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What KILLED Legacy of Kain?

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The Legacy of Kain (Soul Reaver, etc.) series was celebrated by players for a decade..yet in2018 they are nowhere to be found. What happened? Let's take a stroll down memory lane. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (7 days ago)
What was your favorite game in this series?
mielarka (3 hours ago)
Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain
Jack Greaves (3 hours ago)
All in time Kane, all in time.
TheIrtar (3 hours ago)
Soul Reaver in terms of story and feel Defiance in terms of gameplay My only fear is that if Square tries to return to Legacy of Kain, they will reboot the franchise rather than conclude the story. I just want closure, Square. Give me closure and I will give you my money.
James (4 hours ago)
When Raziel sacrafices himself for Kain in defiance. Sooooo gooooood
Kujakuseki01 (4 hours ago)
The first Soul Reaver is still the best. Great puzzles, puzzle bosses, and narrative.
Ilja Sidlun (14 minutes ago)
LoK games are the best and greatest ever made, maybe the combat was cringe worthy even by that time, but the story the dialogues were so epic it makes new games, even witcher 3 seem like bollywood's version of terminator...
scorpio110980 (14 minutes ago)
I'd love to see a new Legacy of kain game
Matt Morgan (20 minutes ago)
PS2 is an "early console"?
Royal Carpet (22 minutes ago)
Corvo did
elmoisred616 (23 minutes ago)
This game was deified, the fans tell tales of it, few know the truth...
José da Rocha Ferreira (30 minutes ago)
If witcher and dark souls sells why not a legancy of kain game!?
Patrick O'Brien (43 minutes ago)
I’d love to see the series come back some day
James Browning (1 hour ago)
I was just talking to a guy at work the other day about this series and how it needs a new game on modern consoles.
The Tomac (1 hour ago)
The whole dang video you talk about how story is the main draw and the main focus of the well-remembered parts of the series, then noting the last couple attempts have no applicable story/lore to them whatsoever. conclusion? Legacy of kain must only work during the ps1/ps2 era! how about... a new story driven entry into the series? just a thought? the entire point your video should have been making?
Glitch Famous (1 hour ago)
Legacy of Kain was my favorite series for a long time. I could play it anytime, and I encourage people to go out and try and find Blood Omen.
justin forshaw (1 hour ago)
I think LOk as not necessarily a "time period" game - Look how well The Batman Arkham games did - they were all very repetitive of one another and still were all well received. I felt Defiance left a lot of unanswered questions as well, but with the main antagonist getting away after the destruction of the pillars (which was a time period of end of LOK - the first game) it actualy set up for the events of Blood Omen 2. The only questions remaining were how to seal the pillars of Nosgoth for good and restore balance to the land and also - how the heck Vorador was able to return in Blood Omen 2 - considering his death in LOK - despite all the time travel etc. He was never saved from his fate. I think a cool final game would have been Kain travelling behind the pillars into the prison of the Hylden to rescue Janos from his fate at the end of Blood Omen 2 and together - being Vampire keeprs of the pillars could seal them off once more with the Soul Rever (now with Raziel inside again) as its key - therefore restoring balance and peace to the land. That would have been awesome and those are the only points or plot holes that needed to be developed forever finalizing the game. If these games could get a re-release (like so many old classic games are getting these days) and adding the final chapter - what an amazing story and platform of games they would be - especially in todays world of game design and graphics!
Andreas M. Heitmann (1 hour ago)
I would like to see a "Legacy of Kain -Rebirth" kind of video game wich combines the old gameplay with new elements and a modern view. A Vampire RPG Open World maybe. Id love that ...
justin forshaw (1 hour ago)
Loved these games! They need a re-release for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tOtA Madrigal (1 hour ago)
Loved Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Excellent Video, bring me back to good times. Do another video for why there is no "Legend of the Dragoon" sequel/prequel ? Greetings from Costa Rica!!!
