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10 Bad Video Game Reviews - Worst Reviewed Games - IGN Gamepot Metacritic

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10 Bad Video Game Reviews - Worst Reviewed Games - IGN Gamepot Metacritic Throughout the many years of gaming, there’s been a myriad of reviews for the same games – some of which are great indications of top quality games and others could not have missed the bar harder if they tried. So, watch this count down video on 10 Bad Video Game Reviews - Worst Reviewed Games - IGN Gamepot Metacritic if you wish to learn about some of the worst review scores to ever be written in gaming.
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Text Comments (11)
GammaPanda (1 year ago)
you're retarded. Ryse? are you serious?
Epic (1 year ago)
Good Video
Locomamonk (1 year ago)
great video man! I loved the selection and history of each game, it was such a nice idea and really well presented, really interesting and engaging
Urban Gameplay (1 year ago)
Thanks for stopping by Loco really appreciate it man. Some really cool titles in this video
Rakim Iverson (1 year ago)
Man jet set radio was fun as hell i feel like when you're a kid you just have fun with whatever but as you get older life starts to piss you off😂
Urban Gameplay (1 year ago)
Trust bro even to this day I love Jet Set Radio so was shocked when they gave it such a low review score lol
Mrmeerkatz (1 year ago)
Wuutt! Dead or Alive Extreme 3 is the funniest game I've ever seen. I actually watched a good bit of the game. XD
The Eternal Induction (6 months ago)
Urban Gameplay (1 year ago)
Yeah bro that game got such a cool vibe to it that it is not a 1.5/10 game lol
GrahfMetal (1 year ago)
Awesome video. Tropical Freeze is actually my second favorite DKC game next to DKC2, of course. The game that comes to my mind when I think of unfair reviews is the infamous "Double Dragon Neon" review by Mitch Dyer at IGN. He gave it a 4/10 and in his review he completely and utterly misses the point of the game. Clearly the wrong person for the job. Another game that comes to mind is the GBA remake of the NES classic "Crystalis". Critics and fans alike bashed the game for being inferior in every way to the NES original that released 10 years prior. EGM alone giving it a 4/10. I personally couldn't disagree more; as someone who grew up with and LOVED the original I consider the GBA remake to be just as good. It may have dropped the ball on a few game play mechanics, but it also vastly improved on other aspects Also, here is a quote from the VG&CE Magazine review of EarthBound "All EarthBound has to offer is a Barney-esque romp in a McDonald's Playland" The rest of the review is essentially them calling EarthBound a lame kiddy RPG...you know....the OPPOSITE of what it actually is, lol
Urban Gameplay (1 year ago)
Yeah that is a good shout bro as Double Dragon Neon was actually a pretty dope game and Earth bound is a classic

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