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Top Best Free-to-Play Games - 2018

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Top Best Free-to-Play (F2P) games 2018. Enjoy the best F2P games today for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux and Mac OS X. You choose what to play. Part 2: https://youtu.be/-2t0o8bXDS0 Music provided by Argofox: Inova - Route https://youtu.be/1Gxvh3E15Yc Social: twitter: https://twitter.com/TBestGamesToday facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopBestGamesToday google+: https://plus.google.com/+TopBestGamesToday/
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Top Best Games Today (2 months ago)
Well, Paragon is closing in April: http://www.pcgamer.com/paragon-is-closing-in-april-epic-offers-full-refunds-to-everyone/ gg
Vida 25 (20 days ago)
random dude (25 days ago)
Gideon Kühne guild wars 2 IS free to play, it is very popular for being NOT pay to win
KosmanAnims (1 month ago)
Oh, I ALMOST played that game but there was fortnite battle royal
O5 Gideon Kühne (1 month ago)
Guild Wars 2 is cool but not free to Play bruh
Lerbyn (1 day ago)
paragon has shut down
HEXUS (1 day ago)
Best game=PALADINS
WHATSNEXT021 (3 days ago)
Paragon is ... dead..
Overwacht littlery killed TF2, Paladins and Plants Vs Zombies Garten Warfare (that i even forget to want PVZGW since is came out)
Syprene (3 days ago)
Dauntless will be in Open Beta on May 24th. Save the date.
LOVELY (5 days ago)
hey uh ive never heard of this thing uhhhh fortnite?? what it shtat!
Sjkb Khj (7 days ago)
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Luis Berger (7 days ago)
Geez Eventually worked well
Cindy Morrow (7 days ago)
Great.. It worked for everybody..
Myrtle Kirkland (7 days ago)
Great.. It worked for everybody..
Whoa Finally worked well
Myrtle Kirkland (7 days ago)
actually genius. fantastic method
FoxLP (9 days ago)
fuck fortnite
Michael YangFengzhi (10 days ago)
Oh fortnite is on there but the thing is that fortnite is supporse to be number 1
Michael YangFengzhi (10 days ago)
Oh and League of legends
Balkan Dragon (11 days ago)
FUCK you Dauntless is not free to play fucking liar kid...
ARROW HIPERR (12 days ago)
Nhut Nguyen (13 days ago)
Alien Swarm 😔
Mihahell (14 days ago)
why not btd??
BuffJokester2448 (14 days ago)
Brawlhalla like super smash bros
Guilherme Rodrigues (14 days ago)
Paragon not exist anymore...
Flauschi1989 (15 days ago)
KUF2 ? do u really still belive? What a joke c.c
Skylent Games (15 days ago)
Snap, 90,000 views with zero commentary. Glad YouTube approves hope the best for you, fuck everyone else who actually tries.
Dominik Kołacz (18 days ago)
jamal rosyidin (18 days ago)
Why when i play paragon my windows crash
Games for fun (19 days ago)
Where are War Thunder and Total War: ARENA or World of Warships?????!! Buhhhhh.... Noob!
luna vlogs every day (19 days ago)
Fuck you epic
JoshuaPvP (19 days ago)
I have a lot experience playing brawlhalla and I can say DON'T if you dont like to rage cuz of spammers, bugs and lots of unbalanced shit that will never get fixed but it can still be fun sometimes I guess
Canestasia Something (20 days ago)
fortnite console is the whole world no need for xbox ps4 windows mac
Alexander Leflett (21 days ago)
The edm hits the spot while watching this, nice job.
Nicola Spataro (22 days ago)
Gerardo Gomez (23 days ago)
Team fortress 2 ???????????????
HeroGamer (25 days ago)
where league of legends
szabi200122 szabika (25 days ago)
Dauntless no free
Dudu Ro (25 days ago)
Were is lol - league of legends????
Erika Laverman (26 days ago)
Maplestory and Riders of Icarus are my favourite MMORPG games :)
Jivodar Vasilev (26 days ago)
is dauntless free now?
Kilyén Balázs (27 days ago)
Kingdom under fire 2 is confirmed to RIP. Its dead before it completed.
Vida 25 (28 days ago)
Paragon is shut down in April 28
Denofu (1 month ago)
Fun that I paid over 60 euros for Guild Wars 2 in 2016. Now it's free? fucking bullshit.
Dashka Dashka (1 month ago)
where is League of Legends >>>???<<<<
Jan Prosek (1 month ago)
Kingdom under fire got closed, didnt it?
Gaming SRBIJA (1 month ago)
wtf this is best editing
AlexStar (1 month ago)
fortnite sucks tell that to your ****ing friends!!!!!!
Tony Grant (1 month ago)
dauntless isnt free to play
Dixie Normas (13 days ago)
It goes into free open beta in May. It'll be free on full release as well.
MaxDePannekoek (21 days ago)
Tony Grant it is later in 2018
Galest (1 month ago)
lost ark ?????
Berto Boersma (1 month ago)
H1Z1 is free now
Berto Boersma (30 days ago)
Yeti ikr, i was tryna let everyone know that didnt know yet.