Skuzzy (2 hours ago)
What KILLED Legacy of Kain? or The whole story of Leg of Kain :residentsleeper: :clickbait:
bpm shortfilms (2 hours ago)
i started with soul reaver and played everyone that came out since. i thought the story was great even to this day. i went back and tried playing the games again, but yea for me it hasnt with stood the test of time. still a great series and would love a reboot with more action and story and just a bit of platforming.
Wubano (2 hours ago)
Loved this series hope they reboot it sometime soon
Man Of Martin (2 hours ago)
I really want a movie or TV show retelling this story cause it's one of my favorite gaming stories ever!!!
Richard Ortiz (2 hours ago)
Jeff (2 hours ago)
Loved the series. But it was always the story that I came for first. So I only one a new one if they are really going to suck me in with the storyline.
Albert Szabo (2 hours ago)
I loved Soul reaver on Ps1. I would love to see a remake.....
Shadyme00 (3 hours ago)
I made my Skyrim charcter after this game... I turned the dawn guards into vampires.
Lilith Meowmeow (3 hours ago)
I adored the LoK series so much back in the day. Fuck, my first tattoo when I hit 18 was Kain's clan symbol. I wish Square Enix never bought it because I feel like that is what killed the series, that and the fact that the teams were so fractured. I hope someday they revive the series because the world and characters were really good.
Alioth Ancalagon (3 hours ago)
I loved Blood Omen 2 simply because Kain was a total asshole. We need more games in which you are actually able to play the antagonist.
Blue Calm Productions (3 hours ago)
You know, I may just have to subscribed based on this one video.
Blue Calm Productions (3 hours ago)
Soul Reaver was phenomenal.
KalElPhoenix (3 hours ago)
love the series. I have them all. Hope we can get at least one more to really finish the story.
Red Pillow (3 hours ago)
I miss the crap out of Soul Reaver. Used to just play the demo for hours as a kid.
NaughtyBarker (3 hours ago)
Can't believe people are even still talking about the Legacy of Kain series lol. Good to see that it still holds the heart's of many long time fans. I hope for the best for this series, maybe we will see a next gen Legacy of Kain.
Divine Mew (3 hours ago)
They messed up by killing off Raziel
Divine Mew (3 hours ago)
The story around him being betrayed by his father and having to kill his brother? Come on that story was nasty then he ended up becoming his sword or something like that... Weak af. I feel like there could of been so much more done around his character like giving him some kind of partner or him trying to find a way to reconstruct his true form. Raziel was the star and the game wasn’t even named after him...
zombine64 (3 hours ago)
Ahh i remember the first time me and my uncle tried to play Soul reaver. Because we weren't as good at English back then we spent like a week to figure out you could hold the X button to glide....Yeah. When i played it many years later, the voice acting really stood out to me, and it quickly became one of my favorite series because of it.
nexus nexus (3 hours ago)
Cant disagree with your reasoning for the games dying out more. It worked better in a different time.....bull. With games like the witcher being so successful. Games like Darksiders. Those kinda open world hack n slash exploring games.....the nosgoth world lends itself perfectly to that sort of game. The fan base is still out there crying out for a new game.
Rosemary Morgan (3 hours ago)
I'd love to see a new LOK game.
William ckemons (4 hours ago)
Paul Procenko (4 hours ago)
I miss them so much the voice acting was awesome
Kujakuseki01 (4 hours ago)
Blood Omen 2 was pretty shite.
ajaxo85 (4 hours ago)
It was a fantastic series but I fear its a game lost in time now. Back then it was new, there was no concept like Blood Omen and the heavy emphasis on storyline coupled with brilliant voice acting, and lots of it, blew audiences away. Even as the series progressed and voice acting became the norm, it survived cos of a solid fanbase and its choice to stay heavily focused on lore and storyline which is what drew the crowd to begin with. Nowadays it would be lost amid the hundreds of other games across consoles that play in a similar fashion. The only thing to separate it from the crowd would be the lore and characters that people know and love. Thats also why the non Kain/Raziel sequel would never have succeeded no matter how well made. It might be set in Nosgoth, but to most fans it wont be a Legacy of Kain game, it just wont feel right.
addidaswguy (4 hours ago)
Oh man, IMAGINE of they could do a God of War like Reboot of the Series, and could be as good as that game is? That'd be AMAZING
addidaswguy (4 hours ago)
I LOVED Blood Omen 2, and my best friend did too, Definitely wasn't perfect, but we LOVED them
Rafael Costa (4 hours ago)
I only started playing many FPS games and etc. because there was no more legacy of kain :( I totally put aside RPGs after LoK. Eventually I started RPGs again but damn... its sad...
