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Pathological | oh nickel

1230 ratings | 90552 views
download the album at: http://ohnickel.bandcamp.com http://twitter.com/ohnickel http://twitch.tv/ohnickel http://facebook.com/ohnickel http://instagram.com/ohnickel http://soundcloud.com/ohnickel http://ohnickel.tumblr.com/ download the album at: http://ohnickel.bandcamp.com @thejustinflynn on everything http://youtube.com/thejustinflynn http://twitch.tv/thejustinflynn http://twitter.com/thejustinflynn http://facebook.com/thejustinflynn http://instagram.com/thejustinflynn http://thejustinflynn.tumblr.com/ previous video (chronic 90's nostalgia): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5Ap3JAdZP4&feature=share&list=UU3xbjTJT2pVNR6b94Vaei5g
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Text Comments (144)
UpbeattTaco (26 days ago)
What happened to ohnickel band ;-;
When Oh Nickel was more than a shitty let's play channel
Forrestokun Hall (1 year ago)
So great man, this is going on my youtube playlist!
Damian Prentice (1 year ago)
Wow, coming up to 4 years since this was published. Still remember all this from Justin Flynn's streams on Twitch. Man, time flies.
Alejandro Gutierrez (4 months ago)
I tried following him on instagram, but he rejected my request ;_;
Damian Prentice (1 year ago)
I'm not too sure, I tweeted Justin last year and he seemed good. Might need to tweet him again and see how he is.
Scutlet (1 year ago)
same man. hows he doing nowadays?
Simeon Brewer (1 year ago)
ohnickel, are you still in this band?
Lael Kaganas (1 year ago)
Keyphron Prod (2 years ago)
do you guys plan on releasing another album? i'd love one :D
Kukuranga (2 years ago)
hey Nickel, your songs helped me get through a really tough time in my life and i'd just like to say thank you and keep up the good work
AmandaVloger (2 years ago)
Hey Nickel, I know your songs are free of use but would it bother you if someone did a cover of one of your songs? I'm sorry if I asked again I just really want to know. Also I know it won't be as good as you but I think it would be fun and I would tell everyone it's a cover then put the link to your channel.
AmandaVloger (2 years ago)
Thank you!
ohnickel (2 years ago)
+AmandaVloger you are completely welcome to! :D https://youtu.be/CdMpHOYU3vA
AmandaVloger (2 years ago)
I wish your songs were on iTunes so I could play it on my phone everywhere I go.
AmandaVloger (2 years ago)
Yeah I bought them once I found out! Thank you for bringing us great music!
ohnickel (2 years ago)
+AmandaVloger they are on ohnickel.bandcamp.com : )
Yumehop hype! (3 years ago)
ohnickel (3 years ago)
+Yumehop hype! thank you Yumihope : ) https://youtu.be/TpUItL-E7NY
MegaRoflFilms (3 years ago)
I was introduced by watching justin's shiny catches about a year back in x and y, never really thought much of him advertising the band and never listened. Then i started over the summer, now I'm obsessed
CharlexVGC (3 years ago)
I love this music
LordKongro (3 years ago)
I wonder how Justin is. Months ago he just fell off the face of the planet, or Twitch more accurately, without giving any reason.
Woomy Woomy (3 years ago)
You're the one assuming something that was never even hinted on and then talking back rudely.
LordKongro (3 years ago)
How am I rude? You keep insisting I should have noticed as if it was right blaring in my face the entire time. Either way, I appreciate the info that he's alright and why he left.
Woomy Woomy (3 years ago)
You are rude. I'm pointing out how you could have known, as you said you didn't know.
LordKongro (3 years ago)
And as a person who only came for the stream, how would I care? Much less pay attention to that?
Woomy Woomy (3 years ago)
Every stream when he had the website, he always had a link to the site lol
Sparky Electrode (3 years ago)
love this
Sparky Electrode (3 years ago)
+ohnickel i always sing along
ohnickel (3 years ago)
+Captain Electrode thanks Electrode!!
