 (11 months ago)
Am I the only one waiting for Days Gone?
mg san (11 months ago)
Ok Here "soon Xbox games - watch this vid and cut off PlayStation exclusive games" done xD
Sathwik K (11 months ago)
How the hell you can forget Days Gone and Ghost of Tushima
Aaron Go (11 months ago)
Days Gone, Last of Us 2, UFC 3?
T Jones (11 months ago)
Yakuza 6 God of war Spiderman Tlou 2(highly doubtful it will come next year) Days gone Detroit become human Can't wait for next year
millbot7280 (11 months ago)
The last of us 2 is going 2 Shake the game world up, xbox better not have a game drop on that day lol
ImperfNerf (11 months ago)
I'm definitely going to be ordering God of War 4, Red Dead 2, Metro: Exodus, Code Vein, A Way Out, along with Detroit: Become Human. I'll be so broke but it'll be so worth it. So hyped with this amazing lineup- I think there'll be something for everyone in 2018!
Orlando Calder (11 months ago)
Preceding the very first trailer, they said that The Last Of Us part 2 is in VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT. It would be great if it could make late 2018 But i really doubt it Now i doubt everything on your list. And i think Days Gone is coming 2018
Kev San (11 months ago)
I want a PS4 but I live in a crappy country :(
HOSS_PLAYS __ (11 months ago)
It's Mr.Negative and you forgot Days Gone😑
Austin Eckert (11 months ago)
16 Collossi
ScarletSpidey 101 (11 months ago)
Dr. Negative?😕
C4rdister (11 months ago)
Blazblue is going to have crossover with persona 4!!!!! I think im going persona fanboy mode.
FuhyFelax Gaming (11 months ago)
Why does nobody shut up about jrpg's
ninjammer726 (11 months ago)
ace combat 7 and ni no kuni 2!!!!!!
Ana Cris Silva (11 months ago)
🙉🤑👅 Rita Ora Video Sexo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUFf_zX7hB8nMj__
Jason Aguilar (11 months ago)
Her accent is so filipino
Cody Merrell (11 months ago)
Hope Spyro's Re-Mastered Games Comes as well. sure other Fans miss Spyro too
Emanuel Smith (11 months ago)
astalavistababy bum (11 months ago)
Red dead redemption 2 esplendid
ONE ZEINZ (11 months ago)
Xbox DOne XXX is Already Dead LOL Doesn't Have Good Exclusive Gamesss At All Gameplay > Grafic Nintendo Switch Prove it Because GAMESSS Make A Console! PC + PS4 PRO + Nintendo Switch if You are Truly Gameerrrsss!!! I Have Tons of Steam Gamesss Give Me A Reason to Buy X1X Again???
Gamer Madden07 (11 months ago)
rip failbox one X in 2018😭😭😭😭😭😭
shahid khan (11 months ago)
It has a play score of???
Star-Lord ET (11 months ago)
Kind of hard to score a game that's not out yet...
esperCELL (11 months ago)
why is Metro Exodus on ps4 list but not xbox one list? i dont recall its exclusive to ps4?
esperCELL (11 months ago)
these games no run 4k? haha xbox one x wins
T Jones (11 months ago)
HOSS_PLAYS __ (11 months ago)
Xbox One may have won with the 4k but your English teacher has lost and clearly failed.
ONE ZEINZ (11 months ago)
esperCELL Play Minecraft With 4K Little Shit Hahaha
Gio Bumanglag (11 months ago)
Lost Spear is $50? Ridicuious
jason day (11 months ago)
Hassan Lari (11 months ago)
Nice Work good presentation Girl as the guy voice
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (11 months ago)
Best games on the list are PS exclusives.
KA6'EM (11 months ago)
I should play more than 12 of them! Also i hope none of them will delay.
Gel Mir (11 months ago)
Monster Hunter World and that Jurassic Park something are the only games i look forward to
Kaleb Hancock (11 months ago)
I am looking forward to metro exodus cant wait!!
pie kedi gaming (11 months ago)
like this voice
whatoplay (11 months ago)
We like it too!
Vladimir G. (11 months ago)
Last of Us 2018?! Aha-ha-ha-ha!!!
Habib Chalangari (11 months ago)
the last of us part 2 omg I'm sry for xbox player
Mari (10 months ago)
I watched TLoU on youtube first but then I got a PS4 and I played it myself.... and it is NOT the same experience at all, not even close. If you play it first and then watch someone play it on youtube... then I can see how you'd feel that way, but you will never get the real experience and enjoyment of playing a game when you're just watching someone else play it.