Yeti (30 days ago)
Berto Boersma yeah, now. Not by the time this video was made
Berk Can Pekicli (1 month ago)
Warframe Lovers???
the spaghetto (11 days ago)
Berk Can Pekicli here
James Robinson (1 month ago)
first time i see brain/out as a recommended game and it surprises me bcs it is an awesome game and no one knows about it
Tomoe Dono (1 month ago)
heroes of the storm
Safi Youvi (2 months ago)
Wait, Fortnite is free?
Safi Youvi (1 month ago)
I just downloaded it in 2017 but i didn't know how to start playing, i just remember when i go to the game tab i find some payments...
Nunya Damn Business (1 month ago)
they say its a dlc, but its sold like a different game, where you can get it without having to buy the actual game.
Nunya Damn Business (1 month ago)
only the battle royale, people say the actual game is coming out free in the near future but not a 100 percent sure. It's really fun though!
CHAMPDOGZ (2 months ago)
Kingdome Under Fire 2 how do you get that free ?
Lord Aghilan (2 months ago)
What about Fortnite?
Nyugen Grant (1 month ago)
It's in there. No one cares about your Fortnite wins-
maiktime (2 months ago)
League of legends ???????????????
SOADer SOADer (2 days ago)
Irky (3 days ago)
Lol is quietly dying and there are lots of salty peolple ...
TryFinger (3 days ago)
LoL is dying lmao
Seif (15 days ago)
well after what i've seen from the community of GW2 compare it to league i'm not going back to it oh hell no
Yeah because World of Tanks, Smite, Battlerite, Fortnite, etc. doesn't have it. Fuck off
Jica Gamer (2 months ago)
Isn't vrchat the wosrt game?
Akira Toriyama (3 days ago)
Jica Gamer isn't your grammar the worst grammar?
TIN スズ (2 months ago)
nice bro
Yashaswi Bhardwaj (2 months ago)
Wow man! You are prrtty good! I would suggest you make these lists for paid and mobile too!
Top Best Games Today (2 months ago)
Thank you for the suggestion! :)
Jesus Christ (2 months ago)
Best Game on the List #1:Fortnite Battle Royale
Akira Toriyama (2 days ago)
SOADer SOADer I think that you aren't older than 12 yourself or?
SOADer SOADer (2 days ago)
LMAO, 12 year old spotted.
Akira Toriyama (3 days ago)
The Navitro I think in PUBG it isn't better you fucktard? There are more hackers than in forntite, way more. And if you don't believe me just search for hackers in PUBG.
It's not a game, it's a game mode. But I wouldn't have hoped a brainless idiot who only play shooters to realise it.
Jakuub_ (20 days ago)
The Navitro sometimes, vut sometimes they are just good
Pixelshayan (2 months ago)
fucking laggy hearoes and generals
GratisNinja (2 months ago)
Dauntless is not free to play xD
Syprene (3 days ago)
Dauntless will be in Open Beta on May 24th. Save the date.
iChengIX (10 days ago)
Im waiting for a long time
Seif (15 days ago)
dafuq we are already in the fourth month so early this year doesn't aply on it ....but it can be cool tho
FIlip Fekiač (20 days ago)
2018 just started ..... 2018 means the hole year not only first few months
Groomit (1 month ago)
Terry Murdic free to play
Zach//Sniper Gaming (2 months ago)
top free to play game trailers
Zombie YT (2 months ago)
Zach//Sniper Gaming (2 months ago)
bruh why your fuckin intro be lookin like the new roblox logo
Rahul Singh (2 months ago)
Rip paragon epic cancelled by beloved child
Matt 100 (2 months ago)
fornite should be in fucking copied games from pubg
Minosh (3 months ago)
When the best free to play games are already decided XDDDDDDDDDD
NAME (3 months ago)
Dauntless costs $40
Top Best Games Today (3 months ago)
Developer (Phoenix Labs): "the Dauntless Open Beta will be coming in early 2018". Source: https://playdauntless.com/news/dauntless-roadmap
Mont (3 months ago)
Paragon? lmao the most unbalanced moba out. THe small community that it has is tired of their shit
Zoka J Z (3 days ago)
Mont when idiots Talk Bad player
Klinton Selimovic (3 months ago)
Coole Hintergrund music ;)
Sirsoggypants _ (3 months ago)
Eysox (1 month ago)
Yeah so you can't do a video of "top f2P games 2018" because 2018 isn't over yet
Top Best Games Today (3 months ago)
2018 isn't over yet :)
markoboy 87 (3 months ago)
dosent fortnite cost money?
List Guy (3 months ago)
No man its free to play
dragon nest (3 months ago)
yea but the "battle royale" version doesn't, plus they said the game itself was going f2P sometime 2018.
Top Best Games Today (3 months ago)
Fortnite: Battle Royale :)
#Eclipse (3 months ago)
good job
Top Best Games Today (3 months ago)
Thank you! there is more to come pretty soon :)
Stardust Scream (3 months ago)
Good video! It's a shame that my pc can't handle most of the games xD
List Guy (3 months ago)
same xD
Tekku (3 months ago)
So glad you're back, man. We need actual high quality youtubers like you these days.
Crack Elite SD (3 months ago)
yea bratha
Top Best Games Today (3 months ago)
Thank you! :)
Top Best Games Today (3 months ago)
Do you have any new game to suggest for future videos? Let us know! :)
Mihai Azamfirei (2 months ago)
roblox xD

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