GlitchxCity (3 years ago)
So glad I found this ;o;
AlphaOmegaSon (3 years ago)
+ohnickel I love your music, Keep providing us with awesome music ....please :D 
AlphaOmegaSon (3 years ago)
+GlitchxCity OMG it's you! I'm a big fan ;D Keep up the awesome remixes 
william federoff (3 years ago)
Favorite song in entire amazing Album :D
Avery Worthington (3 years ago)
how old is oscar wylde?
Lars Ruch (3 years ago)
I totally LOVE ur Music!! 
icedlemonade (4 years ago)
This band=My fav band. This song=My fav song. Keep it up, Ohnickel!
Heriberto Ramirez (4 years ago)
i can dig it
icedlemonade (4 years ago)
I love this song so much. Listening to the lyrics though, they kinda sound sad. 
SevenMinutesInDevin (4 years ago)
This whole album is amazing! I wanted to let you know that the music you guys create really helps with my anxiety. Thank you and never stop making music 
ohnickel (4 years ago)
+FulMetalPancake that's awesome to hear :)
Brian ashthria (4 years ago)
Is there lyrics? I would love lyrics
MV4U (4 years ago)
I just made a fan video for this song! Check it out! http://youtu.be/OyVl6UDQuyo
MrMayo3434 (4 years ago)
Best song ever! freakin love this song, ive showed most of my friends ohnickel, they freakin loved it!!!!
afkwerewolf (4 years ago)
Kokiriwirii (4 years ago)
Is this free to use? Because I'll give credit C:
Xander (4 years ago)
Yes it is
jasonrocks2371 (4 years ago)
I'm a massive metal/rock fan and I actually think this is pretty good... How are you not popular again?
Eduardo Duarte (4 years ago)
Awesome band, and have JFlynn on it? More than awesomeness can be!
condenador (4 years ago)
i want to download every single song they've made. I'm obsessed!
Ren3 (4 years ago)
Heard this on your twitch stream easily the best song you guys have produced GJ!!!
James Gerth (4 years ago)
I think the fact that this is different is what draws me to it so much. I really like it and considering my music taste is usually metal, this has to be good.
Syeed Farrakhan (4 years ago)
This music is unusally catchy in a good way. I love it.
Xorjant (4 years ago)
I like this one <3
Notorious GQ (4 years ago)
WHO THE FUCK disliked this song. We can fight cuz this is the best song EVER!
Bobbiann Mako (4 years ago)
My favourite ohnickel song. When I hear it, I just can't do anything. I hope you guys get noticed someday. You really deserve it.
Pinka (4 years ago)
+mikesgamer12  A lot of people already talk about the drummer, Justin Flynn.
mikesgamer12 (4 years ago)
That's one thing that I will have a problem with if they get noticed. I love the songs and if they get noticed they will have a lot of ppl talking about them. That's why I can't stand anyone of these singers that are so big
DarkAvenger623 (4 years ago)
Im gonna like this song. OH NO I WONT I WONT PRESS THAT LIKE. I THINK I WILL ^_^
Nolan Yezhov (4 years ago)
EternalWyrm (4 years ago)
listen every day 
Finjamin (4 years ago)
Nickel I want in on this design I want to be hit up all day everyday..........................no homo XD
Meeowmixx (4 years ago)
It's sad that I don't have any money to buy the album.
Spuddywesker (2 years ago)
+Meeowmixx ask dean to help you.
Sue Zbell (4 years ago)
Catchy rhythm.
spicyjalepano21 (4 years ago)
You guys should definitely hit The big Apple 
Hurley (4 years ago)
Nickel rules!