Joel Zimmerman (5 hours ago)
I never thought it died. It just reached its natural conclusion.
Rene Lariviere (5 hours ago)
Blood omen was is still is the solo game i enjoyed the most in my life. but i always thought of the right ending to be self-sacrifice, not having Kain ruled the corrupted world of nosgoth. I think it still is a game worth playing, to this day.
Adorable Nurse :3 (5 hours ago)
i absolutely will forever love this game and its fantastic story :3 It makes me so sad that it may not get anything new, they could at least remaster or make it possible to play on newer consoles TT-TT
Brad Kviten (5 hours ago)
I loved this game series and would like so much for more games to come out! I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed at this point.
RK Belmont (5 hours ago)
Don't think it was "killed". Everything must come to an end eventually. Or it can end like horseshit, like it's happening to Final Fantasy.
Xeerinare (5 hours ago)
You could say that the games Kain and went. 😂
Pamela Cunningham (5 hours ago)
I love this series I have all of them I've been wanting for YEARS for someone to redo this series with the latest technology. I believe that this series can work even in 2018 look what they did with tomb raiders . The younger generation needs to know what a great series this is now if this series were to get revamped what I'd like to be able to is truly explore my surroundings. Have it more open world know more about the original vampires and there enemy .
colm duggan (5 hours ago)
There is a fan soul Reaver remake being made but I'm not sure how much it's been progressed their is gameplay available though it's being done in the unreal engine
moriya2k2 (6 hours ago)
Fruit Farm Factory (6 hours ago)
Legacy of Kain would work as an Open World RPG. Never played the first one, but they way you explained was exciting. You get to choose whether to be good or bad. Could be like _"The Witcher 3"_ but more gruesome. That would do well. As for Raziel, his orgin story seemed cool. I forgot he was an evolved vampire. He's like Broly in DBZ and Kain is King Vegeta. Instead of Kain being jealous, a game could have the player take control as Raziel to further the vampire kingdom. I don't, just thinking out loud.
Bobby May Cry (6 hours ago)
Why? easy_ Crystal Dynamics became obsessed with making Uncharted clones. Doesn't help that at e3 they got a bad rep calling what they trace (Naughty Dog) "fake" at e3, then state they can't speak English correctly while writing perfect English. . .
oftenKICKEDbaby (6 hours ago)
I would buy an hd remaster in a second
Michael Barnes (6 hours ago)
I miss Raziel, bring back Legecy Of Kain dammit SR 2 and Defiance were incredible (personally BO 2 was enjoyable for me)
Anastasio De Leon (6 hours ago)
I played blood omen 2
Harsono Ng (6 hours ago)
The first kain is good, kain was badass and yet mistery. But they twisted the whole story with raziel and it took too long and become very boring. So i quit.
DexPlayz (6 hours ago)
Nosgoth failed because it was strictly multiplayer game it lacked story gameplay was wastly different and it was repetitive like hell. tons of bugs rarely fixes and microtransactions. all o this killed it. what legacy of kain fans expects is last struggle of kain vs elder god that was true enemy in this series. seriously you didnt do much of research on this topic
Lone Wolf (7 hours ago)
Please Remake Blood Omen on a new console and graphics!!!!
Arseniy Yavorśkyi (7 hours ago)
I played LOK games waaay past the PS1 & 2 era, and they're still the top-tier games.
Koko Naminosaki (7 hours ago)
This game series is by far my favorite and what I believed killed it was stifling creativty due to time and other restraints. I could be wrong though but that's just how I feel. I would just really like even one game, just one where they tie up lose ends and end the series for good because I need some kind of closure. I mean...there's still a hole that's leading demons and other weird monsters from other dimensions into Nosgoth without the pillars. Am I wrong? Anyone?
dwaine riley (7 hours ago)
Wow this whole time i thought they were making a new lok........bummer.