Ruined Racer Smith (10 months ago)
Gel Mir that copyrighting and that illegal
Gel Mir (11 months ago)
I already bought one for my family (which is being used mainly by my nieces and nephews) and i don't see the point of owning another for myself when i already have a gaming PC and a Switch and the only games that i really like so far among the list is Monster Hunter World which is available on PC. TLoU is good movie game franchise but it gets old really fast. Based on my experience playing the first one on PS3.... just watching some people play it on youtube would pretty much give you the same exact experience. The only good thing about TLoU is the story any other aspect of it are mediocre, repetitive and boring. I don't think they could top the first one in terms of the story... so its probably some boring zombie cliche crap meant to exploit some Social Justice Advocacy nonsense (like that DLC).
Eros Sore (11 months ago)
Gel Mir can’t afford a ps4?
Gel Mir (11 months ago)
meh... I will just wait for some Lets Play Youtuber to post their Lets Play Video. Practically the same experience in my opinion.
Its13reezy (11 months ago)
Isn't a way out xbox one game
mackbigtmack (11 months ago)
G K (11 months ago)
Its13reezy you high?
Carlos Gallon (11 months ago)
If Shadow of the Colossus didn't have the fog, I'm not buying it
Its13reezy (11 months ago)
My poor wallet
Krystalan (10 months ago)
The cold truth xD
ظافر اليامي (11 months ago)
Where is dynasty warriors 9 ?
Nintyfanboy (11 months ago)
Technically Ni no Kuni 2 is not a studio Ghilbi game ;)
Nintyfanboy (11 months ago)
whatoplay And Joe Hisaishi is back :)
whatoplay (11 months ago)
Yup! They did collaborate before though, and the designer from Ghibli has chosen to continue with the project. :)
InvisibleMan95 (11 months ago)
2018 is going to be an insane year for PS4.
breadNmilk SG (11 months ago)
You missed out Dragon's Crown Pro :3 I'm pumped for that in glorious 4K
alan Kozma Kozma (11 months ago)
wow this video is really amazing I subscribed to you and all my friends too before and I commented that but this I will get them to turn on the bell
alan Kozma Kozma (11 months ago)
That is what this channel deserves and if I can do more than that ... I will for sure
whatoplay (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for the support! :)
Sami Dee (11 months ago)
It is just 16 colossi not 12.
nacer bourenane (11 months ago)
Games on xboxone
Tyronne Davis (11 months ago)
karim bourenane none
Trish R (11 months ago)
I love the enthousiasm of the voice-over! It makes me more excited for the games to come in 2018 :D!
Matthew Harkin (11 months ago)
This 2018? As opposed to next 2018?
Mazo Mort (11 months ago)
Where is Kingdom Come Deliverance ? This is not a game to forget
Anon (11 months ago)
How is 'A way out' singleplayer
whatoplay (11 months ago)
Must've been an error. It's exclusively a co-op, isn't it? Thanks for watching!
G Chinmay Varma (11 months ago)
wha? You guys included Metal Gear Survive , but no Days Gone , ?
TheCurrentTrizzle (11 months ago)
MutantAli3n (11 months ago)
The voice of my life is back??
Shinichu Games (11 months ago)
I wont buy the new ni no kuni. The first one had terrible cliche story and the battle gameplay was kinda shitty.
Farhan Mansoor (11 months ago)
2018 : The Year Of Ps4 Awesome Games !
Ruined Racer Smith (10 months ago)
GTD: GAMING TILL DEATH last of 2 part 2 is coming out in 2018
Farhan Mansoor (11 months ago)
GTD: GAMING TILL DEATH How can I Forgot Last Of Us II ! My Mistake !
GTD: GAMING TILL DEATH (11 months ago)
Farhan Mansoor nope.. Last of us part II 2019 Devil may cry 5 PS4 exclusive 2019 Death stranding 2019
raging penguin (11 months ago)
This games look so awesome...to bad i dont have a ps4
ibadat Singh Khara (11 months ago)
I am pre ordering all of the😂😂😂😂😂.........man 2018 will be lit
SYED AMMAR UZAIR (11 months ago)
git gud (11 months ago)
Days gone? Cyberpunk?
will Thomas (11 months ago)
git gud Cyberpunk doesn't even have a release date, we have no status or gameplay from them. Days gone may or may not come out next year.
Kilani Playstation (11 months ago)
the last of us 2 is definitely not coming 2018
P Pasto (10 months ago)
Illuminati10101 stop saying bullshit
Illuminati10101 (11 months ago)
NO he said it was something like 50% " I never know how to figure out percentages" he said. So it might be less it might be more. Then there will definitely be rewrites editing, rendering, bug fixes.... all takes time. There will also be the inevitable delayed release dates "At least two" so my prediction still stands don't look for "The Last of Us: Pt2" until late 2019.