Kevin Hernandez (4 years ago)
Love the music guys hopefully you guys tour LA
DailYxDosE (4 years ago)
that trumpet part is killer
Trey Gilleland (4 years ago)
I really wanted this whole album but it's not on iTunes! Is there a place I can download it? Or buy it so they make money on their hard work? Love you all
ohnickel (4 years ago)
yes you can go to ohnickel.bandcamp.com thank you Trey! :)
IQAfan (4 years ago)
Love your music, please keep it coming!
tomm2639 (4 years ago)
Heard this on justins youtube battles, had to find it awesome song!
Gralysin (4 years ago)
same here :)
Barry Potter (4 years ago)
u guys need to make more musicsssssss
Jermy ZeChicken (4 years ago)
Best song in the album 10/10 good job
Belinda Meharg (4 years ago)
Easily best song of the album
Max Nitschke (4 years ago)
Great Song i want more
Gerard (4 years ago)
I believe u guys can make it far. Dont quit
adrianvalverde99 (4 years ago)
My favorite song it is awesome good work #Ohnickel
MystDLOL (4 years ago)
This is my favorite song by far. Good work guys.
RandomVideos101 (4 years ago)
awesome song
David Delgado (4 years ago)
For all the people wanting the lyrics, you can go to the band camp link and click on the song and they'll be right there! :)
TechnoTech (4 years ago)
Love the song!
cip dips (4 years ago)
300 like I
Naweed Malal (4 years ago)
This song amazing
AnnetteLust27 (4 years ago)
Can you add lyrics in description please? :)
AnnetteLust27 (4 years ago)
Great! Thanks! <3
ohnickel (4 years ago)
all the lyrics are on ohnickel.bandcamp.com :)
Steve Hernandez (4 years ago)
tour hawaii!!!!!
MisoRamenz (4 years ago)
Would love to see you guys on my spring Vegas trip!
StampedPort (4 years ago)
Awesome I love it!!
Andy Canela (4 years ago)
Las Vegas
danceinaminute (4 years ago)
So good
ohnickel (4 years ago)
thanks Jimmy!
Seiba (4 years ago)
Sounds Great!
ohnickel (4 years ago)
okay I want to get them done eventually too but by someone who is really good at making them.
ohnickel (4 years ago)
thanks man! we'll see what happens in the future haha :)
HylianMattress (4 years ago)
No offense, but never sign to a record label please, it'll ruin you and you're awesome as you are :)
Seiba (4 years ago)
Add Haunt Onto That List Aswell ;)
Seiba (4 years ago)
As Long As Pathological And Reruns Is Done I Done Care
ohnickel (4 years ago)
okay, which songs do you want them for?
Seiba (4 years ago)
Need Lyric Videos!
ohnickel (4 years ago)
practice! :)
Redchaosninja97 (4 years ago)
How does one write excellent music
ohnickel (4 years ago)
MrMandMandA _ (4 years ago)
Smash that sexy like button for this amazing song
ohnickel (4 years ago)
thank you!
ohnickel (4 years ago)
thanks CrackKiller!
ohnickel (4 years ago)
thank you Luis!
IAmLuisRomero (4 years ago)
All these songs are so awesome!!
ohnickel (4 years ago)
that's where I want to go the most!! thank you! #airdaps
Miracle (4 years ago)
I hope that you will play in Europe one day...so sad that you are that far away. awesome Music! Keep it up! :) #Airdaps
ohnickel (4 years ago)
thank you Semi!
bigboypapaboy (4 years ago)
That main chorus is real nice.Really.
ohnickel (4 years ago)
okay thank you Austen, we will try do so as soon as we book the tour!
ohnickel (4 years ago)
hi elias!
Elias Polyzos (4 years ago)
Austen Pottorff (4 years ago)
You Better Come to STL and Play Pathological
ohnickel (4 years ago)
Don't worry I'll keep the new stuff coming!
Lili J (4 years ago)
I was always hoping to see something new one day^^
ohnickel (4 years ago)
thanks toby!
toby lu (4 years ago)
your music rocks!
ohnickel (4 years ago)
I'm very glad to hear that, and don't worry we'll keep the new stuff coming! thank you!

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