Calisto#636 (7 hours ago)
I always wished with all my heart a Raziel's vampire era game were released. Raziel as playable character, on his vampire form and era! To see how was the vampire-humans Nosgoth's war and hunting from Raziel's PoV and story. Am I the only one who dreamed with this?
projectfear22 (7 hours ago)
Recommend: Primal (PS2) for people who like this game and Vampire The Masquerade Redemption and Bloodlines
Nate Taite (7 hours ago)
They just need to remake the original and redo the story for the second game.
Grappler Ntr (8 hours ago)
I played soul reaver 1 &2 and Blood omen 2. As you stated in the video the story was interesting and I did like th powers as well. The knocking enemies into spikes, drinking blood from distance, Kain using the abilities he gained from vampires he killed, and how him and Azreal felt and played like two different characters. With todays graphics and a solid story it could be done. If it looked toward games like Metal Gear Solid that would be the way to go if you ask me. With todays tech you could literally have a whole land or several. Have a methos meter where you become infamous in lore and demon hunters come for you. Clan building idk just ideas, but I think it can be done
Dstrbd Hunter (8 hours ago)
18 years ago Soul Reaver captured my attention along with Resident Evil. Raziel was such a cool character to me and helped me develop my love of video games that I have today. I would love to see a remaster collection of the entire legacy of kain series.
jim smith (8 hours ago)
Blood Omen was my fav game for ages. Loved the cinematic.
agiftedrighter.com (8 hours ago)
They can launch the series off from Defiance. Raziel absorbed Moebius and there was a little twinkle like he assimilated some of his powers. I always thought him doing that would give him awareness across all timelines. So Saraphim dickhead Raziel would automatically know past, present and future because wraith Raziel devoured the Time Guardian and the game can start from there.
projectfear22 (7 hours ago)
"Can" is a keyword :/
Bjorn (8 hours ago)
Defiance was not a good game. It was far too repetitive (I vaguely remember some runes and lich-like bosses that were very similar) and dull after a pretty strong beginning. The combat felt impactful, visceral, and satisfying but I guess it wasn't enough. The most damning thing I can say about it is that I begrudgingly stopped playing it at about 70% through and opted to watch the cinematics online; the tedium had beaten me. Defiance was the END of the series. Raziel is forever trapped in the Reaver as a "reward" for breaking the cycle and Kain was imparted with enough humanity by his relationship with his lieutenant/son to feel loss. I am amazed that people think the Elder God saying (Ahnold voice) "I'll be back" makes for a cliffhanger.
Galaxis (8 hours ago)
Why does that dude look so much like Geralt or Rivia? lol
Marcin Mazurek (8 hours ago)
The loss of Tony Jay would be hard to make up.
SupahFly (8 hours ago)
nosgoth was a good multiplayer game and didnt deserve what happened
REPVILE X Gaming (9 hours ago)
I loved this series, I wish it would comeback for some sort of resolution.  Oddly enough, Blood Omen 2 was my favorite game in the series, even though it was kind of out of the correct timeline.  I loved playing as Kain more than boring ass Razael.
skylerdragon (9 hours ago)
Soul Reaver 2
Cole Cimino (9 hours ago)
I own soul reaver but I still haven’t played it through I played for a little on the Dreamcast but I think I need to get it for ps1 so I feel comfortable with the controls or would it make no difference
cloveflier (10 hours ago)
and there is so much to tell, like before janos audron became a vampire, they were an angelic sort of creature, but a war and a curse transformed them into vampires i really found it one of the best storydriven games of all time. almost shakespearian. but in my heart nosgoth is waiting for further adventures..........
Dao Yang (10 hours ago)
Please do a video on the Xenogears/Xenosaga/Xenoblade series.