P Pasto (11 months ago)
Illuminati10101 Neil Druckmann said yesterday that the game is 60 % finished , and we wiil see gameplay at E3, so what do u think homie?
Ruined Racer Smith (11 months ago)
Kilani Playstation it coming out in 2018
Illuminati10101 (11 months ago)
The Last of Us pt2 WILL NOT be released in 2018. The first game took a little over 5 years to develop and release. Part 2 was announced last year at PSX and was in "Very early stages of development" so we are looking at another 4 years maybe a little less because the whole team is on the game now compared to only half the team for the first game . So don't look for it until late 2019 or even after. Even then It may not be a PS4 release it could be a Launch title for the PS5.
Jonadab Condeno (11 months ago)
Good Good! Good Good!
anthony sweat (11 months ago)
You forgot kingdom come deliverance and Ace combat 7. KH3 isn't guaranteed but it's closer than it's been so it belongs. t least you didn't go ff7 remake which is def 19 or later.
anthony sweat (11 months ago)
Last of us won't make it. Not a chance. 2019 at best.
Mari (10 months ago)
I have a feeling that they will make it to 2018. Once Naughty Dog finished Uncharted Lost Legacy, they put full staff onto The Last of Us Part II. I'd say that if they were still working on some other project along side the last of us, then I'd agree with you, but they are full force on releasing it this year.
Bullet Billy (10 months ago)
wat about the end of 2018
anthony sweat (11 months ago)
Shenmue 3 probably not going to be 2018. Probably 19.
anthony sweat (11 months ago)
"this 2018".. as opposed to next 2018? That hits the ear wrong. It should be "in 2018". Also it's Tee-dus not Tie-dus..square has confirmed.
anthony sweat (11 months ago)
whatoplay np guys!! I feel you. I love your channel and your list vids of bests and upcoming stuff. Keep up the great work!!
whatoplay (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for your corrections. We can be a little too loose with the language when the deadlines are whooshing. This helps. :)
Shanbalileh (11 months ago)
9:55 Why do you guys always keep saying that the MC is a girl?! You also said it in your upcoming 3ds games video XD
AngloLatino (11 months ago)
Had to include a racing game eh? what about OnRush by Codemasters
G K (11 months ago)
AngloLatino ikr that looks so much more fun than crew 2
Gamer Addy 99 (11 months ago)
Can't wait to play Halo on my PS4!
Don_ p75 (11 months ago)
Gamer Addy 99 lol
ahmed tetauni (11 months ago)
For me the best games ,: A way out , god of war, red dead 2, world tour tennis, the last of us part 2
bonifacio_kid (11 months ago)
The girl is back!
Mr Loosid (11 months ago)
I think what would be good is if jurassic world evolution had a mode where you could use the psvr headset to experience the park.
Rpgamer 05x (11 months ago)
2018 winner: PS4
akou12 (11 months ago)
Diablos Monster Os4 has lego star wars. Nintendo has all the exclusives
By far ps4 won this year. Nintendo has nothing
akou12 (11 months ago)
will Thomas There we go. A much more mature answer.
will Thomas (11 months ago)
No! you mean gamers
Don_ p75 (11 months ago)
Rpgamer 05x yes!
abraham x (11 months ago)
Awesome video
whatoplay (11 months ago)
Thank you!
Fastest Leech (11 months ago)
Whattoplay is lit
Hossam Qandel (11 months ago)
lol you forgot days gone
Benjamin Jensen (11 months ago)
LOL You forgot that game has been delayed due to aco
John Purchase (11 months ago)
your right
Shendi Maci (11 months ago)
and ufc 3
Hossam Qandel (11 months ago)
you have PS4 ?
rj20za (11 months ago)
What Anthem is MP only. Well that sucks.
rmsmith122198 (11 months ago)
rj20za it's EA
rj20za (11 months ago)
Hope your sources are correct.
well ive heard that it will have a single player mode
Rosaa Rouge97 (11 months ago)
Last of us 2😍 Like I have been waiting so long for this game... Kingdom Hearts🖤Dragon Ball Fighter. My only concern now is being poor after buying all these😂Gonna be worth it though
Ruined Racer Smith (10 months ago)
anthony sweat it 2018 dude
anthony sweat (11 months ago)
Last of us isn't coming in 2018. 19 at best.
J. ROD (11 months ago)
TLOU 2 isnt coming in 2018
Imran xD (11 months ago)

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