Kiril Tzvetkov (10 hours ago)
I am a very devoted fan of LoK, so I think we need a closure. But I didn't and won't ever care about Nosgoth or other kind of multiplayer games based loosly on the story, because, you said it, it was the main story that intrigued, not only the world, or just some events going by in the world. Of course, if there was a good conclusion, and then some several different world based games it would be nice, but first and foremost, the true fan wants the end of the novel (the grand finalee), not just some leftover threads of the world it is based in.
ZealSeraph (10 hours ago)
There needs to be another Legacy of Kain game, with Kain and Raziel. Not necessarily a sequel, as too much time has passed and too many people have moved on. It would most likely be a mess. I'd prefer remakes, or even a complete retelling of Blood Omen and Soul Reaver, as long as it's done with respect to the originals.
John-Paul (10 hours ago)
I didnt even realise my favourite game in the series was a remake!!! Would have loved to see the razeal in a similar style. I always found the soul reaver titles to be very claustrophobic. EDIT- Wasnt a remake...I had to rewatch the video to see if you even mentioned blood omen 2 lol
AzunaiGr (11 hours ago)
I still play the trilogy of legacy of kain with Raziel featured. The first soul reaver though remains my favourite
tyler tanner (11 hours ago)
A god of war (2018) style legacy of Kain or soul reaver game would be absolutely amazing. I feel like a semi-open world single player game focused on the characters and story of the LoK games would fit perfectly into the gaming medium of today. People still want and enjoy single player, story driven games, and the legacy of Kain games always had absolutely phenomenal stories and characters, it would be a shame for this series to be put to rest permanently
Hrax Keen (11 hours ago)
Did it really die or did it just end ? Defiance ending was all that Kain had planned everything Kain did was for this Soul Reaver prophecy, throwing Raziel to pit and shit. It was meant to be that Raziel IS Soul Reaver and to Soul reaver to actually be real legit it needed Raziel, ofc i miss these games so much but for me it was good ending.
Old Man Tai (11 hours ago)
Legacy of Kain ended its storyline though with Defiance. Loose ends tied up, characters killed off, all that good shit.
FFKonoko (11 hours ago)
I wonder if there's anyone around here that was on the gameFAQ boards, back when there was the vast co-operative roleplay, the pillar guardians, elite 6...Preacher, GawdDawgs, 4L, Masamune...and all the endless drama. :p
P R (11 hours ago)
I loved these games
Art Vla (11 hours ago)
Legacy of Cain didn't just Die, it was MURDERED
Wylie Sargent (11 hours ago)
They still haven't tied up the thing with Kain and the Hylden so theres a plot.
Sword of the Morning (12 hours ago)
I loved the series. Blood Omen 2 was the best imo. I still play it now on occasion.
mo ba (12 hours ago)
What Killed the Getaway series
luciusnetheril (14 hours ago)
Nosgoth was a really crappy multiplayer, which nobody really cared about. Had it been made into mmo-like game, where players could roam and explore the world of Nosgoth and learn more about it's lore, then people would be drawn to it in droves.
J. E. Blake (14 hours ago)
I would love a cohesive remaster of the old games and perhaps a guest character appearance in the next Mortal Kombat game with the voice actors returning to reprise Raziel and Kain. I'm fine without an attempt at rebooting the franchise. I'm not confident it would strike the same chord that it did all those years ago.
Ernesto Morales (14 hours ago)
It was a great series.
Brandon Ogden (14 hours ago)
I could see a reboot of this series - I know I'd buy it. Hell, I'd buy two if they do it right.
Joseph Denver 2.0 (14 hours ago)
So when is Skyrim 2 coming out?
mr. noname (14 hours ago)
I think a new game with the old way redone would work really well. I mean like How you said with doom they found new ways to use old tricks basically.
Alienwarez567 (15 hours ago)
I really hope they remake them
ja Jïp (15 hours ago)
Soul reaver and blood omen2 my favorites, I used to love pouncing on rats and killing them in bo2
SuperKK000 (15 hours ago)
Dafuq ur talking about?! Nosgoth was awsome! Probably the best vampire themed multiplayer game.
Maria Isabella (15 hours ago)
Suppose you throw a coin enough times... suppose one day, it lands on its edge.

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